Chapter 3

Wal-Mart Pitstop

A pair of crows squabbled over a red smear of road kill on the hot summer road. Just this usual occurrence let one know that this world was now ruled by blood. As the couples truck drove over the hill, the birds shrieked and flew away, unhappy that they were being disturbed from their meal.

"You're doing pretty good." Jesse complimented, not taking his eyes off of the road.

"I still tink dat you should take control of the vehicle." Kendra said as she kept mumbling under her breath, 'Keep your hands at ten and two.'

"You worry too much." he said as his eyes went wide. "Look over here, Ken."

"But you told me not to take me eyes off of the road." she said as they started to drive on an overpass.

"Just look over here."

Doing as she was instructed, Kendra took her eyes off of the road and looked over to what Jesse was staring at. It was a huge store and in passing she saw that it was a Wal-Mart.

"We gotta go down... holy fuck look out!"

Hands tightening on the wheel, Kendra snapped her head back around and saw that they were about to hit a walker. With a yelp she swerved and within an inch ended up missing the undead man. As the truck spun for a few more seconds, it was a struggle but she finally managed to get it under control.

"Are you okay?" Jesse asked as they both sat there breathing heavily.

"Ye...yes..." Kendra replied her nerves frayed.

"It's fine you... you did okay. Atleast you didn't flip the truck over." he joked, trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work however as she looked over at him incredously. "Ummm... I'll drive the rest of the way."

Changing seats, Jesse blew out a breath, he didn't know he was holding and continued their drive. The lone walker following slowly behind them arms outstrecthed, oblivious to the fact that his unlife almost ended.

"What are you writing down?" Kendra asked as they sat in the store parking lot, making plans on how to go about getting supplies.

"I'm writing down a grocery list." he replied honestly.

"A grocery..." irritated she snatched the paper out of his hand and looked down at the list that he had made.

Toilet Paper!



First Aid Kits/rubbing alcohol/peroxide



Canned Food Soup/Beans/Vienna/Fruit/vegetables

Can Opener

Something to read... God I never thought I would write that but anything to read

Batteries/ And a battery charger

Pots and a Pan


Propane Camp Stove

Flash Lights

Knives for killing and small ones to use for cooking

Fishing gear


Small Propane bottles


Bolts and hopefully ammo

"I know it's probably going to be insane in there but I still wanted us to be semi organized." he said as she handed him back the list.

"Hopefully if somebody ransacked this place earlier they left this stuff behind. If not we'll just take whatever we find that's useful. The good news is besides the food, water, clothes, toiletries and reading material everything else is in the sporting goods department."

"And the bad news?" she asked.

"The bad news is we don't know how bad things are in there so I'm not going to use any guns..."

"No guns but..."

"It's alright. I know I haven't had much practice with swords and stuff but we can't afford to draw to much attention to ourselves in there. Besides I have you to watch my back." he said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Alright." she agreed after a moment of thinking. She had to admit that he had come up with a solid plan and it basically covered everything they needed. "So what's de plan?"

"Simple, we go in, bash all the zombie brains we can, grab everything on the list and get the hell out of there." he said seriously as he reached into the back seat and grabbed the baseball bat and a bowie knife.

"Dats it?" she asked incredously. "Dat's your plan?"

"That's all I got." he said as he hopped out of the truck. "Unless you have something better."

Steeling herself she took a breath and got out of the truck, cross bow and axe in hand. "Alright dat's do this."

Knowing that the automatic doors didn't work anymore they used the side entrance and pushed the door open and went into the store.

"Hey look here's a store map." Jesse said as they got into the entrance way of the building. He was thankful that the ceiling was made mostly of glass that allowed sunlight into the store, so he didn't have to use the one little flashlight they had. "Okay where's the groce..."

Before he could finish his sentence they both heard a low moan. Before Jesse even turned around Kendra shot off a bolt that struck a door greeter zombie in the head, making it drop like a sack of potatoes.

"I'm listening." his beautiful friend said as she pulled her bolt free, from the long dead, once woman's forehead.

'Damn she looks good when she does that.' he thought to himself. Taking his eyes off of her butt and then her beautiful face as she turned around, he concentrated on the task at hand.

"Okay, the grocery section is on the left side of the store. Once we get the food and water, we'll hit the health and beauty aids section, and then we have to haul ass because the sporting goods section is on the far right side of the store."

Their plan made they grabbed a grocery basket each. Having to stop and make sure the carts weren't noisy they took off towards the grocery side of the store, looking all around them as they went. Half way in they didn't hear a peep but it didn't stop the smell from assaulting them. It was a mixture of death, fish and long expired milk.

Just to be honest it smelled like shit.

Ignoring the instinctive impulse to gag and throw up they made it too the can goods aisle and were surprised by the amount of stuff that was still on the shelves. Using his arm he raked all of the canned beans that he could into the basket before moving onto the soup. Judging by the amount of food that was left the town must have fell early and people didn't even make it to this place to gather much needed supplies.

"Oh excuse me." he said aloud as he bumped into someone.

Seeing Kendra further down on the end of the aisle getting sweetpeas, canned chicken and Vienna, his eyes widened as he turned around and saw five zombies behind him, the one behind him already with it's arms outstreched.

It was staring at him with deep, sunken in eyes. His flesh was, or what was left of it was drawn tight on it's skull and bones. It's lips were torn away leaving a sick and twisted grin. Looking a little closer he saw chunks of old, rotted meat in it's teeth.

"" Jesse called her name.

Her Slayer hearing picking up his distress, a bolt flew into the crowd and took down the one nearest him. Feeling a little less cramped up, Jesse turned around and with all the force he could muster crushed the head of the one that was behind the first.

As blood and gore shot up into the air and the walker's body slammed onto the shelf, he heard his friend call his name.

"Jesse move out of the way."

Getting as close to the shelf as possible Kendra ran past him in a blur and caught her target full in the chest with a side kick, knocking all three of the geeks to the ground. Quickly taking off her axe she chopped into their heads until they were nothing but a smear on the ground.

"Whoa... I... I... hope I never make you mad." he said trying to lighten the mood.

"I tink I hear more of them coming." she whispered, breath heavy as she ignored his comment. Her ears were practically twitching trying to pick up every possible sound around her.

Stepping off the aisle he could see three walkers struggling to get to where they were, not having much luck as they tripped over pallets and other overturned merchandise. Hearing something fall off a shelf close to them sent a shiver up his spine.

"We better make this fast."

Gathering the rest of the food into the basket and then six gallons of water, they made a run for it and tossed three big 24 roll packs of toilet tissue and toiletries into their baskets as they passed paper goods and HBA respectively. Getting through the pharmacy area they gathered whatever medicine and antibiotics they could before getting a few first aid kits, peroxide, and rubbing alcohol.

As they turned around a corner, Jesse instintively brought up his bat hitting a zombie square in the face. The force of the blow sent it's head snapping back and sending a viscious wave of viscera in the air.

"What size shoe do you wear?" Jesse suddenly asked.

"What?" she asked back, as she sliced through the head of a less then friendly neighborhood shopper.

"I said what size shoe do you wear?"

Seeing that they were close to the shoe department, she breathed a sigh of relief. 'Good de boy hasn't gone crazy.' she thought to herself as he put a couple pairs of shoes for himself in the basket.

Telling him her size, he then moved on to the clothes section and started throwing a few things in.

"Jesse we must hurry."

"Just don't let us get overrun." he half shouted as he placed the last of his items in the basket. "Alright, my cart is full, we'll have to use yours to get what we can in the sporting goods department."

Nodding her head the two were on the move. Gathering a few more items on the list which were strangely sales items on end caps and stack bases the two had finally made it mid ways into the store.

Seeing the books and magazine section in between pets and electronics he stopped for a second and focused on the happy smiling faces of the stars on the magazine covers. He idly wondered if any of them made it, before tossing a few magazines and then books into Kendra's cart.

Seeing that he also put dvd's into the cart she gave him a look as if saying 'what the hell are you doing?' Just giving her a shrug in reply he threw tons of batteries into the cart aswell, as they both took off into a run again. Seeing more of the things coming out of the shadowy darkness, they knew that they were being slowly surrounded and that they had to get out of the store soon.

Finally making it to the back of the store, Kendra started throwing things into her basket, just as Jesse went down the aisle where the ponchos were and walked smack dab into a dead body.

The poncho zombie made a noise in his throat that sounded almost like a scream before lunging at him. Before Jesse could bring up his knife, poncho slammed into him sending both of them to the ground.

His knife went skidding with a metallic whisper to the ground. Grabbing the geek's head in one hand, trying to keep his rotted mouth away from his throat, his other hand hit madly on the floor trying to find his weapon that was inches from him.

Suddenly one of poncho's long dead hands found its way to Jesse's throat and began to squeeze. For a dead man there was a strength to his grip. A grip that almost made him lose conciousness.

Hand finally feeling metal, just as he felt his body about to shut down from lack of air, he used all the strength that he could muster and jabbed the knife through his temple. Even at the same time a bolt went through the back of the man's head showering his face with blood. The zombie fell sideways off of him, revealing Kendra of whom stood with her crossbow clasped tightly in her hands.

As their eyes met Jesse saw true fear in her eyes. It was fear over losing him. That's when he knew. Seeing that she was almost frozen in place, he stood to his feet and wiped his face with the back of his sleeve.

"I'm okay." he told her as calmly as possible. Seeing that she relaxed some he continued. "Now let's get the rest of what we came here to get and get the hell out of here."

Hearing moans in the distance they redoubled their efforts and threw the things they knew they needed and even things they didn't need into the basket until it was full. Seeing that they had everything and then some they ran for the front of the store.

Ten feet short of getting to the exit, Jesse suddenly stopped his basket.

"I gotta get something, Ken." he said breathlessly.


"I'll just meet you at the truck!" he yelled as he ran back into the store.

Looking at the back of his head with rage in her eyes, she trusted him to do what he had to do. Taking both baskets, she lightly kicked open the side door and pushed both of them out. Hearing glass break, her eyes widened and she was about to turn around and go back for her friend, but as soon as she did she bumped into him. Glancing over his shoulder and seeing more then a dozen or so walkers behind him, she lost what she was going to say in her throat and both of them ran out the door.

Hauling ass to the truck, the walkers slowly shuffled out of the store behind them. Pushing the baskets as fast as they could, they had finally made it to the truck. Knowing that they didn't have much time to load all of the stuff they had gotten, he looked to Kendra on what to do.

Wordlessly she picked up one of the baskets and dumped the contents into the bed of the truck. Slack jawed, Jesse watched as she put that one down and did the same thing to the other one.

"Holy fuck!" he shouted, as she ran past him and got in the passenger side.

"Come on, let's go!" she yelled out the window. Finding his feet, he hopped in the drivers seat and took off. The zombies left behind in their dust.

"What were you tinking!?" Kendra yelled as they drove away from their Wal-Mart death trap. "What did you go back for that was so important?"

"I...I'll tell you later." was his only reply as he slipped a small black box into his pants pocket.

"No ya tell me now!" she screamed uncharacteristically as he pulled over the truck. Her Jamaican blood pumping hotly in her veins.

"I was getting you this." he lied as he opened up a wal-mart bag and showed her it's contents. Truth be told he had gotten the bag as soon as they headed over to HBA. Looking inside she saw some ebony hair care products, shampoo, a comb, a hair brush, and some feminine hygiene products.

"Ya fool, why would you risk your life for dat?" she asked as a tear threatened to fall from her beautiful eyes. "Why would you..."

Taken off guard, before she could complete her sentence, Jesse grabbed her gently by the chin and pulled her face closer to him and gave her the most passionate kiss he could muster. Pulling away from what felt like minutes, but what was more like seconds, he looked at her and saw that she looked like a deer caught in headlights.

Knowing that he probably made a fool out of himself and that maybe he had misread her feelings, she seemed to snap out of her daze and after a moment she kissed him back. It lacked the passion that his had and her lips only touched his for three seconds, but that spark was there, followed by a slap.

"Oww! What was that for?" he yelped as he rubbed his face. It felt like she put some Slayer strength behind that.

"For being foolish."

'And for scaring me.' she added silently.

Not being able to contain his grin, he took the truck out of park and started to drive. Then something funny hit him that he just had to share.

"Hey Ken..."

"What?" she asked, her arms folded looking out the side window at the scenery as it went by.

"Our breath totally sucks."

A/N I wrote the wal-mart scene almost a year ago for another story that I never got to get to far in. It was actually a alternate universe fic, where xander was a cop in miami and Dawn was his little sister. Demons and other things didn't exist and the zombie apocalypse had just started. I know I suck at writing comedy, but in this chapter I decided to have a little fun. I actually live across the street from a Wal-mart and I used it's design for them to navigate through the store. Me and my best friend said that if a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen that we would raid Wally World and take supplies that we needed. As if any would be left, lol.