Chapter 1

Ever since he was young, he knew he loved to run. Not just little sprints, but full on long-distance stretches. He never knew there would eventually be a point in his life when he would need to stop for a short while.

He didn't know how he would cope. When he finally graduated college with a degree in astrophysics, he became a professor. He taught during the afternoon, he had some free time. So during this period, which was morning and night, he ran.

John loved marathon running. He participated in cross country a few times too. Because of his tall and lanky structure, you could always see him in those recordings of the marathons, just running. Some people even nicknamed him 'Long John Smith.'

People even thought he had two hearts, running so much; they didn't know how all that blood got to beat all around his body. But he just did it, and that was it.

It came to a stop though, just for a short period. Worst period of his life, that was for sure. He lost his independence for those two months. Felt like dying inside too.

His students saw that he had a tired look in his eyes, like all the energy he had building up inside just collapsed. Like a star imploding on itself.

But he wasn't sad, at least not that much. After all, he had his Rose.

He met her while she was moving into the apartment building. She was carrying her bags on one of the new gadgets they had that let you carry 20 pounds on it. Like a clunky clothes hanger.

Her hair was the color of gold, eyes the color of warm hazel, and pouty lips. But her innocent look definitely preceded her. She got that smart mouth from her mum, Jackie, who, to his misfortune, he met later. But that's another story to tell.

He could remember the encounter like it was just yesterday.

She heaved her way up the stairs, feeling sweat build up. It was a bad idea to wear a jacket today.

"Need help, miss?" An eccentric voice called. She saw a body, but the man's face was at least two heads above her. He was wearing a track suit. It was blue with pinstripes.

"That would be fantastic!" She handed him one of the bag hangers. His face dropped a little, and his brown eyes got a little wider.

"Are you carrying a dead body in here?" He grunted, stomping his way up the stairs. She wondered how he carried her luggage without snapping in half, he was very slim. Her friend, Donna, would probably have a good remark on that.

"Maybe, but you wouldn't tell anyone, right?"

"Wellll, I've had worse encounters than murder…" He winked at her. He had a similar sense of humor as she.

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, I've met aliens from other planets and galaxies that convict worse crimes!"

Rose giggled. This man must have been on mushrooms or something. Maybe steroids too. Considering he looked like a toothpick and he could carry her very heavy luggage. They really should've built an elevator in this complex.

"Well, Alien Man, I think we have reached my floor!" She pointed him to the direction of her door. He nodded his head and smiled. She took her key, which was a bit rusty and unlocked door. She let him in first, and then walked in. It smelled like moth balls and old people, she'd certainly have to fix that.

"If you need help with moving anything else in, feel free to ask. I live in apartment T43, just across the hall from you. If you don't remember, the door is blue; in fact, it's the only blue door in the whole complex! By the way, my name is Doctor John Smith." After he finished his whole ramble, he stuck his hand out.

Rose smiled and readily shook it.

"Pleased to meet you, my name is Rose Tyler."

John did help her settle down, and was happy to make her feel at home. She even let him help pick out things that could be put in her apartment. She specifically loved the rug he helped her pick, which was a rich blue. Almost the same color as his door.

After that, they would always meet up. Sometimes they'd even run together, maybe even dance too. Even though Rose didn't run much before, she did it just to be in his company. He was by far the truest friend she had so far.

And secretly, they started developing feelings for each other. But the other didn't know, but that's a story for later.

Sometimes the secret slipped, like the time John and Rose encountered her ex-beau Mickey. His more protective side showed, and at first Rose was frightened. But later on she realized he did it because he deeply cared for her, even if he was too shy to show it at the moment.

The moment was still crystal clear.

John and Rose were driving around where she used to live, which wasn't very far away from their own apartment. She moved away because of Mickey, her ex-boyfriend. He was getting too needy and almost became violent, but John didn't know that yet.

"So, Rosie Posie, where should be grab a bite? I'm starving!" He exclaimed, and grinned as she glared at him. He knew she hated that name, but she remarked back.

"Well, Johnny Boy, I know this pub just around the corner," He did a playful frown, and she just did her trademark tongue on teeth smile.

They did go to the pub, and Rose introduced her to some of the people there. She even showed him the town whore, Shareen. It was very cozy there, with the warm air that didn't smell too bad, and the dark lighting. They both had a glass of wine and a basket of chips, not wanting to go too overboard.

"So, why did you move in the-"John got cut off by someone slamming his fist down onto the table and making it the shake aggressively.

"You moved on to a new boy already, eh?" Mickey growled, and Rose blushed. She quickly explained that John was just her really good friend, and even though John kept a straight face, she saw slight disappointment in his eyes.

"Why didn't you stay here with me, Rose? Am I not good enough?" Mickey's dark eyes stared down at her. John kept quiet, not knowing what to do yet.

"You were starting to get out of control!"

"How was I out of control? I provided for us! Remember that time we had the scare and I got an extra job just in case!"

"MICKEY!" She loudly whispered, very embarrassed.

"What? I just wanted you to stay with me, I loved you so much Rose…"

"I'm sorry, Mick. But you were starting to get a little violent,"

"I was violent? I was just angry sometimes, but I never hit you!"

"You always told me that nobody would want me, and you grabbed me so hard sometimes that I would bruise! I would think that's abusive behavior!" She chastised Mickey. He just looked darkly at her and kept quiet.

"Can you please leave, Mickey, it's over and it has been for a long time," Rose whispered, looking down. She felt so ashamed that this encounter had to happen in front of John. She felt John's eyes on her.

"No, Rose, I can't leave. Not without you!" Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up. She saw the fury building in his eyes, and she knew he was going to do something he would regret.

"Mickey, please don't do this right now. I'm not coming with you," She mumbled. She felt one of his hands raise up, and she saw his fist clench. She tensed, waiting for it to happen, knowing that she shouldn't fight back. Violence is against her morals.

Unexpectedly, Mickey's grasp was gone. She heard chairs clatter, and people gasping. Feeling a long arm rap around her, she opened her eyes. She looked up to see none other than John, gasping realizing what he's done. Mickey was across the room, holding his right eye.

"You never hit a woman, especially not Rose!" John told Mickey, in a voice full of anger. He looked down, and his eyes softened. He asked Rose if she was alright, which she was now.

"Let's leave," She took his hand, and she left a 30 on the table. She went to the cashier and apologized, which the cashier totally understood.

They never really spoke about what happened again, it was too strange.

But they kept on seeing each other, going out for coffee or taking strolls in the park. That is, when they both had time.

John was mostly busy during the week, working at the university from 11 till 6, depending on how much work he had. Rose was the COO of her father's breakthrough company, Vitex, which manufactured energy drinks. They were thinking of sponsoring a space center too.

They still found time for each other during the week, and most certainly during the weekends. They created such a close friendship and they made each other happy.

So when Rose found out about the accident, she was absolutely devastated. She never wanted John to be harmed, after how much joy he brought in her life. Hearing that he was badly hurt brought her down to her knees.

Rose closed the door, and dumped her bag on the floor. She was going to make some dinner and see if John would like to join her. They haven't seen each other for a few days, and she was really starting to miss him.

She was going to make his favorite, fish fingers and custard, and for dessert she would make a banana parfait. She would make a salad too; someone in the two should encourage healthy eating.

Heading to her room to change into something more casual, she had a hunch that something strange was happening. She just felt weird, and she couldn't shake the feeling. Her thoughts kept racing through her head.

In the oversized shirt that once belonged to John, and a pair of leggings, she headed to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

Putting the fish fingers in the oven and pulling out the vegetables for the salad, she started cooking. She still had the weird feeling, and she wondered why. She'd tell John about it, he'd probably say something funny about it. Probably tell her that she was turning into a Cyberwoman or something crazy and quirky like that.

Rose didn't want to make a dinner for two, and be eating it solo, so she headed to the phone to call John.

The phone was the same color blue as John's door; he picked out the phone himself. Tried installing it himself too, but cut some wires that weren't supposed to be cut. In the end, they just got an electrician to fix that and install the phone.

Just as she put her hand on it, it began ringing. Probably was John.

"Hello?" The voice on the end certainly wasn't John's. She would take care of this, and then plan a meeting with her friend.

"Hi, this is Rose Tyler, how may I help you?"

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your friend, Dr. John Smith, has been badly injured in a car accident. You were the only one on his emergency phone list. He is about to go into surgery at the moment, and we highly suggest that you-"Before the operator could finish the sentence, she dropped to the floor and started sobbing.

But she instantly toughened up, she had to go and see John. The line on the other end wasn't dead. She got up, and quickly wiped her eyes.

"I'm right on my way!" Running to her room, she got her boots and coat. She turned off the oven and covered the vegetables in plastic wrap. Picking up her keys, she ran out of the apartment.

She headed to John's apartment to get him a change of clothes, toiletries, books, and most importantly, bananas. She was sure he would be very cranky after he recovered, and bananas would do the trick to lift his spirits.

Walking to her car, she tried to prepare herself for the worst. She really wouldn't want John to die; there would be a giant whole in her heart. If he did survive, she would be there for his every need. Speaking of staying at home, she decided to call both of their workplaces to explain the dilemma. Rose would work from home, and she would discuss with John what he would want to do.

Driving to the hospital, she didn't turn on the radio. It would give her memories of John purposely singing along badly to the radio, just to make her laugh. She would call him a fool, but she gave him her trademark smile. She didn't know how she was going to smile for him now.

When she arrived at the hospital, she all but ran to the ER. The doctor calmly explained to her what happened while leading her to the waiting room, trying to comfort her in her distraught state.

"He broke 3 ribs, has a bruised lung, a broken leg, and a broken hand. A pear truck hit his car from the left side; thank goodness there wasn't someone else in the car. Unfortunately, the car is totaled, but that's the least of our concerns." The doctor rambled on, but Rose wasn't listening. She sat down on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, putting her head in her hands. She wouldn't cry; she needed to stay strong. She sighed.

Every hour or so, a nurse would tell Rose about John's progress. He was well enough, he was sedated and in a stable state. The nurse also told Rose that in an hour or two, she would be allowed to go to his room.

The first hour felt like oblivion, but within the second hour, there came a surprise to Rose.

She was sitting there, trying to figure out what she would tell John when he woke up. She was sure he would mumble on about his foolishness at not paying attention. He would probably also hate pears even more than he already did.

A chair rustles next to her, and she saw a man. He had a James Dean kind of look, with a strong jaw and bright blue eyes. But they didn't seem bright, at the time they seemed very sad. The man had a melancholic smile on his face, and his eyes met hers.

"I'm sorry to stare, I just couldn't help to notice how sad you look," Rose blushed profusely. He caught her, but he didn't seem too annoyed.

"It's okay; I could say the same for you,"

"My friend got in a really bad accident. Got hit by a pear truck… he always hated pears," She laughed sadly, remembering how he would argue with her on and on that they were an evil fruit. She didn't believe him until now.

"My boyfriend got beat up, he defended me… Some people just don't agree with our interactions. By the way, the name's Jack." He held his hand out, and she warmly smiled at him while returning the gesture.

"My name is Rose, I agree with those interactions by the way," They both grinned at each other, happy to be there for one another.

For the next hour they talked about why they were there and how they met that special someone. Rose didn't realize the time passed, but John was always on her mind, so she was ecstatic when the nurse told her it was time.

"Bye, Jack, thank you for the company," She waved to him, and he did his eye-crinkling smirk. She would always remember him, and how he was still somewhat positive during a painful time.

The familiar smell of chemicals filled her nose as she walked into John's room. The nurse nodded and left her there without a word.

Putting his things on the table, she let one tear drop. She was sad looking at his state, with all the wires surrounding him, and some that were inside him. He looked even skinnier and much paler then he actually was.

She pulled up a chair next to his bed, and took one of his hands into hers. It was cold, unlike how she remembered it, being unnaturally hot. She kissed it, mumbling about how he had such a misfortune.

Hours passed, but time didn't seem to matter to Rose. She stayed so long, that the nurse even brought her a pull out chair to sleep on.

Days passed, but warm brown eyes never made their presence. She was told that he was put on a medicine induced sleep, so he could fully heal. It was completely normal that he wouldn't wake up in a day.

It was strange not hearing him talk. She missed his banter very much, which she wouldn't have said before.

The doctor told her that he might be able to remember more things if she talked to him, as the doctor said he hit his head and there was a chance of amnesia. So she did talk, in fact, she almost started to sound like him with the long words streaming like a water fall.

"Before you had an accident, I had a weird feeling. It's like I knew you were going to get hurt. I was making dinner for us, your favorite too. Fish fingers and custard. When you get home I'll make you all the fish fingers and custard you want, and I'll let you have more than three bananas a day, but not every day. You won't be able to run for at least 2 months, you broke your leg…" She kept going on and on. It was later on that night that she realized why he talked so much.

When he was younger, his whole family got killed by a gang. They were called the Daleks, a notorious gang known for their brutal torture. His father got into some messy things with them, as he needed to pay them back for a transaction that happened when he was a teenager. He used to be a drug addict. Anyways, they wanted revenge so they killed the whole family. But the family didn't go down without a fight; they hurt those Daleks real bad. The Daleks that did survive were scared out of their wits, and that is why they didn't go after John. Before they killed John's immediate family, his father told him to run away and keep a legacy.

Rose realized John had trauma, and he probably talked so much to keep his mind off it. And maybe he was so intelligent because he dove into studies. When his family got killed, he was just about off to college.

She remembered when she first heard, she was crying. John shed only but a tear, and that was over with. She tried not to mention it, as she lost her father. She couldn't imagine what losing a whole family was like.

When John did wake up, it was 6 days after the accident. She was right by his side, and it was a very exciting moment.

She was just looking at him, pushing his hair out of his face. She suddenly saw one of his eyelids to flutter open. He then started coughing, and she rushed to go get a nurse.

"Wait!" He wheezed, holding a hand out. She ran back to his bedside, holding his hand and smiling. He returned it, with much effort.

"Let me get you some water," She went to the table and filled a cup with lukewarm water, not wanting his throat to be uncomfortable.

She handed it to him, and he simultaneously gulped it down. He then crushed the cup, and winked at her.

He was about to speak, but he then frowned.

"It… hurts… to… breathe…" He whispered, cringing with pain. She sadly smiled at him, and told him not to speak. She pressed the nurse button.

After that, two days passed and they were told he was well enough to be at home on bed rest. Rose was given a bag with all the painkillers he would need to take, bandages, and crutches for later. It was easier for him to breathe, as he talked slower than he normally did.

John wasn't very happy while living the pale environment, and he was glad that it would be Rose that would take care of him while he was at home. Rose didn't know just yet how crazy it would be.