Chapter 2

Rose wheeled John out of the hospital, while a nurse was behind her balancing the entire luggage. They argued over who would do what, but John interrupted, saying he missed Rose and wanted her near him. They was no fighting with him, he was outrageously stubborn. Almost as stubborn as Jackie.

Speaking of Jackie, she was absolutely crazy when she found out John was in an accident. Even though she fought with him when she saw him, she always cared for him. He was a little strange, but very compassionate about the things he cared about. She was happy that Rose found him.

So when she heard he was coming home, she offered to clean up both of their apartments, and to make refreshments. She couldn't stay to greet them, as she had to watch Tony. Pete was off at a business trip, so he couldn't watch the rascal.

The nurse grunted as she put all the bags inside Rose's trunk, while Rose groaned while lifting up John. Even though was lanky, he was heavy from his tall height. He tried to maneuver himself so the job would be done easier.

"This is payback from the time when I first met you, "He told her, with a troublesome glint in his eye. She glared at him, but she couldn't do it for long, as the statement was truly hilarious.

Rose buckled John in the car, and then went to thank the nurse. She apologized for all the bags, but it was unavoidable. John needed many things to adapt comfortably in environments. Kind of like an exotic species, just more human.

Rose breathes out a sigh of relief when she got back in the car. She looked over at John, and then held his hand in hers.

"Ready to go, sailor?"

"Aye, Aye! Captain!" They both laughed, and she started the engine. She drove home at a careful pace, not racing like she wanted to. She wanting to get John home as soon as possible, and take care of him.

"Which apartment would you like to stay in?" She asked him. She also told him she wouldn't mind coming over to his anytime he needed her, and for her not to stay full time if he needed privacy.

"I'll go in mine, if you want to you can stay with me so you don't have to switch back and forth,"

"Okay, I'll just pick up some things from mine," The rest of the drive continued with a comfortable silence, with shared smiles and looks. After all the commotion, silence was a pleasant surprise.

When they got home, Rose had to make to trips to get them settled. One trip to carry all the items to John's room, and one trip to help John up the stairs; Rose couldn't decide which was more difficult. She was going to complain to the landlord to get an elevator. Although it wasn't the landlord's fault the apartment was a vintage luxury one.

Rose tried to maneuver the bags into a position where she could balance them, and still have a free hand to open the door. It was very tricky, and she found that she was grateful that she took weight lifting classes.

"There we go," She opened John's door, and literally dropped on the floor breathing heavily. She didn't want to make a mess, and she didn't want John to trip, so she put them into a neat pile.

Then she went to her apartment to pack her toiletries, books, music, clothes, computer, and paperwork that her father left her. It's not like it would be much different working from the office, she would just need to divide her time equally. Her first priority was John, so she would probably work at night when John slept and wouldn't need her care.

After she put her stuff away in John's guest room, she walked downstairs to retrieve John. She knew it was going to be difficult, but things always worked out in the end.

"There she is!" John smiled, and held his hands out. She put her arm around his skinny form. If he wasn't limping, it would've been weird carrying him, and he is much taller than him. Thankfully, she could somewhat support his weight.

"Hopefully you won't fall and break your head,"

"That's the spirit!" They started their trek up the stairs, which surprisingly wasn't hard at first. But then John's other leg started hurting because all his body weight was put on it, and he didn't run for a long time. Not since the morning of the day of the accident.

"If you don't stop stumbling, we'll both fall off the stairs!" Rose cried, trying to balance him. He grimaced in pain, and she felt bad for scolding him. Staring apologetically, the continued up the stairs, stopping now and then to catch a breath.

When they got to his apartment, she put him near a wall so he could balance himself while she opened the door.

"Nobody leaves baby in the corner," She glared at him while she helped him walk into his apartment.

"I'm not afraid to push 'baby', so don't try me,"

"I always liked em' feisty. I think you get it from your mum…" She shook her head at him and helped him settle on the couch.

"Even though you slightly offended me, I am here for your service, so please tell me if you need anything,"

"You know what would be real great at a time like this?" Giving her that weird look she absolutely adored. It was the same look he gave her that one time when they were together during a snowfall.

"What would that be?" She knew exactly where he was going with this.

"Bananas! High in potassium, and very delicious, might I add!" She rolled her eyes, and walked over to the kitchen.

"Hey, John, while I'm at it, would you like some tea as well?"

"Of course! Tea always makes me feel better! You know me so well, Rose, I am so proud of you. Maybe you hang around me too much, but that's fine. I'm brilliant, which makes you brilliant. Not like you're not brilliant already, but I just-"She laughed as he continued rambling on. Who knew that he could still have that spark on him after he got hurt.

Putting the kettle on, she got the milk out of the fridge. She also took some honey out too. And some cinnamon. Was her mum's recipe for 'the most delicious tea in the world.' At least, John said it was. She didn't argue with him.

While Rose was making him tea, John turned the telly on. Flipped to his favorite channel, which was obviously the science channel. They had a program on about black holes, and he felt like today was his lucky day. Rose, tea, bananas, and space science, he couldn't ask for more in life. Well, he could also ask for a Harry Potter book.

He should remember to ask Rose to bring it for him tomorrow, when he had more energy. He had the whole series in his book shelf, which was almost jammed. Once he gets better, he should buy another one.

Rose walked into the room with tea in his favorite blue mug, and two bananas. John couldn't just have one banana in one sitting; it was completely against his morals. He was like an oversized monkey.

"Thanks, Rosie, don't know what I'd do without you," He greedily grabbed the bananas, and moaned as he finished the first one. He took a sip of the tea, and then breathed out. It was very hot, and he needed to adapt. The hospital tea was usually lukewarm, so it was a big change.

"Wouldn't want to burn your tongue off,"

"I'm sure you would like me to. Scorching my marvelous taste buds off, what a shame. But it's worth it; your mom has one mean tea mix!" Careful sips turned into big gulps once he adjusted to the tea's temperature. Rose just laughed, and cautiously sat down next to him. She didn't want to make the couch sink too much, and cause John discomfort.

They sat there for about an hour, and that's when John fell asleep. Rose wouldn't blame him, as the hospital beds were very uncomfortable, and his couch was very warm and cushiony. And although she really liked learning about space, the program was downright boring. The television show host made it worse with his monotone voice.

Rose didn't want John to get a crick in his back, and have an ache in his rib area. But she didn't want to wake him up from his much needed sleep. She weighed out her options carefully, and decided it would be best if she moved John to his bed.

Tapping his shoulder, he sleepily opened his eyelids. He looked like a cat arousing from a power nap, although it had only been five minutes.

"We don't want you to be walking like a geezer, do we?" Holding her arm out, she waited for him to sit up. Purposely being slow, and groaning, he sat up.

They did the whole stair process again, except, on flat ground. Which made the trip to his room much less difficult for the both of them.

Walking near his bed, John pulled his bedspread out so Rose could put him in bed without him sitting on it. She was about to leave when she heard him call out.

"Rose…Wait," Her large eyes turned over to face him. Her hand was on the door frame.

"Yes, John?"

"Could you stay here… I don't feel warm without you." She blushed and she looked hesitant. But she couldn't say no to those warm brown eyes.

"O..kay, if you ever feel uncomfortable, let me know." Getting into the bed, she faced him. She had a small, nervous smile on her face.

After a few seconds he fell asleep, and Rose could feel herself drifting off too. The bed was so warm, and his smell was enveloping her. The comforting smell of vanilla and cinnamon; spicy and sweet like John.

They were in a park, lying on his favorite coat. They were watching clouds, and they called out what each one looked like.

"That one looks like a bottle!"

"That one looks like a banana!" Rose and John both laughed at their silly observations. All of a sudden the clouds began to disappear, and fog enveloped them.

The fog was a heavy weight on Rose, and darkness started to envelope her.


She woke up only to find that John's arm was wrapped around her. That was probably the heavy weight in her dream. Another thing that probably woke her up was the noises coming from the kitchen.

Lightly tucking John's arm on the bed, she lightly moved off the bed. Just in case it was an unwanted intruder, she grabbed John's hockey stick for protection.

"Hello?" she called out. "Hello Rose! I just came to make you two dinner… Knocked a coupla times, but you never answered, so I found the spare key from under the rug." Jackie rattled out. Rose dropped the hockey stick, and walked to the kitchen where wonderful smells were wafting.

She needed to remember to tell John to hide his spare key better.

"Thanks Mum, sorry we didn't answer. We were taking a power nap-"Before she continued, her mother started yapping away.

"Why were you two sleeping in the same bed? You getting together? Oh my god, you two are together! Congra-"

"MOM! We aren't together, relax!" Jackie just gave her a knowing look. "What?"

"I see the look you two give to each other, you just wait in see," Jackie laughed as she told Rose.

As Rose blushed, she heard a voice.

"Rose, who are you talking to?" It was John. He probably woke from Jackie's naturally boisterous voice. And boy! Was he in for a surprise, his favorite person was here!

"Oh, John! You poor thing!" Jackie ran to his room, and she heard John groaning while she fussed over him. Rose's mom had some motherly nature toward him, as he lost his mother. But she still annoyed him.

"I'm fine, Jackie! Now could you please- stop- kissing- me," Rose laughed, as she saw her mom pecking his face and hugging him.

"I wonder how I'm still nice to you after all your complaints… I made you dinner, and a wonderful dessert. I cooked better than Rose, if you ask me…" Jackie almost rambled as much as John, so Rose butt in.

"If you are a better cook, I'm sure you are a better supporter. Be a love, and help him over to the dinner table." Both of them pouted, but Rose walked out before they could protest. As she set the dinner table, Jackie set John down in a chair. She brought him a pillow so he could have more comfort.

When Rose was about to set a third plate on the table, her mum stopped her.

"I'm going out with Pete and Tony for dinner, but thank you for thinking I was going to stay here. Goodbye, loves." She hugged Rose, and she pecked John on the lips.

After Jackie left, John stuck his tongue out.

"If Pete knew how much she kissed me, he would probably run away," he told Rose. "He probably knows, he most likely just doesn't bring it up!" They both laughed.

"What would you like?" Pointing to each of the different dishes Jackie made them for dinner. There was pan seared chicken, steamed vegetables, quinoa, and roasted sweet potatoes.

"I'll have the chicken, the quinoa, and the sweet potatoes. Gotta get my energy levels up." He stared at the dishes hungrily, as if he hadn't eaten for a long time. Well, he hadn't eaten a homecooked meal for a long time.

"High energy levels at night? Don't tell me you have insomnia," She handed him the plate, and he almost ate right away. But being the gentleman, he waited till Rose got food. That was the way he was raised.

"If I had insomnia, I would be knocking on your door every night and ask if you wanted to play a game of chess," He looked at her smartly. She just rolled her eyes, and chewed on a piece of broccoli.

John just smiled at her, and continued eating his meal. Which was off his plate very fast, but instead of going for seconds, he asked a very childish question.

"When's dessert?" To which Rose replied. "After you eat some veggies."

He pouted, and then complained he was a grown man, and that he should have the right to dessert right that instant. To which Rose counter replied. "Why did you ask me in the first place?"

He groaned, and just put a hand over his face. Rose knew this could lead to John's version of a filibuster, so she went to the kitchen to retrieve the banana bread.

John inhaled the scent as it was to the table.

"God has answered my prayers!" He took out the cake spatula thingy, and cut a huge piece.

"Do you want a piece?" He asked Rose, hoping she'd no. He needs alone time with this wonderful, delightful, beautiful type of food.

"I risk a lot to keep a good figure, lucky you with your high metabolism… I swear you're an-"Before she could finish, she heard a 'thump' as he put the whole loaf onto his plate. He was going to have a major sugar rush, but once he put his mind to something, nothing could stop him.

"Don't complain to me when you can't fall asleep," she sniffed while he practically shoved the whole loaf down his throat. "Gud yew get mwe some mulk," he asked her after many large bites. Nodding her head, she went to the kitchen and filled a tall glass with milk. He gulped it down, and breathed out loud. Half the loaf was gone, and he patted his stomach, which was just slightly swollen from the large food intake. The man wouldn't even gain a pound.

"Thanks, you saved me from a parched mouth,"

"Wouldn't want that to happen, now would we?"

"No, but what we do want to happen is watching the science network," Rose just laughed, and helped John up to go to the living room. She would clean the dishes later, as she wanted to spend some time relaxing with John. Even if she was usually bored with the programs on the science network, John's feedback was worth it.

As they settled on the couch, the lights started flickering. "Damn it," John knew what was going to happen, he just didn't know why. The power turned off after many flickers, so it technically wasn't sudden.

"What do you want to do now?" Rose wasn't sure what his mind would be up to, but she knew he would think of something not technology based. "Before we think of ideas, reach between the back cushions of the couch to get the emergency flashlight," While she did, she asked him why he kept one there. He just said that he kept flashlights hidden all over the place, as you would never know when you would need one. She just sighed, and turned the flashlight on.

"I would say to just hit the hay, but it's a bit too early, and I have too much energy," He told Rose, with a hand on his chin. "I would suggest to read, but it would be a pain to light many candles, and risk your apartment going up in flames," They were stumped.

"Rose, John?" There was a knocking at the door. An all too familiar voice boasted. Jackie.

"Yes Mum?" Rose got off the couch, and found her way to the door using the emergency flash light. Thank goodness for John's quirks.

"Come to the mansion, we have the emergency generator. I'm sure you and John would be much more comfortable," Opening the door, Jackie came in while chattering. Rose wasn't sure about the prospect of John and herself staying with her family for the night. It would be awkward, but it would be easier for John's needs. It would be so difficult to get him around in the dark.

"Okay, let me just pack things up… Thank you so much, Mum!"

"No problem, sweetheart. I'll get John down for ya," Jackie walked over the living room, having a headlight attached to her head. She could her John groaning, but in a somewhat joking matter. She heard them both slowly walking out of the apartment, while she was packing some things.

Many things were left somewhat unpacked from the hospital, so it didn't take too long for her to finish up. She cautiously left the apartment, and made sure she locked it.

Walking down stairs, she balanced the few bags, and the heavy flashlight. She opted for the bigger one, and it cast more light. She didn't want to trip over the stairs, and then be temporarily dependent. Wouldn't want Jackie having to be responsible for both her and John.

Walking over to the hummer, which was shining in the moonlight, she breathed out. Today had been a long day. She wondered why the power went out, and how long they would have to stay with her family. Especially if the power would be out for a few days, but she doubt it would be that long.

After shoving the luggage into the car, she climbed her way up to the backseat with John. Her mum was riding shotgun, while a guard was driving the car.

Leaning her head back on the seat rest, she felt John hold her hand in his. Thankfully, his hand was warm again, and it was a comforting feeling.

But soon, there would be the slight discomfort with staying with her parents and brother again. How would they survive?