"John, wait up! Please!" Rose huffed out as she tried to catch up with him. It's kind of sad that a man that just recovered from a leg injury could run faster than her. It was his first run.

"Rose, I'm going as slow as I can! I'm just so happy to be running again, aren't you?" He smiled, almost 10 feet away from her. And he wasn't out of breath either.

John was a crazy man; Rose knew that after being almost 2 years with him. And she was crazy enough to get married with him soon.

His recovery was quite quick, considering the damage that was done on him. But it sure didn't feel quick, and that's for a fact. They found out his bad dreams weren't because of the medication or the seizures. It was because he had a mild case of insomnia, which he never told her. His system finally had enough and he shut down, and because of that, Rose would always stay awake to make sure he was asleep.

She thinks he got so smart from staying up and reading all the time because he was bored. Turned out he developed it after the Daleks killed his parents. The doctors also think he had one of the seizures during his car accident, as he would've surely paid more attention to the pear truck. But it was faulting of the driver too, or at least, the faux driver.

A stoner stole the truck.

Not much more happened after his recovery, besides them growing closer. Being stuck with someone really shows you who they are, even the parts you don't like too.

The proposal was kind of peculiar too; she could remember it like it was just yesterday. Well, actually, it was just yesterday. And at the strangest place too…

"Rose, I hate being at the physical therapist! What's the point; I've had the minimum sessions!" He whined to her, as he was walking on the treadmill. It was only on 3.0, and John wanted to go faster. He could, he and Rose practiced at home to, going at walks on the pier. Sometimes even bumping into Mickey and Martha, who have completely changed. Got married and are pregnant, quite quickly too.

"They just want to make sure you're at your best condition, that's all." She pecked him on the cheek, and pulled a chair over near the treadmill. She was getting quite tired of standing, half an hour had passed.

The physician was on the other side of the machine, checking on the monitor and writing down things on a piece of paper. Which was on a blue clipboard, all to John's doing.

When he could start wearing a boot, he resumed his job at the college. He also asked for a large supply of blue clipboards, which was secretly for Oswin's practice. He kept one for himself, but only Rose knew. He got defensive when she teased him about it.

"John, you are doing very well. You have made a quick and successful recovery." The physician smiled at him when he was on his last lap.

"Didn't you also say you wanted me to do something?" John just smiled at her, and looked at Rose.

The physician gave her a piece of paper, which was under the yellow one the physician was writing on.

It read: Rose Marion Tyler,

I just wanted to say, you are absolutely brilliant! And fantastic, but so am I! You have helped me so much during my recovery, and I couldn't tell you how thankful I am. I love you for sticking with me even when I was a pain in the arse. That's just you, the selfless and beautiful person you are. And I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else so…

She looked at him. He was squatting, as it was kind of hard for him to kneel with heart monitors stuck all over him.

"Will you marry me?"

Guess what Rose said.

Even though it was romantic, the physician was still there. Bawling her eyes out.

They already set a date, May 16. They both loved Spring very much, and it was going to be a lovely event. It was going to be in the grand opening of the Tyler's new space center. They couldn't wait.

Rose stops to catch her breath. She feels a hand press against hers.

"Even if I run, I'll never without you."


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