Hi, this is Luna Cat Shadow and this is my very 1st fan fiction. With help from my new beta reader Da-AWESOME-girl. Thanks for the help

Have you ever noticed that in some family guy shows, there have been hints that Peter may not be Meg's father? And be honest with yourself, Lois was a slut as young adult and kind of still is. Then there was one show where she was pulling out Meg's old things out of a box and it showed she had a tail once as kid. So I thought, "Hey, what if Meg's real father was a demon?" So here's a story where Meg is a half Demon. This is going to take place before she turns eighteen.

It was another Saturday night at the Griffin house and as usual, Meg Griffin was stuck at home watch Stewie. It was not that she hated her baby brother, far from it actually, but at times, she wishes her family would ask her before they just assume she'd watch him, but at least now she got pay. Ever since the last baby sister was caught having a party. That was about two or three years ago and to be honest, any other baby sister always goes missing.

Sighing to her self, she gets up off the couch and makes her way up the stairs. She peeks in Stewie's room to see him sleep soundly. She smiles to herself as she recovers him and kisses his forehead. She hears a door open, walking down she see Chris and Brian enter the house.

"Hey guys, how was your night?" Meg walked down the stairs.

"It was great! The A-Team was awesome!"

"The movie was over rated."

"So many Explosions!"

"Holly Wood once again kills another classic."

Meg laughed at them. "Would you guys like some pie? It's blackberry."

The three of them sat at the kitchen table, enjoying themselves. Both had piece of blackberry pie with a scope of vanilla ice cream. One had a cup coffee and the other had a glass of milk. Meg was drinking some coffee herself as they chatted.

"So Meg, your birthday is next Saturday. Any thing special you want?" asked Brian.

"If you're asking if I want a party, then the answer is no." Both Chris and Brian look shocked at this.

"I know what you're thinking, but be honest with me Chris, Mom is going to give you money to pay people to come to my party." Chris looks down guilty. "And Brian how long do you think it'll take for Mr. Quagmire to try and get in my pants?" Brian started to growl.

Shaking her head, she smiles to herself. "Here is something you guy can help with me though." Both Brain and Chris look up.

"What is it Meg?" Brian asked.

"Yeah Meg?" Chris looked at his sister.

Meg looked at both of them and smiled...

That night, Meg was at her computer looking through some things before she went to bed. She heard a scratch at her window. She looked out and laughed to herself. She opens her window to let her guest in. It was a black cat. That had white tips on its ears and tail, its eyes were crystal blue, and had a white streak through its eye.

"Hey there Shadow cat."


Meg lied down on her bed as she watched her furry friend come and lay on her. Meg started to pet the female cat.

"You know Shadow, I can't help feel like something going to happen on my birthday…and I'm not talking about the usual crazy stuff."


"I don't know what it is, but I know its coming. Its like I have this inner voice telling me to get ready."


"On top of that, the way I am thinking is changing. I mean, I am not caring about fitting in anymore. Its like there's something in me screaming at me to be myself and stop caring what the fuck everyone else thinks and do what I want and how I want it."

The cat yawn as it fell asleep on Meg. Meg, herself closed her eyes and fell sleep.


Meg was running through a thick forest and a mighty roar filled the night air. She keep running as a voice kept telling her to stop and embrace it. But Meg is too afraid to face the creature. She stopped at the edge of cliff and looked down. She turned to the creature. "Megan do not be afraid of me. Open yourself to me."

Dream over

Meg sat up in her bed she tried to catch her breath. "That dream again. What is it about?" She looked down at her cat. Shadow looked up at her with big crystal eyes. The black cat was staring at Meg, its eyes glued to her mouth where two sharp fangs being to appear.

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