Me: I am back! Sorry for being so late, but I got caught with my pokemon story.

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Stewie:This one was your first story.

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Stewie: SO You just need more help to come up with story ideal to help flow better for this story.

Me: nodding head

Stewie... I am in this chapter?

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Once again Meg found her self in the dark forest, as she walk around the young girl couldn't help but admire the beauty of the mysterious dark forest. She felt cold breeze flow threw her short brown hair, the smell of mixture of water and grass. She found her self at her lake once more as she look at the water she here a noise beside her. Not even turn her head she smile "So are going tell me how you are."

The golden panther sliver eyes glaze at the lake. "Today is the day many question will be answer" then Golden panther got up walk across the lake it set center of the lake. It sliver eyes was focus on Meg it white marking start to glow in different color as it sway it spiky tail back forth. It spoke in a deep voice."Megan stand up"

The brunet stood up "listen careful I want you close your eyes tell me what you feel from"

Meg eyes widen "What?"

"Close your eyes listen to your heart and let your instance guild you, Trust Me"

The young girl close her eyes she put her hand over her heart. She felt it beat with eyes close she took a deep breath to relax.

"What do you feel"

In the darkness of her mind she see light it golden with a large silver lining wrap around it. She approach it.

"I feel safe, like no mater what happen you will protect me" As she step closer she notice that the dark black and dark brown smog around the light it seem to try to hold the light down.

"I feel that you always been with me. However..." She watch a new color light a pinkone slap some of the smog away from the light. "you been bury deep in me because of my negative part of my life.

As she get closer the smug start to surround her. Meg let out a squeak as she is tempt open er eyes.


Taken a deep breath she start to move forward she notice the pink light wrap around her wrist as help pull her forward

"My strength"

A purple light wrap around her other wrist when she felt her self determine to to move forward,

"My hope"

Another light wrap around it self around her waist this one was a bright yellow orange


Two more light shot out a green one and blue one each one wrap around each of leg. She felt herself moving forward.

"You give gave me the power when ever I was in danger, when ever something push to me to far. The smog was thundering now as it try to consume her.

"But every time you leek out you were push right back in." She could barely see but she could her hear and feel everyone that ever hurt her. "And allow it! I allow the smog control me."

A yellow light broke threw and wrap it self around around her forehead.

"But NO MORE!" she shout as the lights on her body bust threw the smog"

She was in front of golden light source she watch as the sliver light started to wrap all around her body. She felt all the colors of light surround her body.

"You are a part of me that being hidden from me" then sliver light rise up high her head look up at as she whisper " your my true self" in a blink of the eye the sliver light pierce threw her heard.

Meg found herself screaming as all lights energy poor in to her.

"Megan open your eyes" her eyes slow open threw sliver eyes meet "Tell me who I am" with any thought with out any process her voice spoke "You are Sora my demon half"

The Golden Panther let out a might roar as golden light consume her. She felt her body change. Her nails got longer into sharp claws, her teeth got sharper in form in to small fangs. She felt the bones her body move as she bend back as she felt her self being more flexible as her eyes was in pain she vision became clearer, her grew longer down to her shoulders. Then she felt a lower pain as gold tail with white marking on force it way out and then she felt some point cat like ears come out of her head they are golden with white tips. She final felt her self waken up to face world.

"Meg Get Up Its Your Bloody Birthday Woman!"

Meg silver eyes snap open she raise out bed, she look down her new claw hands she raise them as she felt the a pair of fuzzy ears on top her head. She ran her hands down her longer hair as her hand travel down she cup her own breast. "Did they get bigger? She ask herself as she squeeze them. She hand travel lower and felt her waist it felt softer more longer. Her reach back felt her new golden tail as the tail came to life she notice the tip was white and spike as she slide at bed. She felt her reach back as where the tail cam out. She end up grabbing her own ass. "Yep that more firmer."

"Oh birthday girl that I wish was never born come out already"


"What? It true"

Meg look across the room and stare at her self in her mirror.

"I be down in minute." she found her self saying

Outside her window a fimaler white and black cat stare at her it jump down from it and made it way down the street it need alert its master, It was time.


I got this great story in my head for this but I need help. I need someone willing to help me come up with plot line and more detailed in the story. So if any one want to help make this story awesome I need your help. I really like Co writer to help me write these but settle for someone who will help me mold this story better. So please pm or review if you got some ideal to help with the direction with these story.