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Caroline swallowed, but she nodded frantically. "I'm sure. I want you. Make love to me, Klaus."

Klaus paused briefly, his eyes boring into Caroline's, as he tried to make sure that she was fully aware of what she was committing to. As Caroline's gaze held nothing else but certainty and impatience, Klaus finally smiled before lifting her from the couch and carrying her to his bedroom. Taking Caroline's mouth again, Klaus lay her on the bed and slid his mouth along her jaw line until he reached her neck. Caroline panted when he sucked at her pulse point and slid her hands under his shirt to touch the bare skin. Klaus' hands traveled along her body, ending their journey by pulling up the hem of her dress to caress her thighs. As Caroline arched into his touch, Klaus took it as a signal to completely remove the dress along with her shoes. Sighing in approval, Caroline helped Klaus get rid of his shirt and made him roll over on the bed to straddle him. Klaus raised an interrogative eyebrow and Caroline smiled.

"I have missed you so much, Klaus" she whispered lowly. "I need to touch you. I need to make up for a whole year without seeing you. Please let me. I'll let you do whatever you want to do with me after, but first, please let me enjoy your body."

Klaus swallowed, not sure of what she meant exactly but he nodded anyway. Whatever she wanted to do with him, he was completely sure that he would be on board with it.

Caroline leaned on Klaus, placing tender kisses on the crook of his neck, and darting her tongue to taste his skin. She trailed a path of kisses from one shoulder to another, admiring Klaus' musculature on her way. Caroline then pressed languorous kisses all along his chest, relishing the feeling of the hard muscles under the skin. She made small bite marks over Klaus' torso, gently working her human teeth on his flesh, and soothing the marks with her tongue. When Caroline reached his belly, Klaus was breathing heavily. Caroline unbuckled his belt, and slowly opened the buttons of his jean one by one, kissing every spot of skin that she was gradually revealing. Klaus grunted when she reached the last button and couldn't help but buck his hips.

With a smile, Caroline completely removed his jeans and his boxers in one move, pushing his shoes off on the way. She resumed her sensual ministrations on Klaus' bare flesh, licking his inner tights and the hollow of his groin. But she didn't want to tease him. Not today. She would have plenty of time to torture him, but it would be something for later. Today, she only wanted to make up for the whole year she had made him wait before being together.

Kneeling between Klaus' legs, Caroline leaned further and took his length in her mouth. Klaus groaned loudly and gripped the sheets of the bed. It was exquisite. Caroline wrapped her lips around him and unhurriedly licked his shaft, bobbing her head up and down, taking the time to savor the way he tasted. She moved torturously slowly, obviously enjoying what she was doing, as much as the sounds which were coming from his mouth. Caroline quickened her pace, twirling her tongue around the tip of his length and Klaus gritted his teeth. The pleasure was increasing quickly and it was the most delicious agony he had ever felt. Caroline grazed her teeth along him and Klaus arched against the bed, unable to stop himself from bucking his hips.

Feeling that he was losing control, Caroline intensified her ministrations. She engulfed him in her mouth, hollowing her cheeks to deepen the sensation and twirling her tongue all along his shaft. When she focused on his sensitive tip, Klaus arched against her mouth as a desperate call of her name fell from his lips. Caroline drew a last random pattern with her tongue on the oversensitive flesh and Klaus came hard, ripping the sheets to shred as he groaned Caroline's name. She rode his orgasm, waiting for the last wave of pleasure to recede, to let go of him, and to crawl back up his body. Klaus collapsed on the bed, barely managing to wrap his arms around Caroline when she pressed a kiss on his mouth.

"I think I just died," Klaus muttered. "You killed me and I'm dead."

Caroline laughed and kissed him tenderly. "I'm glad you liked it," she whispered. "I really wanted to make up for making you wait for a year. I hope I did a good job."

"Irrefutably, love," Klaus mumbled.

After a couple of minutes of recovering from his high, Klaus grinned wolfishly and rolled over Caroline to pin her to the mattress with his body.

"If I remember correctly, you promised I could do anything I want with you after this, am I right?" he asked impishly.

Caroline smiled and nodded.

"Anything you want," she confirmed a little breathlessly.

Klaus bowed his head to kiss her, letting his hands roam eagerly over her body. As Caroline tightly wrapped her arms around his neck to keep him close, Klaus unhooked her bra to cup her bare breasts. Caroline moaned into his mouth as he slowly started to stroke the sensitive nipples. When he elicited another moan from Caroline, Klaus lowered himself onto her body, and replaced his hands with his mouth. Caroline arched against him, a broken cry falling from her lips. Klaus took the time to savor the taste of the delicious flesh, licking and nibbling softly until Caroline writhed beneath him. Keeping a hand on her breast, Klaus lowered the other one on her body, brushing the skin all along until he reached her tights. He hooked a finger on the waistband of her thong and slid it down her legs.

As soon as he had Caroline out of her last undergarment, Klaus pressed his hand against her clit, making Caroline cry out. He languidly played with it before sliding two fingers inside of her. Caroline dug her nails in Klaus' shoulders, bucking against his hand. Content with the way she responded, Klaus slowly moved his fingers, provoking agonizing jolts of pleasure in Caroline's whole body. A whimper fell from her lips and Klaus swallowed it with a passionate kiss. He brushed her clit with his thumb in addition to what his fingers were doing and Caroline cried into his mouth. Her hips started to move frantically against his hand and he could tell how close she was. Her head rolled on the mattress when he applied a little more pressure on her clit and she cried again. Klaus suddenly stopped every movement to focus on her face.

"Look at me," Klaus ordered huskily. "I want to see your eyes when you come."

Caroline complied with difficulty, her eyelids heavy and her gaze clouded with need.

"Klaus," she whimpered. "Please."

As soon as Klaus resumed the work of his fingers, Caroline convulsed around them, screaming his name and struggling to keep her gaze lock with his as he had asked. The sight of her beautiful face twisted in pleasure was enough to make Klaus immediately rock hard again. With a low growl, he feverishly kissed Caroline who was still helplessly writhing under him.

"You are beautiful when you come, my love," he whispered raspily. "I'm gonna make you come again and again."

Klaus then left her mouth and slowly kissed his way down her body. Hooking her legs on his shoulders, he wasted no time to swipe his tongue against her clit. Caroline cried out, the previous wave of ecstasy only starting to fade when the new one begun. She tried to tell Klaus to stop, still overwhelmed by the sensations of her last orgasm and not sure that her body could handle more. Klaus then flattened his tongue against her clit, and asking him to stop became the last thing on Caroline's mind.

"Don't stop," she whimpered. "Oh, God, Klaus, please don't stop."

Increasing the speed of his movements, Klaus had Caroline coming again in a matter of minutes, trashing against his mouth and ripping the sheets he had already brutalized previously. Unable to get enough of the sounds that she was incessantly making, Klaus kept licking and sucking at her, adding two of his fingers inside of her to increase the sensation. Caroline screamed when he curled them and she came for the third time, feverishly calling his name.

Klaus languorously kissed her inner thighs and the soft flesh of her stomach before propelling himself up toward Caroline's face. She was breathing heavily, her eyes tightly closed and her fingers still fisted in the sheet. Klaus kissed her tenderly, stroking her cheeks as he patiently let her coming down from her high. Caroline eventually opened her heavy eyelids to look adoringly at Klaus.

"I'm dead too," she whispered. Klaus laughed and kissed her again.

"Well, I hope there is still a shred of energy inside of you, my love because we are not finished," he declared playfully. Caroline smiled softly and lifted her head to press a kiss on his lips.

"I will always have enough energy to want you, Klaus," she murmured on his ear. "I want you. I want you inside of me."

Caroline wrapped her legs around Klaus' waist, urging him to give in to her request. Klaus complied eagerly, holding the back of her tights to slide inside of her. Caroline dug her heels on his back, trying to make him go deeper as she raised her hips to meet him. Klaus leant to kiss her as he thrust slowly into her. Caroline wrapped her arms around his chest, pulling him as close to her as she could. Klaus took advantage of a moan to deepen the kiss and stroke Caroline's tongue with his, making her completely melt in his embrace.

"I love you, Caroline," Klaus whispered on her ear.

Caroline fluttered her eyes open, his words suddenly piercing the haze of pleasure she was on. She smiled tenderly at Klaus and tightened her grip around his chest.

"I love you too," she murmured.

Klaus' face brightened and he kissed her again, quickening his pace at the same time. Caroline gasped in his mouth and the romantic mood suddenly snapped. Klaus lowered his head to close his mouth around her nipple as he dug his hands on her hips to angle her the way he wanted. Caroline cried out at the new position and her nails scraped his back. The pleasure was increasing so quickly that it was almost scary. How could she be already so desperate for a release when she already had three searing ones?

Klaus raised her hips higher, changing the angle again and making Caroline scream. His thrusts became more erratic as Caroline was frantically bucking against him. She was so close that it was almost painful but she didn't want to let go already. It was so good to hold back at the very edge of the release, while her body was agonizing in pure ecstasy. Caroline restrained herself as long as she could, her body tightening and straining, but when Klaus flicked his thumb against her clit, she lost it. Caroline convulsed violently against Klaus as the pleasure hit her with full force. She screamed his name, her head tossing on the pillow and her body thrashing helplessly against Klaus. The sight of Caroline coming undone so violently was enough to send Klaus over the edge. His hands dug deeper into her hips as the searing pleasure shot through him, making his whole body shudder in bliss. He rode the wave of ecstasy, thrusting a few more times into Caroline before collapsing on top of her.

If today was any indication, their life together seemed exceedingly promising.

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