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Rich Grayson sighed as he walked into the bar, it was a new place, but he figured he would give it a shot.

Taking in the scenery he noticed that it was very sleek and technological looking. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was late, one in the morning, to be exact.

He sighed as he realized that the fights were running later every night. He had told himself, as well as his fiancé, that he would be coming home earlier from now on, he just couldn't resist the adrenaline they filled him with, he missed his teenage years, with the Titans.

He chuckled bitterly, as he remembered the night that the team broke up, due to his own ego and stupidity.

-We seem to be entering a flashback, interesting…-

Robin's breathing came heavy as he dodged a swift attack from the thug he had cornered in the alley, on another late night excursion he kept secret from the team.

He grunted as he knocked the man unconscious with a quick punch to the jaw, wincing in pain as the gash in his side that the man's knife had made stretched when he moved.

He was walking out of the alley when he saw a green streak race past him, then stop a few feet away giving him time to see that it was Beast Boy shifted into a small cat, only to turn around and walk towards him. Shifting back into himself, he glared at Robin.

"Dude! What were you thinking? ! Running off at like… Cy!"

Turning around, Robin saw that the rest of his team walking towards him, and had no choice but to be slightly afraid, as even Starfire was glaring at him.

"It's a quarter past two in the flipping morning birdbrain! What on earth were you doing? !" Cyborg yelled, waving his arms wildly to emphasize his anger.


"Robin! I'm very disappointed in you! You could have been injured, or worse, the killed! Why would you do this to us? I thought we were your team… Your family…" Starfire looked at him with a look that was akin to having just watched him spit on her mother's grave, sadness, anger, disgust, he felt like dying just knowing she felt that way.

Raven seemed indifferent to the whole situation, but when he looked at her and caught her eye, he noticed a sad tint in her eyes, and a certain tilt in her head as she shook it disapprovingly at him that told him she was upset with him.

Beast Boy just looked at the sky, muttering, "Dude, why on earth…?"

He looked at Nix, who had remained silent up until now. She started to walk over to him, looked him in the eyes, and raised her hand, then closed it, turned around, and walked away, heading towards the Tower, the rest of the team following.

"Guys, c'mon, I was only taking care of a couple of small timers! They're criminals; I didn't think it was worth waking you up."

His team turned around. Cyborg stepped forward.

"Man, we're a team. I know it was hard for you to get that in the beginning, but I thought you had kind of gotten over that in the past you know, seven years. But I guess not. Look, we need a leader. When you're ready to be that again, let us know. We'll let you pack, but I'm taking over the team. Robin… Dick, you're no longer a Titan. I'm sorry."

Robin looked at them as they walked away. He walked over to his R Cycle and raced past them, going to the tower to pack.

When they got there, he had left nothing but an odd quietness and emptiness about the entire Tower.

==============================================Back to the bar==================================================

He sighed again as he sat down on the stool, calling at the bartender for and good bottle of beer.

The tender slowed his movement for a second, almost turning around, before grabbing a bottle of Heineken, turning around, and seeking the customer who asked for it. Upon seeing Rich, he stopped.

"Hey, Dick!" He called over the bar.

Rich looked up at hearing the seldom used abbreviation of his name, only to see the bartender looking back at him. After a few seconds, realization dawned on him, and he smiled.

"Vic! Hey man, how've you been? I guess I should have known you would be here, Seeing that the place is named after you."

Vic just blinked, then opened his beer and handed it to him, then walked away to tend the other customers.

Rich was a little shocked at this reaction, but shrugged it off, and took a drink.

He stayed in the bar for a few more hours, until Vic announced the last call, then he walked outside, waiting for him to close up.

After a few minutes, all of the customers had left and Vic walked out of the bar and locked the door. He turned around and jumped, startled at the sight of Rich waiting beside the door.

"Man, what are you doin' here?"

"I came to get a drink."

"I figured that. But you only had the one beer, why didn't you leave?"

"I saw you. I haven't seen you in years."

"You left us."

"You kicked me off the team!"

"I thought you would come back!"

"You said when I was ready to be a leader again!"

"You never felt ready to lead us again? !"

"I never felt worthy!"

Vic stopped and stared at him.


Rich sighed.

"I… I messed up. I stopped acting like a leader. I let my team down. I didn't come back because I didn't feel like I was good enough for you."

Vic blinked a couple of times.

"Wow. Alright… Well, you probably know where Nixie is?"

"Yeah, she's a novelist in metropolis."

"And Rae?"

"I don't know about any of the other Titans…"

"I've kept in contact over the years. Let me talk to the others, and… How can I get in touch?"

Rich pulled out his wallet, rifled through it, and then pulled out a small white card, and gave it to Vic.

"You have a card? What do you do?"

"I'm an… insurance salesman…"

Vic snorted, then full on laughed.

"An… An insurance salesman? ! You have a desk job!"

Rich couldn't help but smile at his old friend's mirth.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Not exactly the ideal job for a former superhero, but hey, I needed a job."

"Yeah well, I built a bar."

"An Nixie wrote a book."

"Yeah, and to think, she started writing fanfiction."

"About Rach and Gar…"


They both looked at each other, an unspoken joke between them.

"Well, I've gotta be off. I've gotta get home to Karen."


"Oh yeah. Karen is BumbleBee."

"Oh! You two got married?"

"Yeah… I had an invitation for you, but I didn't know where you were…"

"Yeah... I'm sorry about that. I know you guys could have used me on the team, I was selfish not to come back."

"Dick, it's fine. I understand, I'm honestly still a little sore, but we did fine."

"Before I leave, who took over?"

"Well, mostly me, in the beginning, but after a while BB and Nix really took charge, and they led the team as a duo for the last couple of years before we broke up."

Rich looked at him thoughtfully for a few seconds.

"Did they do well?"

"They led the team for two and a half years. They did really well."

"Good. Well, I'm off, gotta get home, my fiancé's literally gonna kill me, I told her I'd start getting home early, and it's after three."

"Hehehe, yeah, why are you out so late?"

"I'm kind of an adrenaline junkie.. I started fighting on the underground boxing circuit.."

"You're an underground boxer? ! Man, I would go off on you, but I have to get home. We will continue this later, alright?"

Rich looked at his old friend, then held out his hand. Vic took it, and smiling, said, "Good to see you again… Birdbrain."

Rich chuckled.

"Same here, bucket of bolts."

They walked to their cars, and drove off.

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