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Rich Grayson had been having a particularly rough dream. He was fighting Slade, and all of his teammates had been captured, as far as he knew. But as he walked up the steps towards Slade, each step triggered the descent of a video screen, and on each screen was a video. One for each of his friends. The videos showed how Slade had killed each of them. Then, as he reached the platform Slade was standing on, another screen came down, right behind Slade. This one was having a live stream fed to it, straight from Slade's mask. Robin watched himself be murdered by Slade.

Or, he was about to, when he was woken up by the vibration of his cell phone on his endtable.

He grabbed it and saw that it was Victor, so he cleared his throat to rid it of the night, and picked up.

"Hello?" He asked groggily.

"Hey, I know it's early, but I was hoping we could talk for a bit?" His cybernetic friend replied.

Rich looked at his clock and saw that it was, in fact, not necessarily all that early, but rather nearly ten a.m.

"Yeah, sure. Did you get everyone on board for a get together?"

"Oh yeah, absolutely. No hesitation. But I think they all assumed that I meant today, so they've all asked me where we're going to meet."

Rich was a little bit shocked by this, but figured that he wasn't upset about seeing them so soon, and should be happy that they all wanted to see him.

"Well… How about our old pizza place? In all my years, I've never known anything to break tension like a good pie."

He could practically hear Victor smile.

"That's what everyone else suggested we do. I'll let 'em know, any time?"

"Honestly? ASAP. I'm growing less unenthusiastic as we speak."

"Great, well, we'll need to give Nix time to get here, although a plane should get her here in just a couple of hours, and she knows how to get to the pizza place, so how about… four? Does four sound good?"

"Sounds great, gives me time to do my hair."

Victor laughed out loud.

"Hehe, well just try not to put any of our eyes out, I've only got one left man."

"Will do. Well, I think we've got some things to do, so I'm gonna get off here and probably eat breakfast or brunch or whatever it's called at this time of day."

"You got it man, I'll see you in a few hours."

"See you."

As the phone clicked silent, Rich walked over to his closet and started digging around for an old looking box he kept in the back, buried under old shoeboxes and coats.

After a few minutes, he found it and had carefully removed it from the pile.

Looking through it, he grabbed his old uniform and communicator out, putting them on his bed.

He smiled as he realized that if he ever did fight crime again, it wouldn't be as Robin, he had made sure of that when he told Bruce that Tim Drake would be a good Robin. No, if he ever fought crime again, it would be as his fighting alias: Nightwing.

He had nothing to do, and for some reason had a bad feeling about this reunion that had nothing to do with his anxiety, so he unlocked his phone and called Alfred.



"Yes… Who is this?"

"It's Dick."

"Master Richard! Why hello, how are you?"

"I'm good, listen, I have a request."


"I need a suit."

"I'm sorry sir, but I think you can do that one on your own, you've been managing without me for quite some time."

Rich chuckled a little.

"I don't mean that kind of suit."

"Ah. Well, do you have anything in mind? And how soon do you need it?"

"I have specifications on my computer. I'll email them to you. I would love it if I could have it in time to go out to eat at four p.m. with the Titans."

"Meeting the old gang, eh? I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you, so much."

"Any time, Master Richard."

The phone clicked off for a second time, and Rich walked into his living room, where he had left his laptop the previous night.

Opening it, he found an unread email from Nix, he opened it, read it, and smiled, thanking her for her unfailing loyalty.

Opening a new message, he wrote down his current measurements, and where he would need armor on it, including a few pictures he had drawn up, and sent it, confident that his old butler would come through in time.

Getting up and walking to the kitchen, he grabbed a bowl and spoon from his cabinets, and the jug of milk from his fridge, then poured his favorite cereal into the bowl.

After he had put everything away, he proceeded to shower.

By this time, it was around eleven.

Five more hours, he thought dismally.

I only have to get through five hours. It's not that hard.

He turned on his T.V. and flipped through the channels for awhile, trying to find something that caught his eye. After about half an hour he decided to go back to bed for a little while.

Settling in for a nap, he thought, I'd better sleep for like four freaking hours.

-Like, four freaking hours later-

Rich was awoken by another buzzing, but this time it was from his doorman, Frankie. He pressed the button by his to answer and Frankie said, "A package has arrived for you, sir. Would you like me to send it up?"

Rich smiled.

"Who is the package from?"

"A Mr. Alfred Pennyworth."

"Yes, send it up pronto."

"Alright sir."

A minute or so later, the doorbell of his apartment rang.

Answering the door, Rich took the package and signed the digital notepad, then took the box into his room.

Opening it on his bed, he pulled out a sleek, black unitard with a blue bird on the front, several thick Kevlar-wrapped bullet proof armor pads, a domino mask, and another small package. Inside this package there were several of his old explosive discs, as well as new, seemingly upgraded versions of his old eskrima sticks.

He silently thanked Alfred, and took off his clothes, putting on the jumpsuit, as padding it, pulling his clothes on over it, and then putting his boots on, stowing the sticks and discs in the holsters on his back and legs.

He pulled on his riding gloves, and grabbed his helmet and keys, seeing that it was three thirty.

He locked the door on his way out, and said bye to Frankie as he walked out to the parking garage.

Putting on his helmet, he started the bike and made his way to the other side of town, taking the longer way, the one that allowed him to see the Tower.

The city had apparently left it standing after the Titans broke up, as a monument to the protectors of their town.

He sighed as he made his way down the street, parking beside the pizza place, which had managed to stay open throughout so many destructions and apparently being in one of the most dangerous parts of town.

As he walked in, he figured that the others would choose their old table on the balcony, so that's where he went.

As he stepped outside, he couldn't help but smile at what he saw: All of his old teammates, his old friends, his family.

He walked over to Victor and tapped him on the shoulder.

Victor turned around with a "Hm?"

"Is there another chair we could pull over here, metalhead?"

"Dick!" Garfield exclaimed, running to his old friend and hugging him, then realizing they weren't teenagers anymore, pulled back for a handshake.

Rich took his hand and pulled him into another hug.

"Don't shake my hand. You're one of my oldest friends, you reserve the right to a hug. Even if we are grown men."

Gar chuckled, a little embarrassed, and walked back to his seat.

Rachel and Nixie both walked over to him at the same time, Nixie practically crying with joy already, and gave him hugs as well.

Then there was Kory, she sat farthest away from him, wearing a dazzling white dress, and had a matching flower in her hair.

She walked over to him slowly, tentatively, and hugged him, hard.

He was, at this point, turning red, although nobody could tell if it was from happiness, or lack of oxygen from the hug.

"Um, Star… I can't… I need air." At which point she let go. He fell to the ground

She smiled apologetically and helped him up, holding his hand just for a millisecond, but it was enough that he noticed.

He always noticed.

He walked over to a vacant chair and they began the awkward process of trying to decipher what had happened in the last few years while he was away.

None of them could hear what was going on down the street, for they hadn't needed to hear things like that in so long, but as the commotion started to escalate and move closer to the pizza place, they began to take notice.

Then, out of nowhere, a man wearing a black leather jacket and a red ski mask with blacked-out goggles over it landed beside them on the balcony.

The former Titans all stood up, readying themselves for a fight.

The man took up a fighting stance and said, "They call me the Red Hood, I hear the Teen Titans have gotten back together."

They all looked at each other, silently agreeing that they needed to take care of this creep.

Then all at once, Nix, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Nightwing all shouted, "Titans, GO!"

Alright, I hope you guys like this! I know, it's a longer one, but I had to write the
"reunion", although it doesn't seem like they're gonna get quite the reunion they planned. What's gonna happen next? I have no freaking idea, but you'd better count on some awesomness, cause I just threw a wrench in everything. :P TL205 out, PEACE!