An organization of hooded figures stood in a room.

"Alice, I am trusting that you can fulfill this mission without failure." a hooded man spoke, he was the only one sitting. A hooded girl spoke, "I will not fail my lord.".

"Weren't you once friends with Snow Serenata? How do we know you won't hesitate?" A hooded boy asked

The girl grinned, "Because I'd do anything for my lord. In fact here's my proof, Vanessa come" The girl motioned for someone to enter. A woman wearing a hood like the others walked in, but unlike them she wore a mask. "Vanessa? As in Vanessa, the woman who killed the girls parents?" asked the boy. The woman laughed at the boys question, causing him to scowl. "Calm down Eron, what's the meaning of this Alice?" the hooded man spoke switching his gaze from Eron back to Alice.

"My lord, Eron, fellow companions, this is the woman who brought me to this organization!" the girl snickered, "And not only did she 'murder' dear Snow's parents, but...she is no other than Snow's biological mother!". Another hooded girl asked, "You don't plan on sending crazy Alice alone now, do you Ace?" Ace responded, "No. Of course not Paige...In fact you, Senna, Demiyah, Jace, Derex, and Eron will be joining her."

Alice spoke up against this, "But my lord I can handle this on my own I-"

Ace cut her off, replying in a tone that sent chills running up and down her spine, "Are you trying to defy my orders Alice?"

She gulped, "M-My sincerest apologies my lord."

Ace got up and started walking away, "Then it's settled", he announced, "You may set out as soon as you're ready but be gone by morning." Everyone nodded their heads, "Yes sir."

"Snow Serenata will be ours." Ace said in a clear soft tone, grinning wickedly before exiting the room.

Authors note: This is the first story my friend and I have written together and we're hoping everyone enjoys it. We have a few more chapters written and will post them soon. Please R&R so we know what you think ^_^