Foxface's POV

I watch as the District 12 boy, Peeta, walks right past me. I could kill him. I have a silver dagger in my left hand. I can do it. But I don't. Killing means becoming a piece in their games and I have sworn not to just be a piece in their games. So I wait. As I wait, I think. What happens if I win? If I win than I become a bigger piece in their games. And I don't want that. But I don't want to die by D12 girls arrow, or the brutal boy from 11's rock. I most certainly don't want to die by Catos sword. So than what do I do? I have made it to the final 5. The Gamemakers must be itching to kill me. I have the smallest kill list of anyone in the final 5. I must be the least interesting tribute in these games. The pair from 12 are lovers, the brute of a boy from 11 is just so brutal that the audience must love him! And then there is Cato, who is just the perfect career. He has the looks and the arrogance and the skill of a career. But than there is me. The girl from 5, the technology district, must be starting to get boring to the Gamemakers and Capitol by now. But I want an easy way out. I snap out of thoughts as I hear a crunching sound. It's the Peeta boy again. He is really loud. He is walking away. I'm about to follow him when I see what is sitting on his jacket. They are berries. But they aren't any berries. These are nightlock. Nightlock is deadly. I realize that this could be my chance. I snatch the berries and stuff them down my throat. I feel a weird tingling in my throat and my stomach and soon it spreads through my whole body. I can't move, I can't speak, I can't breathe. I feel my heart stop. I hear a cannon boom. I smile inside, knowing that I have outsmarted the Capitol. I didn't die in a fight, or by a weapon. I never killed and I never fought. I just survived. I died as the first rebel martyr, knowing that others are going to make a rebellion happen. I died so that others could have a brighter future. Some might think that I was being stupid when I ate those nightlock berries, but I know better. I know that im smarter than them all, because I outsmarted the Capitol. I went into their games, but didn't play by their rules. One day the Capitol will pay for what they did. As I always think, hope is the only thing stronger than fear. If you have hope, than you can outsmart anyone. Anyone, that is, except me. I'm Finch, and I was the first martyr of the rebellion.