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Learn To Cook!

Bulma shrieked with frustration. For all of her intelligence, she was having a Hell of a time remembering ingredients.

Vegeta had :somehow: gotten her to take cooking classes after claiming she was obviously trying to poison him and their children.

Bra never seemed to complain - she was used to the food being bland or sweet, and Trunks was too loyal and polite to point out her mistakes. Vegeta, however, had no problem laughing at her 'attempts', as he so lovingly donned them.

Bulma was never one to back down from a challenge, and as such took up his offer that she take up some cooking classes to learn how to :really: cook.

/Well, mister smarty-pants, if you hate it SOOOOO much, why don't you just order take-out?/

Bulma froze in what she was doing, for two reasons. One, was that she completely forgot about the bond she had with Vegeta, so he must've heard, and two, why hadn't she thought up that excuse :before: she left for the classes??

Bulma shrieked again and slammed the spatula onto the counter, gaining the attention of every person their. The problem she REALLY had with this class was that everyone here was so much younger than her, mostly being of twenty or less, with two other women being around her age - the instructors.

/If you're so pissed off because of that, then you should have thought about taking classes earlier./

/Stay out of my head, Veg. I'm only giving you this one warning!/

She got mental laughter from him. /And what could that possibly be?/

Bulma inhaled her breath sharply, then mentally screamed at him, shrill and continuing on for as long as she felt like it. She got just as much mental screaming from Vegeta, showing he heard, and then the connection was completely cut off.

Grinning, Bulma went back to what she was cooking. She was still getting stares from everyone.

"What?!" she demanded, giving glares.

Everyone looked away save one teacher. She walked over to Bulma and checked over how she was doing.

"Very good, for one who is just beginning."

Bulma growled at the woman, who was shorter than her and had brown hair pulled back into a bun. The woman looked shocked at first, then realized her mistake and tried to redeem herself.

"Uh. . .Well, I meant to say, for a beginner in these classes. They are not easy, and you're doing great!" Bulma was glaring at her the entire time she was talking.

The woman, sensing she was not wanted, scurried away.


An hour and a half later Bulma proudly pulled her creation from the oven, a rather well-cooked ham, glazed with honey.

Ooh, if Vegeta could see this, he would eat his words. /Right after he would eat the ham!/ She mentally giggled at that. She had no doubt he would take back his words -

All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, her ham burst into flames and Bulma shrieked, having to dump water onto it.

Everyone was gaping at this point. If she did everything correctly, which she did, and it came out looking right, which it did, then why did it light on fire?

Bulma growled, knowing exactly why. She glared at a window, seeing Vegeta fly away. She ran to the window, throwing it open and climbed out, screaming verbally at how Vegeta was going to pay horribly for that. She got mental chuckling as her answer, and thoroughly frustrated, she went back into the classroom, grabbed her things, and went home.

For punishment, she decided, Vegeta would have to cook tonight. She smirked as she drove home, knowing she could get Trunks on her side easily, even though Bra was always on 'Daddy's' side.

Bulma smiled at that. Bra really did love him, she knew. She preferred Daddy over Mommy any day of the week - except maybe Saturday. Those days Bra and Bulma would go shopping, and Bulma would catch up on what she missed that week.

Sighing, she finally pulled into the driveway. She got out slowly, knowing Vegeta would give one Hell of a verbal thrashing over this, but didn't care.

She was going to keep a smile through the whole thing - after all, she's done it before.

/This will be a breeze./

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