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You Said WHAT?!

Vegeta was about to give Bulma the verbal thrashing of her life when she stood up and gave him a strong kiss on the lips.

"Now that you know that cooking isn't all that easy, are you going to ease up off my back about it?"

/You're just asking for it. . ./ Vegeta thought. "I suppose I'll have to."

Bulma smiled at him. "Why, thank you, Veg." /You're REAL thank-you will be later tonight./

Vegeta grinned. He knew what THAT meant. Bulma went right passed him to the kitchen where she whistled and began cleaning.

Trunks stood and helped up Bra, who was still snickering. Trunks walked passed Vegeta with a "Don't let me see you two kiss ever again," and proceeded to aid his mother.

Bra hugged Vegeta's middle. "Daddy, did you have fun? Mom and me and Trunks did!"

"Where did your mother take you two anyway?" He asked. As Bra told him about their trip to the fair he picked her up and went to her room. She just finished telling him about the big bear Trunks won for her when she jumped out of bed and ALMOST ran downstairs.

"You go to sleep," Vegeta said firmly.

"But my bear! I want it!" She started crying, much to the distress of her Saiya-jin Prince father.

"Alright! You get in bed and I'll be right back with your new bear!" Without giving her a chance to do or say anything he was already leaving.

"Thank you Daddy!" she called, climbing into bed. He came back in one minute flat with a HUGE bear. The thing was almost as big as he was! Brown, fuzzy, soft, wearing a bow tie and grinning with crescent moon eyes.

"There, are you happy now?" Vegeta said. He plopped the bear down next to her bed to notice that she had already fallen asleep. He couldn't hold back a soft smile at HIS daughter, knowing that she would always love 'Daddy' first. He lightly kissed her forehead, said goodnight and left for downstairs.

Bulma was now having a 'Cajun Style Food-Fight' with Trunks. They were both laughing like mad and were covered in charred food. Vegeta growled to get their attention but was ignored.

He grabbed Bulma's waist and Trunks' wrist and held them both in place. "WHY are you FIGHTING with CHARRED FOOD?!" he yelled.

Bulma pulled a finger to his lips. "Shh, Bra's asleep. Don't wake her up! Unless, of course, you'd rather deal with YOUR crying daughter."

/My daughter, your son,/ he thought with a frown. Just how was it that his human mate got their son and he got their daughter anyway??

/Just the play of the cards/ Bulma put in. She looked at her son. "I don' think that we should have been throwing food around, Trunks." She glanced around. "Now we have a bigger mess to clean up."

"Correction," Trunks said, pulling himself and Bulma from Vegeta's grasp. "Dad made the mess, shouldn't he clean it up?"

"WHAT?!" Vegeta screamed. Bulma slapped her hand over his mouth.

"No, I don't think so, Trunks." Vegeta smiled at his mate, glad that he took her after all. "I think we should just let it sit here and get caked on, then let Dad clean it up tomorrow morning."

"WHAT?!?!" he screamed, followed immediately by Bra's yells for them to be quiet. Bulma smiled.

"Trunks, you go to bed. Vegeta. . . Do whatever. My daughter beckons me."

Trunks and Bulma left, leaving Vegeta to frown over the mess he made only a few hours ago. "Why do I let that woman get to me?" he asked himself.

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