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What do we live for? Most would say to protect their loved ones. Yet, to one Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, it is to protect his village no matter the price. Too many lives lost, thought Minato, but it ends now. The Kyuubi no Kitsune, or the Nine-Tails Fox, was destroying his village and the only way to stop it was to sacrifice himself and his newborn son by sealing it in him.

"No! Minato, there must be another way!" half-yelled, half-pleaded his wife Kushina.

"I-I'm sorry, love, but there is no other way out. All we can do is implant a little bit of our chakra into the seal for a memory." explained Minato, with silent tears rolling down his face.


"It is time. I have to-"

"Stop." commanded a gravely voice. "You need not sacrifice yourself Minato, for I shall perform the Reaper Death Seal. It is the least I can do. My body is old and few shall miss me, so my final wish is to be Sealer of your son's new tenant. That is an order, Namikaze." The strong voice belonged to none other than the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"H-Hai Hokage-sama. Thank you." Minato responded, somewhat shakily.

With that the Sandaime Hokage mustered up his chakra, shunshined right in front of the Demon, and yelled "Reaper Death Seal!". The Hero of Konoha drew his last breath, and closed his eyes. A tiny smile graced his lips.

This may have been the conclusion to one hero's tale, yet it was just the beginning of another. This is Namikaze Naruto's tale. This is the Birth of a Hero.

(Flash-forward 4 years- Naruto age 4)

A dopey grin graced one Namikaze Minato's face in the breeze of a warm, summer day. His son, Naruto, had just performed the Hiarishin no Jutsu. Well, it was an accident, but still! Minato thought.

"MINATO, WHERE IN THE HELL IS OUR SON?!" yelled his ever-loving wife, Kushina.

Shit, cursed Minato, "W-well, honey, love of my life, Naruto… He sort of performed the Hiarishin no Jutsu. I swear it was an accident! I lo-"

That was all the Hokage could get out, before the metal frying pan came crashing down. "Listen here buster, you find my son, or I will castrate your ass with my bare hands!" Kushina said, venom lacing her voice.

Minato gulped nervously. "O-of course honey. I was just on my way!" Then he flashed out of there before the redhead could even utter another word.

(Flash-forward 2 years- Naruto age 6)

"You can't run forever Kyuubi-brat! We will find and we WILL kill you!"

Naruto paid no attention to these threats, and just concentrated on running as fast as his little legs could carry. WHAM! A fist slammed itself into Naruto's stomach, causing him to fly backwards.

"Heh-heh I told we would get you Fox-teme" sneered one of his assaulters. He raised his kunai-occupied hand preparing to strike.

"I wouldn't do that." a lazy voice commanded. "Or else, you might lose your life."

"Kakashi-nii! Thank you for saving me!" Naruto exclaimed, worries melting away.

"Think nothing of it, little brother; besides what else could I do for the Hokage's one and only son?"

Upon hearing this, the offending person gulped nervously and called for a hasty retreat, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

Kakashi silently grabbed Naruto's shoulder and shunshined them to the Hokage's tower. In the tower were Minato, Kushina, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Kakashi. They all were an equal part of Naruto's life, loving him equally.

"It is as we feared Hokage-sama. The villagers have finally resorted to attacking Naruto. I think it is time to initiate the emergency plan we discussed." Kakashi reported diligently.

At that, Kushina began to weep silently. Jiriaya looked both sorrowful and gleeful. Tsunade's fists clenched. Minato nodded his head solemnly.

"Yes, Kakashi, I agree. Naruto," Minato said, capturing his young child's attention, "you are going on a trip with Ojii-san. You will be trained, quite hard might I add, for the next 8 years. You will return on the eve of your 14th birthday."

Naruto's face resembled that of Jiraiya's: Glee and Sorrow. Glee that he would be spending time training with his grandfather-in all but blood, yet sorrow that he would be gone for so long.

"H-hai tou-san, I understand."

With that, Namikaze Naruto left his home for the first time in 6 years, not to return for another 8.

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