Santana's POV:

I lay in my bed silently for a while, the soft sound of my iPod dock playing filled the empty room. My hands clenched at the thick covers, pulling them around me in a tight bundle. I curled my body into its self, pulling my knees up to my chest in attempt to comfort myself somewhat. Sleeping alone had always been hard for me to do. I remember sneaking out countless times to go over to Britt's and spend the night with her just so I wouldn't have to lie in bed by myself.

It seemed tougher to tolerate than ever tonight, knowing she was just in the other room. I inhaled deeply, trying to let the void clear from my mind and concentrate on falling asleep. The sooner I fell asleep, the quicker I could wake up and spend the day with Britt tomorrow. I was thankful that I had taken her advice about asking off work for a few weeks. Gee, she was sneaky. It seemed so bizarre to me that I hadn't noticed her plan before. I guess it just seemed so surreal that she would actually show up here, in New York. But here she is. Like I said, just in the other room.

My body shuddered and I cursed under my breath for allowing the thoughts to return. Stop it, Santana. Sleep. I squinted my eyes shut, trying to force sleep to take me now. The slow music of my iPod helped a little, it was calming and as I focused on the sound the thoughts didn't return.

A small creak in the floor board interrupted the peace that had finally begun to sweep over me. I stayed still, keeping my eyes closed tight. "Berry, if you think waking me up is going to make me want to help you with whatever favor you're about to ask me - then you really don't know me that well." I hissed, not shifting from my fetal position.

But no reply came, just another creak and the faint sound of someone cursing under their breath. My eyes opened then and I shuffled in my bed, pulling the covers back to glance into my room.

There stood Brittany, her flowing blond hair reflecting against the small light my iPod's screen made into the room. She smiled bashfully, like a child caught doing something they weren't supposed to. My eyes widened at the sight of her and I pulled my body up to rest on my elbows.

I cocked an eyebrow at her, smirking back. "B, what are you-" She cut me off, crashing her lips against mine swiftly.

Oh right, this is what we forgot to do. Our kiss started out frantic and rough but slowly transitioned to a sweet and teasing touch between our lips. Her mouth danced with mine gracefully as she crawled on to the bed, straddling my lap over the covers. Brittany's tongue gently grazed over my lower lip, requesting access. I happily granted her it and carefully grazed my own tongue against hers.

I heard Brittany let out a small moan at the touch, the sound causing her mouth to vibrate against my own. My hands found her hair and my fingers tied themselves into her golden locks. Brittany pulled herself closer, slowly lowering me out of my sitting position and back down onto the bed. Her palms pressed flat against my abdomen and she half-massaged the muscles there, hidden under my pajama top.

Once oxygen became an issue I parted my lips from hers, letting out a heavy pant. Brittany didn't seem to be phased yet because her lips just settled for my jaw and neck instead. Damn, I had forgotten how long this girl could go without needing to breathe. It's like she was an expert. I took in another deep breath, trying to settle myself, and it was like she had heard my thoughts. Britt chuckled lightly against my skin before beginning to flutter small little kisses down my jawline. I rolled my eyes, smirking at the sound of her laugh.

It didn't take long to recover and as soon as my breathing began to even out again, Brittany captured my mouth with hers again. She was growing impatient and her fingers trailed down from my stomach muscles to the hem of my shirt, tugging it up slightly. I laughed this time, against her lips, and Britt groaned in response, trying to show that she wanted the article of clothing removed.

With a smirk I broke free from her lips and swiftly flipped us, leaving Brittany startled with her mouth gaping wide. As I glanced down at her, my eyes gleamed devilishly and a cool smirk formed across my lips. She reacted to this with a smirk of her own, biting down on her lower lip in a seductive manner. Brittany's expression made my heart jump again and the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter around wildly.

I lifted my shirt off slow, making a game out of it. I saw Britt's face flinch with anticipation as I slipped out of the article, making sure to inch it up slowly, teasing her. Once it was finally over my head she quickly snatched it out of my hand and threw it to the floor before crashing her lips against mine. Our mouths found each other in ungraceful and eager movements. We fumbled with each other, fighting for dominance. I smiled in defeat as she reached up to cup my jaw, claiming that she was in charge.

Brittany lead my tongue in a slow swirl, expertly making up the choreography for our lips to dance to as she went along. My mouth mirrored hers, following along at her mercy as she held my face close to her own. A throaty moan escaped from me as Brittany used her free hand to cup my right breast over the fabric of my bra. I felt her upper lip twitch at the sound and she purred in approval. My hips jerked against her as she cupped it again, giving the part a firm squeeze.

By now the music on my iPod had turned to a more sensual song, which only set me closer to the edge.

Whoa lover, don't you dare slow down.
Go longer. You can last more rounds.
Push harder, you're almost there now.

The music was purposely tempting me. Brittany let out a small moan this time, maybe she had noticed the song change as well.

Lust took over my limbs and in a hasty attempt to even out the odds; my hands slipped to Brittany's waist, fighting to unbutton her dark jeans. After a moment of fumbling with the button and zipper I was able to ease the tight fabric down her long legs, revealing her lean muscles and smooth skin. I will never be able to not gawk over how sexy Brittany's body is. Her body is fit and muscular while still being feminine and elegant. Perfect.

My hands slid over her skin, tracing along the silk hem over her panties. Brittany wiggled her hips slight at the touch, as if insisting that I continued. Happy to oblige I pinched the fabric between my fingers and slowly trailed it down and off her body. She smiled and broke our kiss again, this time taking her turn to pant and try and catch her breath. I giggled at her and she paused, looking straight at me in reply. From under the dim light of the iPod dock I could see her lips curl up into a coy smirk before she reached down and yanked her own shirt over her head. I had to hold back a small gasp as my eyes instantly fell over her now almost-naked-body. Brittany relaxed against the firm pillows on my bed, grinning up at me in just her bra.

Baby Imma' be your motivation.
(Go, go, go, go.) Motivation.

The lyrics filled my mind and I shook my eyes away from Brittany's flawless bod, trying to focus. It was her turn to laugh now as she noticed my attempt to focus. Reaching down to tug at my shorts, her body lifted up against mine. Brittany delicately kissed her way up my neck to my ear, her breath lightly spreading against my skin as she spoke.

"Take these off." She whispered in a steady tone. My heart faltered at the command, I always loved it when Brittany took over in the bedroom. She knew that, hence the demand. I froze, goose bumps forming along my neck where her breath hit. She laughed slightly at my reaction, leaning in again to kiss right beneath my ear before slowly flicking her tongue against my its lobe. A strong current of chills shot down my spine at the touch and she smiled in approval.

"Santana." She cooed in a dulcet tone, reminding me of her request. My hands shook slightly as I reached down for my shorts, slowly relieving them off my body.

Brittany nodded in approval, her lips finding my neck one more. "Thank you." She murmured against my skin between kisses.

My body shuddered at the sound and my hips jerked against her. I was still straddling Brittany, yet we were now sitting up in the bed as she began to kiss down my body. Her lips trailed down from my neck to my collar bone and then to the side, tracing over my shoulder. My goosebumps spread as her lips moved lower. A strong voltage of chills danced down my spine once more and I jumped at the sensation, a deep moan drawing out from my parted lips.

"Britt, I need you." I begged, arching my back as her mouth slowly made its way down my chest. Brittany supported my back with one hand and swiftly unclasped my bra with the other. She discarded the piece of clothing somewhere on the floor with all the others. Her mouth found my breast before the cool air of the room could, her lips closing firmly around my right nipple.

Another moan from me, louder this time. Her eyes flickered up to me, her mouth still on my breast. I began to pant, the sensation between my legs growing more and more intolerable. Testing the waters she slowly flicked her tongue over the nipple she had closed between her lips. My body shook again and a gasp escaped my lips, followed by another small moan. I felt her lips tighten over the nub at my reaction, she smiled to see me respond to her touch.

"Britt." I whined, scratching my nails gently down her sides. She smiled wider now, breaking her lips away from my breast with a firm pop. I whimpered, pressing up against her and beginning to place multiple small kisses over her face.

She shifted me, wiggling my hips down to settle on top of hers before flipping us again. This time Brittany sat on top, her legs straddling mine. I groaned again and she let out a sweet chuckle before pressing her lips to my neck again, kissing around my ear lobe.

"I know, San." She purred, her lips dancing over my skin. I whimpered once more, thrusting up against her.

"B, please?" I whispered. Brittany smiled and nodded. Her hands snaked down my torso until she could relieve me of my panties, discarding them just like the other articles of clothing, throwing them on the floor. I felt her hand circle around the heat of my sex, teasing me there before finally running a finger over my entrance.

My body jolted at the touch and I dropped my hands from her sides, clenching at the sheets beneath me. She had me so worked up, if she didn't hurry I would loose it right here and now. Brittany skimmed her finger over my folds again, slower this time. She glanced up to me under dark eyelashes, reading my facial expression in response to the touch. I drew in a deep breath, pressing my lips into a firm line. She smiled at my actions and carefully pressed her finger into my wetness.

She worked her finger in small circles, slowly increasing the speed before entering yet another finger. I moaned out as her second finger pushed in, my walls clenching around her. The song played in time with her circling and thrusts.

I didn't have long and Britt new that too. My legs tensed and I balled my hands into tight fists again, twisting my grip on the sheets of my bed.

"Com'on, San." She whispered almost inaudibly. But Brittany knew I heard her. She moved down and began to slowly kiss along my inner thigh, her mouth moving it's way up until she could flick her tongue across my swollen mound.

My body shuddered again and she twisted her fingers inside me, lowering her lips again to suck on my clit. After a moment more of this, my body broke free from the rhythm of Britt's circling and sucking. I reached out for her, as my orgasm hit, tying my fingers into her hair.

She smiled once I was finished and tenderly kissed up my stomach until she reached my face. Her hand reached up to cup my cheek, her eyes gazing down to me lovingly. I could only focus on settling my breathing and I pulled Brittany close to my chest, wrapping my arms around her neck.

She wrapped her free hand around my waist, cradling me close to her while I cooled down.

"I love you." I murmured into her neck once I could speak again.

I felt her smile into my skin, closing her eyes and relaxing against my body. "I love you, too."

We lay there for a few minutes, holding each other. I had really missed this. Missed Brittany. Missed getting to hold her, and lie with her. My bed felt cold without her in it and it was getting harder to sleep alone every night she was away. I was grateful that at least, for the next two weeks, I wouldn't have to do that anymore.

After my breathing had returned to normal, I pulled back from Britt a tad. Her eyes opened and she offered me a curious look. I grinned slyly in return and flipped her body under mine. I drew my lips down to her ear and whispered lustfully, "Your turn."