This fic was inspired by, and written for PandorasFF. She has been asking for a Dexter type Edward, and she has been incredibly supportive, so this is for her. Lana Del Rey's lyrics to Dark Paradise was what pushed me to write and what this fic was named after. There are references to violence and other M rated related topics. If you aren't comfortable with that, thanks for reading my authors note. See ya later!

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Summary: He's cruel, unfeeling, and a monster. She wants to know why, and he just wants her. Darkward. Written for PandorasFF. Rated M.

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Every time I close my eyes
It's like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side

Dark Paradise

"Do you know what my favorite part was?" His green eyes sparkle with excitement as his fingers draw circles on the steel table separating us.

"Strangling them?"

"That is the assumption." he leans back laughing. "But honestly, my favorite part was the moment just before. That false sense of comfort they had, laying close to me in my bed, an arm slung precariously over my stomach. They had no idea what I was about to do."

"Is it always sexual for you?" I'm more than curious about this. All of his victims have been attractive females, found bound and naked.

"Isn't everything in life about getting off?" he asks, tilting his head to the side.

"You like brunettes, why?"

"Everyone says they're plain, ordinary in every way, yet they taste anything but." He licks his lips, eyeing my long, wavy hair.

I left it down knowing I'd get more answers this way.

"Have you ever wanted to do something, even if you knew it was wrong? That you shouldn't, but you couldn't stop yourself?" My breath catches as his eyes flash to mine.

There is something dark and haunting behind his piercing, green eyes. I can only imagine the number of women he's had squirming with just a look.

"I've wondered many things in my life, Mr. Cullen. Everyone has dark thoughts, but few ever venture outside of them," I tell him, knowing that I've thought about him. I've wondered what his hands would feel like on my thighs, what his mouth would feel like against my skin.

They're only thoughts.

"You're missing out on so much." I squirm in my seat as he smiles at me.

"Your psychiatrist said you lost both your parents when you were young. Has that had any kind of effect on what you've become today?" I try changing the subject, focusing on my notes, but he knows he's affected me.

"You already know this." His smile is cocky as grabs a cigarette and lights it.

"This is being recorded. Whether I know this or not, I need you to say it for the purpose of this interview." My fingers are white knuckling my pen and I can feel a trail of sweat down my neck as he stares at me. His cheek dimples slightly and I know he sees it.

"You mean, being inside the foster care system for fifteen years?" He sits up for the first time, seemingly interested in my question, if not for his bored tone, I'd believe he was.

"There were reports of abuse." I point out. Files, four inches thick, actually. I knew his personal story better than almost anyone.

Being a daughter of a detective, I know where to look for things other people don't. It is in my blood, sitting there waiting to be used. I know things about Edward almost no one else does, not even my father.

The reports of Edward's abuse were something only I had just uncovered.

"Unfounded, yes. I actually had very good foster parents. In fact, I still keep in touch with them." I know this too.

Edward's foster parents had not been in it for the money; they lost their own children many years before Edward came along. I know they loved him, but sometimes love is not only blind, it's skewed.

"Why are you really here, Isabella?" My name on his tongue sent a chill down my spine.

"I'm here today Edward, to try and understand you." I try to sound convincing, hoping he believes me.

Edward is good at catching lies. He is good at a lot of things.

"No you aren't." He shakes his head, leaning across the table as far as he can, before the chains he's cuffed to catch. "You're here because you want to know how I fooled you."

The chapters are short and to the point. There are 5 total and it will update daily until it's complete. Be warned this is a Dexter type Edward and Bella is a little naughty. Smut will come into play, as well as Edward reminiscing about the things he's done. I am popping my smut cherry with this, so I hope you enjoy it!

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