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'arigatou' Naruto thinking/talking to Kyuubi

'arigatou' Kyuubi talking to Naruto

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The Cursed Sharringan Chapter One

Uzumaki Naruto awoke to the sound of footsteps. The first thing to tip him off that this wasn't a normal situation was the fact that he lay upon the cold, hard, slighty damp ground. Normally this wouldn't be a concern for Naruto as he often exhausted himself training and spent the night passed out in some form of wildlife or another. The difference here lay in what he could smell, or rather what he couldn't. None of the usual smells of the forest or even the outside graced his senses. Only the damp, dank smell of a cave. The footsteps echoed vastly in, what he could only assume as, a large cave.

Groaning, he rolled over and let out a hoarse cough. He felt his insides clench unpleasasntly as his coughing turned to gagging. Lucky for him, his stomach was empty and after a few more unpleassant seconds the gagging subsided. Swallowing dryly, he struggled to push himself onto his forearms as the sound of the footsteps approached.

Fighting through the nausea and pain, his mind raced trying to recall anything to explain the current situation he found himself in. The footsteps stopped suddenly and Naruto tensed, straining his ears for the lightest breathing, anything to tell him where the unknown person was.

"Well well Naruto, what will we do with you? The normal conventions don't seem to be working. The Gedo Mazo was unable to extract the Kyuubi. I'll have to try something else it seems" the voice was mocking and while unfamilliar, his stomach clenched in dread. The dread was not his own, but belonged to the fox within him, causing his own dread at the realization. "Who are you?" he asked, breathing rapidly through the pain in his muscles and finally pushing his abused body into a sitting position.

A deep chuckle echoed hollowly in the caves causing the hairs on the back of Naruto's neck to stand up on instinct. "Who am I? I guess you can call me Uchiha Madara" answered the voice, an orange masked face appearing in Naruto's vision, a single sharringan eye spinning rapidly.

Kyuubi howled within the blonde, his anger echoing in Naruto's skull. The man seemed to study him, looking right through him at the Kyuubi who growled and thrashed within his seal. "Sleep" he ordered, the tomoe spinning to morph into the mangekyou sharringan.

Naruto had no choice but to obey idly wondering if the man was telling him to sleep or the frantic Kyuubi within him.

- - - - - -

When Naruto woke next even before opening his eyes he realized he was chained to a wall. Tugging at the chains to test his restraints he dimly noted that their clanging didn't seem to echo as much. Guessing that he was most likely in a smaller caved area, he opened his eyes. There appeared to be a door right across from him. It was shut tightly, a small crudely made table next to the door, a melted candle the only light in the room.

There was a constant drip drip, the only sound in the room, assuring Naruto that his earlier guess had been right.

Trying to recall anything else that could help him he recieved a blank causing him to grunt in frustration. He let out a hopeless sigh, slamming his head against the cave wall.

'Think Naruto think' he chanted like a mantra. Closing his eyes once more, he entered a meditive state. Immediately he was dragged into the familliar sewer of his subconscious mind.

'Kyuubi' he greeted calmly, eyes drifting up the tall gates to immediately focus on the single red glowing eye complete with slitted pupil.

'Do you have any idea what you have done?' the great fox growled, causing the blonde to frown.

Naruto remained silent, waiting expectantly for the fox to fill him in.

'You have been captured by the Akatsuki' Kyuubi intoned, his muzzle stretching into a sadistic grin when the situation finally dawned on his container.

Naruto's face was a mask of fear. 'But how?' he questioned, desperately trying to recall his last moments.

The Kyuubi huffed, a large gust of hot breath rolling into Naruto's face, his bangs whipping back from the force of the unnatural wind. 'You were on a mission, to rescue that traitorous Uchiha with that sensei of yours and the pink haired one. The blonde haired bomb-artist that captured the host of the Shukaku as well as, another in an orange mask that I now know to be Uchiha Madara captured you. They knocked you unconscious and brought you to their hideout. They attempted to extract me but were stoped by a failsafe of the seal that was triggered. Take a look for yourself' stated the kitsune, nodding his large head towards the containment seal on the gates.

Naruto's eyes followed the movement and widened. The small seal tag had changed. The seal had spread past the paper, twining up the bars of the cage in intricate markings the blonde couldn't even begin to decipher. They continued up the ceiling of the cage and even on the floor underneath the great fox. The once black ink pulsating the pale blue color of chakra. 'What is this?' he asked weakly, taking a step back on reflex.

'I alread explained it to you. Keep up as much as your tiny mortal brain can, our time here is limited. You are in the hands of the Akatsuki. You have yet to notice but they have secured a chakra collar around your neck. You will not be able to expell chakra or gather any chakra from an outside source. This means you can not use your chakra or mine for jutsu. Simply put, you are helpless right now. There is no chance of escape' explained the fox, lone eye fixating on the fear-riddled blonde.

Naruto backed up once more. 'B-but the seal...they can't extract you right?' he asked, hope lighting his face.

Kyuubi snarled, a tail lashing out to smack the ground in front of the startled boy. 'You fool! When has Uchiha Madara ever given up? I curse him and his wretched sharringan. He will stop at nothing to control me. He has been attempting to do so since the time of Senju Hashirama, your first Hokage' he raged, eyes glowing ferally with the strength of his glare.

Naruto frowned. 'Why are you telling me this? You have no reason to help me...you hate me' he murmured, confusion masking his expression.

Kyuubi huffed, 'While it is true that I hate you there is none I detest more than Uchiha Madara. That blasted Yondaime may have sealed me, but it was Uchiha Madara who made it possible by extracting me out of your mother. He is the one who set me on the village by hypnotizing me with his sharringan. He will stop at nothing to extract me so I can be used as his pawn once more. Do not let your gaurd down' explained the fox, eye searching Naruto's reaction.

Naruto froze. 'My-my mother?' he asked with a choked gasp.

Kyuubi sighed. 'Your mother was Uzumaki Kushina, my previous host, grand-niece of Uzumaki Mito, my first host and wife to Senju Hashirama. Your father was the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato, none other than the one to curse you to this exsistance as a jinchuuriki, a human sacrifice. As much as I'd love to torment you over this we have much more prudent matters to deal with' Kyuubi detailed, finishing with his voice filled with exsaperation.

Naruto took a deep breath, processing everything the Kyuubi said. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend?' he questioned, smiling darkly.

The fox flashed his own sadistic grin. 'I prefer being sealed in your flesh bag of a body over being free and utilized as a tool for Madara. This is why I will help you as much as I can. Madara will search for a way to extract me. This does not mean you are safe. They may torture you or do countless other things to you. He needs you alive, barely breathing is acceptable' he snarled, voice dropping with malice. 'The good news is the collar does not stop the flow of chakra in your body. I will be able to heal any injuries you sustain short of dismembermant' he added, causing Naruto to choke.

Naruto regained his composure, nodding grimly.

Kyuubi seemed to turn his head towards the high ceiling of the cage. Looking down once more, he addressed Naruto. 'Our time has run out. You must wake up now' he stated, his image seeming to distort into a swirl of red and black before fading into darkness.
- - - - - -

Naruto came to once more, blinking open his eyes.

"Ah Naruto how nice of you to join me. How is Kyuubi doing? Do send it my regards"

Naruto was startled by the loud growl that rattled his brain but did not outwardly show it. 'Kyuubi?' he questioned timidly. His mind raced to figure out how the fox was able to communicate with him while Naruto was out of the mindscape.

'Fool. I have always been able to do so but chose not to. Do you not remember the host of the Ichibi driven mad by that pathetic excuse for a demon Shukaku?' said Kyuubi, answering Naruto's unvoiced question and causing the blonde to stiffen.

'I am a part of your mind and as such I am able to hear your thoughts when I open the connection like this. Worry not this is the first time I have done do. I have little need for your useless thoughts bratling' Kyuubi droned in an amused voice. 'Pay attention, Uchiha Madara has woken you up. We need any intel we can possible gather' he ordered, causing Naruto to immediately turn his attention to the masked man his eyes raising-

'DO NOT LOOK HIM IN THE EYE! The mangekyou sharringan can hypnotize or place anyone in a genjutsu immediately with eye-contact. You know this from the clan-slayer of the Uchiha. He is definitely my most liked Uchiha what with his idea to extinct such a wretched clan. If only he would slay Madara and his traitorous brother then off himself' warned the fox, diving into a rant about the Uchiha.

"That little seal your father used is giving me quite a bit of trouble, The conventional methods just aren't working" the man said in an almost sad tone. Continuing on with, "Lucky for me I have a few unconventional methods in mind. The Shiki Fujin is so unlike any other fuuinjutsu as it is powered by the Shinigami himself. In return for the sealing he takes the life of the caster. By attempting to extract Kyuubi it would un-do the sealing meaning the price paid would need to be returned. The Shinigami doesn't like to give back what he's taken" stated the Uchiha in a bland, almost unconcerned manner.

Naruto swallowed, never moving his eyes higher then the chest in front of him, staring intently at a red cloud. "Unconventional methods?" he questioned, glad his voice remained strong.

"You really are less of an idiot then you are made out to be, aren't you Uzumaki Naruto?" Madara replied, amusement dripping from his voice. Not waiting for a reply, he continued. "I wracked my brain for a solution, but any jutsu that tried to forcefully pull Kyuubi out will trigger the death reaper seal safegaurd. Then an idea came to me, it's quite brilliant you see. If I can't forcefully extract Kyuubi then the solution is to naturally extract him" he explained, seeming quite proud of himself.

Naruto was filled with a sense of dread that he knew instantly belonged to Kyuubi. Feeling fear rise up he pushed it down, continuing on his quest for information. "How do you naturally extract a Bijuu? The only natural way is death, right?" he questioned, successfully pushing down the anxiety that threatened to over come him at his conclusion.

A dark chuckle was his response. "That is quite true young Naruto, but as you may already know the death reaper seal makes it so that if you die, Kyuubi will die with you and never return to this plane of exsistannce. So killing you isn't really an option, well until I get my little fox out of there. Come now, you've proved your intelligence to be higher then I previously thought. Surely you can see where I am going with this?" goaded the man, causing Naruto's hands to clench into fists.

Naruto stayed silent, Kyuubi's ever-growing unease serving to almost choke him in fear.

"I really am dissappointed in you" teased Madara, before sighing. "Though I suppose I can't really blame you for thinking of the obvious over the unobvious. I'll give you a hint. I plan to use the same method that was used on your mother, the previous jinchuuriki" he explained, radiating glee.

Naruto froze, not saying anything. His mind worked feverishly to decipher what he was being told. Although Kyuubi explained about his mother he never quite mentioned how the man extracted Kyuubi from her.

Kyuubi chose this moment to be the bearer of bad news. 'Child birth Kit, he extracted me when the seal was weakened as she gave birth to you' he explained, the sense of dread only increasing.

Naruto's eyes widened, fear causing him to carelessly raise his eyes to the single sharringan eye of his captor."B-but I'm a boy", he choked out.

Madara chuckled once more. "Yes indeed you are, but that can easily be fixed. In fact, I know just the jutsu. Be greatful, I traded quite an important jutsu to Kabuto for this" he explained in a blasse tone, taking enjoyment from the fear-filled blue eyes in front of him.

"You see this jutsu is a Kinjutsu of the extinct Hagamari clan. They used it for infiltration, the downside is, once used the the person it is used on is unable to change back to the sex they once were. In other words, this is a very permanent change. Don't worry though you won't have to live with being a woman long, you won't have to live long at all. Nine months isn't very long of a time when I've already waited a century, but I am a bit impatient so I'm going to cast this jutsu now and begin my plans" he exclaimed, taking a step back from the blonde.

His hands started to blurr through seals so fast that Naruto was unable to keep up. "Body Transformation Jutsu" he yelled, slamming his hands into the ground, like a summoning. Tendrils of chakra errupted from the ground slithering towards the chained blonde not unlike the kagemane technique used by the Nara clan.

Naruto screamed in pain as the first tentacle latched onto him, his screams growing as he was slowly covered in the malicious chakra.

"I'll just leave you to it then" muttered Madara, and Naruto could vaguely hear the cheeful whistling over the sounds of his own screams as the man departed.

It wasn't much longer after that, that he blacked out.
- - - - - - - -

Waking up in the familliar sewer Naruto was unable to move from where he lay half drowned in water, in front of the Kyuubi's cage.


Turning his head weakly to face Kyuubi, he groaned.

Kyuubi seemed to sigh in relief, a single tail reaching through the bars and wrapping around Naruto's body. He carefully manouvered the blonde through the bars, gently resting him on another fluffy tail.

If Naruto wasn't in so much pain he might have laughed at the thought of reffering to the Kyuubi as fluffy, but alas it was not meant to be.

Naruto's eyes fluttered weakly. 'What's happening?' he asked, blue eyes almost begging the fox to deny what he already knew.

Kyuubi sighed. 'Your mortal body is changing from male to the female sex of your spieces, Your spirtual body is beggining to reflect it' he answered, eyeing the blonde. Already Naruto's body had shrunk losing a lot of it's height, his muscles slimming down to adapt to his smaller, more feminine body. His hair had lengthened drastically, the spiky locks, smoothing out in a golden reflection of what his mother's hair once was.

Naruto's eyes shut, tears of frustration building behind closed lids. 'Kyuubi', he choked swallowing around the fear clogging up his throat. 'T-to impregnate me, that means-' he almost sobbed, only to be cut off by the fox.

'Don't think about that kit. We must get through this one step at a time' he interrupted, voice gentling into an almost purr-like quality.

'I don't want him to touch me' came the whispered admission from the blonde, his new female voice making the small and fragile tone much more effective.

Kyuubi's expression did gentle then, his muzzle closing and eyes saddening. 'Uchiha Madara will not touch you' he replied, his voice growing harsh, as he spat the man's name like a curse. Unsaid as it was, Kyuubi could still hear Naruto's doubts as the blonde finally passed out from mental exhaustion. Moving into a laying position, the fox curled his tails around the slumbering girl in a protective fashion. Closing his eyes, he set to thinking of a solution.
- - - - - - - - - -

Naruto was beginning to hate waking up in caves chained to one thing or another. Opening his eyes proved to be harder than normal due to his tears drying and crusting his eyes closed. Blinking rapidly to clear them, he was unsuprised to find Uchiha Madara lounging against the wall directly across from him. The man seemed to be waiting for him to wake up because as soon as Naruto's eyes opened, he pushed off the wall, making his way to the blonde.

Naruto flinched when a hand roughly grabbed his chin, forcing him to look into that hated sharringan eye. Glaring with all his might, he scowled when the Uchiha chuckled.

"My my Naruto you sure are fiesty" he cooed, hand moving to stroke the three whisker-like birthmarks on his right cheek.

"Don't touch me" hissed the blonde, Kyuubi growling angrily in the recessess of his mind.

Madara chuckled once more. "Should you be so lucky" the man mocked, releasing his bruising grip on the teen. "Regretably my eternal mangekyou keeps me from personally completing that part of my plan, but rest assured I have the perfect replacement" he teased, making Naruto stiffen.

Madara out right laughed at the blonde. "Speaking of...I will go discuss it with him now that I've seen the results of the jutsu myself. You make quite a beautiful female" he added, almost reluctantly stepping away from the blonde.

As he disappeared Naruto released the breath he-no she was holding. It's obvious he was no longer a boy, he didn't need to see it to believe it, he could feel it in the absence of his muscles, in the larger distance he had to look up at his tormentor and hear it in the softness of his voice.

'Naruto we may be powerless to stop this but I will immediately terminate any child that takes to your womb. Chakra circulation in the body is not stopped by the collar and they can not stop it without killing us both' reassured Kyuubi.

'Killing a child?' questioned the blonde in a small voice.

Kyuubi sighed reluctantly. 'I know this is not something you would easily do or even condone but, the whole ninja world is at stake here. There is still the Hachibi but you can not easily let him gain control of me. We have no choice but to use this method' he stated in a sympathetic voice gaining strength at the end.

Naruto closed her eyes. 'Do what you have to' she whispered in a defeated voice, drifting into an exhausted sleep.
- - - - - - - - -

Waking up once more Naruto was pleased, if not a little weary to notice that she had been moved to a different room. While still obviously a cave it had a distinct raise in temperature, leading Naruto to assume it is a lived in room as compared to the dungeon she was previously in.

Feeling on edge but unable to deny that the temperature raise pleased her, she continued her perusal.

The second thing she noticed was that she was now laying on a bed, hands chained above her head. Immediately all the warmth in the room disappeared, leaving her cold. Anxiety built in her gut, her heart racing.

'Calm down, do not overstress yourself. I will help you through this. This part is inevitable so prepare yourself. When it happens you must meditate immediately in order to return to your subconsious. If you do not you will be unable to and be awake throughout the whole process. I will deal with the repercussions if you manage to get pregnant but it is highly unlikely to succed the first attempt. I am constantly brainstorming a way to get out of here so bare with it for the moment' Kyuubi ordered, his voice gentle in order to calm the blonde.

Naruto said nothing, instead choosing to try and calm her breathing. Her pattern of deep, in and out breaths halted by the opening of the door.

Madara paused, eye travelling over the blonde. Smirking behind his mask he approached the chained girl. When he got close enough he reached into his cloak, removing a small vial.

Naruto's heart raced at the sight. "What is that?" she whispered wearily, pulling on the chains restraining her arms and kicking with her legs to push herself up the matress and away from the man.

"This is a fertility drug. I was planning on giving you an aphrodisiac as well, but your partner told me not to" he replied, reaching out and grabbing her chained arm. He easily slid the needle into the soft juncture inside her elbow.

Naruto struggled futiley, hissing at the slight sting of the needle. Kyuubi growled loudly in the background of her jumbled thoughts.

Impatient as he was, Madara wasted no time leaving the room and closing the door with a soft click.

Terror kept Naruto alert, any little noise making her flinch. It came as no suprise when the sound of footsteps heading in her direction, reached her ears. She scrambled up the bed as far as she could, pulling her legs tightly to her chest and burrying her face in them. She counted slowly in her head, and on the count of ten the footsteps stopped right outside her door.

She held her breath, not daring to make a sound and waited. There was a click, the handle seeming to turn in slow motion, the door opening even slower.

It was dark in the room, so her eyes strained to take in the emerging shape of a man, his head turning to face her. The glowing red of two sharringan eyes was all she was able to see in the dark, but it was enough to identify the man.

"Uchiha Itachi" she whispered, feeling her stomach drop like it was weighted down with lead.

The man approached her silently making her push back against the wall, praying it would just suck her in and she could escape what was happening.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked in a small voice as he neared her.

Sharringan eyes drifted to hers, the tomoe spinning almost lazily as he continued his approach. His features became more visible as he reached her all too quickly for Naruto. "I'm just following orders Naruto-kun" he answered in his usual monotone voice.

His voice had shivers dancing along her spine, her mind instantly bringing up the hotel in Tanzaku Gai.

"Don't worry I will make this as painless as possible for you. Others would not be so kind" he added, his face emotionless. His hands moved then, gripping the front of his cloak and making Naruto flinch.

He removed the garment, red clouds floating gracefully to pool at his feet. Underneath he wore a long-sleeved fishnet shirt with a short sleeved black t-shirt on top. He paired it with the typical jounin styled pants, black in color with white bandages tapped at the ankles and black shinobi sandles.

Tensing at the unexpected removal of clothes the blonde shut her eyes, cheeks heating reflexively.

Unseen to her, his lips quirked up the tiniest bit in amusement at this show of bashfullness.

Feeling a dip in the mattress she opened her eyes, locking with glowing red orbs that were much closer then before.

A pale hand reached out long fingers, nails painted a dark purple, gently clasped her chin in an action reminiscent of the oldest Uchiha.

She jerked her chin away from his loose hold, lips pulling back in a snarl.

His calm gaze stayed on her as he moved his hands to her jacket.

Naruto thrashed, panicking as he unzipped her jacket and pulled it up towards her chained hands. He pushed it so that it covered her hands and a bit of the chains, completely out of his way.

She shivered feeling cold now that her jacket was gone and attempted to distract him. "Why you?" she blurted in an attempt to stall his questing hands.

Itachi continued to regard her calmly before replying. "For two reasons. One, I can easily hypnotize or subdue you with my sharringan. Two, because of my relation to Sasuke. Madara believes you will not harm a child so closely tied to Sasuke" he answered her emotionlessly, intently studying her reaction to the second point.

Naruto paled. "He is mistaken in his beliefs" she spat, trying to cover how unsettled she was by the revelation.

Itachi's head tilted slightly. "I don't think he is. Your relationship to my outoto confuses me" he stated, his monotone betraying his claim of confusion.

Naruto chose to stay silent, sweat beading at her hairline.

"You would allow my child to grow inside you because of your loyalty to my brother?" he questioned, eyebrows furrowing slightly in a rare show of emotion.

Naruto frowned, feeling sick at the thought of Itachi's child growing inside her. "You will never be able to understand my realtionship with Sasuke. I see him as a brother more then you ever will!" she shouted, glaring angrily.

Itachi's lips curled slightly in an amused way and he said nothing more. Instead returning to the mission at hand. He grabbed her ankles, pulling her knees away from the protective cradle she placed herself in and stretching her body out in a laying position.

Pale hands grasped the bottom of her, now baggy, black t-shirt cold fingers brushing against the warm skin of her abdomen and causing her to shiver.

Dragging the t-shirt up to join her jacket, Itachi sat back on his heels, sharringan eyes tracing her exposed flesh. Being a girl of only sixteen years old, Naruto was quite developed for her age, her C-cup chest rising and falling rapidly with her panicked breaths.

Naruto felt the overwhelming urge to cover herself from those eyes but was helpless to do so. She continued to squirm only stopping when Itachi straddled her thighs, his weight forcing her legs down.

A pale hand cupped her right breast, kneeding the soft flesh and causing Naruto to choke on her breath. The other hand joined to play with it's twin.

Naruto clenched her eyes shut, attempting to distance herself from the molesting. Feeling herself begin to drift into her subconscious, she could only think how the sewer never looked so good before.

She was yanked out of her meditation by a harsh pull on her nipple, accompanied by a strange tug in her gut. Her eyes reluctantly met sharringan ready to yell her disaproval. Caught in the hypnotizing lull of the spinning tomoe, she fought to pull her gaze away.

The movements on her chest never stopped, nimble fingers rolling and tweaking her abused flesh. "Don't fight it" he intoned, face emotionless even as he debauched her.

Naruto felt shame well up in her, but it was accompanied by the building pressure in her gut and a gush of wetness from between her legs. She grit her teeth locking up the pleasure-filled sounds that tried to break free from her throat.

One hand left her chest, leaving her flesh cold and mourning it's absensse. The pale hand settled further down, on the waistline of her orange pants causing her breath to catch.

Eyes still locked with hers, the second hand dragged slowly down the valley of her chest, over her ribcage and furiously beating heart, down her stomach, and past her bellybutton to rest across from the other hand on her pants.

Completely forgoing the button and zipper, he slipped the oversized pants over shapely hips, dragging the green frog boxers with them.

Removing himself from on top of her, and never once breaking eye contact, he pulled them the rest of the way off, exposing her completely.

Naruto's heart raced in fear, the hypnotizing swirl of his sharringan keeping her from kicking out and fighting as she wanted.

Still fully clothed, he returned to the bed, confusing the blonde.

Two hands gently grasped her legs, one under each knee, spreading her toned legs. He ran his hands up the soft skin behind her knees and up the backs of her thighs leaving goosebumps on her flesh. The tomoe in his eyes spun twice more before red left her vision.

Itachi's eyes settled on the place between her legs, sharringan staring intently at her naked sex.

Naruto felt her embarassment and humiliation reach new levels. Choked with emotions her only protest was an anguished whimper.

Red eyes slowly met hers once more and remained locked on her face as a pale hand began its descent to the apex of her thighs.

Feeling the hand between her legs Naruto tensed, only to throw her head back as a rough shinobi calloused finger slid up then down her folds, dragging over a spot that made her gut clench with a vengance.

Being male and staright Naruto should know all about the femal anatomy especially considering who his sensei of three years was, but sadly to say Naruto is a virgin and managed to maintain his innocence by ignoring Ero-Sennin's rambling about the female body. As such, he was taken off gaurd by just how good Itachi touching him felt.

The hand grew bolder, that single finger beginning to repeatedly rub that same spot over and over slowly.

Naruto arched, her body twisting in an effort to get away, yet get closer at the same time. Unbidden, small moans and gasps escaped pink lips as the assault on her privates grew.

Unexpectedly she felt another finger press against her, lower down. The blunt sensation giving way as it moved through her wetness before pushing inside.

Stiffening at the feeling, Naruto froze.

Two fingers pinching that spot distracted her, making her moan loudly. The other finger began to move in and out making Naruto's breathing pick up. It felt good, really good. If only Naruto was able to forget who was doing this to her, but alas those sharringan eyes could only belong to one person.

She focused on his stare, trying to ignore the building pressure. It felt awkward, staring at him as he touched her so intimately, but it was her only way of fighting back. She only hoped it was even more awkward for him, but she doubted it.

He remained impassive under her stare and a second finger joined the first inside her, not giving her time to notice before continuing its movements with the first.

She quieted her moans, sweating under the combination of the pleasure and her mental efforts to remain silent and look him in the eye.

Soon after the finger rubbing her spot left, joining the other two inside her, his thumb shifting to put pressure right where she needed it. Picking up speed his thumb alternated between up and down movements and rubbing tight circles.

The pressure in her stomach felt almost unbearable, blood dripping down her chin from her effort to remain silent.

All of a sudden the three fingers curled upwards, his thumb pressing down harshly on that spot.

She exploded, eyes closing, a silent scream leaving her parted lips as her muscles quivered, thighs closing around his hand as he continued to rub her sensitive flesh.

Feeling him move off the bed, she was unable to do anything as her muscles spasamed in an aftershock that she could only liken to being electrofied.

His silent presence was announced by the dipping of the bed. Strong arms lifted her, pale forearms flexing as he moved her back towards the head of the bed.

Feeling hands on her legs she fought to open her eyes. Unable to fight off the approaching exhaustion she groaned in helplessness. Her thigh muscles screamed as her legs were spread widely once more, before the feeling of a larger blunt pressure against her opening snaped her awake.

Eyes flying open she had the chance to see both hands, one holding her left leg around his naked waist, the other pressing his erection against her.

Feeling a scream of terror building, she clenched her mouth shut as he began to push, tearing her apart.

She whimpered as a hand grabbed her chin, turning her head to face liquid fire, black tomoes spinning furiously.

He continued to push before seeming to hit something. Stopping he retreated and Naruto blessed every diety possible that he seemed to realize it wouldn't fit. Her thanks were cut off by his harsh thrust, breaking something inside her and causing pain to travel through her body like blood in her veins from the spot where his body joined hers.

Tears dripped from her closed eyes, the wound on her lip reopening. He had stopped moving causing her to almost cry in relief but she just wanted him out. She didn't want this.

The hand on her face moved, wiping the tears on her whiskered cheeks and brushing under her tightly clenched eyes.

Letting out a small whimper of pain when she flinched away from him, she forced her body to still under his caresses.

A soft, wet, heat covered her mouth causing her eyes to snap open in suprise.

Sharringan orbs stared inches from her own wide blue ones.

Lips moved fluidly over her own, a silken tongue slipping past her lax lips to plunder her mouth possessively.

Pale lashes fluttered shut as the kiss continued, wrists pulling at the chains in her sudden desire to touch him. She wanted to run her hands over that pale flesh and pull him closer. The loud clang of the chains caused her to freeze, mouth stilling under his and body tensing up.

Ripping her mouth away she turned her head away from him, her whole body jerking with the sharp movement and causing him to slide slightly out of her making him release her leg in the process.

He tenssed above her before shifting his hips and sheathing himself once more.

Naruto's breath left her at the sensation and she had no time to recover as he continued his slow thrusts.

Gasping for air, she looked up to his face, noting the furrow of his brows and harsh line of his mouth. Her belly tightened once more and she began unconsciously rocking her hips against him, the flutter beginning to grow with each slide of her body against his.

Her legs pushed off the bed, coming to wrap tightly around his hips. A moan escaping her mouth as the angle made him slide impossibly deeper.

His thrusts picked up speed, making Naruto toss her head to the side, eyes resting on his clenched hand, purple nails digging into the bed, arm muscles taught from holding his body above her own small one.

She moaned agin, rolling her hips to meet him and keening when that spot rubbed against the coarse line of hair leading from his belly button to his erection.

"A-ah harder!" she groaned, causing him to slam into her repeatedly, the bed sliding against the floor and the chains rattling loudly from the force of his thrusts.

She could feel the familliar explosion so close. Delerious with desire, she wished her arms were free so she could touch him or better yet touch that spot that he wasn't touching enough right now. She wanted his lips on her again, his tongue in her mouth possessing her.

He shifted his hips, sitting back on his feet and lifting her legs higher up his waist. Slamming in once more, the pressure in her body exploding as he hit a spot so deep inside her, while simultaneously grinding his pubic hair against that spot.

She screamed as she came, her walls tightening around him. Her eyes were locked on his face, sweaty bangs clinging to high aristocratic cheek bones flushed from the heat.

His eyes shifted then, flickering to the same coal black as his brother. His mouth opened in a silent groan before he thrusted twice more, leaning down to attatch his teeth to the base of her neck and biting down.

Naruto moaned at the pleasure/pain, feeling a strange pressure inside of her as something filled her.

He collapsed bonelessly, using his arm to push off so he landed heavily on his back next to her.

She drifted off to sleep, inky black eyes invading her mind.
- - - - - - - - - -

'You've done it now' came the growling voice of the bijuu.

She groaned miserably in reply, just wanting to sleep.

'You let that Uchiha mate you with barely any fight at all. I take it back I like him even less then the traitorous Uchiha brat' he growled, the hot waft of his breathe causing Naruto to stir.

'While I admire his skill at rutting, you literally rolled over and begged like a bitch in heat' he snarled, ignoring Naruto's 'Hey!' of offense. 'That fertility drug was unexpected on my part, a very foolish error that lies on me alone. Had I thought of it I could have countered it by heating your blood so it would burn the drug out of your system like a poison. His filthy Uchiha sperm is now impregnating you as we speak' roared the fox, radiating hostility at the situation they seemed stuck in.

Naruto's eyes widened and she cursed like a sailor making the fox glare at her.

'I will let this go as we knew pregnancy was inevitable. Your lack of restraint has displeased me though. You were unexperienced so it will serve as your lesson. Do not let yourself succumb to his flirtations again. I will rid us of the fetus once it sets in your womb' he added, harsh eyes falling on Naruto.

Her eyes widened. 'The baby? You can't!' she yelled, struggling to her feet.

Kyuubi growled, fixing her with a hard stare. 'Your affection for that Uchiha is unfounded. He would sooner kill you than look at you as an ally. You would forsake the shinobi world for a child of his relations?' spat the fox in disgust.

Naruto frowned, wrapping her arms around herself. 'Do we need to kill the baby?' she asked in a small voice, quickening to explain when he flashed some fang at her. 'I mean if you kill the child they will just do this again. How many must we kill before you are able to find an escape? I purpose we leave the child so that they leave us alone and underestimate us. Surely the great Kyuubi can think of a plan where we keep the baby and escape?' she added, in a stronger voice.

Kyuubi growled. 'Leave me to think. This has drastically changed things' he grumbled, unwilling to admit that his host was right.

Naruto smiled with relief. 'Thank you Kyuubi. I don't know what I'd do without you' she exclaimed.

The fox huffed moodily before she was forcefully pushed from their mindscape.

Waking up, Naruto found herself redressed and alone. The cave was much darker now a chill seeming to set in. Testing her restraints she winced when each tug proved fruitless. She kicked her legs angrily, tensing at the soreness that radiated from the apex of her thighs.

Her face flushed a humiliated bright red and she forced herself to remember Kyuubi's words. Eyes brightening with determination, she cast her mind away from the mysterious Uchiha who deflowered her and onto thinking about how to escape the one who captured her.

Closing her eyes, she set to thinking. Gathering her thoughts she concluded that she needed chakra to escape but was unable to use hers outside of her body. Her strength and taijutsu also suffered from the jutsu cast upon her, her limbs now shorter and less muscled.

Stuck as a woman and it would only get worse as she grew with child. Surely she could come up with a way to at least fix her taijutsu problems. She decided to think like a woman, her mind conjurring up an image of one of the strongest kunoichi ever, the first and only woman to become Hokage, her Baa-chan, Senju Tsunade of the Sannin.

As a woman granny is genetically at a disadvantage against stronger men but, she easily beats up Ero-sennin with pure physical strength. He remembered her explaining that she uses chakra to agument her strength and muscles-

'That's it!' exclaimed Kyuubi, voice almost giddy.

Naruto frowned at having her thoughts interrupted but pushed it away to focus on the fox.

'The collar doesn't restrain the internal use of chakra. Strength agumentation is the internal process of using chakra to strengthen your muscles. It can also be used to agument speed at ungodly levels parallel to that of your father's Harashin jutsu' he explained in a rushed manner.

Naruto's eyes widened before she grinned. 'Let's do it Dattebayo!' she exclaimed, feeling hope for the first time since Kyuubi told her she was captured by the Akatsuki.

Kyuubi frowned. 'It's not that easy brat. It requires extreme chakra control. Your control is abysmal, it would take years to gain the level of control needed for strength and speed agumentation' he stated, making Naruto deflate like a balloon.

Growing mad the blonde glared at him. 'Then how does chakra agumentation help us? I don't have years, this baby will be born in nine months!' she yelled, feeling hopeless.

Kyuubi growled. 'Lucky for you, you have my help. I estimate by the fifth or sixth month of your pregnancy you should have the control needed to complete these techniques and escape. You will use strength agumentation to break the chains and sneak out. Your best bet is to break the wall and use speed agumentation to get far away, even these techniques won't help you long against an S-ranked missing-nin. The good thing is the chakra collar supresses you chakra so any sensory types will not be able to track you. You need to run to a safe place to hide and have the baby. Konoha would not take kindly to you returning pregnant with Uchiha Itachi, the clanslayer's baby' he explained in an excited rush.

Naruto frowned. 'Six months?' she asked morosely.

Kyuubi frowned deeply at his depressed container. 'Five or six months which is little compared to how long it would take someone with the amount of chakra you possess to get their chakra control to that level normally. That Senju woman started with a smaller reserve and very good control so all she had to do was expand her reserves and maintain her control. Think of your pink-haired team-mate, when you were doing the tree climbing exercise what was it your sensei said?' he questioned expectantly.

Naruto furrowed her brows in thought. 'Kakashi-sensei said that girls have a smaller chakra reserve and better control she answered grinning.

Kyuubi nodded, 'but that's not the case with you. Even without adding my chakra you have a tremendous amount of your own, a result of the unique Uzumaki chakra and vitality' he added making Naruto's grin disappear.

'We have to train your chakra control. This will be very hard compared to tree climbing as it must all be done internally. We will start by trying to forcefully speed up the chakra in it's natural flow through your body. Then we will work on directing chakra to different parts of your body. After that you will focus on gathering varying amounts of chakra to body parts I request at random. Finally you will try to reverse your chakra flow without killing yourself' Kyuubi stated, making Naruto's eyes widen comically.

'To be done in the time limit I have given you, you must start immediately brat. You learned how to feel chakra and direct it to your feet in a steady and changing motion for the tree and water exercises. This time around you must focus on your chakra as a whole and follow its natural path. Once you get an understanding of its path you must use chakra control to guide its movements at a faster pace through your chakra pathways. Concentration is key, you can not waver. Track the flow of your chakra and speed it's circulation' he explained, regarding Naruto seriously.

Naruto nodded, sitting in the lotus position, closing her eyes, and bringing her hands up in the tiger seal.

- - - -
End of CH 1.

So I'd like to mention that Naruto hasn't done senjutsu or any of the things he learns after the training trip. If you have any questions about anything you didn't understand then please drop me a review. It all makes sense in my brain but sometimes things don't communicate right and without your input I might not ever know.

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