Daphne looked around the corner setting Garrus in the kitchen of their apartment on the Citadel. Laughing softly she went back to their room, passing by their wedding picture. She remembers that day as if it was yesterday. Zaeed was kind enough to walk her down the isle since her father passed when she was little. She look to Garrus seeing him in a traditional turian tailored suit made for this specific occasion. It was black with a blue shirt underneath, the shirt was designed with his clan marks. To me he was the most handsome creature in the whole galaxy. After joining Garrus on the pedestal everything went as a blur until the moment the Priest said you may kiss the bride and Garrus pulled me over to him a face me a human kiss that I realized that I was no longer just a Shepard but Shepard Vakarian now and I liked the sound of that. I was brought out of the memory by Garrus wrapping me up from behind saying "That day was the best day in my whole life it definitely made up all the days I had to worry about during that damn war." "Oh and what did you worry about?" I asked turning around to hold him as well. "Three things 1. About my family getting off of Palavan 2. Worrying about all of us getting to see tomorrow and number 3 gave me the biggest problem because she kept doing something that made me worry for her well being..." "Now Tali wasn't that bad" I said sarcastically knowing completely who he was talking about "Yes she wasn't but I wasn't talking about her I was talking about the woman that took my heart and made me a crossspecies liaison... you Daphne and it will always be you." "When did you become hmmmmmmm." Daphne said on the verge of tears at Garrus's words." You know when I thought I was about to die after saving everyone in the galaxy I was sure I heard your voice saying to come back to you, that you were coming for me and that you wanted me to hold on." She said with tears coming down her face looking down scared of what he was going to say but instead she felt his talons cup her chin and lift her face so that she was staring right at him. After a few seconds he said in a very strain " I followed you after Saren, I followed you after collectors, and I followed you the Reapers. I will always have your six even if I have to go to hell itself to be with you." He took a deep breath and continued " I was hectic trying to find you it wasn't until that I was to think you left me that I heard you call my name people saw me lifting heavier then me to know that I found you. During this I thought please, please who ever is up there let her be alive, for if she's not I can not go on and the living would lose both heroes. Finally getting to you I saw that you were going to live because we weren't alone we finally had people that could watch both of our sixes while we weren't."

Crying I said with all my heart " I love you and I will never do anything like that again I promise." "I love you too and I'm going to make sure you remember it every time." With that said he lead me to the bedroom to show me over again and again that he's loved me.

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