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Why do I ALWAYS act without thinking?

Lelia Maria Swan

I groaned as I got up out of bed after hitting the alarm clock. Some say I was duller than my younger sister, Bella. After her 'boyfriend' left her, she's been in a horrifying zombie-like state. She only eats, go to school, sleep, and then stare out the window. This had lasted several months up until this day.

I checked the calendar while stroking my natural caramel-colored hair out of my pale face. March. 2006. I sighed and then went to go do my everyday boring routine. Wake up, Check Calendar, Shower, Dress, then do whatever I want for the day.

I wore black jeans with a navy blue cowl neck jumper that draped down like a v-neck and just grey toms for shoes. Not much. Plain girl as always. Walking down the stairs then going into the kitchen, I saw dad there, reading his newspaper as always. "Hey dad." I greeted.

He looked up and smiled briefly. Not the one to smile "Hey kiddo'. Can you try and get Bella out of that state in a few minutes? I have to stay overnight for work today that might last for a few days and I don't wanna see my youngest daughter on the floor dead. Can ya handle that?"

Making myself toast, I turned around, my arms resting on the counter behind me. I scoffed light-heartedly "What makes you think she will be cured? I mean, she's never the type to listen much to suggestions."

"Just try. Please. If you girls want to go out, there is extra money in the jar as you already know." He muttered, taking a sip of his beer before continuing his reading. I ate my toast once it was done, cleaned myself off and jogged up the stairs toward my sister's room.

I literally fell down in shock to see Jacob there. They turned to me. He was SHIRTLESS! God! What is wrong with him?! I looked at Bella and raised an eyebrow, clearly shocked.

Bella was stammering as well "Lelia! T-This isn't what it seems..."

I crossed my arms, "Oh yeah? You want me to leave right now so you can have you-know-what with Jacob?" I said teasingly. The two just flamed. Like literally. Their cheeks were red. Cute.

"Anyways Bella, dad will be out for a few days, maybe more because of the job. He said he left some extra money in the jar if you want to go out." Just then, the front door opened and closed with an engine starting. "There he goes." I mumbled. "I'll leave you two alone. I will go read books. Have fun!"

Ignoring their protests, I pranced down the stairs, to the living room and sat on a armchair. "They won't have fun. I think." I muttered. Then something hit me. Bella was wet. W.E.T. Oh my god! I leaped up from my seat and up the stairs again. Jake was gone and Bella was showering. Good. I let out a sigh of relief before going back downstairs and onto the internet.

I think I dozed off because when I woke up, Bella was talking in rushed tones with a familiar bell-like voice near me. Looking out the window, it was night. WHAT THE HELL?! I mentally slapped myself for dozing off then I looked up to see Alice and Bella peering at me. I groaned and mumbled "Hell no, Alice can't be here."

"Lelia? Are you awake or not? Your sister decided to go to the Volturi to get Edward." Alice pressed. I jolted upright, looking wide eyed at Alice. She smirked and I immediately pounced onto her into a bear hug She hesitantly hugged back.

My eyes were as wide as apples. Not really. But, yeah. "The Volturi? The Royal Vampire Coven?! Bella why the hell is Edward there?!" I shrieked. She just shyly looked away. I rolled my eyes "Fine, I'll go." The two squealed, happy. Before I knew it, I was on a car, heading to the Volturi. Italy.

Why do I always act without thinking?

Okay. First try, and It'll get better. Sorta rushed, but... I hope it's better than the last one D:

Lelia Maria Swan

Eyes: Strangely Violet

Hair: Caramel Hued

Age: 19, almost 20 in a few months

Specie: Human

Personality: Bubbly, Passion for Shopping, Stubborn, Fearless even of the fiercest vampires, Will welcome death(idk why), and pretty much of a normal girl.