Life Goes Ever On

Lelia Maria Volturi

Caius's arms were around my waist in the late evening. Em... we were exposed because we did it last night. I snuggled closer to his cold marble-hard chest and let out a sigh of content. He rubbed slow circles on my lower back "How are you feeling? Not that I need to ask.."

I smirked and tilted my head up towards him. His red eyes were gleaming in satisfaction. "Fine. I'm no longer human so it shouldn't hurt... though... there was loud growls from you in the last few hours. Including roars." I teased, my right index finger trailing down his chest.

He looked away grumbling before getting up and slipping his clothes on. I got up and did the same, a simple red sleeveless frill shirt, black skinny jeans, red chic style cross front peep toe high heels, and a simple dark grey linen draped long-line cardigan. Caius whisked out of the bedroom to the throne room first.

I walked out, normal speed and saw Jane there, looking smug. "Did Master Caius..." She trailed off, her red eyes glinting with curiosity. I nodded hesitantly. She squealed and took my hands "Lucky you. Let's go." She led we down the hallway, to the elevator, and to the throne room.

Marcus looked intently at me then smiled. "Ah, Lelia. You're here now, we have been worrying our heads off." I smiled softly.

"I'm sorry to let you three worry. I'm fine." I reassured them.

Aro nodded and let out a breath before I was immediately beside Caius's throne. As always, we executed vampires and with my appetite of humans, my eyes never went to Violet again. It was pure crimson. It went with my naturally-wavy caramel-colored hair. I thought of Bella, Nessie, Jake, and the Cullens. I knew they would be a perfect family.

I also knew I would never leave Volterra again, therefore leaving Renesmee without a caring Aunt. I mentally sighed at that before I recalled my memories of when I was human and when I first met the Volturi.

I had thought I was a sacrifice.. but no, It was a blessing. A blessing from the gods above to let me be with my fatherly-figure of Aro, somewhat of a fussing uncle for Marcus, and Caius is just like any loving husband.

Even thinking back to my pitiful life back in Phoenix, I wondered this one sole thing. Are These Events Even Possible?

Author's Note;

I'm thinking of ending the story here, for I think this is a

very good place to stop... Not much CaiusxOC in here huh?

I'm terribly sorry at that but I hope you guys can still like

this story? ;) I'm making another Caius Lovestory next weekend.

Thank you,


P.S. I assure you, there will be more romance in the other CaiusxOC XD