"But what if it is really a ghost?" Carlos asked, still under the blanket. "Guys, there's no such thing as ghosts. If there were, then I would be scared." Kendall replied, pulling the covers of his bed over his body. "Maybe Kendall is right; it's just Steve trying to scare us." James said, combing his hair. "Everyone gets pranced or scared every now and then." Logan replied. Kendall looked at the three boys, "guys just go to sleep." The three did as they were told and attempted to go to sleep. Carlos, being the curios and most frightened, had the most trouble sleeping. No matter how hard he tried, the noises never stopped. He sat up slowly in his bed, trying not to wake the others. Being on a cruise ship, and not having much equipment for self protection, he looked over at a line set of gold clubs sitting in the corner. He jumped out of bed, picked one up, and sneaked out the door. "I've got to find this ghost and prove the guys wrong," he thought. He slowly crept around the deck for anything suspicious. It surprised him when he saw nothing. He continued his investigation around the lower level of the shop, checking every place in sight. When he rounded the final corner, he couldn't believe what he saw.