The lumber tycoon's daughter-chapter 1

Max Everdeen walked into his only daughter's s bedroom and shakes her gently awake.

"come on Katniss time to get dressed we have a lot of orders to fill and i need my best girl with me to do" max says as he rubs katniss's back. Katniss stirs sleepily and rolls over on her back and opens her eyes.

"there's my favorite pair of gray eyes." Max says as he pushes the stray hairs behind her ear. "good morning daddy" Katniss says as she sits up sleepily and stretching. Katniss gets up and pulls out jeans a black shirt and her army boots. After shes dressed she goes into the bathroom and does her hair which she does in a braid that flows down her back,

"Katniss I'm going to go open up the shop, eat your breakfast and I'll see you there " max calls up to her. "alright daddy I'll be there in a half hour" Katniss says as she gives her daddy a hug before he leaves."I Love you daddy" "i love you kiddo" and then he is gone. Katniss hears the truck roar to life as it departs.

She goes down to the kitchen to make herself breakfast. She makes some toast and a glass of orange juice. When she is done she places her plate and cup in sink. She goes into her bedroom and pulls on a leather jacket that her dad had given her when he got a new one. It's a black sturdy material that's soft and warm and smells of her beloved daddy.

"alright keys, bag, money, a book to read,phone " Katniss says running a list of thing that should be in her bag. She takes a look at her watch and is startled to see that it's almost time for her to be at the shop. Katniss walks out of her house in redding Montana and locks the door. They may live in the most boring city in Montana but better safe then sorry. After the locking the door Katniss goes over to her motorcycle pulling her helmet on before getting on the bike. Seconds later Katniss is flying down the forest road.

Now the Everdeen family is well know in the great state of Montana. Max Everdeen owns the largest lumber company and the second largest furniture store. Fifteen minutes later she arrives at the lumber mill.

When Katniss was younger she had a loving mother. Katniss loved her so much. She was kind, gentle and caring, her name was Sarah. She was tall and thin, with blonde hair and striking blue eyes. However when Katniss was ten her mother passed away. Katniss was devastated. It took her a entire year for her to get over it. Katniss didn't eat, didn't speak to anyone. She just kept to herself, max attempted to cheer her up by spending time with her when he had days off, going hunting, going to movies, or just hanging out at home. However even that was short-lived because max Everdeen began dating the biggest dimwit in Redding, Montana. Effie trinket who owned the local tavern where max and haymitch would go to knock off. Max still goes but haymitch has stopped so he could keep an eye on Katniss. Katniss hated how Effie just waltzed in her dad's life. Suddenly it was wasn't about Katniss and max anymore. Everything now included Effie,max and if she couldn't get out of it without being forced into it Katniss. And now max had made Effie The manager of the furniture store. Katniss had been in the running to take it over after her dad retired in a few years. Katniss sighs as she walks down the lot.

"hey Everdeen" a gruff voice calls out, Katniss turns around and see's haymitch Abernathy the company foreman locking up his jeep before coming over to her. "hey haymitch, how are you doing man?" Katniss asks playfully punching the old foreman in the arm.

"I'm doing well sweetheart, how are you doing?" He asks.

"I'm doing all right, just wish i wasn't here today. I want to be out hunting in the woods not cooped up in here from nine to five.

"well have you talked to your dad about how you feel?" Haymitch asks as they head into the lumber mill.

"i can never find the right moment,haymitch, i mean i can't just take off. As much as i really want too" Katniss says looking at the forest longing. Haymitch must see the look of longing in her eye.

"Katniss sweetheart, you and i both know your not my niece, your dad is my oldest friend but sweetheart, take the day off. You don't need to be here today." Haymitch says.

"but daddy-" Katniss says but haymitch cuts her off. "Katniss your dad and i formed this company together. He just chose to come involved with all the boring shit this company does, my point is i want you to go have the day off. I'll take care of your dad. He see's her hesitate "damn it, Katniss I'm quite serious get the hell out of here, go have fun, I'll see you tomorrow at the regular time, now scat"he says however just as Katniss gets back on her bike a voice rings out "Katniss, I told you to be here in a half hour and here I find you just arriving? " it's the authoritative voice of Max Everdeen who is standing in the doorway. Katniss is about to respond to her dad question but haymitch answers for her. "max she doesn't need to be here a young thing like her-" he starts but he's cut off by max who is about to speak but is cut off by the Dimwit herself. "Katniss you need to get to work, go clock in now" Effie says butting in without being ask. "Effie she's my daughter not yours" max says and Katniss briefly see's a glimmer of her old dad old self. Katniss smirks at Effie "however Katniss, in this case Effie is right you need to go clock in" he says. "Max, I've already given Katniss the day off" Haymitch says speaking up and standing up for his favorite and only niece. "go ahead sweetheart, we'll see you tomorrow morning"haymitch says as he motions to Katniss to go which she does. Before Max can order her back Katniss is heading back home to grab her bow and arrow. Thirty minutes later Katniss is in the woods feeling very relaxed. Bow in hand and quiver on her back.

"this feel's better" she says as she walks deeper in to the woods. Within the first hour Katniss has taken down three squirrel and caught a rabbit that made the mistake of crossing her path. She goes on for a while enjoying being by herself in the place where she fit in. There's the sound of a twig snapping that brings Katniss's out of her mood. The bow comes up arrow ready to fly. "whose there?" she calls to the sound. Then she see's him and dropping her bow to her side. "Peeta Mellark?" Katniss calls hoping against hope that it's him. "Katniss Everdeen?" The boy calls as he comes around the his ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead," blue eyes, pale skin, and a stocky build, while being of medium height. He is wearing jeans and a green shirt and black boots. "Hey Peeta, how are you?" she says as runs towards him and runs into his open arms. "oh Katniss I have miss you so much" Peeta says hugging her tightly. "when did you get here?" she asks as they break apart. "dad bought the bakery here in Redding we arrived a few days ago. "really? That's wonderful" Katniss says. "how is your mom and prim?" she asks as they begin to walk along side each other. "they are doing good. Prim misses you," then he pauses "would you like to see her I'm sure she just hanging out at home and im sure mom and dad would be thrilled to see you again. Prim misses you," then he pauses "would you like to see her I'm sure she just hanging out at home and I'm sure mom and dad would be thrilled to see you again. " Peeta asks. "that sounds great I actually would enjoy that."Katniss says "alright come on then let's go" Peeta says. "oh wait I have my bike" Katniss says as they reach the turn out she uses when she enters the woods. "oh no problem we just put it the back of my truck" Peeta says as he waves this off as if its no big deal. "alright lets go" Peeta says as he opens for the door for Katniss who slides right in five minutes later. Katniss places her weapons and game-bag in the bed of the truck. As they are driving down the road Peeta speaks. "so how are you doing these days Kat?" he asks "I've been alright things have changed a lot around here" Katniss says looking out the window sighing as she does. "what's wrong Katniss?" Peeta asks taking her hand in his over the console. Katniss is brought back to the time when she and Peeta grew up, they were best friends since Kindergarten and as they grew up they became almost inseparable. "oh it's nothing" she says "your a terrible liar Kat" Peeta says as they reach a four way stop. " come on Katniss you are my best friend, you can tell me anything" Peeta says he looks at her. "well it's dad" Katniss begins "he's been going out with a really stupid women named Effie trinket" Katniss says with all the disgust she can muster. "Effie trinket huh, just the name sounds bizarre" Peeta says trying to muffle a laugh but failing but Katniss is laughing as well. "you have no idea, and you know how dad is the lumber tycoon of Montana?" Katniss says as Peeta nods. "well ever since Effie came into his life he's made her the manager of the furniture store" Katniss says. "are you serious, that should be you when your dad retires" Peeta says as they pull into the bakery parking lot. "yeah I know, I know. It's like dad has forgotten about mom, the plan, and me all together" Katniss says as they get out of the car. "and do you know what really pissed me off, and this happened just today" she adds as they walk across the parking lot. Peeta doesn't say anything he just waits for his best friend to continue. "that bitch had the gall to tell me to get to go clock in and and" Katniss tries to continue but she can't soon she is crying and Peeta is enveloping her in his arms. "shh shh don't cry" he says softly. "i miss my mom so much sometimes Peeta" Katniss says as she stops crying. " I know you do Kat, I miss her too, she was an amazing lady" he says as he wipes away any remaining tears so Katniss looks her best when she enters the bakery. "there's my best friend" Peeta says as Katniss gives a small smile. "come on heads high, prim is going to go crazy when she see's you, and my parents are going to love you" he says as he takes her hand and leads her inside.

The Bakery is a big building, there are tables that still has dust on it, "it's not much but it's going to be great" Peeta says as he watches Katniss's eyes wander around the place. There's movement coming from the back and Peeta leads the way but Katniss hesitates, "come on they are going to love you" Peeta says reassuringly as he takes her hand and leads her back. They enter the back and Katniss is amazed to see that there a whole house around back. Katniss doesn't speak, she just lets her eyes wonder. She's brought back to reality as Peeta calls out. "hey everyone I'm back and I brought a guest with me" he says winking at Katniss. There's the soft tread of footsteps coming towards them and then Katniss see's her for the first time in five years. She's looking into the beautiful blue eyes of Primrose Lisa Mellark. "hello I'm prim, what's your-" she says stopping just five feet away from where Katniss and Peeta stand. "Katniss?" she says as sh0ck and happiness play across her face. Katniss smiles "Hello little-duck" she says as she opens her arms and Prim's bolts straight into them, hugging her brothers best friend tightly. As Katniss is hugging the youngest Mellark a memory comes to mind.

Katniss's point of view-memory

The day my mom had passed was a rainy day earlier in the evening I was extremely sad and ran into the woods. My dad had called after me and tried to follow but he was so consumed with sadness so he stopped. So after I came out of the woods, I wandered around Redding, sick and disoriented with the rain pelting me hard. I was across the street in the small of town and collapsed on the ground. I wake up with a jolt. "whoa easy there Katniss" a voice says and I'm met with a girl with blue eyes and blonde hair. "what happened to me prim?" I ask as she whips my face down. "well you've been out for about five hours, Peeta found you across the street from the closed bakery. She says giving me a smile, but when I don't speak she adds "you'll be fine you just needed a goodnight sleep."Prim says as the door opens to reveal Peeta. "hey how are you feeling Katniss?" Peeta asks coming over to me and sitting next me taking my hand. "much better now that i'm under the care of your baby sister" I say looking over and winking at prim who blushes scarlet. "well apart from my mom she's the best healer in Montana" Peeta says which makes Prim blush more.

End of memory

Katniss gives herself a shake as she comes back to the present. "welcome back Katniss" Peeta says. "sorry had a flashback" Katniss says as lets go of prim. "Is little that Katniss Everdeen? The Lumber Tycoon's daughter?" a voice says jokingly "yeah it's me"Katniss says as Peeta's dad Josh Mellark comes over and gives her a hug. "hey Katniss my dear so good to see you again" josh says hugging her. "hey Mr. Mellark, it's good to see you as well." Katniss says but before she can get away josh puts his hands on her shoulders. "now Katniss we've known each other for years, call me josh." "Well well well Katniss Everdeen how in the world are you doing?" a voice says coming from the back. Peeta and josh make room for lily Mellark. Now lily Mellark may see like a nice lady but behind closed doors she's a real pain in the butt. "Mrs Mellark it's good to see you again" Katniss says smiling at her. "it's good to see you too dear" lily says as she passes Katniss. When she's thinks lily out of earshot Katniss's whispers, "after five years she still hates me" she says which makes josh and Peeta laugh.

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