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The Lumber Tycoon's Daughter Chapter 26

Sarah wake up still wrapped in each other arms. Sarah wakes up first and looks over at her sleeping daughter. How I have missed this Sarah thinks as she remembers all of the good times that Katniss, Maximus and she had together. Katniss begins to cry in her sleep and Sarah takes her crying daughter in her arms.

"No no don't take my daddy away" Katniss says still in the dream. The dream plays out and Katniss is still crying.

"Come on darling, wake up. I want to see your beautiful gray eyes" Sarah says holding her daughter close to her. It takes Katniss ten minutes to wake up from her nightmare and when she does she clings to Sarah like she afraid that she disappear as if in a dream. The Lumber-Tycoons daughter speaks after ten-minutes however she's still completely shaking up. "Oh momma it was horrible" Katniss says as she continues to wake up.

"Shh it's ok darling, it wasn't real" Sarah says as she wipes her daughters tears away "Do you feel like talking about it?" The Lumber-Tycoon's wife asks as she rubs her daughters back.

"It was just the day that Cranes men came and kidnapped daddy"Katniss whimpers as she shakes.

"Don't worry it wasn't real, and we are going to get him back" Sarah says giving her daughter a kiss. There's a knock on the door. "Come in" Sarah says

"Good morning everything okay in here?" Peeta asks as he enters, his eyes go to his shaking wife.

"Yeah everything is good, however I think my daughter needs you right now" Sarah says as she motions to Peeta to come over which he does and picks up a slightly-shaken Katniss.

"Hello my love, did you sleep alright?" The baker asks the huntress as he hold her tightly.

"I slept well yes but I still missed you" Katniss says wrapping her arms around Peeta's neck.

"That's great but I missed you too" Peeta says as he starts rubbing her back. "So what do you want to do today Kat?" he adds

"Well I was wondering if we could just walk along the beach in a bit and then go to a aquarium later on" she suggests."Would you want to join us at the aquarium momma?" Katniss asks looking at her mom.

"I'd love to Kat" she says smiling as she gets out of bed. "Now come on lets go get some breakfast, before annie and Finnick and fish-boy eat it all" she says chuckling.

"Right behind you momma" Katniss says as she takes Peeta's hand as they leave the room.

"You are so beautiful" Peeta whispers which makes Katniss blush as they reach the kitchen. When they enter Finn comes running and cant stop so he ends up barreling into Katniss and Peeta who topple down to the floor, laughing. Sarah was able to get out of the way as the boy came running. But she is now laughing to herself as, Annie and Finnick come over to help their niece and nephew-in-law and punish their son in the process.

"Come on you two lets you up"Sarah says as she gently gets a grip on her daughters arm and helps her back to her feet. Finnick helps Peeta up too.

"There you go man,"Finnick says as Peeta brushes himself off.

"Thanks Finnick"Peeta says smiling as he watches his wife and mother-in-law get brushed off. Annie is over with Finn who is getting a scolding.

"Finnick Jason Odair Jr. when are you going to be more careful? You could have really hurt yourself and Katniss and Peeta as well."Annie scolds sternly. The boys eyes fill with tears and then they make an appearance running down his young face that is so like his daddy's.

"I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean too, please don't take away my toys and beach time with Kat and Pee-ta" he sobs. When Katniss and Peeta hear their name as see this, they go over to the crying boy. They both kneel down in front of the crying boy. Katniss holds our her arms and Finn doesn't hesitate as he flies in to them.

"I'm sorry for running into you kitty" the boy says as he lays his head on his cousins shoulder.

"Shh shh it's ok Finn, don't cry" Katniss says as she holds the crying boy who isn't calming down.

"Here love, let me try something" Peeta says as he takes Finn from his wife. Finn is nervous and doesn't go into strangers arms willingly.

"No no kitty no" he says as he struggles to get out his cousin's husbands arms. "Please don't hurt me" the boy whispers.

"Wouldn't dream of it Fish boy"Peeta says gently as he begins hum and rub the young boys back soothingly. Katniss recognizes the song as it the one from their wedding. Peeta sees Katniss look at him and begins to sing.

Five minutes later Finnick Jason Odair Jr. has tucked himself into his cousins lap no longer sad but happy.

"Come on lets go to the beach" Peeta says as help Katniss to her feet while she's still carrying a dozing Finn. "I'm gonna go put my shoe's on" Finn says as he get up and he's almost out of the room when he see's his unknown to him Gramma Sarah who is smiling at him from the doorway making him back up again, a scared look in his eyes.

"You're the woman from the park" he says in a scared voice as he goes to hide behind katniss's leg. "I've see you there" he adds his face half-hidden.

"Finnick Jason Odair, I'd like for you to meet my mom"Katniss says as she lowers herself to the boys level.

"The women from the park is your mommy?" Finn says look from his kitty to her mommy and back again.

"Yes Fish-boy, but when have you seen her?" Katniss asks as Sarah comes over when her daughter motions to her as Annie brings Finn's shoes to him and puts them on him as he explains.

"Oh well you have nothing to be afraid off buddy, my mom would never hurt you" Katniss says as Finn finishes.

"Would you like to meet your grandmother?" she ask as Sarah kneels down next to her daughter. Finn nods.

"Finnick Jason Odair, this is your grandmother Sarah-Crane Everdeen" Katniss says.

"Momma this is Finnick Jason Odair Jr." she says introducing the two.

"Hello little-Finn" Sarah says softly kneeling down in front of him. Finnick looks at his just-met grandma and smiles.

"How do you know that nickname?" he asks as he bravely climbs into his grandmas lap.

"I've heard you're daddy, call you it" Sarah says as she looks over at Annie and Finnick who are smiling as they watch the matriarch of the Everdeen family and their son get to know each other.

"Gramma Sarah?" Finn asks cutely

"Yes sweetheart?" Sarah says smiling as she loves being Gramma Sarah.

"Why are you here in Hawaii and not with kitty?"he asks as Sarah begins to think how best to explain this.

"You don't have to tell him Sarah" Annie says. Sarah gives her a look saying its ok and I don't mind as she starts. It was when your cousin Katniss was five years" she starts and begins to tell the story.

Fifteen-minutes later Sarah finishes telling her story. Mother and Daughter are holding each other. Finn does the cutest thing, the boy goes over to his cousin and grandma and places one arm around his grandma and the other around his favorite cousin.

"I'm glad you guys are here"He says and two women hold him close. Peeta comes over and sits next to Katniss and whispers in her ear. Finn looks up at them cutely.

"What did he say Kitty?" the fish-boy asks

"He asked fish-boy if you would like to spend the day at the beach today with us and then if you would like to go to the aquarium later"Katniss says smiling as she watches the lads eyes widen in excitement.

"I'd love to Kitty" Finn says hugging his cousin then Peeta "Thank you Peeta"he adds smiling.

"You're welcome Fish-boy but you'd better asked your mama first" Peeta says as he pulls Katniss into him as finn nods and turns his attention to his parents.

"Can I go mommy huh can I go please?"Finn asks as the sea queen and sea king look at each other then back at their son smiles on their faces. They look at Katniss and Peeta then back to their son.

"Well of course you can go fish boy" they say together.

"Thanks mama thanks papa, im gonna go grab my toys" The boy says running back to his room.

"Thanks so much for doing this"Annie says smiling as she brings over a picnic basket to them. "Here's lunch its got a few sandwiches sodas and chips and cookies."Annie says smiling.

"Sure no problem It will be fun"Katniss says as Finn comes back into the room clutching his plastic trident.

"We should probably get dressed my love"Peeta says and Katniss looks down and sees she's still in her pajamas. Finn gives her a look saying aren't we going? Katniss kneels in front of him

"Just give Mr. Peeta and I ten-minutes to get dressed and then we are all yours ok?"Katniss says smiling.

"Ok kitty im gonna get my pale and shovel" The sea prince says bolting out of the room as the four laugh. Peeta holds out his hand to his wife and helps her up.

"Be right back"she says to her relatives and they nod.

Ten-minutes later Katniss and Peeta come back downstairs. Katniss is wearing a orange summer-dress over a forest-green swim-suit and wearing her hair in her braid and sandals. Peeta is wearing a muscle t-shirt and orange swim trunks that are rimmed with forest-green.

"Alright we're ready" Katniss says picking up the basket.

"Yay!" the little-prince says happily. Finn hugs his parents and then looks at his cousin.

"Alright fish-boy lets go"Katniss says extending her hand to him which he takes happily. Katniss turns to her mama. "We'll see you in a few hours for the aquarium" She nods and Sarah nods.

"Come on kitty come on"Finn says pulling at her arm.

"Someone's eager" Peeta whispers and Katniss smirks at the young Odair and makes their way to the beach. Two minutes later they pick out a spot and just as they set their things down. Katniss puts sunscreen on a giggling Finn.

"Ok fish-boy, there you go"Katniss says poking him in the tummy.

"Thanks Kitty" Finn says as he grabs his plastic trident and runs toward the water.

"come on lets go my love" Peeta says taking Katniss's hand.

"Right behind you my love"she says. The three play in the water for a hour and then Finn's teeth start to chatter. Peeta picks him up putting the boy on his shoulder and then wraps his arm around Katniss. Who molds her body into him.

"Come on you two lets go grab some lunch that your mama packed" Katniss says reaching up and tapping her cousin on the nose.

"Silly Kitty" Finn giggles as they reach their spot and Peeta takes Finn off his shoulders and wraps him in a towel with his a picture of his daddy.

Katniss wraps herself in a orange towel and Peeta a green towel. They take a seat on the beach and Peeta begins to pass out sandwiches once everyone has their meal they dig in. Katniss has just bitten into her ham and cheese sandwich when her phone begins to ring and she picks it up.


"Hey Kiddo"

"Daddy!" Katniss says tears falling down her face.

"Oh Princess dont cry"Maximus says in a comforting tone

"I miss you daddy, I wish you were here" Katniss says in a whimper. Peeta looks over at her as does Finn and they come over. The two take a seat next to their fav orite girl.

"Oh I am here princess, in fact I'm watch you,Peeta and Finnick Jr. now"

"Where are you?" Katniss says looking around wildly.

"Look by the steps that you walked down to get to the beach" Maximus says and Katniss does and her eyes go wide when she see's him.

"DADDY!" Katniss says as she runs to the man sitting on the steps who stands up and opens his arms to him. Peeta and Finn watches this the boy asks the question.

"Peeta whose that with Kitty?" Peeta sighs and wraps his arm around the boy.

"That is Katniss's papa Maximus Buck Everdeen" Peeta says as he watches the father and daughter reunite. Katniss has tears in her eyes as the two walk over.

"Papa how is this possible, I saw you get taken away" Katniss says not letting go of her papa's hand.

"Well my sweet-girl I'm not entirely sure" Maximus says and he is about to continue but he catches sight of his grandson. Finn comes over to Katniss and shyly looks at his unknown to him grandpa. "Well this cant be little Finnick Jason Odair Jr." Max says kneeling down front of the boy. Finns eyes go wide as he recognizes the man in front of him.

"Grandpa Max!"he says as he runs into his grandpa's arms. Max picks him up and holds him tightly.

"Well lets go back to the odair house, there's someone there that will just die when she see's you papa"Katniss says as she picks up the picnic basket. This had just turned into a amazing day.