The Lumber Tycoon's Daughter Chapter 7

The morning goes by fast. Katniss shows Peeta around and he immediately falls in to step with everyone whose working there. He picks up on everything.

"You are doing very well Mellark" Haymitch says as they take a break in the break-room.

"Thanks Haymitch, I'm doing my best" Peeta says as he puts his arms around Katniss who is sitting in his lap. "Hey wanna have some fun?" Peeta asks looking down at her.

"What do you have in mind" Katniss asks.

"Wanna prank-call Prim?" he asks smirking.

"Way a head of you Peeta" Katniss says as she pulls out her phone.

"Wait why are you pulling out your phone, why not just use mine. "Peeta asks. "Because Prim doesn't have my number and this will be funny" Katniss says pushing some of Peeta's blond curls out of his eyes. "I love the way your mind works babe" Peeta says as takes Katniss out her phone and hands it to him.

"Dial her up" Katniss says as Peeta dials.

"Put it on speaker put it on speaker" Katniss whispers as the line rings.


"Hello is your refrigerator running?" Peeta says holding his nose so his voice comes out nasally.

"Um, ya I think so" prim says

"Well you better go catch it" Katniss and Peeta say at the same time cracking up as they hang up.

"Oh man that was great" Katniss says wiping tears of laughter protruding down her face. "Oh man I have never had this much fun, partly because I've been the only teenager here." Katniss says as she slides her phone into the pocket of her jacket. "Well now that I'm here we are going to have fun all time" Peeta says as he leans in to kiss her just as his lips are on hers Haymitch walks in "Alright you two back to work. And keep the lovey-dovey stuff to your or better yet wait until your off of work" Haymitch says smirking as he heads into the office. "He's right you know " Katniss says as they walk back to work hand in hand.

"Just a heads up you two Max is here and he's on the warpath. "Oh this can't be good" Katniss says as she runs her hand over her face. Peeta clutches her hand. "Don't worry we'll get through this" Peeta says. "No Peeta you don't know my dad" Katniss starts but Peeta cuts her off placing two fingers to her lips. "As long as we're together we can get through it." he says wrapping her in his arms.

"Psst here he comes get to work" Cinna whispers. "Alright we need to cut one-hundred pieces fifty eight inch and fifty ten inches for this order of-" is all Katniss can get out as she hears the unmistakeable shout from her dad. Suddenly Peeta is being yanked from Katniss's side and thrown up against the wall,blood coming from his head as it's bashed against the wall. Haymitch, Cinna and other employee's come running to the commotion.

"Dad stop!"Katniss shrieks as she tries to run forward to rescue Peeta, but Cinna is holding her back. She looks up at him and he gives a look that says. don't make it worse and katniss nods.

"What the hell are you doing here" Max yells at Peeta who is wearing a look of shock on his face

"I-I- uh" Peeta stutters as Max continues to yell.

"I hired him Max" Cinna says speaking up as he tries to pull his friend off of the boy.



"Why the hell is he here Haymitch?" Max yells as Cinna lets Katniss run forward and tends to Peeta.

"KATNISS SARAH EVERDEEN, DON'T YOU GO NEAR THAT BOY" Max yells as he watches his daughter.

"Dad he's hurt" Katniss says she cleans Peeta's gash on his head. "Katniss get Peeta to the break-room and take care of him" Haymitch says as Cinna steps forward to helps Katniss get Peeta to the break-room. Katniss can hear her dad as he continues to yell but she doesn't care, Peeta comes first now.

"It's going to be ok, Peeta stay with me" Katniss says as they make it to the room and set Peeta on one of the table. "alright let's take a look at your head, son" Cinna says as they lay him down on the table. Peeta looks over at Katniss and motions for her to come closer.

"I'm going to be sick" he whispers. Right on cue Katniss gets a trash can which Peeta vomits into.

"Well he's definitely got a mild concussion, luckily it's only a mild one." Cinna says as they roll Peeta on to his back.

"I need to wrap his head in gauze" Cinna says as he retrieves the gauze from the cupboard and begins to wrap Peeta's head with a professional bandage. "I'm so sorry that this happened to you" Katniss says as she takes his hand as Cinna finishes up. "Not bad for a first day huh?" Peeta says joking weakly. "Best day ever Peeta!" Katniss says as she gives him a kiss on the lips. The next half-hour passes with Katniss hold Peeta's hand with him come to and from consciousness. He vomits two more times. As Katniss is wiping Peeta's mouth after he vomits haymitch comes in .

"Hows he doing?" he asks

"Well he's vomited three times and he's keeps losing consciousness" Katniss says as she traces shapes on the back of Peeta's hand.

"We're going to send you back home to the manor so you can take care of him" Haymitch says.

"What did dad say about this?' Katniss asks as haymitch as he carries Peeta to his jeep where he places him in the back seat. Katniss gets in the back and lays Peeta's head on her lap as Haymitch climbs in the drivers seat. "You just focus on getting Peeta better and let me worry about your dad" Haymitch says as they leave the furniture store parking-lot.

"Thanks for a fun first day of work,Mr. Abernathy" Peeta says quietly coughing a little bit. Katniss takes a wet cloth she brought from the break-room and dabs as Peeta's forehead

"You are welcome Peeta, but please call me Haymitch everyone does" he says as they turn in to Everdeen Manor "You did good today, glad to have you on Team Everdeen." Haymitch says as he turns off the jeep. "come on let's get him inside" haymitch says.

"Katniss could you go get prim? She should be at home" Peeta asks as Haymitch and Katniss lay him on the couch. "Sure of course Peeta, Haymitch will you watch him until I get back?" she asks as she grabs the keys to her bike from the hook. "Of course Katniss" Haymitch says "Hurry back" he adds as Katniss climbs on to her bike and heads down to the bakery to pick up Prim.

Fifteen minutes later Katniss is arriving at the bakery she parks out front and climbs off, and heads into the bakery. Prim is doing some sweeping as she enters.

"Hey Katniss" Prim says coming over as Katniss tries to get some warmth in her body.

"how are- prim starts as she looks at her brothers future wife who is shaking.

"Katniss you're shaking a little what's wrong?" Prim asks.

"Prim you need to come with me to my house, no time to explain" Katniss says she takes prim's hand and leads her to her bike.

"Katniss what's wrong?" Prim asks as she stands by the motorcycle as Katniss hands her a helmet, which she puts on over her braid

"It's Peeta, he's been hurt he wants you to come be with him" Katniss says as she climbs on, prim has tears in her eyes as she climbs on and wraps her arms around Katniss's waist as they take off. Along the way they stop because Prim is crying and Katniss holds her tight to comfort her.

"He's going to be ok little-duck, they are only minor injuries" Katniss says as she strokes Prim's beautiful blonde hair as the girl she considers to be a sister calms down.

"You ready to go see Peeta?" Katniss asks.

"Yes let's go Katniss" Prim says as she wraps her arms around Katniss as she starts to drive down the road. Prim must have dozed off along the way to the manor because when they arrive her eyes are closed and there are tear marks along her cheeks. "Little duck wake up we're here" Katniss says as she gently rubs Prim's shoulder. Prim wakes up and sits up. "Come on let's go see Peeta" Katniss says as she holds out a hand which Prim takes as Katniss leads her into the house.