The first thing he noticed was her soft ivory skin glowing from the bright morning light that leaked through the window. He could feel her breathing brush against his bare chest; it was in sync with the ship's steady rock with the waves. Her body was molded naturally along the side of him, her arm wrapped around his waist. Killian gently brushed a finger along the side of her cheek to relish in how relaxed and peaceful she was. She unconsciously leaned her head into his touch, letting out a pleasant sigh as a smile curved up her cheek. It would be easy to lie together like this forever. He waited patiently for Emma to wake, though he could feel the restlessness grow within him. After more silent minutes passed, Killian carefully untangled their arms and legs and left Emma with a brushing kiss on her exposed shoulder.

The morning breeze was crisp though the waves were calm. The ship was surrounded by a blue horizon; they were clear of any nearby ships or close shores. Killian reached into the loose breast pocket of his ragged cotton shirt and pulled out the murky white bean. It glistened as he lifted it high to the sun. Taking two strong strides forward, he threw the small bean as far as he could in front of the ship. It plunged into the ocean little ways away, producing ripples that began turning faster and faster until the whirlpool formed. Killian carefully turned the helm two notches towards the pool.

The ship abruptly slid down into the green vortex. Killian was hurled back against the rail. The blinding green light overwhelmed him, forcing his eyes to squeeze shut and wait until the ship came back up. His stomach dropped as the ship hurled deeper and deeper down, feeling like an eternity of falling. Killian was suddenly thrown down to the ground as the Roger sprouted back up amongst disturbed, crashing waves. The cold sea sprayed over his face. He opened his eyes to a new, more vibrant blue sky littered with thick cumulous clouds. As he made a motion to stand, he felt a sharp pain jolt up his spine where he landed.

"Bloody hell," he grunted through his teeth as he struggled to pull himself up.

The entrance to the quarters down below suddenly slammed open. Killian listened to the oncoming footsteps and finally saw a very annoyed Emma Swan stomp up the stairs towards the helm, "What the hell!"

"Good morning," he winced with a weak smile, gripping the back of his neck.

"What did you do?"

He braced himself against the helm before nodding over his shoulder, "See for yourself." Emma followed his gaze to the sight of their home, the castle, perched over the crashing waves on a cliff. It was an unparalleled beauty. Even from their far off distance, Emma could make out the sparkles coming from the stain glass windows reflecting the morning sunlight. The trees just beyond the castle danced with the gusts of wind coming from the sea.

Emma turned back to Killian, "I thought we agreed to at least warn everyone before going through the portal."

"Sorry love, I couldn't find the strength to disturb such a beautiful sleeper."

Emma bitterly chuckled, "You damn well disturbed me." In her annoyance Emma couldn't fight back her urge to smile at the sight of her home in the far off distance.

He joined her side and looked up at the castle, "Did you enjoy yourself this weekend?"

"Yeah… It felt strange to be back in the city and even stranger when I had to leave it again."

"In fifteen years' time when Elizabeth is old enough to live on her own, perhaps we'll try out that world of yours."

Emma laughed with disbelief, "You serious?"

"Darling, you forget I spent nearly three centuries in Neverland. It'll take adjustment, perhaps less time out at sea," he warmly smiled, "but I'll go wherever makes you happy."

A smile perked up Emma's cheek, "I think we'll be waiting a little longer than fifteen years."

He turned back to her confused when suddenly she pulled out a slim white device from the pant pocket of her loose sweatpants. She held it in her hand and smiled down to the small screen. "What is that?"
"I got it while we were in Boston. I had my suspicions before but this weekend confirmed it."

Emma handed it to him. It took a moment for him to notice the single small word displayed on the screen. His heart stopped and kick started. He grinned up at Emma, who was looking at him expectantly. He laughed, carelessly dropping the device onto the ground and excitedly wrapping his arms around her.

Emma couldn't suppress her own excited giggle now that he finally knew. The secret that she had guessed at for a while was out and she couldn't be happier. Opening her eyes, she made out the docks in the closing distance. Henry's shining black car glimmered by the road. He was there waiting for them. The rest of her family was there.

She shut her eyes and relished in how weightless she felt in Killian's arms. He laughed animatedly and swung around off her feet. Pulling her back in, his blue eyes softened devotedly into hers just before their lips met. It wasn't a typical kiss that Emma was used to getting from him. It was gentle, lingering, lacking in lust though not devoid of passion. It was a kiss of gratitude for taking a chance on him all those years ago.

The sound of seagulls over their heads was becoming perpetual, alerting them that the shore was drawing near. They were home and they couldn't have been any happier.

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