Neither of them knew what to do so they just kept their friendship as if nothing had ever happened. Night was coming one more time so they were getting ready to camp again.

Hodor took Bran down the "carriage" and placed him in a fur stack. Meera was teaching Osha to haunt as the way she does, because it was safer and faster and they could get more food if they were two haunters instead of one.

Rickon was playing around by the watch of Shaggydog and Hodor went to search paths alone this time, they all agreed that food was more important than anything right now, Winter was coming, and food was the only resource to keep themselves alive, when they couldn´t make fires because of the camps near.

Almost a week passed since the incident and now they were here again, alone and- why the hell on earth were they blushing? At least no one noticed it.

Bran stared at his hand remembering the moment when he held that hand with that other hand. How peaceful it felt. How all right it felt. As if their hands were made together and broke into two, leaving two puzzle pieces that fitted perfectly.

Thinking too much made him fall asleep.

Even if Bran wasn´t noticing, Jojen watched him the whole time, he watched his friend with a strength, and when he made sure he was asleep, the seer got closer to the "bed" where the young wolf was laying.

He held his hand softly, taking care of not waking him up. "I´ve been dreaming about you- thinking actually and you… you appeared in my dreams and I don´t know what to do" he took the hand to his forehead and he kissed it, still in a careful way. The hand smelled like the air and a little unpleasant feeling came telling him that the only thing Bran could do was touch the air because he couldn´t walk. The feeling was washed away when he saw the other boy with eyes full-open. How long has he been awake?

"How long have you been awake?" Jojen looked scared but everything inside him was embarrassment.

"Why were you kissing my hand? ...and why are you still holding it?" said Bran with lost all over his eyes, but something else too… Blush, the seer thought, he´s blushing… damn, the hand! .He instantly realized his hand and covered his neck with his fingers.

"How. long. have. you. been. awake?" his words were like knifes, not worrying about the person receiving them.

Bran´s expression changed from lost to fright in matter of seconds. Once the seer realized that his voice softened.

"How long have you been awake?".

"Enough know that you took my hand and kissed it" the prince looked confused again.

"Did you heard anything?" he asked as if his life depended on that simple question.

"No… but why did you kiss my hand?".

"Oh. That? …That´s how I check temperature on people".

"Sorry?" Bran was now confused.´

"Yeah, you can know a person´s temperature by their right hand" Jejon said everything that came to his mind.

"If you check it with the right hand… Why were you holding my left hand?" Anyone could say that the little lord didn´t believe him at all.

"Left hand. That´s what I meant to say" The seer touched his neck again, he was sweating.

"And you get the temperature with your lips…"

"Yup" said Jojen instantly. "Well, I…have to go" He got up as fast as he could and disappeared into the night, now dark, leaving confusion alive in all of Bran´s expression.

Two incidents in a week, and Bran felt happy about it, he always would trust Jojen but, seriously? Temperature with his lips? Was he saying the truth?

The seer was almost rolling in the floor because of all the uncomfortable (and some comfortable) emotions. Fear, no, not fear. Embarrassment, no, he had nothing to be embarrassed for. What if he was anxious, but what for? Maybe he was in lo- he had heard about it, but never felt it before. How can be sure?