Damn. Why did he do that? I offered to take Bran down by myself? That would involve touch. He had been trying to avoid that, and now he was going to have a full-body contact with the boy.

He took the prince by the arms, lifting him carefully, his weight competing with the one of a feather. How right it felt, everything they did felt right, and for a moment nothing else mattered, the seer stared at the boy´s eyes when he lifted him, whole body in his arms. Bran caught his gaze after seconds later, and locked his eyes on him too.

"What are you doing?" Rickon asked impatiently.

"Nothing" It was an instant answer that the youngest Stark received from his brother. Jojen laid the boy down and everything was nothing-ever-happened, again.

They didn´t catch Meera when she stared at them with a smirk in her face.

He brushed his hand by "accident" with Bran´s hand. What in seven hells? What was he thinking?

They were going place Bran down, he just extended his arm because he wanted to reach a coat. He felt cold, is that wrong?

At the instant Bran moved his head, locking his gaze in Jojen. Both blushing, being a seer didn't give him the knowledge over other person´s exact emotion so he couldn´t tell if the prince was blushing because of angry or happiness.

The next "brush" was half incident, half on purpose.

Jojen was taking care of anything he could, including the prince, as always. Bran was still wondering how the seer did to control Summer, it was impossible if Summer didn't know you since little. He understood, the boy had some kind of mind powers and stuff but, how?

Maybe Summer was in love with Jojen too. Bran had accepted his feelings for the boy, but that never crossed by Jojen´s mind.

It all happened because the Bareathon army and their decision over having 'north searches'. The north was approaching king's landing and even if it wasn't their principal enemy, it would be if they win the war against the Lannister. Better prevent than lament. They were looking for information about the "king in the north" and his army.
The princes, the brothers, the wolves, Hodor and Osha, all of them, turned on their wary moods, everything has to be quieter and exact.
"What´s going on with you two?" Meera whispered at his brother's ear.
"What are you talking about?" Jojen started blushing and tried to turn it into anger, he failed at that.
"Yeah, you and The Stark boy" Jojen could almost say that there was a smirk on his sister's explanation.
"You mean Bran?" Jojen didn't Realize what he said until after saying it.
"Oh, that's how you call him now".
"That´s his name" Jojen hoped that Meera could think about his blush as anger.
"Of course it is" That was a smirk.

They got into the forest, this time not in a dream but the real forest. The deep, dark and creepy forest.
"Hodor can you take care of the food this time? Please?" Meera was being kind for some unknown reason.
"I can take care of that" Jojen said, anything to stay away from Bran Stark.
"No you can't " Why, Jojen thought "Hodor will go" her brother said nothing but seemed to read his thoughts "You'll take care of Bran" said Meera putting a little to much emphasis on the name.
The seer started blushing and moved his haze from his sister to Bran, who was starting to blush too.
"And what will you do?"