For this one-shot naruto is not in the ninja world but in a the normal world

It was weird, normally as soon as Naruto head touched the pillow he would be knocked out until morning but lately sleep just didn't seem to come to him. He would toss and turn in bed for hours until the sun rose and he soon had to get ready for school, which was not the most appealing reason to leave home but he has to. But the ups of it were that he got to see his friends, the blond couldn't survive for long if he didn't "fight" with Kiba and Lee (who was better known as bushybrow) it was his way of getting rid of his energy. But the thing that he look forward to the most was Sasuke, although he and Sasuke never normally talked they still got along well after the typical exchange of usuratonkachis, dobes , temes and a punch every now and then. Naruto didn't understand it himself he just felt comfortable around the raven haired boy, it confused him quite a bit.

An entire week went by with Naruto barely getting any rest at night, he became grumpy and lost his typical happy aura to his sleepiness. On the other hand Sasuke became happier throughout the week, so while the blond would sleep through all classes Sasuke would sit next to him and have a very rare small smile on his lips.

Since Naruto knew he wouldn't get any sleep any way he decided to check Facebook for anything interesting and to his surprise although it was 3am Sasuke was online. But as soon as Naruto came online Saskue left which left him confused. Suddenly Naruto received a notification saying he was tagged in a picture, curios as to who posted stuff of him at 3am he clicked on the icon and found himself sent to Sasukes wall which was spammed by Sakuras confessions, date requests and a single picture which had been uploaded only a few minutes ago by Sasuke himself. Clicking on the image he first read the description which simply read "This might explain your lack of sleep Dobe" that of course spiked the blonds curiosity and he looked to the picture to find a chunk of text "People say that if you can't sleep you are in your loved ones dream" instead of looking for the meaning of the text, the first though he had was 'Why would Sasuke post this?' until he saw that said boy set the viewer settings so that he was the only one who could view it, that's when the wheels in Narutos head started turning until he had a big goofy grin on his face that just wouldn't go away. Soon after he fell asleep on his keyboard.

The next day at school everyone was surprised that Naruto wasn't grumpy like he had been the entire week; sure he was his normal hyper self but he was getting there. But something that no one expected to happen at their lunch break was when NAruto walked straight up to Sasuke, who smirked, and then kissed him full on the lips. In the background you could hear the fan girls screaming and falling to the ground ass they fainted from shock. Once they pulled away Naruto said:" I'm guessing you were having fun with me in your dream?" he asked with a smirk

"Of course, but I am sorry you didn't get any sleep" the raven answered with an innocent tone.

"I can think of a certain activity that I would prefer over sleeping" purred Naruto which sent shivers down Sasukes spine.

"Lets test that theory tonight."