This is for 2 different challages on the Harry Potter Fanfiction Challanges form.

AN: This story needs a little AN before you begin. The need to know facts are that The Hogwarts students have papers that they can write messages to eachother with, and are banned in classes. The Papers have keywords to turn on/off and you need to know the other person's keyword to be able to message them.

AN2: I do not own harry Potter or any other well known things that I may or may not refrence.

The first Charms lesson in the Marauders' 7th year

James was sitting in the Back row of Charms. They were going over the Patronus, and he was sitting behind Lily. He took out his parchment and wrote:

Prongs Power 624444222

Sirius was already on his and messaged prongs

Siriusly Sirius 7237777

Hey James, I heard a Ravenclaw say Lily's Keyword is 'Lily magic 99' You should totally talk to her!

Sirius, she HATES me, I can't.

I'll test it out first if you want...

No way! You'd scare her off!

Then do it already!


James sighed and looked at lily, giggling at what her friend wrote. 'I can do this' He told himself.

Lily magic 99

What are you doing Potter?

Just saying hi...hi.

Then why don't you leave now?

Because you're still writing to me?

Fine, I see the point. How did you find out my keyword?

Sirius heard a ravenclaw say it.

I see...Well, Anything you want to say before I leave?


What is it then?

Will you be my friend?


You refuse to go out with me so, why not just become your friend?

I guess it would be okay...