A/N: Hello. So I've been on a hiatus for some time. I lost inspiration and stopped writing just as I was about to close the story. Plus I promised a sequel. That's not going to happen. I am officially discontinuing this story. I MAY come back to it one day, but I most likely won't. I feel horrible about it. This would be one of the first stories I finished, and despite all its flaws, one of the stories I'm most proud of. I WANT to finished it, I really do. Perhaps I will. But no sequel will be made unless by some grace of God I get enough inspiration to write that. What contributes to this discontinuation is obviously disinterest but also because I've basically left the Hetalia fandom. I still love a lot of the characters but there's nothing here for me anymore. Anyhow, you may be upset considering you never learn what happens but... I will. I'll spoil it so no one is left wondering.

Gilbert was going to leave and never come back with Mathias. The sequel would have started after that. Through multiple conflicts and a growing gap between him and Ludwig, Kiku would go completely insane. He's completely convinced he's a child/teenager still, even into his late 30s. Ludwig despises his very being, and plans with the Clubs to kill him (see the Cubs did exact revenge for Kiku disrespecting them). Then the Clubs invade and Josef (the former Jack of Clubs) is sent to kill Kiku. But he doesn't. Kiku panics, realizing that his husband hates him. Ludwig apologizes, hugs Kiku, and then stabs him, hile telling Kiku that he will always love him. The end.

So that was basically what I planned on happening. The only thing I really knew I was going to write was the ending. I struggled with how to end the story and with about five alternate endings, all resulting in death mind you, this ending is the best. Thanks for reading, and I'm sincerely sorry for discontinuing this story. Thank you for all the reviews and support. Thank you Ravenlocks for drawing me that wonderful fanart. Thank you SakuraHawke for giving me advice and beta reading this story. I'm truly grateful for all the positive reactions. Like I said, maybe one day I'll come back to it. - JohnLock