Maelstrom Fox: Friend or Foe?

Hey fans this is Namikaze09 and I'm dedicating this fic to The Swordslinger and his story Masked Kitsune: Ally or Enemy which is based off a Naruto Young Justice Challenge with Elemental themes from Metal Gear Solid though there is gonna be a major difference regarding Naruto and his body replacement as well as his personality. Trust me the fic will be very interesting with Naruto as a freelancer with his girlfriend (or should I say girlfriend's) by his side.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything affiliated with Naruto, Young Justice, DC, Metal Gear Solid, or anything else except for whatever I create including characters, weapons, techniques, etc.

Chapter 1: Enter the Fox

Naruto's P.O.V

Funny thing about death, they say when you die, the first thing you see is a bright light and then darkness and whoever said that was telling the truth but the only difference about me is that I didn't die per say, I was simply too stubborn to die and there is a reason for that. To make a long story short my dad's so called dead yet still alive student Obito Uchiha or Tobi as he calls himself and his Master Madara declared war on the shinobi nations in order to revive a demon of great destruction and I don't mean Kurama because this monster made his attack on the village look like a child's temper tantrum.

Anyways the reason for the whole death experience ordeal. Using my affinity for fuinjutsu I created one that not only permanently sealed the Jubi away but also one that sent that senile old relic Madara's soul to the afterlife where I know the Shinigami was dying to get his hands on the bastard's soul. With him gone, me and my girlfriend Satsuki Uchiha had one final confrontation with the nut job and we kicked his ass but being the sore loser he was, Obito had one final ace up his sleeve. He had marked his whole body with suicide seals that had enough power to destroy an entire island and the last thing I remember is me using a powerful barrier technique I learned from my mother's scrolls to protect myself and Satsuki-chan, a great explosion, and my chakra mixed with kurama's and then nothing.

The next thing I know, I'm waking up floating in a tube with multiple tubes attached to me and monitors taking in my heartbeat but that wasn't the part that freaked me out, it was the fact that nearly half of my body was missing like my left leg, right arm, left eye, and several of my internal organs were for better terms fucked up but luckily for me and Satsuki-chan I was saved by a guy named Anthony Ivo who gave me a replacement body to replace the parts of me I've lost to that deranged asshole Obito. I hope he and Madara are rotting for all eternity in the ninth level of Hell but the loss was worth it for my Hime because I already lost one of them to the bastard. But the gain from my new body did increase my natural abilities such as my speed, strength, senses, etc. I won't go into full detail but the abilities I gained with my 'enhancements' made me feel like I could take on an army of kage level ninja and have enough energy left to beat the ego out of Madara.

After saving my life I thanked the old man and swore to repay him back in any way I can because that's the kind of guy I am as I always repay my debts especially if that person saved me from being crippled for life. He didn't ask for much back just to help him against some goons that are after his brain and his life and nothing more. Now you're all wondering how in the hell I survived? It was thanks to my first friend Kurama, a giant nine tailed fox who was the closest thing I had to family since the day I could walk and talk. At the cost of his life he saved me and Satsuki from impending death and the backlash resulted in us being found by Ivo. I'm gonna miss the guy but with his sacrifice, he left me a large portion of his power which fused with mine and knowing him he'd tell me not to go glum over losing him or else he'd leave the afterlife and kick my ass for being an emo.

Now that the explanation is done with, let's get on with the story of my new life and the sweet adventures me and Satsuki-chan will partake in!

Los Angelas, California

Ivo Tech Enterprises

Two security guards were patrolling the dimly lit hallways of the top floor in the corporation building, looking around for anything suspicious. After checking the place again, they head to the elevator to check the next floor. From the darkness, several black clad figure snuck through the darkness, avoiding the security cameras and heading to a door with a sign that said CEO Office and noticed the lights in the room where still on. One of the Shadows reaches for the doorknob and pushes it open with the others rushing into the large office but stop when they see someone who was not Ivo leaned back in the chair with his feet crisscrossed and resting on the desk.

From his appearance he seemed to be in his late teens to early twenties with spiky golden blonde hair that stopped to his shoulders with jaw length bangs. He was garbed in a sleek black suit with matching pants and a pair of black dress shoes along with a red long sleeved dress shirt with a black tie with a pair of shades with crimson lenses and gold colored frames (picture Alucard's shades from Hellsing).

Resting against the edge of the desk was a sheathed High Tech HF Blade that appeared to be in the O-Katana classed swords. The high tech scabbard was black with silver tip at the end while the sword had a dark grey round guard with the hilt being black with a what appeared to be a red switch near the guard and connected to the hilt with a white cap at the end of the hilt (Jetstream Sam's Muramasa Katana). He stared at them for a few seconds before a smile rose on his face. "I take it you guys are here for Ivo correct?" Naruto questioned but got no answer from the group and chuckles before placing his hands around the scabbard of his sword and slowly getting up to his full height. "Unfortunately he's out of town but I'll be more than happy to leave a message."

The black clad men each responded by drawing their katana from their backs, which made Naruto's smile grow. "Oh so it's that kind of message? Okay then here's my response." He slowly drew his weapon, revealing a crimson blade that glowed under the moonlight (for those who can guess where I got the idea for the blade gets a cyber cookie LOL). "So who's first?"

The Next Day

Anthony Ivo and Satsuki Uchiha had made it back from the business meeting he had with a friend from a STAR lab. Like Naruto, Satsuki appeared to be in her late teens to early twenties, looking like a teenage version of her late mother Mikoto Uchiha, having a fair skin complexion and a slender yet toned build for a female her age. Her hair was black with hints of blue around the bangs that formed on both sides of her face with her hair tied into a high ponytail and stopping to the middle of her back with onyx colored eyes that shined in the light.

She was garbed in a business outfit with a dark blue jacket and matching skirt that stopped above her knees and left little to hide in terms of her nicely shaped legs and her firm rear with a pair of black high heels on her feet and under the jacket was a black dress shirt that was unbuttoned from the top, showing a little cleavage from her d-cupped breasts.

As soon as they took the elevator to the first floor and headed to his personal office, they both paused when they saw the door was littered across the floor looking like firewood. They also noticed the body of the shadow assassin who had a perfectly round circular hole around the area where his heart once was, sprawled against the floor with dried blood around. "Good Heavens." Ivo muttered. Satsuki narrowed her eyes as she glanced at the office and was the first to enter the office only to see it in shambles and like the other body, six others littered the ground with a few missing limbs or with wide fatal slashes going across their bodies. As she looked around her gaze stopped at the blonde who was sitting in the middle of the carnage in Ivo's comfy chair, whistling in a nonchalant fashion while polishing Kushinada (heart of the whirlpool) with a white cloth.

The female Uchiha sweat dropped at her boyfriend and coughs to get his attention. "Oh hey Hime, hey Ivo how was the trip?" He asked in a cheery tone.

"It was … good… for better or worse…" Ivo answered, "Care to explain what happened to my office?"

Naruto looked around and shrugs. "Oh this? They were looking for you but when I told them you weren't here and asked them to leave, they refused and well…" He did a hand gesture at the scene before him and sheathes his blade.

Ivo sighs and shakes his head in annoyance. "So now they send assassins out for my head and right when I just got this office redecorated?" He muttered "Satsuki be a dear and call a cleanup crew to take care of this mess." He pulls out a remote device with a blue button on it and presses it, resulting in the wall behind his desk to split and separate, revealing a hidden room that looked like an exact replication of his office.

"Sure and Naruto, can't you go one day without causing collateral damage?" She questioned with a hint of humor in her voice as she approached him.

Naruto responded by raising his hand in a 'it's not my fault' gesture "This wasn't my fault Satsuki-chan, I just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's not like I ask for trouble." He replied only for her to chuckle and give him a peck on the cheek.

"You bring trouble even when it's unintentionally, and speaking of which I think we need to have a talk with our clients about harming those we care about." Naruto nodded in agreement with the ravenette.

"My thoughts exactly, I told them that Ivo was off limits but it looks like I'll need to enforce my words into their brains."

"How? At the point of your sword lad?" Ivo questioned with a brow raised. Naruto stroked his chin in thought before smirking.

"Nah, that would be too easy for and besides that's Satsuki's way of threatening our clients" Said Uchiha's brow twitched in annoyance and simply huffed since it was true "I'll either double our fee or I could accidently sabotage any mission they give me. " The blonde answered. "And Speaking of Missions, our so called clients want to meet with us about our next one in a few hours."

Unknown Location

The two former leaf ninja were in a room surrounded by seven different screens and light with only bright images that represent the silhouettes of the seven people. Naruto was garbed in what looked like a full black body suit with silver chrome armor around the chest, torso, legs, shins, arms, and shoulders but instead of being large and bulky like most armor it was more slim and streamlined, showing off his athletic build that balanced out his speed and strength and from the appearance was a martial artist and he was garbed in a pair of black hamaka pants ( like the ones Seijuro Hiko wears from Rurouni Kenshin) with a belt that had a metallic fox head on it. And over his outfit he wore a dark grey military long coat with red on the inside with a variety of pockets with a hood over his head that shadowed the upper half if his face, showing the blonde bangs that framed the sides of his face and his cerulean blue eyes (picture the hoods worn by the assassins form Assassin's Creed.

Satsuki's outfit consisted of a black leather ninja outfit with long black gloves, black arm-guards and shin-guards with the bodysuit showing her fit athletic frame off nicely. Around her waist was a utility belt of some sorts with a weapons pouch strapped to her hip along with a chokuto that was strapped into the belt in a diagonal fashion (like sasuke wore it in shippuuden) and around her neck was a long blue cape with a fan symbolizing her clan and she wore a mask over the lower part of her face (like kakashi does).

"So are you two aware of the objectives given?" One of the images asked in monotone that carried a voice of authority but not in a calm or arrogant manner.

"Yeah but before we do our objective, I have to ask why were a small group of shadows sent after Ivo's life? Last I recalled we made an agreement that he would be off limits so long as I did a couple of jobs for you?" Naruto questioned calmly but his eyes said otherwise due to the murderous intent laced in them.

One of the image responded. "My apologies Fox, they were new recruits who wish to test their worth out in the field." The answer made the blonde hybrid smile but not in a good way.

"I see, well if that's the case then they failed and are now chopped up into ground beef by yours truly." Fox stated and his smile turned into a frown. "So if you don't want me to cut down your numbers or you for that matter, don't do it again or it's your head I'll be after next." His eyes flashed to red for a few seconds, emphasizing that he was not kidding around.

"Qui monsieur fox, we completely understand and it will not happen again." Another voice with a French accent replied.

"For all of your sakes it better not." Satsuki warned in an icy tone.

"So long as you keep your end of the deal no harm will be done to the old man or anyone else you're affiliated with." A feminine voice said.

"Fine, let's go Hime, we're wasting sunlight. The sooner we get these missions done the better."

(Star City, STAR Lab facility)


"Don't move!"

Several security guards had their UMP45 sub machine guns aimed at White Fox (AKA Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze) who was standing before the armed guards. Behind him it looked like a Hell Storm went through the large hallway consisting of countless others being slammed and indented into the wall as well as having slash marks across their chests and look like they've been beaten senseless but not dead with the ground littered with ammunitions and guns cut in half.

Fox looked them in a nonchalant fashion, holding his sheathed blade Kushinada in his left hand. "We will gun you down if you take one more ste-" His lips curl up into a smile and he dashed towards the remaining guards "Fire!"

They all fired upon the armor clad ninja but it was in vain due to his inhuman speed, avoiding every single bullet as he zipped left and right. As he bypassed two guards, two red streaks hit the guards, causing them to cry out and collapse on the ground. "Damn it he's too fast-aargh!" He didn't get to finish due being struck down by a vertical slash from the crimson blade and continues with his assault. He knocks the weapon out of the last guard's hand with the swat of the scabbard and draws Kushinada halfway, pressing the sharp edge against the frightened man's neck.

"P-please… don't kill me…" He begged. Fox stared at him for a few minutes before smiling and sheathing his blade. The guard sighed in relief but gasps out when the assailant punches him hard in the gut but only hard enough to knock him out and he collapsed onto the ground.

"Didn't plan on it." Fox replied back before heading to the next floor via the elevator to meet up with his partner.

Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary had come to the facility when she learned of the disturbance and gasped at the sight. In the hallway of the evacuated facility, the broken and bleeding bodies of countless security guards laid across the place. She snapped of her stupor and ran over to one of them, kneels down to check his pulse to find him alive especially from the painful groan he let out.

The Heroine reaches up to her ear and presses the com link. "This is Black Canary, I'm gonna need some assistance at STAR Labs." She informed while scanning the damage to the man's body. "The suspect is capable of taking down multiple guards and seemed to be armed with a blade judging from the cuts. They appear to be alive but are in need of medical assistance so if anyone from the League got this I'll need backup ASAP."

Gunfire echoed from the upper rooms and instantly took off to find a way upstairs to stop the culprit.

Fox slammed a guard into a wall, getting a gurgling scream from him. One tried to rush at him with a nightstick when he had his back turn but the hooded blonde stopped him in his tracks with a kick to the gut without even looking behind him and then threw the guy at the stunned guard. The strength and force behind the throw sent them both crashing into a glass wall into an executive office.

Another tried to blindside him but he easily sidesteps, grabs the guy's wrists and flips him over, sending him flying and crashing into a wall before falling down. Sighing in annoyance, Fox reaches into his hood and presses his com link. "Hey Hime you get the chip yet?" Naruto asked his girlfriend while slapping away a punch from another guard and delivering a knee strike to his sternum.

"Almost, I just bypassed the last security systems."

"Good because I'm starting to get-" He stopped in the middle of his sentence and stopped a boot that would've struck him in the head had he not stopped the appendage with his forearm. He wrapped his hand around the limb and sent the figure flying with a throw but said person adjusted her figure and landed back onto her feet and got into a fighting stance. "Bored… I call you back."

"What? Why what's going-"

He cut the link off and fully turned around to see Black Canary in her fighting stance. "Hello, and who might you be? Surly not security judging from your outfit." He questioned and had to admit she didn't look bad whatsoever and judging from her physique she trained her body to its peak but kept it perfectly balanced so that her speed or strength wasn't hindered whatsoever.

"Black Canary." She answered and noticed the sheathed O-Katana strapped to the left side of his belt. "I take it you're the culprit that did all this?"

"What gave it away? The broken guards and the collateral damage?" Fox asked, sporting a cheeky grin on his face. "As much as I'd like to play with you beautiful I'm on a schedule so" He slowly reached for the hilt of his blade, causing her to tense up but chuckle.

"Relax I'm not gonna use my blade on you, it goes against my code of honor." He replied.

"A killer with a conscious, that's a first." She commented and once again he chuckled.

"Thanks now if you'll excuse me" With lightning like speed he drew his sword, releasing a streak of crimson slashes around him. Canary covered her face from the burst of air he released from the slashes and when she opened her eyes, she saw him in a battojutsu stance with a crimson blade halfway drawn while the ceiling was outlined with thin reddish orange cuts and once he sheathed it with a click, it collapsed, and her eyes widened when a desk and large fax machine descended upon her person. She was forced to jump back less she gets crushed from the objects.

Canary noticed her assailant leaping up to the next floor and dashed to the opening and jumps upwards, grabbing onto the edge and pushes her full body weight up into the next floor only to see her quarry dashing towards the elevator and goes after him in hot pursuit.

Fox smirks as he hears her footsteps. "I admire persistence lady but not to this extent." He called out before stopping to draw his blade. He cuts through a nearby pillar twice and kicks the projectile towards the blonde beauty who manage to somersault over it and land back on the ground, pursuing her target. Fox's smile grows as Kushinada glows red from the energy he channeling into her and faster than the eye could see, unleashes a series of slashes that looked more like blurs of red energy streaks and this time, large pieces of debris collapsed from the ceiling and cuts her pursuit off. With that he leapt up into the opening, heading to the roof of the building. Black Canary uses her infamous Canary Cry, releasing a high pitched scream and sonic waves that shatter the debris into nothing before stopping and using the broken pillar as leverage to hop up into the next building that lead to the top floor.

Fox made it to the top of the building viewing the sunset. "A beautiful sight wouldn't you say?" He asked Black Canary who took a few steps forward and stopped, keeping her distance from her unknown foe.

"Indeed, too bad it'll be your last after I drag you to jail." She answered back only to hear the man laugh in a manner like it was a joke.

"Is that so? Well since my ride or partner aren't here yet, I guess I can play with you for a bit." He fully turned around with his arms folded but Canary knew from his posture there was more to him than his mastery with a blade and could tell this guy was highly trained in hand to hand combat like she was.

Canary smirks back at him and gets into a Karate stance. Her assailant smiles back and gets into the same stance. "Shall we dance?"


(Metal Gear Rising: Revengance- The Only Thing I Know for Real Jetstream Sam's Theme)

"Ladies first." He insisted getting a small grin from his fellow blonde.

"If you insist" She lunges forward, swinging a right jab which he blocked and dodged a series of left and right jabs she unleashed on him. Canary spun in an attempt to do a reversal elbow strike but Fox stopped it with his palm. He grabbed her arm and flung the heroine over his shoulder and sent her flying. She adjusts her body and lands right back in her feet, skidding back a little. Canary looks up and her eyes widened when she saw hooded ninja descend at her with a flying kick, forcing her flip to the left. As his foot made contact, the ground cracked underneath the strength behind the kick.

"Is that all you've got?" Fox taunted cheekily.

"Not even close." Canary answered back. She leapt into the air and performed an aerial spin kick which he blocked with his forearm but she caught him off guard and struck him in the jaw with a left hook. As she touched the ground, she delivered a roundhouse kick to his chest, making him stumble back. She leaps forward, places her hand on his shoulder and uses it as a spring to leap over his form, land and knock him off his feet with a sweep kick.

Luckily, Fox plants his hand on the ground and flips back up on his feet and hops back. Canary get back in her fighting stance white her opponent did the same with his smile growing bigger. "Now this is a fight!" He declared and his fellow blonde raised a brow at the excitement in his voice.

"For a hired mercenary, your behavior is… odd." She replied.

Fox simply shrugged his shoulders at the notion. "Yeah I get that a lot." He stated before grabbing the hilt of his sword and spun around deflecting several trick arrows that were fired by Black Canary's Ex-boyfriend Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow along with Roy Harper who goes by the name Speedy. "And what do we have here? Robin Hood and his sidekick Quiver."

"It's Speedy." The red clad archer snapped back and aimed his glare at Green Arrow who chuckled at the name. "Don't laugh, he insulted you as well."

"True but I take being called Robin Hood as a compliment, even though I don't steal from the rich and give to the poor." Green Arrow replied back while Canary and Speedy had to resist the urge to roll their eyes. "Nevertheless, give it up buddy or we'll have to" A blur landed in between two, being none other than Satsuki who knock Green Arrow off his feet with a sweep kick and hits the ground hard, surprising Roy and Dinah. The young archer didn't have time to react as she grabbed him by the collar and knees him hard in the gut, making him cough out before she leapt over him and kicked him the back of the head, making him fall on all fours. Fox took this opportunity to vanish and appear in front of a distracted Canary and delivers a powerful palm strike to her stomach, and sent her flying backwards and hitting the ground hard.

"Well hello to you too Hime." Fox greeted as the ravenette landed before him and then elbowed him in the gut. "Ow! What was that for?"

"You cut me off again and I'll cut you off from seeing all of this." She warned her boyfriend who blushed in embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head.

"Heh sorry, I was a little sidetracked by the sexy lady chasing me." Satsuki glanced at Black Canary and rolled her eyes.

"I figured as much." She mumbled before pulling out a flare stick and lights it up, releasing a green smoke and waves it around. A few minutes later the sound of a blades whirling could be heard and a chopper descended from the sky and a ladder drops from the hatch and Satsuki is the first to grab it.

"Oh no you don't!" Speedy shouted as he and his mentor pull out a couple of trick arrows and take aim, but fox react faster and pulls two demon windmill shuriken out and flings them at the archers and the whirling blades slice through their bows, much to their shock and the projectiles return back to the user. Fox grabs the ladder and waves bye to the heroes at the chopper took off into the air.

(Song Ends)

After getting settled in the chopper, Naruto pulls his hood down and let's out a sigh with his O-Katana leaned against the wall while Satsuki pulled her mask down and pulls out a case containing a blue and black data chip. "So what took you so long to get that little trinket Hime?" the blonde asked the female Uchiha.

"Security's a bitch." Was her answer getting a chuckle from him.

"I bet it was, say why is it that you get to do the snatch and grab while I have to deal with security?" He questioned and she responded with a deadpanned expression.

"Because you'd get bored 'sticking to the shadows' Naruto-kun and if I remember, you almost had the entire Yakuza Organization out for blood during our mission in Tokyo." She informed the blonde.

"Oh yeah, I remember that, but you killed the chairman so wouldn't that be your fault? I just cut down a couple of grunts and lieutenants but you Ms. Uchiha took out the King." He reminded her. Satsuki pondered on it and shrugged with her legs crossed.

"That was personal, I was disguised as a dancer for his entertainment and the fat pig grabbed my ass," A coy smile formed on her face as she saw his brow twitch "Maybe next time you could be the dancer."

Naruto raised a brow and shook his head. "Nah, I'll stick with stalling security because if some fat greasy guy grabbed my ass I'd go on a rampage and need therapy afterwards." He replied while his girlfriend giggled.

Washington D.C.

Cadmus Facility

After handing the chip to one of the pilots, the duo were taken over to an abandoned warehouse where a Red 2012 Camaro was waiting for them. "Shall we?" Naruto asked and his girlfriend nodded. They perform a hand sign, engulfing them in a puff of smoke and when it cleared, they were now in their business outfits with Satsuki wearing a pair of black shades over her eyes. The 'agent' waiting for them tossed Naruto the keys and left. "It's a shame we can't take in the sights but business comes first." The blonde stated.

"There's always next time." Satsuki said as he hit the unlock button while she entered through the passenger's seat. Once Naruto got in and turned the ignition on, they were given the coordinates to the Cadmus building via the built in GPS unit and took off into the roadway.

Underground Cadmus Facility

Satsuki's right hand was twitching in a dangerous fashion due to the fact that Mark Desmond, the Head of the Cadmus Facility gave her and Naruto a tour of the place and explained the experiments and projects that needed to be protected despite informing the middle aged man several times and was tempted to wring his neck just to shut him up. Fox mentally chuckled at her annoyed and slightly pissed expression but also took in the sites, seeing the staff at work and also noticed some bizarre grey skinned creatures called Genomorphs in cylindrical tanks and seemed to be powering up the generators.

There were a few who also appeared to be the size of elephants that seemed to be used for the heavy labor, some that were human sized and seemed to be 'security' with the smaller bio creatures being the size of small monkeys and from the way their horns glowed red, they were probably used in communication purposes and for giving orders to their kin. As Desmond went on about the achievements, Naruto interrupted with a cough. "It's nice to hear yourself talk doc but care to explain about the bizarre creatures you've got lurking about the place."

Desmond, scowled at being interrupted but decided not to retort back. "You mean the Genomorphs? They are my greatest creations, created with the purpose to do my bidding and protect Cadmus." One of the G-gnomes landed on his shoulder and stared at the two ninja. Satsuki rolled her eyes but then another landed on her shoulder. She picked it up by the scruff of its neck and stared at the creature who tilted its head to the side before being placed on the ground.

"You know, when you get past the bizarre appearance, they look kind of cool." Fox stated in amusement as the G-Gnome once again climbed up on her arm and sat back on her shoulder. "I think it likes you Hime." She glanced at the bioengineered creature and shrugged, stroking the genomorph under the chin with a finger and got it to purr in content which Desmond didn't like if the scowl he had on his face wasn't noticeable.

"The G-Gnomes are not cute" Desmond growled "And as for you get back to scouting the area and maintaining surveillance with the others!" The creature yipped out in fright and scuttled back to the ceiling.

"Now that was rude, yelling at the poor fella like that." Fox said while the man tilted his glasses upwards.

"It matters not, that thing is an item, a tool to do my bidding and will do as told or else and the same goes for anyone under my authority." He said in a matter of fact tone.

"Really? That's odd because my partner and I aren't under your employment Desmond so you have no authority over us." Fox replied back. Desmond frowned and was about to retort at the man until an armored gloved hand grabbed his collar and was pulled close to the blonde's face, much to his surprise but it soon turned to fear as he saw the icy stare that sent a shiver down his spine.

"We don't answer to you, we answer to a higher authority and our objective is to enhance security and nothing more. You let us do our job and you do yours and we'll be fine but cross either one of us and you'll wish you've never been born." Fear laced Desmond's eyes as he saw Fox's flash red for a second before returning to their natural blue. "Do we have an understanding Doc?"

"Y-yes, I completely understand." He answered with a slight whimper in his voice and Fox released him.

"Good now would you be so kind as to show us what we'll be protecting exactly seeing as your little gremlins are scurrying about?" The man nodded with a slight scowl on his face and motioned them to follow him down a hallway that seemed to be laced in a flesh like substance with what appeared to be 'eggs' rested against it.

"And here I thought Orochimaru's labs were creepy." Satsuki thought, noticing the curled up form of a G-Gnome sleeping in the pods. They approached a large steel door and Desmond proceeds to type in the code from the panel until the light blinks green and the door hisses open. They enter a laboratory and the doctor lead them to what appeared to be a crystal cylindrical tank with the Kr Symbol on the front. "This is what you'll be protecting."

In the tank lying down on a metal table in a sleeping state was a girl who from appearance seemed to be around 16-17. She had long raven hair that stopped to the middle of her back along with a slight heart shaped face that made her both cute and fierce and completing it was one voluptuous figure that was very desirable. She was taller than normal girls her age and was garbed in a full-body white suit that left her forearms and hands bare and said suit hugged her figure showing some muscle that gave her an Amazonian look that added to her facial features made her look like a younger Wonder Woman and also noted the large red S shield around her impressive d-cups.

He couldn't help but whistle at the sleeping girl. "Hey Hime, if you happen to have along lost sister I think we found her and she's cute just like you." The female Uchiha smiled under her mask at the response since this 'Supergirl' did look just like her only her physique was more toned.

"She is not cute as you call her, 'it' is a weapon and like the g-gnomes a tool to fulfill my purpose." Desmond rudely replied and didn't notice the glare Satsuki was giving him from behind his back.

"Well I think 'she' is cute Doc," He walked around the tank, studying her form, "Judging from the symbol on her chest she's either related to the Big Blue Boy Scout or a clone but if she's a clone shouldn't she be a male?"

"Indeed but due to some minor adjustments the clone's genetic structure was altered mainly because the female species of any race tend to mature faster than males. It was very difficult to change her genetic make since her donor's DNA structure being different." He spoke in a way that sounded like he was proud of his achievement. "Her original purpose is to be Superman's replacement should he die or kill him if he ever turned from the light. Right now the G-gnomes are educating her via telepathy with every form of the planet's history and knowledge which will allow her to interact socially."

Fox rubbed his chin in thought as he noticed the two G-gnomes perched on top of the tank with their horns glowing red. Suddenly the lights flashed red and alarms were going off. "Odd I didn't think fire drills were practiced in an underground facility."

"There are intruders in the facility! Hurry up and deal with it!" He would've ranted on until Satsuki's glared at him with cold onyx eyes.

"Didn't we just have this conversation earlier stating that we are not your security guards? If you want these so called intruders dealt with have the head of security Guardian deal with them along with your bio engineered pets." Fox remarked as he wasn't interested in dealing with some small time thieves.

"Fine, just make sure the weapon isn't disturbed while I check into this." Desmond said, barely keeping his anger in check an heads out of the chamber.

"I'm going to kill him after this mission is done." Satsuki says in an annoyed tone while Naruto chuckled.

"Trust me Hime the world would be a better place if you did so," from the barely lit ceiling, a G-Gnome lands on his shoulder "Hey little guy want to keep us company?" The G-gnome lets out a gurgling noise that he believed sounds like a yes and got a chuckle from the hooded blonde while Satsuki shook her in amusement as she watched him interacted with the creature.

(Moments later)

Fox was meditating on the other side of the room while Satsuki was upside down on the ceiling using her chakra to stick on the surface with her arms folded under her chest and her eyes closed. Earlier one of the doctors who was under orders from Desmond to check on the stature of the female cloned Kryptonian, under the control of a G-Gnome due to the blank expression on her face and after doing so left through the large medal door.

"Fox" The meditating blonde's eyes snapped opened and narrowed as he heard the voice "Do not be alarmed, I am Dubbilex, a genomorph like my brethren who was created by Desmond to fulfill Cadmus's purpose."

"Well it's nice nice to meet you 'somewhat' but don't you know it's considered and invasion of privacy to enter someone's mind without their permission?" Fox questioned.

"My apologies, I have no intention of doing any harm to you or your partner but I do require your assistance. It has to do with Project Kr, my sister who like us was created by Desmond."

"Okay, what do you want?" Fox asked the telepathic Genomorph but heard the doors whir open. "Hold that thought, I've got some uninvited guests."

"Very well but please leave the young heroes intact" Fox slowly rose up and picked up his sword, stepping backwards into the shadows as the doors fully opened with Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad entering the lab. Satsuki saw them enter watching from the ceiling and slowly reached for the hilt of her chokuto, preparing to attack but glanced at Naruto who did a hand gesture that told her to not attack for the moment and she silently nodded.

As the door closed behind them, Robin disabled the door by hacking through their network using his hologram computer to keep Guardian and the bioengineered creatures out but unfortunately they were unable to find another way out so they were trapped. "There, the door is disabled. We're safe" Robin assured them.

"And trapped," Aqualad finished as he didn't see an exit in this room.

"Uh guys." Kid Flash called out, getting their attention. "You might want to see this." He proceeded to press some keys from a modulator that was in front of some type of pod. A beeping sound came from the pod and it then lit up. The three sidekick's eyes widened when they saw who was in it. "Whoa." Was all Kid Flash managed to say while Robin and Aqualad remained stunned at they saw Project Kr resting soundly in the tank.

"I'll say who is she?" Robin wondered before noticing the S symbol on her chest. "That's Superman's symbol."

Aqualad narrowed his eyes in suspicion and wondered the same thing. "It's possible she's related to him and if she is, we need to get her out of this facility." He said.

"And how do you plan to do that?" The group heard the voice around the lab and were now on alert.

"Who's there?" Aqualad called out only for the source of the voice AKA Fox walked out of the shadows smirking at the teenage with his hand resting on the hilt of Kushinada.

"Well well well if it isn't the sidekicks. Care to explain why you're trespassing on private property?" He questioned. Robin was the first to snap out of his stupor and glare at the hooded man.

"Care to explain who you are and what she is?" The boy wonder replied back, getting prepared to fight should the situation require him to. Fox simply rubbed his chin in thought and shook his head.

"No I don't feel like telling you who she is but as for me, the name's Fox and I'm here to enhance security for this facility and as I mentioned earlier you three are trespassing on private property and as such I am entitled to deal with you in any way, shape, or form and considering the situation you're in I'd advise you to surrender." He suggested.

"And if we don't?" Kid Flash questioned. A grin forms on Fox's face and responds by pushing his thumb up on the guard, revealing a glimpse of his favored weapon.

"Then I hope the Justice League provides a good Life Insurance Policy for sidekicks." Fox finished as his grin became feral, eyeing the young heroes like a wolf when it corners a lamb with no way out.

"It appears we have no other choice but to fight." Aqualad states and draws his water bearers with the hardened water shaping into a pair of blades.

Kid flash on the other smirks triumphantly. "Heh this'll be over quickly." With that, the red head rushes at him at speeds that would make Rock Lee and Might Guy proud but being a speed demon himself, Fox noticed his movement was too straight forward and predictable which in his opinion was bad for the speedster.

So with a slight adjustment of his foot, he turns sideways as the yellow blur zipped passed him. KF cursed and tried to stop but sadly crashed into the wall… hard. Satsuki saw this from the ceiling and a sweat drop formed behind her head. "That was pathetic." She thought as Kid Flash groaned in pain.

"Next?" Robin responded by throwing several shuriken at the hooded blonde who easily deflected them all with his sheathed blade before grabbing the last one in between his index and middle finger. He was about to speak out until he heard something beeping and looked at the throwing weapon which was blinking red before turning green and unleashes a small explosion, releasing smoke around the area while the boy wonder smirks.

"Is that all you've got?" His eyes widened when he heard Fox who stood behind Robin with his back turned to him, sporting a bored expression on his face. Robin pulls out a pair of Eskrima Sticks and was about to spin around to strike Fox in the back but the sword wielding warrior was faster and struck him in the back with a strong roundhouse kick that sent him flying and crashing through an empty tank and into the wall.

"Robin!" Aqualad ran forward to go assist his friend only to block a red blur that would've cut him in two. Naruto smirks at the Atlantean with Kushinada pressed against the water hardened blades and pushed him back.

"And then there was one, do yourself a favor kid and surrender." He insisted.

"Never, I'm not going down that easily." Aqualad declared, getting into his fighting stance and readying his weapons.

Fox sighs and rolls his neck a few times. "Suit yourself." He twirled his blade a few times in a nonchalant fashion before slamming the tip of it into the hardened floor. He places his left hand around the lower part of the hilt and dashes forward, raking his blade across the ground. As soon as he got close, he performed an upward slash at the dark skinned Atlantean, who leapt back, barely dodging the blade that would've cut him in two.

Fox then adjusted his blade and swung downwards twice while Aqualad was on the defensive blocking the two hit combo before jumping back again when the hooded blonde spun around and attempted to hit him with a horizontal slash. "Come on kid is that all you've got?" Fox taunted as he delivered a thrust towards Aqualad. The water bearer in his left hand morphed into a shield and blocked the attack and skids back a little.

Aqualad decides to go on the offense and rushes at Fox, swinging the water shaped blade at his armored chest but Fox easily evades the strike by hopping to the left with a small grin on his face. The dark skinned teen willed the shape of the blade into a whip and swung it in a wide arc. Fox ducks as it sails over his head only for another water whip to wrap around his ankle and cries out in surprise as he was zapped with electricity that was conducted through the glowing eel tattoos on Aqualad's arm.

Fox raised his blade and swung it downwards, cutting the whip off and dispersing the water from the tip. "Heh, now that was shocking," He commented "Not bad kid, you're well trained in art of combat, you've got potential, but you're lacking something very important."

Aqualad raised a brow at this statement and was about to respond only for fox to appear in front of him in a burst of speed, catching him off guard and struck him in the face with the hilt of his sword, making him stumble back. He then grips the scabbard halfway and swings it to the left, hitting the 16 year old protégé of Aquaman in the back, causing him to spin before facing him again as the hooded blonde swung the sheathed blade upward and struck him hard in the chin.

The force behind it sent him flipping back and hitting the ground hard, groaning as his jaw throbbed from being struck with the hard sheathe despite his skin being more durable than a normal humans. "And the thing you lack young hero is drive."

Aqualad gets back up rubbing his jaw, keeping his eyes on his opponent. "What do you mean?"

Fox simply stares at him and shakes his head. "Forget it, you'll find out soon enough, that is if you live to see the neck sunrise." He answers drawing his blade once again, unaware of the sleeping girl slowly waking up from the pod.

And Cut! Here's my inspiration for The Swordslinger's story Masked Kitsune: Friend or Foe and like in his there are a few elements of metal gear in the mix. Now in regards to Naruto character I based it off of Jetstream Sam's from Metal Gear Rising as well as adopting his swordstyle in the mix and so that you all know Naruto can still use chakra and ninjutsu but I'm gonna leave that as a surprise for later in how he can use it and after regaining his body back.

For the Harem these are the girls that either be in it or potentials

In: Ravager (Rose Wilson) Satsuki Uchiha, Starfire, Blackfire, Cheshire

Potential: Miss Martian, Ultragirl (Connie Kent Fem. Version of Superboy), Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn.

This is the first chap and until next time peace out and hello to the spring season^^.