Maelstrom Fox: Friend or Foe

Okay folks I'm here with another chapter. Like in swordslinger's Naruto will encounter the Tamaranean sisters in this chap and Jason Todd AKA Red Hood will be a part of Naruto's and Satsuki's team they're creating. Also so that you all know Naruto will be out of the Light's employment soon and he's regaining his original body back, no ifs, ands, or buts! I've also been thinking about adding some metal gear characters in but only a few since I want to focus in the DC verse.

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Chapter 4: Partnerships and Alien Chicks

"So let me get this straight," Satsuki started as she sat in front of the bound vigilante with her legs crossed "You were a former protégé of Batman, killed by the Joker, revived by Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit and grew slightly insane from the pool's properties, and became a vigilante that kills correct?"

Red Hood nodded as he leaned against the wall. "Yep, now would it be too much trouble to untie me? This is very uncomfortable." He requested.

Satsuki pondered on this and narrowed her eyes at him. "Are you going to escape? Because if you are I'm gonna collect that bounty Blask Mask has on your head and bring it to him personally." She threatened in a calm yet deadly tone.

"Cross my heart, hope to die." He answered before Satsuki pulls a Kunai out of her pouch and cuts him out of the bindings, allowing him to rub the numbness out of his arms. "Any chance of me getting my gear back?"

Satsuki answered by pointing her Kunai at his throat. "I guess that's a no right?" The ravenette smirks and put the blade away.

"You're learning fast, by the way I'm Satsuki Uchiha." She introduced.

"Jason Todd." He pulls the helmet off, revealing the face of a young man about 18 years old with short black hair with two short bangs in front and a red domino mask. "So what brings you to these parts of Gotham?"

"Nothing much. My partner is retrieving a rock from The Ice Berg Lounge." The moment she said that his eyes widened.

"Ice Berg Lounge? That's penguin's spot. Your partner must very brave or have a death wish to steal from him."

"He's just retrieving it for our clients, we have no interests in trinkets since money isn't a problem for us, and we're just doing this ordeal temporarily." She answered.

"Freelancers… go figure though you don't look like the type to knock off someone for a quick buck." Jason commented, getting a smirk from her. "So when should your partner be here?"

His answer was the doors being kicked off the hinges and sliding towards their feet. "Right now." She said before turning her gaze at Naruto who looked like he was ready to slice someone to ribbons.

"Let me guess… our clients?" Satsuki asked and got a nod from him while Cheetah entered into the room with her overcoat hiding most of her form. "So who's the tag along?" Naruto clanked back at Cheetah and gave her a nod, resulting in her pulling her hood down.

I'm Barbara Minerva but I also go by Cheetah." She answered.

"Who's he?"

"Jason Todd, also goes by Red Hood, vigilante like the Dark Knight but kills." Satsuki answered while Jason kept staring at Cheetah.

"Whoa." Was all Jason could say as he saw the cat girl hybrid with wide eyes as Cheetah glanced back at him.

"Problem?" She questioned in an annoyed tone while tossing her coat aside.

"Huh? No, just surprised to see cat-girl, though you're a better sight to see than Killer Croc." Jason answered as she raised a brow at him "Trust me there's nothing on this planet that can freak me out or I haven't seen yet."

"Thanks… I guess" She said "So where do we go from here?"

Naruto pondered on this, rubbing his chin in though before smiling. "Why not start our own group?" Satsuki rolled her eyes, mumbling something about 'I should've known'

"Pass, I work alone." Jason stated as he leaned against the wall with his arms folded.

"Just hear me out first, we could be a group of freelancers, a group who is not afraid to cross the line against the criminal organizations that plague this world."

Now Jason was interested. "You mean be the opposite of the Justice League?" Naruto nodded at his answer. "Okay you've peaked my interest, we'll basically be getting out hands dirty then correct?"

"Pretty much, yes but first I have to end this temporary alliance I have with The Light." Naruto answered.

"Who?" Jason asked.

"An organization consisting of a group of super villains who think their ways are for the good of the earth." Sastuki explained.

That right made Jason weary. "Wait you're working for the bad guys?" He questioned, sporting an angry glare.

"Not by choice buddy so relax, we're doing this to keep the man who saved my life out of their clutches but once this deal is over, it's gonna be open season on those fools." Naruto answered.

Jason frowned for bit before nodding and looks back at Cheetah. "And what's your issue with them?"

"I was experimented on when they wanted to create an army of hybrids, I didn't always look like this." Cheetah flexed her hand and her nails lengthened into claws.

"Payback… I get ya." Jason pondered on this for a bit before shrugging "Ah what the hell? This might be fun, I'm in." Satsuki smirks and tosses him his gear while Cheetah nods in agreement. Naruto grins and claps his hands together.

"Then it's settled, we've got ourselves a group."

"So who's gonna explain the extras to Ivo?" Satsuki asked Naruto. He remained silent for a moment before smiling in a sheepish manner.

"Heh I'm still working on that." He answered and Satsuki palmed her face in annoyance muttering about idiotic blonde's not thinking before acting.

Star City Docks

Fox yawned in boredom as he watched Brick's thugs unload the crate of illegal weapons from a barge while Red Hood was inspecting the laser guns for any defects. "I don't see why you're so keen in using guns so much Hood."

The hooded biker twirled the fire arm a few time and practiced taking aim with it. "Do we really have to go through the whole guns and blades ordeal boss? Guns are more effective in my opinion and can be used in any range." He explained.

"Yeah but they don't have the efficiency of a blade though." Fox replied back as he drew Kushinada and gazed at the modified blade. "Blades can deliver clean and thorough strikes and they don't leave messes. Plus they're silent and not clunky like a gun is."

"But they lack range and are better used in close combat and considering the fact that you are a master swordsman and can basically cut down anything from a distance with just air pressure alone…" Fox snorted and twirls his blade a few times.

"Anyone can use a gun but it takes discipline to use a blade properly Red." He replied back. "You thinking about keeping a couple of those?"

"Maybe, they look like they could do some major damage. Heck I might keep a crate of these babies in case I need to replace any that I lose or get destroyed. You never know."

"Hey! Hands off the Merchandise!" Brick shouted as he approached the two. "Your bosses want these weapons in tip top shape and I don't want you screwing around with em, ya dig?"

"How's about you keep an eye on your thugs or I'll test this puppy on you to see how effective it is?" Red threatened as he pointed the high tech blaster at the clay-skinned meta human.

Brick on the other hand narrowed his eyes at the vigilante and smirked. "Go ahead then, I won't feel a thing." Brick challenged only for a flash of red to graze his cheek surprising him and feeling some blood trickle down the cut.

"Did you feel that?" Fox asked the stunned man as he inspected the crimson colored blade. "Your durable skin isn't so durable against Kushinada, also stop your bitching." He warned.

Brick gulped and turned his back to them while wiping the blood off his cheek with a handkerchief.

"Come on boss I wanted to test this out." Red states and got a chuckle from the blonde.

"Patience my biker themed friend, you get you're shot" He assured his partner as he sheathes his blade only to pause for bit and grin "Sooner than you think." As soon as he said that an arrow hit the surface of a crate one of the thugs were carrying and released a green smog. Brick gritted his teeth as the weapons scattered through the ground and kicked up one them in order to aim at Speedy who was atop the large cranes.

"Isn't that Speedy?" Red Hood asked Fox who nodded with his arms folded. "He's scowling like a brooder." That comment got the sword wielder chuckle at the jab.

The big red man was certainly not pleased by this sight "You again?! I'm started to get insulted Green Arrow's not stopping my operations personally!" He fires an explosive blasts that the acrobatic red clad boy avoided, performing several acrobatic feats until he manage to get some distance in order to jump and fire an arrow right into the canon's muzzle, which forced the whole gun to explode in Brick's hand and destroyed his suit, fortunately his pants were still on but that didn't stop his anger at losing his expensive Italian suit.

"Damn what a waste of a good suit, it looked real expensive." Fox stated.

"Do you know what I paid for a suit in my size?" the villain growled, making the blond merc chuckle before he and Hood took that as their cue. They watched new arrivals take down the other goons, Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad. An infuriated Brick rips big chunks of concrete from the floor and throws a couple at the former sidekicks. Speedy fired more explosive arrows with Aqualad helping him with the big pieces of rock the large man threw by slicing them in half with his Water Bearers, until Speedy finished it all with highly condensed foam made especially to capture super strong criminals like Brick.

"Shouldn't we stop them boss?" Red Hood asked as he glared at the bird-themed boy wonder as he knocked out a thug with a flying kick which fox took notice of.

"In a bit, how much cargo is loaded in the truck?"

"About 15 cases." Red answered, getting a nod of approval from Fox. "Should we head out before the heroes decide to destroy the shipment?"

Fox suddenly appeared beside the vigilante and deflects an arrow that came close to hitting him. "Mind your surroundings Hood." He advised as the archer took aim at the two. "So where's your Robin Hood themed partner Little John?"

Speedy scowled at the jab while the others appear beside their fellow sidekick. "Aw great it's the samurai guy." Kid Flash complained as he still remembered the beating he handed them back in Cadmus.

"Stay alert Speedy," Aqualad warned "He was able to take me, Robin, and Kid Flash down with little difficulty." Said arrow user simply scoffed.

"Maybe you four but I'm in a whole different league." Speedy declared.

Hood however rolled his eyes at the statement. "Wow arrogant much? Hey boss can I take this guy? Someone needs to knock him off his high horse."

"Heh, be my guest but don't forget we're on a schedule so don't play around." Fox advised. Red nodded before tossing the laser gun aside and pulls out a pair of customized colt .45 automatic pistols (picture ebony and ivory from the Devil May Cry game series) from his gun holsters.

"Let see which is faster, your arrows or my bullets sidekick!" Speedy fires a trick arrow but Hood fires one round, resulting in a small explosion. Red Hood leaps onto a metal crate and fires off several shots, making Speedy leap downwards into the lower crates for cover. As the duo had their fight the other sidekicks were about to assist their comrade only for Fox to land in front them with his trusty blade in his right hand smirking.

"Sorry no interfering allowed kiddies, say isn't passed your bedtimes? Do your mentors know you gallivant at this time of night!" Robin responds by chucking several birdarangs at fox who moves to the left before evading a water whip by Aqualad. Kid Flash sprints at him in order to deliver a super speed punch to the guy's head. Sensing the attack, Fox manages to crouch down and sweep kick the speedster off his feet, sending him flying and crashing into a crate. "He should really learn to control that speed." Fox commented as he stood back up and shouldered Kushinada. Aqualad shifted his water bearers into blade mode before dashing at the hooded blonde and engages in a sword fight with him.


On the other side, gunshots and explosions echoed throughout the area. Red Hood was covering behind a crate, reloading a clip back into his gun. "I'll say this much, the guy's pretty decent." Jason mutters as he reaches into his pouch and pulls out two smoke grenades. He pulls the clips and tosses them upwards into the air, resulting in them exploding and releasing a smokescreen around the area. Speedy curses as his sight was disabled by the smog but kept his trusty bow and arrow ready. He took a few steps back in order to get any glimpse of a shadow from the smoke but got nothing.

"Grrr… show yourself cowa-aargh!" He was struck in the back by a flying kick and sent crashing into the ground while Red Hood landed before him.

"I'm no coward Archer Boy." Speedy sprung back up with his bow in hand and reaches for another trick arrow only to dodges to the left as a kick was nearly sent across his skull and swings his bow at the biker clad vigilante like a makeshift sword but Hood duck and pulls out a knife. Roy swings at him again but Jason sidesteps, shifts his blade into a reversed position, and swings upwards, cutting the bowstring in half.

Speedy curses and ducks as his foe attempts to back hand him with his forearm and hits him in the side with the bow. Hood grunts and kicks the bow out of his quarry's hands before swinging the knife downwards across his chest but Roy moves back and chops the knife out of Hood's hand before grabbing him by the shoulders and delivering several knee strikes to his torso.

Jason stops the eighth one and gives him a jab to the chest and Spartan Kicks him away, making him stumble back. Roy reaches for an arrow only to freeze as he saw his foe holding his quiver full of trick arrows in a taunting manner before tossing it aside. "Let's see how you do without your little bow and arrows." Red challenges as he cracked his knuckles.

Speedy was berating himself. While he learned hand to hand combat under his mentor he wasn't as advanced due to fighting more at long and midrange and got into a fighting stance. "Come on!"


Robin was unleashing a combination of punches and kicks at the armor clad blonde who either blocked them with his left arm or weaved around them, holding his sword in a reversed form. Robin attempts to hit him with a flying kick, only for Fox to spin, avoiding his flying form, and send reverse heel kick to the boy's back, causing Robin to stumble and groan from the pain. Aqualad lets out a battle cry as he leapt at his opponent with his bearers taking the form of a pair of war hammers and brought them down.

Fox leaps to the right as they came down hard on the ground, causing cracks to form until the teenage Atlantean willed the water bearer in his right hand to form into a shield as Fox's foot connects and the force behind it. Naruto chuckles in amusement as the dark skinned teen skidded back a little from the impact but kept his ground. "Someone's been improving their technique." He praised only to get struck in the face by a yellow blur aka Kid Flash who did a U turn and rushes at his foe again. "Can't say the same for your yellow clad friend though." He plants his blade into the ground and uses his enhanced reflexes to spin and catch the speedster by the face before tossing him over his shoulder. "As a fellow speedster I'm frankly disappointed." He pauses as he hears Robin's cackle echo through the area. He picks up Kushinada and once again deflects a volley of shuriken by rotating his blade in a funnel like fashion and flings them back into the shadows, resulting in a few small explosions. Robin leapt out from the opposite side and performs an aerial kick but Fox grabs his ankle and tosses him backwards.

As soon as he turned his head, a water shaped mace struck him in the chest, causing him to stumble a bit before ducking when another one sailed over his head. Aqualad retracted his extended weapons and swung them forward in a crisscrossed fashion. Fox get into a battoujutsu stance as the water themed weapons got closer and drew Kushinada so fast, a red streak cut through the water weapons like a hot knife through butter.

Aqualad gets little time to react as Fox hits him with a fast shoulder tackle and slams into a metal crate, leaving a nice sized dent in it. The hooded blonde then checks his watch and sighs. "Sorry fellas playtime's over." With that he brought his index finger and thumb up to his mouth and lets out a sharp whistle.

With Red Hood

The gun wielder smirks as he delivered a vicious right hook to Speedy's jaw. The archer snarls as blood drips down his busted lips and lunges at his foe with his fist cocked back and performs a one-two jab that Red Hood blocks with his forearms before throwing a jab at the archer's torso. Roy moves to the left and hits Red with a mid-kick to the back.

"Ow…" Red complained as he stumbled a bit and glares back at Roy but under his helmet he was actually smiling. He was about to attack him again only to hear the sharp whistle and sigh. "Well it's been fun Speedy, you're a little rough around the edges in hand to hand combat but you've got a long way to go before you can match me." He pulls a flash grenade out and throws it to the ground, releasing a bright flash that forced Roy to cover his eyes from the bright light.

When it cleared and got his sight back, he growls due to his foe being gone and winces from the pain he was feeling from fighting the guy head on, knowing he probably got a few bruised ribs from those kicks.

The trio regrouped as their opponent leapt on top of the trucks cargo hold with Red hood landing beside him. "What should we do about Brick?" Jason asked due to the man still being restrained by the foam.

"Leave him he's of no concern to us, we have what we came for." Fox informed the vigilante. "You're driving by the way."

The anti-hero sputters as his boss hops down to the passenger side and grumbles a bit before getting into the driver's side of the truck and the trio left the docks with their cargo in hand. "We have to stop them!" Kid Flash says and was about to speed after them only for Aqualad to plance a hand on his shoulder.

"That won't do, Fox can easily take us down even if we worked together." Aqualad stated.

"But you did get a few hits on him though." Robin says.

"I got one hit on him too." KF declared.

"He wasn't taking the fight seriously Robin, I think he allowed me to hit him to test my skills and as for Kid Flash you manage to only get the drop on him when there was an opening since he could easily read your fighting pattern it wasn't hard for him to counter your attacks." The Atlantean informed the speedster whose shoulders slumped down.

Roy came limping to the others with his quiver and bow on his back, holding his side. "Dude you look like crap." Kid Flash stated only to cringe from the heated glare from the Auburn haired hero.

"Do you need any help?" Aqualad offered and his answer was Speedy turning away from him.

"No, I'll treat my own injuries, I don't need help from any of you." He snapped back as he limped away into the darkness. Robin frowned and was going to go help him only for Kaldur to bring his arm out to stop him.

"Let him go Robin."


"Dude, just let him go his pride's been injured, badly, we should head to the cave anyway since we left Superbabe and Miss Martian all by themselves." Kid Flash states with a grin on his face while Robin rolls his eyes.

"Seriously KF? The last time you tried to charm Supergirl, she almost fried you." He stated.

"What can I say? I like a challenge." The red head stated while his teammates blinked in wonder.

With Naruto and Hood

The two freelancers had successfully delivered the weapons to a private cargo plane owned by Lex Luthor that would be shipped to a secret base the light owned while they were sent back to Los Angeles Via a private jet courtesy of the Man of Metropolis who was also generous enough to supply them with two customized motorcycles while the duo were garbed in their biker outfits and Naruto had Kushinada strapped to the left side of his motorcycle as they were cruising through a dirt road in the outskirts of LA.

The color scheme of Jason's bike was blood red with black outlines while Naruto's was silver and red with the picture of a nine tailed fox that appeared to be leaping forward on each side of the hull. As they rode down the road, Hood glanced up at the sky to see the stars shining through the night. "I have to admit you can see the stars better in the outskirts than the city… wait what is that?" One of the 'stars' was growing bigger and seemed to be headed in their direction.

"Hey Boss." The biker spoke through the microphone that was built into the helmets.


"Is it just me or is that star getting bigger?"

"What star are you talking abou-" He looked up and his eyes widened as he noticed the descending 'star' "Split!" He shouted and the duo moved outwards as the projectile crashed landed through the woods. They spun their bikes around and skidded backwards as they hit the break lever on their vehicles and they came to a screeching halt.

"Whew, talk about a close call, was that a meteor?" Jason wondered as he lifted his visor as did Naruto.

"Don't know but let's check it out." Naruto answered.

"You want to check it out? What if it's some type of alien that eats brains and implants eggs into its victims?" Jason asked incredulously while Naruto placed the brake stand down and grabs Kushinada.

"We kill it." Was Naruto's answer to the vigilante who blinked owlishly and sighs in frustration.

"Better bring the big guns then." He muttered as he pulled a pair of laser guns he kept in the bike's built in side compartments out while his partner chuckles as they walked to the crash site. Once they made it the first thing they see is a deep crater with what looked like a large metallic pod with smoke rising around it.

"After you boss." Jason insisted.

Naruto's response was hopping and sliding down the crater while his ally joined up with him. "Stay alert Hood, we don't know what we're dealing with." The blonde advised as they cautiously approached the metallic pod with their respective weapon ready. The hatch was suddenly blasted off by what looked like violet energy and it hit the earthen wall. The duo paused as smoke escaped the inside of the pod and a figure walked out with eyes glowing violet eyes.

Once the smoke cleared it revealed whom both Naruto and Jason thought had to be the sexiest creature they ever laid eyes on (aside from Satsuki of course). Standing before them was a female with a golden-orange skin complexion and from her height seemed to be 5'9. She has waist length straight jet black hair which had a hint of purple with her hair two long smooth bangs framing each side of her face.

She also had two violet dots that represented eyebrows over her glowing violet eyes. Her outfit consisted of a black one piece that hugged her sexy toned figure like a secondary shin with matching elbow length black gloves and knee high length boots each with violet linings. From the size of her chest she was at least a high d cup that accumulated her nice curves, well framed legs, and firm rear.

"…Whoa." Was all Jason could say, looking like a deer staring into the headlights until Naruto snapped out of it and slapped the guy in the back of the helmet "I mean… we come peace?" The alien gazed at them and noticed their weapons which caused her fists to glow violet.

"Shit!" Was all Naruto could say as she swung her fists out and fired an energy blast that headed for them and he tackles Jason to the ground. The exotic skinned alien lets out a battle cry and dashes towards them like a rocket.

Naruto grabs Jason and throws him to the opposite side while drawing Kushinada at the charging alien chick who swings out at him with her glowing fist. The area around them shook violently as her fist impacted with the flat end of Naruto's crimson blade and said blonde skidded back a little from the physical attack, keeping her at bay. The battle of pure strength continued for a bit before they break the stalemate and leapt back.

Jason groaned as he shook the cobwebs out of head and saw the blast she released earlier turned the earth into a molten substance and shivered. "That could've been me." He said to himself before realizing. "Oh shit, boss!" He saw his ally facing the enraged alien as she threw a variety of fast yet strong punches that he dodged or blocked with the flat end of his blade. He leaps back as she slammed her fist into the ground causing the area around them to rumble. Jason was getting ready to draw his weapons but paused when Naruto shook his head and gave him a look that said 'I got this' and he nodded.

The alien girl rushes at him again but Naruto draws Kushinada over his head and swings her down fast and hard, creating an earth coated shockwave that cut through the ground and headed for its target. The alien flies over the attack only to let out an oofing sound as a powerful kick was delivered to her torso and sent crashing down towards the earth courtesy of Naruto.

Once he landed, a barrage of violet energy bolts headed towards him and he proceeded to dodge or deflect the small attacks that landed in different directions, causing small explosions. Smoke covered his vision as he kept a calm, keen eye out for his opponent until a bigger energy bolt headed right for him. Naruto swung his blade downwards and cut the blast in two but he was unprepared for the jaw shattering punch that nailed him right in the jaw before being hit by a one-two combo and sent flying back with a spin kick to the chest courtesy of the orange skinned chick.

Naruto lets out a grunt as he skids back from the attacks and stops while rubbing his jaw. "Man what is it with women possessing superhuman strength and wanting to knock my head off my shoulders? Did I piss off a female in a different life or something?" He complained before sheathing his blade and strapping it to his back in a horizontal fashion.

The unknown alien sported a smile on her face as he cracked his knuckles and got into a fighting stance, bringing his hand up and doing a 'come get some' gesture. Her smile grew at the challenge and rushes at him again with her right fist cocked back. Naruto repeats the action and dashes towards her. When they both closed in and threw their fists, another shockwave erupted and caused them both to fly back. Naruto manages to barrel roll before planting his feet on the earth wall with cracks forming under his feet while his foe stopped in midair.

The duo got back into their respective stance with the alien girl in the air ready to attack until a yellow energy blast sailed from the sky and hit her right in the back, causing her to cry out in surprise and pain as she hit the ground. Both Naruto's and Jason eyes widened as they saw dozens of what looked like black colored four armed metallic robo-squids with four glowing eyes descending towards the trio.

"Hey boss."

"Yeah Jason?"

"We're gonna need some bigger guns." The vigilante answered.

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