When Naruto got Kushina pregnant

By jelloboy09

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It was a peaceful evening at the Uzumaki residence. Everything was fine as usual, well, except for one thing. Naruto is still training.

"Arggg, I can't get Pervy Sage's jutsu right!" Said Naruto who couldn't perfect the new toad jutsu he's training. Naruto reached for Jiraiya's bag and picked some scrolls. "Aha maybe this one's the scroll he used to summon his toads. Maybe they can help me." Naruto then opened it. The seal was written in blood and had a name on it saying "Great Paradise Jutsu". "Alright let's try this one. Naruto did the said hand signs: Tiger, Ox, Rat, Dragon, and Monkey. Suddenly a pink aura surrounded the whole Uzumaki residence. Kushina came out to bring Naruto some snacks when she noticed the pink aura.

Kushina shouted"Naruto, just what do you think you're doing young man!?" Naruto then answered "I used Pervy Sage's Scroll that's-" Naruto was cut off by a bright flash which blinded the two. When Naruto opened his eyes the aura is gone and went running to Kushina.

"Mom, are you okay?" Naruto said. Kushina answered "I'm fine honey, I just feel different." Kushina then looked at her son. She was feeling seduced to her son she couldn't resist it and kissed Naruto on the lips. Naruto reacted quickly to this and pushed away

. "Mom, why did you do that?" said an angry Naruto who was also confused why she kissed him.

"I don't know, I'm sorry but it felt so good kissing you?" Kushina blurted. Naruto was surprised by what his mother said. His own mother loved kissing him. He felt his cock harden with the thought of it yet it was so wrong. "Well then if it makes you happy then let's do it again!"

Naruto smiled at her mom, hoping she would kiss him again. Kushina then rushed her smooth luscious lips to her son's lips and kissed him. This time, it's torrid. Naruto kissed her back and placed his hands on her waist, touching her big ass cheeks. Kushina and Naruto's tongues battle for dominance as they explore one another's cavities. Kushina was losing breath from all of this and finally she released from Naruto's lips. She gasped for air while Naruto moved to her neck planting his kisses around her neck to her shoulder and her collar bone. "Ahhhh, Naruto, more!" Kushina was so aroused by Naruto's incestuous doing yet it felt so good.

"Mom, let's do this inside." Naruto lifted Kushina's thighs and walked inside while still nibbling on her collar bone. Finally they reached the bathroom. It was big. It had a bath tub in the middle able to fit about four people. Kushina wanted to ask her son, even though she already knew the answer.

"Naruto will you fuck me and make a mother again?"

This hit Naruto's mind. It made him go nuts. Just the idea of her mom being pregnant made him so horny, let alone his own child. "Mom, I would love to!" Kushina the stepped back away from Naruto and took of her black dress revealing her body which was still covered by her shirt and panties. Naruto then removed all of his clothes very fast. He was so excited to fuck her mom. Kushina then removed her shirt revealing her breast she doesn't wear bras.

"Mom, your breast, they're so big. Do they have milk?" Naruto was surprised of how big her mom's breasts were. Now who wouldn't be? By the looks of it she's a D cup with big black areolas. This made Naruto so horny, he flushed red. Kushina then answered her son "Of course! They're jiggling filled with it!" Naruto then jumped on Kushina pushing her into the tub that was filled with soapy water. Naruto then took one of his mom's breasts into his mouth sucking them, releasing the tasty milk of his mother while caressing the other one.

Kushina moaned in great pleasure. She had never felt like this ever since Minato died. Back then every time Minato came home they'd have sex even if she was pregnant. Minato loved her big belly and big pussy plus her milky. Now, she hopes Naruto can do the same thing for her too. When Naruto was done milking her mom Kushina pushed her down.

She wanted dominance this time. "Honey, it's my turn." With that, she took hold of Naruto's throbbing 10 inch cock which was already causing pain to Naruto. She toyed with it a little bit as Naruto moaned form the intense pleasure Kushina was giving him. Kushina then got serious and took Naruto's purple headed dick into her mouth slowly until it reached her throat almost choking her. Naruto gasped, he felt his pre cum come out already. Kushina then licked it in her mouth while bobbing her head giving the whole body of Naruto's cock so much pleasure. Naruto couldn't help it anymore. He was gonna cum in no time.

"Mom, I'm coming!" screamed Naruto as he shot his seed into her mother's mouth down to her throat. Kushina then took out Naruto's cock out of her mouth as it still spilled sperm on her face. "You naughty young man! You made me dirty!"

Kushina was so proud of her young man. At the age of 16, he was able to pleasure her that much.

"Mom, can we go to the main event? I want to make you pregnant already." Naruto exclaimed.

"Then do it! Fill me with your child!" Kushina then rested her back on the tub.

"As you wish mom." Naruto then moved closer to Kushina and lifted her legs putting them on his shoulders and prepared his cock for entrance to her mom's squirming pussy underwater. He then inserted it fast and let it rest in there for a while to get used to the tight feeling. "Oh Naruto your fat cock is so big! Even bigger than your father." Shouted Kushina who was experiencing extreme pleasure from Naruto's sex. Naruto then moved in and out of her slowly making the tip of his cock almost leave her entrance then pushing it all back in. Kushina's walls tightened. She can't take it anymore she was gonna cum. "Naruto, I'm cumming!" and with her word she felt her orgasm released and surrounded Naruto's rock hard cock.

All this feeling and with Kushina's walls tightening even more he couldn't stop it anymore and was about to come. "Mom I'm cumming." Kushina was so aroused she's about to come again.

"I'm cumming to son. Fill me with you're seed, make me pregnant!" with one last push, Naruto released his sperm into his mother's womb letting it mix with her juices.

He was cumming so fast non stop filling his mother's belly and make her belly swell a bit. Kushina was so happy from their incestuous doing and kissed Naruto's lips, this time with more feelings.

"Thank you Naruto. I promise, I'll be a loving mother to you and our child. Well, as long as you fuck me!" Naruto then touched her mother's womb. He knew that with what they did she'd sure be pregnant. "Thanks mom, I'll protect he two of you no matter what." With that the two cleaned their selves and went to Kushina's room to sleep a while, naked. Kushina rested atop Naruto with his cock in her. After that they fell asleep.

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