Kushina's pov

It's about 7 in the morning and its raining outside. I then felt a soft kick in my belly. My belly has gotten so big already it feels like I'm gonna have twins. I then got up from my bed slowly so as not to disturb Hinata and Mei who are still sleeping. I then went outside to see Naruto outside under the rain meditating.

"Honey, can I join you there?"

"Sure mom!" replied Naruto. He's such a handsome man! I just love him too much.

I then joined him out there and sat beside him on the grass while it was raining. I then traced my hand's through his thighs to his cock and massaged softly to make it stiff. Naruto moaned softly as he opened his eyes and started carressing my breasts. He then pushed me to the ground and started licking my neck slowly going down until he found my left nipple and started sucking them. My breast released so much milk it was oozing out of Naruto's mouth. Naruto then groped the other breast and played with my nipple. Damn he's so good with this! After a while of massaging and pleasuring he positioned his cock infront of my pussy and inserted it slowly and deeply making my pussy quiver. He then picked up his pace while massaging my belly.

"Naruto please make me cum!"

Mom my cum's gonna explode in you! Here it comes!" replied Naruto.

Naruto then made one big thrust as his cum swimmed in my womb spraying on my baby. He then pulled out and helped me stand up. I then kissed him on the cheeks and left for the kitchen to make breakfast for the four of us. I made some omelet and fried chicken and stir fried noodles for us. I then heard foot steps from the stairs. It's hinata.

"Kushina, what's for breakfast" said Hinata while rubbing her small bump. She's about a month pregnant already while Mei is at her tenth month cuz its a jinchuriki's baby.

"I made some noodles, omelet and fried chicken. Is Mei awake already?"

"Yup she's having sex with Naruto actually. They should go down any minute."

-Mei's POV-

"Oh Naruto! My baby loves the way you fuck me! It's kicking so much it makes me cum a lot more!"

Naruto's such a good fucker my god. He makes me feel like his wife or something like that with the passion he shows. I then felt a sharp pain in my pussy. Then I felt the sheets go wet and Naruto suddenly pulled his cock out.

"Mei it looks like you're gonna give birth! I'll call the midwife don't worry".

He then rushed down stairs as Hinata and Kushina climbed up stairs into the room.

"Mei don't worry. Naruto will be back in a jiffy". Said Kushina who was still naked and has cum dripping from her pussy.

I then felt another contraction. I hope Naruto can come back anytime soon.

-Naruto's POV-

"Hello is midwife Tsunade here?" I asked as he entered the small cottage where patients were held.

"I'm here. Who's gonna give birth?" said Tsunade.

"Ms Tsunade. Please come with me."

Damn her boobs are so big I hope she falls for my jutsu! We finally made it to our compound and we climbed upstairs as she helped Mei give bith.

-After a few hours-

"Okay one last pushand the baby's out!" said Tsunade.

With one last hard push the baby came out. The baby had a tan skin color and golden hair.

"It's a girl!"

Tsunade then wrapped the baby in a piece of cloth and gave it to Mei as she feeded the baby with her leaking tits. We then went downstairs and had some breakfast while we left Mei and her baby upstairs so she could have some rest.

"So Ms. Tsunade do you wan't some tea?"I said.

"Well thank you Naruto!" she replied as she bowed down revealing her deep cleavage with her crystal pendant in between it making me flush red.

Kushina then pinched me and whisphered. "Naruto do you think what I think? "

"Well I tihnk so" I said in a soft voice as I rubbed her belly while Hinata was alredsy preparing tea.

Tsunade then sat down as Hinata served us tea. She then noticed that Hinata's pregnant too just like Kushina. I think she's getting in to something here.

"So Naruto, I noticed that Mei's baby had a slightly dark skin tone and bright blue eyes. So who's the father?" said Tsunade.

"Killer Bee raped her actually. You know, the evil rogue ninja!" I replied.

"Oh I see. But who's the father of Kushina and this girl's baby?"

I didn't know what to say. I was looking at mom and she looked at me mad while Hinata was just there smiling at me. Mom then stood up and then she kissed me on the lips as Hinata also stood up and also kissed me on the lips. They then placed each of my hands on their belly.

"Naruto's the father of our babies so if you've got a problem with that then leave!" the two said in unison. I'm so happy they stood up for me. They stood up for our love and sex. I guess they really do love me.

"Ah I see." Tsunade said. She then stood up and turned around but instead of leaving, she took off her kimono revealing her milky breasts. She then walked closer to me and grabbed one of my hands and placed them on her boobs.

"I may be lactating but I've never had a baby. I 've tried almost all the handsome men of Konoha but they don't work! Please make me pregnant!"

I then looked at mom's eyes. I guess we really were thinking of the same thing. Hinata then pulled me up and pat me on the back.

"Good luck honey! Go on make a baby! We'll join later." said mom. "Yeah Naruto. We'll just have to wait." said Hinata who was rubbing her belly again.

So I grabbed Tsunade's hands and guided her to the bathroom since I haven't taken a bath yet.I carried her and placed her inside the bath tub and poured some aphrodisiac oil I made. I then took off my clothes and joind her in the tub.

"Naruto, can we go for some foreplay first? I want some fun before we make a baby!" said Tsunade who was wiggling her boobs as she squeezed some milk out.

"Sure! I'm hungry, can I have some milk?" I said to her. She then pulled me close to her and kissed me playing with our tongues. I excavated her cavities and played with her mouth as she did it to me too. We fought for dominance for a good 3 minutes until we finally needed some air. I then moved to her neck and nibbled on her colar bone making her moan in ecstacy. I grabbed her right boob and carressed it slowly and squeezed it like a pressure ball. She then pushed my head down to her other breast and made me suckle on it as she released her hot tasty milk. I drank every drop I can get as I drained the other one.

She then raised her waist and ripped her pants revealing her soft hairy entrance.

"Naruto do it now. I want a baby!"

"Here comes the monster Tsunade!"

I then positioned my stiff cock in front of her pussy and inserted it all into her. She gasped as my cock rubbed with her insides. Slowly I moved in and out increasing my as she moans louder and louder. I trippled my speed and kept on pumping in her as her muscles finally clinched on to my cock.

"Ughh Naruto, I'm cumming!"

She released her juices around my cock making it all wet and smoother to move. After fucking her for a few more minutes I finally came in her with my sperm filling her up.

"Hehe, look I just gave you a creampie." I said to Tsunade as my cum slushed out of her pussy.

"I can feel it Naruto! You're bound to make anyone you fuck pregnant!"

We then cleaned ourselves and went down. We were surprised with what we saw. Mom and Hinata were in a sixty-nine position on the floor fingering each other while the other hand rubbed each others belly. The floor was really wet because of their then both looked up and smiled at us.

"We waited too long so we had to make some fun for each other!"

I just smiled at them and started to get ready to join the fun.

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