this first one is from/for cowboydiplomacy

Jim, Spock, and an assortment of crew, had been planet-side for a good part of the day, and instead of commencing with the political double talk, like they were supposed to, they'd been stuck on kiddy duty. Jim drags his fingers over the wooden table, and sighs not-dramatically-at-all. Across from him, Spock is trying to completely Vulcan-ignore him, by making busy with the only padd. That Spock had thought of bringing, and 'therefore, Captain, you may not use it'.

Jim shakes the table, and Spock not-glares, because, 'Vulcans do not glare, Captain'.

"Let me use it, spock, I wanna look adulty so the hyper kids don't drag me to play again." he says, glancing out to the play area, because this planet doesn't have playgrounds, so he can't call it one.

"Negative, Captain, I am currently running several important experiments, that the science department cannot fully operate nor fully complete without my additional knowledge." Spock says, and Jim squints at him.

He's getting some liar-liar-Vulcan vibes, but Spock just continues poking at the padd.

"Then why'd you even beam down?"

Spock's fingers freeze over the padd, "I am the first officer of the Enterprise it is my duty- to follow my Captain."

Jim catches his slight stutter, squints again, and nods in pretend agreement. Spock goes back to poking the padd. Spock being dodgy is Spock trying valiantly to hide something.

Jim really wants to keep on bugging him until Spock spills, but,

"What evers." he says, resting his hand on his cheek.

He likes the phrase, the kiddies had been yelling that all day, and the universal translator had only been capable of spewing that specific translation out. From the corner of his eye he watches Spock totally Vulcan-convulse and stare at him. He's going green, and Jim smirks. Spock stares some more and then his lips twitch a really tiny twitch.