prompt from anonny (but tumblr ate it when i tried to do thing) along the lines of: spock's first time eating ice cream, and (i think) the ice cream is jim's favorite.

a/n: unbeta'd, post-stxii

"Aw come on, Spock. It'll be fun" Captain Kirk jogs sideways besides him, smiling, with exertion reddened cheeks.

"I will not, Captain." Spock says, continues striding down the Enterprise's corridors.

They pass an occupied turbo-lift, and Spock does not let irritation show, while his Captain is far too occupied with grinning at him, and attempting to not injure himself. Spock wishes Dr. McCoy had not waylaid him on the bridge, he would not be politely saying absolutely not to his Captain; he would be in the science labs— yet more likely, completing paperwork in his silent quarters.

Spock pauses at the curve of the corridor to let crew pass, and turns a corner, and Captain Kirk, "It's just ice cream. What'd you think's gonna happen."

There is a turbo-lift directly ahead, Spock continues on, "You are attempting to convince by omission, Captain."

Spock makes it to the turbo-lift, Captain Kirk sliding to stop in front of him, the physical effort of respecting Spock's personal space is very evident, "Another point of contention for you, Captain: why would I take sustenance from the liquid secretion of an earth mammal?"

"It's not milk." Captain Kirk says, as if fighting himself for words, and Spock presses the manual turbo-lift opener around him, "Ice cream. Ice cream is not milk, Spock, you can't play that card, I know Chekhov talks with you."

Indeed, Chekhov has a fondness for holding no ones attentions but his own, when he begins tales of his 'Mother Russia', with statements at contradiction to known facts; specifically, the claim of the invention of frozen dairy originating there.

Spock watches the turbo-lift tracking numbers come closer to this deck, looks over to Captain Kirk, whose arms are crossed, "Very well. you are still falsifying your intentions by omission."

"Uh well," he retains the ability to abash, and glances away, as the turbo-lift opens, and crew pass them by, with quick greetings, "Well, if you already know, than why do I have to say!"

His prior excitement bursts through, as his logic leaves his mouth, and Spock pauses between the turbo-lift and the corridor, "To make the situation perfectly aware."

Spock takes a breath, because what he wants to say is not what he says, and what he wants to say is that it is unlike him to create falsifications among companions. Spock will not venture further in this thought trajectory.

Spock turns and announces his quarters as destination; Captain Kirk glares at him from the corridor, before shouldering in. Spock glances at him, sees him applying pressure to his nose ridge, before, aggravated, "Fine. okay, dammit, fine. I want to have ice cream with you, because I want to. And also because I'm gonna pick out the flavors, since I know all the good ones, and because I know you— like, yeah, whatever— you like chocolate.'

Captain Kirk stops, staring into the bulkhead, with a pursed frown.

"Intoxication is not your primary goal?"

Captain Kirk continues staring forward, and the turbo-lift comes to stop and opens, and he wipes his hand over his face, "I just— okay, Spock, I'll see you on-shift."

and then, "What did you just say."

He turns to Spock, eyes widening, and Spock shifts under the look, "Intoxic—"

"No, no," he bares his teeth, and grasps Spock's arm, and Spock lets him pull them out of the turbo-lift, "You only make conversation keep going if you're interested, Spock."

Captain Kirk releases his hold, and Spock straightens his uniform, "I admit a certain interest in Terran culinary endeavors."

Captain Kirk's disturbing grin has not left his face, "Let's go eat some ice cream."

He begins sauntering off, glances back to Spock, stops, until Spock ultimately decides to follow, with the remnants of some type of pride at his feet.

As Spock follows, follows in the direction of his quarters, "Captain, my replicator is not set to create frozen dairy products."

"Don't worry about it," he shrugs, grin softened, still evident "Scotty and I rigged a couple in the mess months ago, so it'll be a piece a' cake."

Spock settles in his quarters low seating area, watches Captain Kirk manipulate the intricacies of his replicator, because Captain Kirk would accept no assistance, adamant that the particular adjustments he was to do, were possible without assistance. He looses an exhilarated exclamation, upon his successful adjustments, and springs to his feet, already inputting the necessary requirements for the frozen dairy.

He turns seconds later, two bowls of frozen dairy in hand, and brings them to Spock, sitting one down in front of Spock, and the other, he keeps in hand as he sits.

"Got you mint chocolate chip— 'is my favorite, and me, " got some good ol' chocolate." he says, poking a small spoon into his food.

Spock picks up his own small spoon, and scoops up a portion of the cooling dairy product, "Why did you not take our favorite as your own?"

Spock brings the cold to his lips, and tastes.

"I— uh, well, that's the one that tasted the most authentic, and I wanted you to get a real good taste," he says, blush rising, and brings a spoon of melting chocolate to his mouth.

Spock rolls the concentrated taste of mint over his tongue, pleased with the smoothly sever taste, and brings the mint to his mouth again; this time a wet smooth of chocolate drifts amidst the green mint.

"You actions are appreciated, Jim."

Jim looks up from his empty spoon, "You like it?"

"Very much so." Spock continues finishing his mint.

He smiles, eyes crinkling, a full, bright smile, "That's great, that's great, Spock."

Jim looks back down at his empty bowl, runs his fingers down the inside and brings the dripping chocolate to his lips, sucking them clean, until the bowl, too is free of chocolate, "You want seconds? I'm gonna go get some strawberry."

Spock moves his empty bowl to the side, "I am satiated for the moment, would you care to play chess as you eat?"

Jim answers in the affirmative, and goes to the replicator. Spock shuffles a few articles under the table and locates the 2D chessboard, begins setting it up. Remembers the silent ministrations of Jim cleaning his fingers, so overtly sexual, that he must have been aware, or simply too excited by frozen dairy to care.

Spock wonders what the warm taste of chocolate would taste like on Jim, as he leans closer, and kisses him, mixing with the heady smooth of mint, and the crinkling laughter that would be Jim, as Spock helps him taste Spock's own mint wet tongue— but, he looks up as Jim returns, and his thoughts are for another time.

a/n: jims fav ice cream is mint dark chocolate chip bc i love me some mint dark choco; also spocks prolly a lil tipsy thats my only excuse for that daydream at the end tbh shhh what do u mean vulcans have a poor sense of smell and therefore taste shh