Now I cried writing this fanfic….. It's very sad I think it will have about 3 - 4 Chapters. I hope you all enjoy :) Oh and you might remember some basted thats going to be in this story!

"Chase we can't keep this up much longer!" Yelled Jinja. The Core tech Team had been camping in a forest, it was Jinja's birthday and the team had bought her a mobile phone (With Jinja's credit card, they hand't told her that yet, he,he)

when S.T.O.R.M attacked out of the blue. Chase and Dax where taking out some of the ships with Lock, Airswitch, Boost and Nightstone. That left, Jinja, Bren and Beyal to fight off S.T.O. monsuno's. They had started fighting with there monsuno's about 6 minutes their time was almost up.

"I know Jin, I know" muttered Chase thinking about what he was going to tell them to do. Finally Chase spoke up again, "Come on guys lets go while we still can!" yelled Chase.

"Oh come on Suno this was getting interesting!" yelled Dax just as Boost took out another ship. Just as Dax finished his sentence, Airswtich and all the other monsuno's returned to their cores, "Ah scratch that lets get out of here" said Dax putting his cores away.

Chase, Jinja, Beyal, Bren and Dax where soon running flat out through the forest with S.T.O.R.M right behind them, the mothership flying above their heads, soon they came to a cliff and over the edge was a lake. "What do we do!" whined Bren holding his satchel close to him.

"We go down!" laughed Dax jumping off the cliff just as the S.T.O.R.M People came charging out of the forest.

Beyal jumped next, then Chase who had to drag Bren over, then came Jinja just as the S.T.O.R.M mothership sent robotic arms out of the ship.

Dax who had already landed in the water with Beyal watched as the others jumped to, Chase splashed down next, then Bren, then Jinja, but to Dax, Chase's, Bren's and Beyal's horror as Jinja hit the water and went under, one of the claws followed and when it emerged again it had Jinja in it's claw.

"JINJA!" Yelled Chase, he was the closest to Jinja and he grabbed her hand just before it could take he away, but it still took her up, Dax had to grab Chase's legs.

"Don't let go SUNO!" he yelled, Chase tried to get a better grip.

"Chase help!" yelled Jinja as it took he higher. Chase's hands started to slip and then he lost his grasp. "NO!" he yelled as the robotic claw took Jinja up to the ship.

Chase landed again in the water with Dax. "Oh crag" muttered Dax.

Beyal and Bren had swam to shore and where watching in horror, "Chase, Dax I am sorry to say this but we must leave!" yelled Beyal as he watched the ship come closer.

5 hours later

Chase was pacing back and fourth under a tree, "Anything?" he asked for the 15th time, Bren was getting really annoyed now. "NO CHASE! I'll tell you if I get a call" he shouted. Chase kicked a stone in anger, he new Jinja only had one free call on her phone and he had her credit card.

"Stop beating yourself up over it Suno" said Dax who was leaning on a tree. Beyal was trying to get a vision as he sat on a rock.

"NOT BEAT MYSELF UP OVER IT!" yelled Chase storming towards Dax, "How can't I! I let her sip right through my fingers!" he yelled, Dax held up his hands in defeat and was about to answer when.

"IT'S JINJA! SHE'S CALLING" Yelled Bren, Chase ran towards Bren. Beyal opened his eyes and watched while Dax stood there waiting. Bren stood up and took a step towards Chase when he tripped on a tree root and dropped the tablet smashing it.

'NO!" Yelled Chase glaring at Bren.

"Nice going Glasses!" snapped Dax getting ready to beat him up that was the last straw. Beyal even looked angry.

"Oh Bren why?" he moaned smacking his face. Bren sat up and looked away he was feeling really guilty. It was his fault that they might never get to see Jinja again.

A S.T.O.R.M jail sell

"Please pick up, please" muttered Jinja to herself as she sat on a steal bench in a small steal room with a door and some bars where a gap was where they gave her food, she couldn't see any light or anything. Both her core's had been taken and she had been given, black and yellow PJs to wear.

"Come on" muttered Jinja as the phone kept ringing and then… silence. Jinja felt tears coming to her eyes she slumped down on the ground in a ball of tears. "Please Chase hurry!" she cried.


I'm going to let you in on a little hint here, I think that Dax is 16 Chase is 15, Beyal 15, Jinja 15 and Bren is 14. Oh and the next to chapter is based around 5 years later.