chapter Two

wishful thinking

Summary: Skipping school is a big deal for Eddward. But not so much for kevin.

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Eddward's eyes fluttered open as he felt the warmth of the sun engulfing his body. Curling back into the blankets he let the warm radiance of the sun smother him before closing his eyes once more. The sock head let his mind wander as the fog cluttering his mind began to lift. The sun rays are very warm today. Eddward thought absently mindedly, a sweet smile gracing his lips. A couple minutes went by before his mind was completely ready for rational thought, and it just so happen that Eddward's first rational thought was about the sun he had been basking in.

"Sunlight?" The teen said frantically as he threw himself out of bed. His eyes fell on the alarm clock. The sock clad teen was certain he had set it at least three times the night before. "Unplugged?" Eddward asked himself running his hands through his raven colored hair. His mind raced searching for answers to his confusion.

"Last thing I remember?" The sock head whispered beginning to pace across his room. He thought to his night. Eddward had been in his room alone. It had been another sleepless night as the sock clad teen attempted desperately not to think of his parents. There hadn't been much luck. As much as he wanted too he couldn't forget the parents he had barely known in the first place. It had come to a relief when he saw Kevin standing in his room that night, and though he was a tad uncomfortable with the intimacy of the hugging. He hadn't been completely appalled by it. In Fact Eddward had finally found some sleep.

"Kevin!" Eddward said aloud with a huff. All feelings of fondness forgotten. He quickly dressed himself, threw on his sock hat, and took care of the minimal

hygiene he needed to make himself presentable. The teen sighed not having enough time for his normal routine. He had never been late for school, it was a major taboo in his household. Eddward let his hands run across his bed as a major sock head dilemma ran through his brain. Waste time making the bed or run out the door full speed towards school. The sock head bounced from one foot to the other in a nervous dance before turning deciding on the lesser of two evils.

"Messy, messy, messy, messy!" echoed down the hall as Eddward sprinted down the stairs to the kitchen where he found the alarm clock suspect. Kevin was calm as ever; his mother's kitchen sat in shambles. Various breakfast supplies decorated the counters and the redhead doned his mother's pink and white apron. pancake batter smeared across his right cheek all the way up to his signature red hat. The sight had stopped Eddward in his tracks.

"What are you doing?" The brunette had ran out of words. The redhead raised a brow to his new kitchen mate as he continued to mix the batter he had in his blue bowl.

"What does it look like dorky?" Kevin answered slightly annoyed. Eddward let a glare find his face.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for school instead of making breakfast? It's..." The raven haired teen scanned the kitchen for a clock. "11:20?!" A wide smirk spread across Kevin's face as he watched the sock clad teen pace back and forth panic covering his face as he chanted "OH GOD!" agian and agian. The teen suddenly shot an angry look to the much larger teen in the room. Kevin was a tad taken back by the look, and began to step back when the smaller teen started marching to him; his finger extended in an unapproving point.

"YOU!" Eddward's finger had made it too Kevin's chest.

"Me?" The redhead had no idea why he even asked. He was the only other person in the room.

"You..." Eddward was seething with anger and even though in the past Kevin had been the one more times than not to cause the little sock head fear. It seemed the roles were reversed. The sock head could see it on Kevin's face and a sudden surge of adrenaline rushed through his body. A surge that Eddward had quite enjoyed. " YOU UNPLUGGED MY ALARM CLOCK!"

"Actually, I ripped it out." The slight fear Kevin had felt evaporated from his body and was instead replaced with excitement. Somehow arguing with the sock head was a thrill. The smaller teen had never yelled at Kevin and it brought a tingle to the redheads spine. Kevin liked a fiery Eddward. It was something new and very unexpected.

"Mother and Father would be furious!" Eddward began as he once again started to pace. " They would never except such reckless behavior. How could you be so irresponsible?"

"I'd hate to be blunt princess, but your parents aren't here." As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted it. Smooth move Kevin. Guilt began to fill the redhead as Eddward's face distorted into something between angry and hurt. The sock head began to purse his lips in thought. Kevin's word's had hurt, but after a second thought the redhead had been right. They weren't here, and really they had never been there in the first place.

Look, Double D, I'm sorry." Eddward was surprised. Kevin had never apologize to him. Not once, and it made the raven haired boy uncomfortable and ansty. Oh god, It seems he is going to speak again. Eddward thought as he watched Kevin's mouth began to form words. The sock head panicked. For reasons he couldn't understand the smaller teen didn't want to hear what Kevin had to say, so instead he quickly grabbed a handful of the long forgotten flour setting on the counter.

"You're correct Kevin." Eddward announced throwing the hand full of dust into Kevin's surprised face. "They are not." The redhead wiped the flour from his eyes and looked to his kitchen companion who wore a nervous yet proud smile. Kevin let a growl escape his throat as he snatched up the pancake batter he had been working on and dumped it on Eddward's sock clad head. Both teens stood there too in shock to move. Finally Eddward chanced a peek and lifted the bowl on his head to look. Kevin stared back at him a confused frown on his face. Seconds went by like this before both teens erupted into laughter. Eddward wrapped his arms around his waist as he slid down the wall that was next to him.

"Good lord man." The sock clad teen sighed out when he reached the floor. He quickly removed the bowl. Kevin let another fit of laughter escape his lips as he joined his companion on the floor. A comfortable silence fell over the teens as they looked ahead.

"Thank you." Eddward whispered afraid to break the atmosphere. Kevin let his eyes fall onto the smaller teen. A confused frown tugged at his lips.

"What for, dork?" Kevin asked perplexed. The sock head let a tear slide down his cheeks as he leaned his sticky face onto Kevin's flour covered shoulder.


It had been hours since Eddward and Kevin had gotten cleaned up from their messy event. Now both teens had found their way onto the couch; the movie they had started long forgotten and instead replaced by sleep.

Riiiing. Kevin rubbed his eyes momentarily confused and groggy. Riiiiiing. The teen let his eyes fall onto the phone next to him on a small coffee table. The redhead sighed and lazily reached over to grab the phone.

"Hello?" The redhead grumbled out as he rubbed the sleep from his tired eyes. It had taken a few minutes for the person on the other line to answer, but Kevin immediately recognised the irritated voice.

"Eddy?!" Kevin shrieked loud enough to awake his sleeping companion in a flurry of panic. It didn't take Eddward very long to figure out who was on the other end of the phone. A look of panic crossed the sock clad teens face as he began to violently shake his head.

"Double Dweeb ain't here Eddy, so stop calling!" The redhead snapped into the receiver as he hung up the phone. Sound's of Eddy's disapproval filled the room before silence. Kevin fiddled with the phone as Eddward nervously fidgeted and focused on the tv. It was beginning to feel a bit awkward again as many minutes passed.

"What's with you and Eddy?"Kevin finally blurted out. Eddward snapped his attention to the redhead. The redhead rubbed the back of his neck nervous under the dark haired teen's gaze, and Kevin was starting to regret his statement.

"What do you mean Kevin?" The redhead was thankful that Eddward had finally decided to speak. Kevin let his mind focus as he searched for the words he wanted. The teen relaxed into his spot on the couch before he continued.

"I mean, why are you avoiding him?" Kevin finally asked as he chanced a glance at the teen sitting next to him. The sun shined through the window and illuminated Eddward as he sat indian style his crystal blue eyes gleamed as he let his mind flutter. His lip sucked into his mouth as he lightly chewed on it. Kevin was taken back. When had Eddward the boy across the street become... Beautiful. Without warning or permission one of Kevin's hands had found itself lightly placed on Edd's cheek. The sock clad teen let his eyes met Kevin's green orbs for the first time ever.

"I'm afraid of what he might say." Eddward's velvet voice and deep blush brought Kevin out of his trance and he retracted his hand hastily. Quickly he repositioned himself so that some space occupied the place between him and Edd. Kevin took some time to absorb the sock head's words.

"Eddy might be a dork and a snake, but when it comes to you..." Kevin started as he turned to his red cap to hide his face. "He would never do anything to hurt you. He's a good friend to you." Eddward stared at the redhead completely in shock. The look didn't go unnoticed by Kevin and embarrassment quickly turned into annoyance.

"If you tell anyone I stuck up for him...I'll deny it." The redhead added flatly. Eddward let a laugh escape his lips as he flopped onto the couch. Kevin growled and tossed the pillow that had taken residence on floor at the giggling teen. Eddward laughed harder as he hugged the pillow tight. The sock clad teen's giggle had finally subsided and he turned to his side.

"I know Eddy's a more than adequate companion." The raven haired teen sighed out. "I'm just...Not ready to talk about it" Kevin nodding his head in understanding compassion, and a sigh escaped the redheads lips as he rubbed his hands together.

" Eddy isn't stupid ya know." Eddward sighed and rubbed his eyes before gesturing for Kevin to continue. "If he didn't know before, He definitely knows what not to talk about now. He's gonna get it." The sock head teen sat up pillow still in hand. Kevin was right. They had known eachother since they were children. Eddy would get it. He wouldn't push something like this. Eddy would wait for Eddward to talk about his parents.

"You are right yet again Kevin." Eddward said while stretching. "I'll have a talk with him tomorrow. That is if he permits it. I'm not so sure after the phone call." A giggle slipped out of the sock head and Kevin smiled.

"Tomorrows gonna be a long day." Kevin added with a yawn. Eddward nodded his head in agreement. The sock clad teen took a moment before he started to talk.

"Would you like to go back to sleep?" Kevin raised a brow before setting up to turn the tv off. With a flop the redhead teen laid his body down on the couch and let a smile cross his lips. Quickly the teen closed his vibrant green eyes and let a happy groan leave his mouth.

"Yup." And with that both teens drifted off to the land of sleep.

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