"Hello, children, my name is Toka Senju and I will be your new sensei."

Her face scanned the looks of three young boys; one too plump for facial expressions, one looked upset and the other indifferent. She wasn't quite sure how to take that.

"They don't look as excited and I expected them to, I just hope Tobirama is having as hard of a time as me."

"You are the few chosen ones to take place in this new experiment conducted by the Lord Hokage himself. You are here because you are the most elite from your respective clans."

Blank stares and silence met her, obviously not impressed by her or this great honor. She wasn't expecting tears of joy or even smiles. just young minds eager to learn from one of the best in this little cluster they called the first ninja village. Not even a decade and this generation had already became too soft and ill-spoken.

Was it because she was a woman? A Senju? Either way this meeting was off to a rough start.

Clearing her throat, she said "Why don't you introduce yourselves to each other and get better acquainted."

"Torifu Akimichi," The plump one said through a yawn. She nodded approvingly, as if the looks of him didn't give away his clan.

"You're not Tobirama," The one with black spikey hair and a grumpy look that rivaled her own spat.

"What an interesting name," Toka replied dryly.

"It's Danzo Shimura and I'd like to be on Tobirama's squad."

"That's impossible since he already has three children." She maintained her composure, despite the grave insult.

"Who?" He asked back. Torifu and the boy with an Uchiha crest on his shirt watched him curiously.

"Sasuke Sarutobi's boy, my niece and someone else." She rolled her eyes, not caring who was on his squad. Quite frankly she didn't even want her niece under the guidance of the albino nightmare, what if he was a bad influence on her?

"That's not fair! Why does Hiruzen always get everything?" Abruptly standing, he jumped off into the trees, not returning.

A knot formed on her forehead and a long silence sat in, with only the sound of the trees rustling in the wind.

"My name is Kagami Uchiha, and I promise not to hate you because you're a girl and not Tobirama." He smiled sweetly.

Toka bit her lip and nodded. "Thanks, Kagami."

A lazy Akimichi, a no name with anger issues and an Uchiha. Team Toka was starting off a disaster.

A/n: Another drabble and this time for more Pre-Konoha! Sorry I haven't updated any of my regular Pre-Konoha stuff. I'm in the works of posting my epic fic Team Tobirama. There is a scene just like this in the fic for Team Tobirama and I realized I never went into detail of how Toka's team meeting went. So I had to post this little drabble for fun. Poor Toka! lol Expect that new Team Tobirama fic soon!

Edit- As the reviewer said, Danzo is part of a clan. Sorry if you think I meant he was clanless. I didn't mean "a nobody" as in no clan...