This was written on my phone while I was in hospital for a few days because I really had nothing better to do. Forgive me for any mistakes I missed as I went over it.

The devastation that was the fake Karakura Town looked as if a nuclear bomb had been set off in the vicinity. Buildings had been reduced to crumbs, craters littered the ground, there was a fire spreading quickly along the outskirts of the town, and the aroma of death lingered amongst the remnants of what had been the Winter War – quite ironic that the war had been fought by Death Gods.

Through the wreckage, a lone brunet in ripped, bloodied clothing stumbled along, searching for what he knew he would never find; the one person he had in his lonesome life.

Coyote Starrk searched and searched, kicking aside bloodied corpses and digging through rubble, but Lilynette Gingerbuck was nowhere to be seen. The town was silent, not a hint of life anywhere. Not even a clue as to what had happened to Aizen could be found. It was just... nothing.

Starrk had eventually dragged himself further into what had been one of the sites of his battles, having given up his search. He was going to look for a way out and otherwise continue what would be a solitary existence.

However, a tiny tug of reiatsu pulled the Primero Espada past the ashen, mangled body of the brunet Captain he had fought against and over to that Shinigami's friend, the white-haired male who had absorbed his attacks. Starrk rolled the body over, taking in the sight before him.

There was the tiniest rise and fall of what was left of the Captain's chest, an agonised look on his face as blood dribbled down deathly pale lips, mingling with the sweat that stained the skin and onto the hard cement beneath him. Laboured breaths were only just audible, a horrible, strained wheezing testifying to the male's critical condition.

Without conscious thought as to why he did it, Starrk leant down and pulled the Shinigami into his arms, surprised at how light the male was. Noticing that his actions brought on a more pained expression, he loosened his hold, moving the older male so that he was slung over his shoulder.

Noticing the pink flowered kimono the brunet Captain had originally worn before it was taken off and thrown to the Captain in his arms for safe-keeping, Starrk wondered if he should grab it or not. He could tell that the two Captains were close, so maybe – if this one pulled through – it would be a source of comfort to him.

Starrk grabbed the kimono and tucked it under his arms, nodding to himself; he would keep it for the sake of this Captain.

Despite having no idea of where he was going, Starrk dragged himself through the rest of the carnage, the wounded Captain in his arms. He knew that, from the damage sustained to the fake Karakura Town, there would be no hope for the others – if this Captain had pulled through even without his help, they were both doomed to a lonely life.

Maybe... it wouldn't be so lonely with someone else there to drown out the overwhelming silence of Starrk's life.