"Rebecca What if he does like me?"Asked Jasmine over the phone

"trust me He likes you"Claimed Rebecca

"are you sure?"Questioned Jasmine


"Okay then I got to go do my home work Bye"Declared Jasmine as she hung up the phone .

At School The Next Day

Jasmine walks past Phoenix Looking at the ground, then someone put there hand on her solder

"Are you Okay? You face is bight red." Wondered Phoenix

"i...um" She replied

"you what?"Questioned Phoenix

"i like you okay!" She Yelled And she ran away to her locker

"you... what?" Phoenix's face was bright red

"Phoenix your lucky, i head many people have had a crush on her but she thought she wasn't good enough"Whispered Larry Butz

"you think i should...?"Phoenix Wondered

"totally ill get Rebecca to ask jasmine about it"

"what ever you say"

After school

Phoenix goes home and does his homework,but the only thing on his mind is "Jasmine"

"okay phoenix focus you can wait unit tomorrow to see her"

"Dinner Phoenix" Phoenix's mother calls

"coming" He replied

when Phoenix got to the dinning table and started eating his mother started talking how Phoenix Should get a girlfriend and that just made him think about jasmine more

as soon as he finished he checked his email

"Phoenix! jasmine said yes!"-Larry Butz

after an hour of being on the computer he did the usual stuff that you do before bed (bushing teeth etc)

and he fell in to his bed and slept