Well I thought it would be funny to see all you loyal fans out there get nosebleeds and dirty panties XD That and I thought it would be fun to type Lemons and Limes. Just think, now you'll be able to read your favorite ships doing it! In some… weird… ways, but hey still hot! So if you have a ship you would love to read, do the 'dirty' or something super romantic then ask away! Don't be afraid to get graphic. ;33 -EEK

Chapter 1: Turning the sides.

Ship: Karkat x Dave

Contains: Lemon, tentacle

Karkat slammed his apartment door hard; thinking how stupid the Dave human was. Today was his and Dave's second date, but it turned out to be a complete disaster! They could barley talk about anything with out it going to an awkward silence, the cafés food was terrible, Dave kept flirting with random girls, and now Dave's mad cause he wanted to watch a movie that was about romance. Dave said movies like that suck and since it was a troll romance movie, it was going to suck even more.

"Fuck Dave!" Karkat yelled, plopping onto his bed. Who needs a human Matesprite when you have a nice comfortable bed and movies to watch! Karkat popped a movie in about human and trolls fighting each other about the stupidest things. Karkat didn't know why he chose this movie, probably cause Karkat was being an asshole and taking his anger out on films; expressing his current life situation. All of a sudden Karkat's phone beeped; signaling he had a text message. Karkat groaned, grabbing his phone and reading it. The text was from Dave; his name had hearts around it. Karkat threw his phone at the wall; growling. Who does he think he his!? Texting him, even though he was flirting with women and criticizing his taste of movies!

After a few minutes, someone knocked on his door. Karkat didn't even bother getting up and answering it. It was probably Terezi, coming over to bother him about his date with Dave; which! He didn't feel like telling anyone! After another minute, there was another knock, but it was harder. Just go the fuck away, Terezi… all of a sudden Dave kicked Karkat's door opened and walked in like he owned the place.

"What the fuck, Dave! Go away! And why did you kick my door open!?" Karkat yelled.

"You didn't answer my text and I did knock." Dave said, casually. Dave knew what he did today, but he did it on purpose. He wanted to see if Karkat could get jealous; which he obviously did. However, Dave didn't think that Karkat could get pissed enough to ignore him completely. Now the movie thing… Dave was just speaking his mind.

"I didn't answer your text, because you're being a complete asshole!-" Karkat growled. Dave examined his Matesprites body; while Karkat was yelling at him like usual. Karkat's shirt was sweaty from him running home, his hair was a mess, and his cheeks were a bright candy red. Dave loved it when Karkat got angry with him. His bright red cheeks would blush from anger and embarrassment, Karkat's lips always looked more delicious, and his favorite thing was Karkat made the sweetest screams. "-Are you even listening to me?! Do you even listen anymore?! I swear Dave, at this rate we're not going-"

Dave tackled his angry Matesprite on the bed; pinning Karkat's hands above his head. Karkat went silent with embarrassment and anger. Dave was on top of him and he knew what was going to happen unless he did something! Every time they got in a fight, Dave would pin him down and bang his brains out! He wasn't going to lie, he did like being defenseless and fucked until he couldn't stand. Fuck! This time he wasn't going to let that happen! Karkat was tired of Dave doing things he didn't like and now it was Dave's turn to know what it feels like to be banged until your thighs hurt like hell!

"What were you saying?" Dave asked, smirking.

"Not this time." Karkat whispered. Before Dave could process what he said. Karkat yanked his hands free and flipping Dave over; so Karkat was on top. Karkat slammed his lips against Dave's; demanding entry. This aggressive way Karkat was towards Dave, made him feel uncomfortable. However, it also made him feel turn on. Made it was Karkat was finally taking a stand or he just loved being forced. Dave barley opened his mouth and Karkat's tongue shot in; making it open wider. Karkat's tongue explored Dave's mouth wildly. Karkat didn't know where all this aggressiveness was coming from, but he liked it. It felt great to be on top for once and in control!

"Kar…" Dave moaned. Karkat touched Dave's developing bulge; his touch making it grow faster. Dave sucked on Karkat's tongue roughly; biting the tip alil bit. Karkat gripped Dave's crotch in response; making Dave jump. What was he doing?! Letting Karkat be on top and in control!? He is motherfuckin Dave Strider and he wasn't about to let hit Matesprite control him! Dave tried to pull free from Karkat's kiss, but Karkat pressed his lips harder against his. Then he grabbed his arms; pinning them above his head like he did to Karkat moments ago. Even though Dave didn't want to admit it, Karkat was dominating this time.

"How does it feel?" Karkat asked, finally pulling away from Dave; breathing heavily. Dave gasped for air, not even answering Karkat. "I'll take that a good thing." Karkat bit Dave's neck roughly; defiantly leaving fang marks. Dave let out a moan of pain, shifting his head to the side; making it easier for Karkat to bite him. "Do you like that, Dave? Being bit? How about here?" Karkat bit Dave's blood vein gently and then sucked on it; Dave moaned softly. Fuck! His moans are so cute!

Karkat proceeded to lower his one of his hands down Dave's body and lifting up his shirt slowly. He felt Dave's muscles and sweat. He stopped biting Dave's neck only for a second, so he could take his shirt off. He threw Dave's shirt across his room, continuing to feast of his neck. Karkat was leaving marks and bruises all over. Now who ever Dave tried to flirt with, they knew he was taken.

"Karkat, that… hurts…" Dave moaned. Hell Dave like it; a lot! But he didn't want his neck looking like a train wreck when this was over. Karkat ignored Dave and slowly made his way down his neck. He licked Dave's nipple lightly; sending shivers through Dave's body. Karkat then sucked on it hard; licking it in rough circles. Dave let out a load moan; surprising him and Karkat. Karkat smirked from Dave's reaction and switched to his other nipple, to do the same thing. His other hand pinched and twisted Dave's other nipple. He grazed his fangs against it; making Dave moan for more. "Kar… more…now!" gotta love Dave's demanding personality.

Dave moved his hips, trying to make his pants rub against his hard member. God! This was torture! Karkat was so rough at first, but now he's taking his damn time! Dave desperately wanted to be sucked off or at least jacked, but Karkat was making sure he suffered! Karkat pressed his sex against Dave's; they were both hard. Karkat felt his tentacle move around; wanting something to rap around bad. Despite his wanting, he wanted Dave to know he was boss. Karkat stopped teasing Dave's chest and slipped off his pants; showing his now stained red boxers. Great I'm already this excited from just biting and sucking?! Karkat took of his boxers; exposing his wet, moving tentacle. Dave started at it in shock. Of course he was used to touching and playing with it, with his hands! Karkat was flushing like mad and looked at Dave's shades.

"Dave." That's all Karkat needed to say for Dave to know what he wanted. Dave got up on his hands and knees; in front of Karkat's sex. It was dripping and desperately looking for something to fuck. Karkat grabbed Dave's shades; ripping them off his face. Dave looked at his Matesprite with lust and submission. God Karkat loved Dave's red eyes. He only saw them at times like these. Dave grabbed Karkat's moving member and slowly licked it; tasting a strong cherry flavor. Immediately Karkat's tentacle twitched in response and Dave slowly put it in his mouth. Karkat's tentacle rapped around Dave's tongue.

"Ah…" Dave moaned. The tentacle was in charge; exploring his mouth, tugging at his tongue, trying to go down his throat. Dave sucked at it hard; letting the cherry flavor carve into his mind. Karkat slowly thrusted into Dave's mouth, making him choke with each thrust. Dave rubbed his cock and using his other hand to stroke Karkat's tentacle. Karkat pulled out; leaving cherry juices go down Dave's lips. He then pushed Dave down; ripping his pants and boxers off.

"Karkat!" Dave gasped, feeling Karkat's warm tentacle slide against his hole. Karkat kissed Dave gently; knowing perfectly well what Dave was about to feel. Slippery wet or not, this was going to hurt his Matesprite. Karkat rubbed his demanding sex, soaking his fingers with his own cherry juice.

"This will hurt." Karkat whispered, licking Dave's ear.

"I'm not stupid." Dave snickered. Karkat pressed one finger inside, making Dave cringe with pain. He slowly moved in and out, until Dave was ready for another finger. Karkat scrapped his claws against Dave's inside; sending small pleaser mixed with pain. Dave felt like he was being stretched and these were only Karkat's fingers! Once the pain was gone Dave kissed Karkat; signaling him he was ready. Karkat sucked on Dave's tongue, while he sweetened Dave's instance with cherry.

"I'm sorry." Karkat moaned, pressing his member at Dave's entrance. There was nothing Karkat could do to make this less painful and slow. Trolls have a hard sex ritual and even if Karkat wanted to go slow, he couldn't. His tentacle shoved itself inside Dave's entrance; making Dave scream from the sudden pain. Dave could feel it pulse and move around inside him; looking for his pleaser spot. Dave had tears forming in his beautiful red eyes. Karkat licked the tears away and gently licking his neck. Karkat was holding his urge to thrust back, until Dave was ready. Suddenly Dave let out a loud moan. Karkat found Dave's spot and he was relentless. He rubbed and pressed against it; sending pleaser through out Dave's body.

Dave could still feel pain from the sudden stretching, but pleaser was quickly taking over. He moaned in Karkat's ear; no longer caring if he was loud. Karkat thrusted hard once, making Dave almost scream with excitement. He heard Karkat snicker; he did that on purpose.

"Dammit, Karkat!" He moaned. Karkat thrusted again, but harder. Dave was going to say something else, but that one thrust made him forget. Karkat couldn't wait anymore; he had to pound his sexy ass Matesprite now! He always wanted to be on top and now was his chance! Karkat pinned Dave's hands above his head and started pounding away. Dave was letting out the sweetest moans and screams. Karkat was surprised he didn't rip Dave open with he violent thrusting. Dave could feel Karkat getting deeper and deeper! His tentacle still pressing against his spot. Dave managed to hold in his organisms pretty well, but this was too much! He felt himself coming soon!

"Fuck, Dave!" Karkat moaned. Karkat's juices coming out of Dave's small delicious ass. Dave had drool going down his lips and his eyes were fogged with pleaser. Karkat suddenly stopped, looking into Dave's eyes. "You know I love you right?" Karkat's words hit Dave deep and he fully smiled.

"Fuck me stupid." Dave smiled. Karkat growled contently and thrusted the hardest he could. Making Dave scream with surprise and making him cum all over his and Karkat's stomach. Karkat soon came after, filling Dave's tight ass with his delicious cherry cum. Karkat pulled out; his juices staining his perfectly good bed. Karkat laid next to Dave; purring with contentment. Who knew Karkat Vantas could make Dave Strider give in. Not to mention he took Dave's ass virginity. Dave managed to get his breath under control, cuddling up to his Matesprite. Hey, might as well be the girly one in the relationship for right now.

"Just wait till tomorrow; your legs are going to hurt!" Karkat laughed. Dave playfully punched Karkat and laid his head on his chest. He was too tired to fight back and he quickly fell asleep. Karkat played with Dave's hair, until he drifted off to sleep.

I hope you loyal fans liked it! It was my first Lemon and honestly I feel proud! Well that was the first ship I decided to do; a very common and loved ship at that. I love Karkat x Dave, but this time was I like hey! Let's make Karkat dominate! Hehe tentacles… *nose bleed* -EEK