I Made Nepeta say 'mew' instead of 'you' cause I thought it was cute and still kinda of a cat pun!

Chapter 2: A bad kitty

Ship: Equius x Nepeta

Contains: torture, toys, tail sex

Equius slowly closed the door behind him, with a silent gulp. He couldn't believe he actually accepted the offer, but he needed help and he couldn't take it anymore! He tried picking up other trolls, but they always complained he was to strong or he couldn't…. it's not important anymore! Equius put those things in the back of his mind. Today he was going to try something new and hopefully it was going to be his new heaven.

"Who is it!? There are no appointments today so mew better have a good reason!" A call came from the kitchen. Chills went up Equius spine. He shouldn't be here! This was a bad idea! Equius was about to turn around, but the figure who came out of the kitchen shocked him. Standing there in a very revealing tight leather top and a black laced thong was his sweet and loving Morail! Her tail was chained and she had a collar on that said 'pussy'. She was taller thanks to the black high heels she was wearing. When Nepeta saw Equius with a blushing face she was baffled. Why would her lovely Morail be doing here!? Didn't he have Aradia and what will he say now?! Knowing she's dressed like this!

"Nepeta… You're the master?" Equius asked. Nepeta took a couple steps back and grabbed her tail for comfort.

"Yes I am, please don't hate me! I'm doing this fur extra money and mew know how I am with bills!" Nepeta whimpered. Equius rubbed the back of his head, looking away from Nepeta. Those clothes brought out her curves and other things Equius never though about! Her light green gray skin was calling him, but he knew he would break her in his arms. That's why he came here! So he wouldn't have to touch anybody! He would be restrained, but he would get pleaser out of it!

"….I would never… being you… I can't believe it." Equius mumbled. Nepeta looked over Equius and noticed he looked actually quite good. He was wearing a black wife beater with baggy black pants. His hair was slicked back in a hot way. Nepeta ended up licking her lips and had a bright idea! She slowly walked over to her confused Morail.

"Oh my 'Equiuhiss' I am your Meowrail, so it's up to me to look after mew.-" Nepeta rubbed Equius tense shoulders. Equius was shocked on how good Nepeta was at this! Her hands were like heaven! "Why not take a load off on the couch?" Nepeta lead Equius to the couch, but before he could sit; she pushed him to the ground.

"Nepeta! What are you doing-?"

"Did I say mew could speak!? Mew came fur help my 'Equiuhiss' so let me pleasure mew." Nepeta purred. Equius couldn't believe his eyes. His cute little Nepeta was ordering him around… and he was enjoying it! Equius felt a tiny twitch in his pants. "Now little piece of trash, how do I look?"

"You look… Uhh… Good…" Equius said, starting to break out in a sweat. Nepeta brought her heel down fast on Equius's crotch, making him yell in pain.

"Your dirty love maker says something difurrent." Nepeta glared.

"You…look…delicious." Equius whispered. Nepeta twisted her heel, making Equius moan under his breath.

"I couldn't hear you, stupid!" She hissed.

"I love this!" Equius yelled. Nepeta smiled brightly. Usually she keeps her dominate face on for her slaves, but Equius was her special Morail and she wasn't about to give him the cold shoulder. Sure she would give him pain, but with a smile.

"Purrfect my 'Equiuhiss' how about a kiss?" Nepeta asked, pulling Equius up by his shirt. Equius was now lost to lust, he couldn't think straight, and the only thing he wanted to do was bang Nepeta's brains in. Equius was about to kiss Nepeta, but she slapped him with her claws; leaving three claw marks on the side of his cheek. "Not so fast now." Nepeta let Equius fall backwards and bang his head on her couch. He sat up to rub his head, but was pushed back by Nepeta's heel. Nepeta went to her back door she always kept locked and pulled out a small green key from one of her draws. She unlocked the door and motioned Equius to step inside. He didn't hesitate; he was immediately in the room, taking a look around. His sweet Morail couldn't be capable of this!? In the middle of the red room was a large spade shaped bed, on the walls were sex toys of all kinds, and there was a cage in the corner of the room.

"Uhh… Nepeta, I can't believe-" Nepeta kicked Equius onto the bed with a giggle.

"No time to look around. Let us move on to some fun!" Nepeta said. Equius turned around on the bed to face Nepeta, but was stopped. Nepeta smothered Equius's face into the soft black sheets. She was on top of him, her legs spread far apart so her tail could move more freely. "Why don't we take these off? There taking up space." Nepeta used one of her claws to rip Equius pants off and tossed them to the side. Nepeta let out a small gasped. Equius didn't wear any underwear. Equius blushed when he felt his man hood touch the soft sheets.

"Oh Equius, I never knew you went furee all day. At least this makes things easier." Nepeta purred in Equius's ear.

"What are you going to do?" Equius asked. Nepeta painfully bit his ear to silence him; a small trail of dark blue blood went down Equius's ear. Nepeta positioned her tail to Equius entrance, smirking. It was hard at first learning to top another person and then use her tail as a dick. If she was male then it would have came naturally to her, but she wasn't and learning were to hit for the most painful effect was hard. She lightly touched his entranc, making a shock go up Equius's spine. All of a sudden she thrusted it inside without warning.

"AAAHHH!" Equius screamed. He could feel her fur and chains around his tight inside and it hurt like hell. He's never been taken before and he imagined if he ever was on bottom, he would at least be prepared for it. However, the pain was mixed with pleaser and he soon moaned at Nepeta's harsh thrusts. Since her tail was longer than any dick, she could get deep in there, past the pleaser points and she could hit the walls that hurt. Once she did it so hard, her slave was left bleed for hours.

"Do you like that, slave? How about here?" Nepeta positioned her tail a different angle and harshly thrusted in. Equius let out a blood curtly scream, but mix with a moan.

"I like it… Uhh very much!" Equius harshly breathed. Nepeta bit down on Equius's neck for control and it made her feel more dominate; she bit down so hard, blood went down his neck. "Harder!" Nepeta instantly pulled her soaked wet tail out, making Equius groan from the loss.

"I think you've had enough. How about we go to something better." Nepeta purred, getting off Equius and going to her shelf of toys. She looked over for a second before pulling off a huge green dildo with bumps all over. Due to its size it could hurt any troll and the bumps make it extremely uncomfortable. "This one should do purrfect." Equius eyes widened at the size of the dildo, but his penis twitched in excitement. Nepeta pulled Equius down from the bed and onto the floor. He tried to get on his knees, but Nepeta kept him down with her heel. "Butt in the air, slave."

"Yes, master!" Equius obeyed, lifting his tone rump in the air. Nepeta licked her kitty lips from her work. Equius's anal was wide open; breathing for more to enter. There was blood slowly leaking down and pre cum was making it self know by dripping on the floor.

"What do mew want? Do mew want this big boy?" Nepeta taunted. Equius gulped and lifted his butt up higher.

"Please! Fill me!" Equius begged. Nepeta roughly grabbed Equius's cheeks with her claws and spread them apart for more room. She twirled her tail around the big dildo and placed it at his entrance.

"Do mew disserve this?" She giggled. Equius slid his ass back so the dildo pierced his whole, but only barley. The size was over whelming! And he could feel the bumps trying to slip inside as well! "You're just so hungry!" Nepeta thrusted it inside harshly, making some of the skin rip. Equius moaned loudly and actually let out a neigh.

"Nepeta… I'm gonna…cum!" Equius moaned. Nepeta looked over at her shelf and saw the cock rings, but quickly looked away. She didn't want her poor Morail being broken in one night, which would be no fun! She thrusted the whole dildo in at one; making Equius moan out loud. Suddenly Equius's cum shot all over Nepeta's floors. There was so much blue cum coming out that Nepeta sworn Equius was a virgin! Equius's body shivered for a minute, before he fell to his side; breathing heavily.

"Awww my poor 'Equiuhiss' are mew tired?" Nepeta whimpered. Equius didn't answer his Morail; he was slipping in and out of sleep. "When mew wake up, we're going to have more fun!" Nepeta closed the door behind her softly, and locking the door. Tomorrow was going to be more fun!