This chapter goes to Pancake030, I decided I would try to work on these more often ^.^ In all honesty, I love this ship and had fun doing it! Sure there is no full blown sex, but who knows! I'll surely do this ship once more c:

Chapter 3: Experimenting Cherry

Ship: Cronus x Kankri

Contains: Lime

Cronus Ampora took a puff of his cigarette; trying to block out the loud banging noise coming from his front door. He didn't feel like talking to whoever was on the other side, he just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy his cancer stick. The banging didn't cease, making the Aquarius troll grumble; who could it possibly be?! He took the remaining half of his stick and put it out, leaving it there in the ash tray to smoke later.

He opened the door swiftly, "What do you want?!" He asked rudely.

Standing there, much shorter than him, was Kankri Vantas; his arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed. "If I have to continue listening to your blasted music for one more minute, I swear I will personally go to the main office and complain! I will have you removed from this apartment complex if I must do so, Cronus! Every hour of the day, I have to lay in my bed and listen to it! I need my real deserved rest!" Cronus sighed, stroking back his none greasy hair; he just took a shower not to long ago so his hair was loose and in his eyes.

Kankri was his next door neighbor and let's just say, this situation right now has happened multiple times already. Cronus searched through his thoughts, trying to get out of this the easy way. He didn't realize it, but it was pretty late and he didn't feel like having more than one person at his door angry at him for noise. His white eyes searched the area, but nothing seemed to... Wait!

He sighed once more, "I'm sorry about my music, Kankri, How about to make it up to you, we could watch the new 'Serious troll that continues to save the world in multiple pointless movies.' It's suppose to be good."

Kankri didn't even need a second to answer, "No." He flatly stated. "I have no interest watching your entertaining movie and specially right after I argued about your music. It's also very late and I rather be sleeping." Before he knew it, Cronus had his arm around his shoulder; leading him into his apartment.

"Come on now, Kankri. Don't be like that! It will fun! Besides you look pretty awake right now so spend some time with me." He smirked. Kankri didn't have a chance to lash out as Cronus sat him on the couch with a plop. What!? He then proceeded to pop in the movie and sit next to the Cancer troll; who's face was flushed red with irritation.

"I clearly stated I had no desire to watch your unwanted film! Let me leave in peace and I'll forget about your music for tonight, but if I continue to hear it-"

"Yea yea, I know. You'll get me kicked out into the streets." Cronus interrupted, pushing the menu button on the remote. Why did he let him into his apartment again? He was to tired to think about it... Kankri looked like he was about to burst. How dare he stop him in the middle of his sentence?! He would have to show him proper manners! Kankri was about to open his mouth, but paused when his eyes landed on the TV. He couldn't pull away from the sudden suspension; shouldn't things like this be in the middle of a movie? This wasn't normal!? Cronus wanted to chuckle at Kankri's sudden silence, his eyes landing on the small troll. He never realized how cute the little troll was, even in his red sweater. His messy black bed head was out in all angles and some was in his eyes, his loose black pj pants hung down over his feet, hiding them from view. Something about his suddenly caught Cronus off guard and oddly he liked it. It's been awhile since he's been attracted to another being, since from all his rejections; he just stopped trying.

He didn't want to try anything, in case what he felt right then wasn't anything, but something was making his large hand move. He couldn't control himself as he placed his hand on Kankri's thigh; making the Cancer jump. His was eyes landed on his hand then his face; he looked completely shocked. He opened his mouth to get Cronus to not touch him, but he was silenced by the look in his eyes. What was it? He couldn't tell! It made him nervous and kind of frightened. Suddenly, Cronus moved forward from their short distance and lightly pressed his lips against his; they were surprisingly soft for a so called 'tough' troll. They both stayed like that for several seconds before Cronus pulled away.

He couldn't look Kankri in the eyes, a purple blush dusting his cheeks. "I-I'm sorry... I wasn't thinking." Kankri was silent as his eyes fell upon the figure of the Aquarius. He never noticed his neighbor had quite the build; his chest was easily seen through his white T-shirt, his comfortable looking sweat pants sagged around him and his noticeable scar was covered by his hair. He had never actually seen Cronus without his grease in his hair and he wasn't afraid to say that he looked better without it. A light red blush spread across his lips as his eye lids dropped half way. Against his own will and his head screaming at him to run away, he leaned forward this time and shyly placed a kiss on his cheek. This made Cronus look at him with shock.


"Don't speak." Kankri looked away, completely embarrassed. Cronus smiled and made him look at his face, his eyes looking into Kankri's. He couldn't help, but tilt his head with a smile at Kankri's cute expression; flushed and slightly annoyed. He pressed his forehead against his, smiling. Why didn't he notice how cute he was? It took only a few seconds of Kankri being in his home for him to fall head over heels; in all reality, the movie had been playing for a good hour. It was a long movie.

"How about I show instead?" Cronus spoke quietly. Kankri was confused, his blush worsening from their contact. Why was he letting him touch him?! What happened to personal space?! This wasn't good! Then it hit him with Cronus moved in to kiss him, their lips making contact gently. However, he didn't pull away like last time, he pressed harder against his lips, wanting him to respond. Kankri didn't know what to do... He wasn't used to this kind of thing so he decided to do what Cronus did and pressed against his lips. He pulled away chuckling, making Kankri angry and embarrassed beyond belief; did he do something wrong? "I can tell you're inexperience."

"N-No I am not! I've done this thing plenty of times!" He lied, "I am considered the best I have you know!"

Cronus couldn't help, but let a smirk escape. He laid back against the couch, his arms resting on the top of couch. "Show me then." He winked. Kankri looked away, afraid that if he looked at him again he would burst from his red cheeks. He took a deep breath and crawled onto Cronus's lap so he could get a better position. He looked at his lips, gulped, then looked at his eyes; they showed patience and amusement. He would show Cronus! He leaned forward slowly, kissing Cronus. He then tried moving his lips, but it felt completely off and sloppy; he didn't know what to do and it made him feel weak. Cronus however, didn't want him to suffer so he quickly jumped in to help. He brought his tongue to his small, but plump lips; trying to give him a sign he wanted entrance. Kankri was confused until Cronus added force and made his tongue go in; he quickly pulled back, covering his mouth.

"W-What were you doing?!" He flustered, not believe the feeling in his lips; it was fuzzy, but enjoyable. Cronus grinned at the troll's innocence, it was kind of weird that a troll like Kankri was new at all of this, since he was considered highly intelligent. He grabbed his arm, forcing him to land on his broad chest; he looked down at him kindly. Kankri's hands landed on his chest, feeling his muscles quiet clearly; his cheeks surely were becoming a permanent red. He looked up at Cronus with pure nervousness, he liked what he did, but it was so weird to him. Cronus brought him up to his face and began kissing him once more. Kankri didn't want to pull away, but when he felt Cronus asking for entrance once more, he wanted to jump away. However, Cronus placed his hand at the back of his head, preventing escape; he gently grabbed his hair. He forced his tongue in once more, not letting Kankri pull back.

At first Kankri was completely still like stone, letting Cronus's tongue explore his mouth; his long purple tongue felt weird. He rubbed it on the top of his mouth and explored. He then rapped it around Kankri's and he felt like he knew what to do after that. He shyly rapped his tongue around his and deepened the kiss, wanting more room for Cronus. He felt the Aquarius smirk, loving the tantalizing feeling he was getting from this. He untangled his tongue from Kankri's red one and pulled away.

"Look there, you're learning!" He chuckled. Kankri was panting a little bit from the sensation in his mouth and on his tongue; why did he have to pull away? He didn't even answer him as he went in for the kissing this time. He forced his tongue into Cronus's, wanting to explore his mouth. He tasted him fully, loving the flavor he had. He pulled away from their tongue war, leaving a saliva trail. His face was flushed red, his breathing uneven and his eyes half opened. He looked at Cronus with a familiar look that he knew, but surely Kankri had no idea what he was feeling right now. He had to options, end it now or continue and see what happens. He couldn't lie to himself, Kankri was too cute and he wanted him. However, he was not to ruin him in one night, but that didn't mean he couldn't show him was pleasure was. He gently pushed Kankri down onto the couch, kissing him passionately as he did so. When Kankri was comfortable, Cronus began kissing his jaw, down to his kneck; right above his sweater. Damn...

"May I continue?" He asked smoothly. When he looked up he saw that Kankri was completely in a daze, not staring at anything. He didn't answer him, but he showed no struggle so he peeled off Kankri's sweater. Once over his head, Kankri was laying back down, looking at Cronus with want. The Aquarius looked down at his small frame, loving every inch of him. He wasn't muscular like him, but he liked it that way. He proceeded to kiss Kankri's collar bones, neck and left a special mark right under his left ear. He traveled down his grey skin, down to his navel and right above his pj's. He looked up at Kankri, wanting permission to continue. Kankri was showing nervousness again, Cronus was immediately by his face, kissing him; showing it was okay. He returned the kisses shyly, letting Cronus's powerful hand pull down his pants.

"I'm-" Cronus wouldn't let him speak, kissing him every time he did.

He however, did pull away, looking down at him with reassurance. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." This made Kankri feel a whole lot better, allowing Cronus to completely remove his pants and boxers. When Cronus saw Kankri's red member, hard as a rock and hot like fire; his cheeks turned purple. He wasn't small, but not to big; the perfect size for someone like him. He was going to show him nothing, but pleasure tonight. He lowered his head, taking his pulsing cock into his mouth.

"Ah!" Kankri moaned loudly, not suspecting the wonderful feeling; his mouth was warm and damp. He covered his mouth when he realized the sound he made was embarrassing. Cronus pulled away, making Kankri frown. He removed his hand gently, then kissed it.

"I wanna hear you. Tonight, you shall feel nothing, but bless. So please, don't hold back." He then went back down to suck on him. He was about to answer, but could only moan when his member was once again engulfed. Cronus moved back and forth slowly, letting him feel every part of his mouth; he loved the tiny sounds he made every time he would suck harder. After a good minute of sucking, he licked the tip and began stroking him. Kankri couldn't keep quiet from the things Cronus was doing to him, but he couldn't make him stop, it felt all to good and weird at the same time. He felt something build up in his gut, but managed to suppress it. Cronus littered his thighs with marks, still stroking him in the process. He then licked from the bottom of his shaft to the tip slowly.

Suddenly, Kankri couldn't hold it in anymore and released all over Cronus's face; making him blink in surprise. "Ah! I-I'm sorry! I couldn't hold it in anymore!" He blushed wildly. Cronus used his shirt to wipe off Kankri's red cum, smirking at his work; he wasn't perfect, but obviously good. Kankri couldn't control himself anymore, he jumped off the couch, grabbed his clothes and at lightning speed; ran out of Cronus's apartment. He heard his neighbors door open and slam close, this made his smirk grow wider.

He plopped down on the couch, grabbed his half done cigarette and lit it, with a puff; he smiled to himself.

He would differently be back.