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Chapter 3: Don't Leave Me.

Christian's POV

I have just left Flynn's office for the second time today. I called Gail to let her know I wouldn't be home for dinner and Ana should eat dinner without me. I probably should have called Ana but I am not ready to talk to her. I hope she understands that I am only avoiding her right now because I don't want to argue and I don't trust myself to say the right things yet. I think by tomorrow night or Saturday we will be able to sit down and work through this. Flynn told me that by my avoiding Ana I am sending the wrong message and she may think I am rejecting her and the baby. But she is the one that doesn't want to talk to me. So, pretty sure she knows better. But what do I know, as my brother and Flynn both pointed out today, I know shit about women.

Elliot blasted me today and he was right. I don't disagree with him, but then again, he isn't the one that is going to be a father. Easy for him to sit back and have an opinion. Flynn has never gotten angry with me in all the years I have been going to him until today. He thought my demands for sex during this difficult time were out of line. There is no physical reason Ana can't accommodate my needs at this point. She is barely pregnant. But I guess both Elliot and Flynn feel that a woman's wifely duty is old school and I am dreaming to expect my wife to provide me with sex while we are not speaking.

"Christian, you have told me over and over again since Ana came into your life that the intimacy you have with Ana is so wonderful because of the profound love you have for each other. I don't understand why you think it is okay right now to have sex with your wife when you have clearly hurt her and she most likely isn't feeling all warm and fuzzy from you right now." Flynn is glaring at me.

"Why not John? Our feelings haven't changed. We both love each other. We just aren't speaking. If we had sex, she probably would lighten up, relax and then maybe we could talk about this. I have never seen her so cold. She won't even listen to me right now. I don't see what one has to do with the other. But apparently I need to back off on the sex until she truly accepts my apology." Christ it better be this weekend. I won't be able to do this for very long.

"John, if I can't even go two days without having sex with Ana how am I going to be able to get through nine months of this shit. It scares the hell out of me."

"Christian, why would you have to go nine months without sexual relations with your wife? Pregnant woman have sex all the time, and in fact studies show that while their libido may wane during the first trimester; when they are not feeling great; that most woman have an increased sexual appetite during the second trimester. In fact, many woman need sex more often during the second trimester."

Now we're talking. "That's good to know. But how about after the kid is born? Isn't there this time period where the woman has to wait to fuck again?" I admittedly know nothing about this shit. "And forgive me for being so crude, but does the childbirth process stretch them out. I mean I don't really relish Ana's body changing down there if you know what I mean."

John smiles at me. "Ah yes, are you asking if her vaginal walls will stretch meaning you will not have the tightness you are experiencing with her now?' Fucking shrink always gets to the point.


Well there are exercises a woman can do to prevent that and in relatively short time most women's vaginal muscles return to their previous state. But to answer your question, yes there is usually a six week waiting period before resuming sex after a baby is born."

"Oh are you fucking kidding me? Six weeks. Why? That is ridiculous. Who determined that six weeks and not say four is the magic number. John I will never make it that long. See, what I mean. This pregnancy thing is not a good match for a guy like me."

John just shakes his head at me. "Christian you will survive. Hopefully by then you will have enough emotional attachment to your child that this won't matter. We have a lot of work to do, but I promise you by the time Ana has the baby, this will seem like the least of your concerns.

"I highly doubt that. So, how do I get emotionally attached? Because right now all I feel is that this baby is already interfering with my life and I have only known about it less than twenty four hours. I want to be the best father – really. I want to give my child everything and that will happen no matter what, but how do I get emotional about this?"

Christian, I can't help you get emotional. It is a process. You're not emotional right because first of all you haven't processed this yet. Secondly, you are not alone. Many men don't feel attached until they see their partner's body change, they feel the child move and kick and they hear the heart beat. You are too hard on yourself. I would prefer we talk about how we get you right with your wife. I worry about that damage right now. I think we will need to schedule an appointment for the both of you together as soon as possible."

I take in a deep breath and agree to his suggestion. "I will talk to her this weekend. I plan to work out tonight, give her the space she wants, than when I get home tomorrow night I will suggest that we have an appointment with you."

I left my appointment with John and Taylor and I had a ten mile run. I call Claude and arrange to meet him at his gym at 9:30 rather than have him come to Escala. I know from Taylor that Ana went for a visit to see Ray and right after she left my phone rings.

"Evening Ray."

"Christian, this is Ray."

"Yes Ray your name came up on my cell." Ray is like my mom when it comes to technology. At least my mom tries to text. Ray doesn't even know how or seem to understand that my phone as caller ID. "How are you feeling? Are the accommodations working out okay?"

"Yes the place is fine. I had some therapy today and I am in less pain. I will be anxious to get out of here but the doctors tell me the recovery will be quite a long process. Look, I appreciate everything you have done and the flat screen TV was unnecessary, but appreciated." He pauses. I think I know what is coming next. "My daughter just left here Christian and she looked tired, upset and distracted. She told me you two had a fight. It is none of my business what you were fighting about. However, I don't like the way she looked and that is my business. You promised to take care of her. Now take care of her." He has raised his voice at me.

Christ is everyone taking her side without even knowing what we are fighting about. I want to tell him to mind his own business but I really like Ray and I know he is just worried about his daughter.

"Yes Ray, I understand your concern. I managed to piss Ana off and although she isn't really talking to me right now, I am still making sure she is okay and checking in with Sawyer and just confirmed that Gail has dinner for her. I am letting her cool off and then I plan to sit down with her tomorrow night and redeem myself. I am sorry that you were made aware of this situation. Did she tell you why we are fighting?" I am curious if he knows about the baby.

"No of course not and I don't need to know unless of course you have physically hurt her, than all bets off." He waits for me to confirm that isn't the case, although not sure what he could do to me with a broken leg and sitting in a rehab center. "Just because I can't get out of this bed doesn't mean I wouldn't shoot you right in the ass if…."

"Ray I would never touch Ana that way, hopefully you know better. Please, don't even think that." I am trying to keep my cool but how could he think I would physically hurt her when I would kill anyone myself that caused her harm. "This is just a misunderstanding that I plan to rectify as soon as your stubborn daughter cools down. I promise to make it better by tomorrow." We talk a few more minutes and I hang up.

Just as I was leaving the office to meet up with Claude, Ana calls me. I look at my watch, it is nine.

"Ana." I am noticeably cool, even to my own ears. But I am now irritated that I have had to deal with Ray on top of this shitty day and the fact that she won't talk to me. I should be glad that she called, but I am under the impression that it is too soon for us to talk. Maybe I have this all wrong, but if I go home I know we will fight. I prefer to wait until she is in bed, sleeps on this and then tomorrow night we can talk.

"Hi" I hear her sweet voice. God I miss her.

"Hi." I take a deep breath.

"Are you coming home?" Good, she misses me.

"Later." I don't know why I am being such an ass.

"Are you in the office?" See she thinks I am probably with Elena and I am so sick of her not trusting me I can't even give her any assurance. She should know better.

"Yes. Where did you expect me to be?" She pauses. Yes baby, you have riled the tiger. Quit fucking making me feel guilty for something I haven't done. That doesn't sit well with me.

"I'll let you go." Shit. She sounds so sad. Just tell her you are going to meet up with Claude and will be home in several hours. We both hang on and don't say anything. Taylor comes to my door motioning for me to leave.

"Goodnight Ana." I hang up before she can say anything else. Just go to bed baby and rest. Tomorrow we can talk.

We arrive home and I I carry my suit and tie into the bedroom. The apartment is quiet and dark. I feel so much better after my workout. I worked up a good sweat and knocked the shit out of Claude. Taylor really isn't talking to me much either. Everyone is so pissed at me. As I open the bedroom door I am silently praying. Please baby, please be in our bed. She isn't there and of course I panic. I don't even drop my jacket or tie but run up the stairs and open the old sub room. I turn the hallway light on and see her small frame curled into the bed. Her beautiful hair is sprayed out across the pillow and I get closer. One thing I know about my wife is that she can sleep through anything. I know I won't wake her. I hear her sniffle in her sleep and I see the box of tissues on the bed. Fuck she has been crying. I reach down and kiss her forehead and smell her hair. "I love you so much baby." I whisper in her ear. I walk away and go back downstairs, hang up my suit coat and look for my tie that I swear I had in my hand earlier. I take a shower and have a miserable night of sleep alone in my bed.

Taylor's POV

Christ the past twenty four hours have been pure misery. I know that Grey is trying to work everything out in his head, but man I came within in seconds and inches of quitting and beating the shit out of him the other night. He is so in love with Ana that I can't believe he is acting this way about her being pregnant. Christ they fuck like rabbits, why was he so surprised. If anyone was going to be the 1% failure rate their odds were better than any ones. I know he is miserable and wants to work this out with her. But I also know him well enough to know that he is stubborn and he will do it on his terms.

We are headed to Portland. I wasn't too fired up about him flying Charlie Tango today as he is so distracted, but he insisted. So we are on our way. We don't talk the whole way and when we arrive I have a car waiting for us. I have a text that confirms Mrs. Grey is safely at SIP and I let the boss know. He nods and doesn't say anything. We arrive on time for our meeting at WSU and grab a quick bite to eat before heading back. Grey informs me that he wants to head back to Escala when we get to Seattle and hopes to convince Mrs. Grey to leave work early as well so they can talk. Thank fuck. A few minutes later my cell vibrates and it is Sawyer.

"Lukey what's up?"

"T…I wanted to let you know Mrs. Grey is with me." I look at my watch and see Grey staring at me.

"Why what's going on?"

"She's unwell. I am taking her back to Escala."

"What do you mean she is unwell? Is she sick, is that what you're saying and she needs to be driven home right away. Hang on Luke the boss is talking to me."

"What is wrong Taylor? Should I call Dr. Greene and have her go to Escala? What is wrong? Is Ana okay? Just tell me damn it." Christ I can't determine what is wrong if he doesn't shut the fuck up.

"Luke, Should Mr. Grey call Dr. Greene to come over to the apartment?" Grey grabs the phone from me. I press speaker so I can hear their conversation.

"Sawyer, don't tell her I am calling the doctor she will fight me on this."

Clearly Luke can't say much as Ana is right there. "I see sir."

"God, is she okay?" The boss is panicked.

Luke hesitates. I don't think he thinks she is okay. He says "yes" but not like YES more like yes not really.

"Okay we will be there in about 60 minutes. Keep an eye on her Sawyer." Grey hangs up my phone and walks full speed to the car so we can get to Charlie Tango. He has me call Gail to tell her to hurry back from grocery shopping so she can check on Ana but she doesn't pick up.

We arrive back to Charlie Tango and get out of there as soon as we can. We land back in Seattle and as soon as we do I see several messages from Sawyer. Fuck, he has also sent me a text. "URGENT- LEGS MISSING. CALL ASAP. I don't tell Grey. He is already walking to the car.

"Sawyer what do you mean Ana is missing. What is going on?" He tells me Ana gave him the slip by getting him to go upstairs to help her with something and when he went upstairs she took off in the elevator. He followed her but she had a head start on him. He has just figured out she has pulled into the bank and he is almost there. What the hell is going on?

I run towards the car and see Grey. His face is pale and he is running his hands through his hair pacing. He is holding his phone to his ear. "Give her the phone right now. I need to talk to her."

"Sir, Ana gave Sawyer the slip and took off." He looks like he is going to pass out.

"I know. Whelan from the bank is on the phone. I think Ana is leaving me. She is trying to withdraw five million dollars. Oh my god, Taylor, please, please tell me this isn't happening." He slides against the SUV door and is sitting on the pavement looking completely broken. He is holding the phone next to his ear and the heartless bastard is crying. God, my heart is breaking here. This has to be a mistake. She would never leave him. I am a good judge of character and I know Ana loves him. Please be a mistake.

Christian's POV

This can't be happening. I will love the baby. I will take care of them. Please Ana please. Finally she comes on the phone.

"Hi." Hi? Is she fucking kidding me?

"You're leaving me?" I can't breathe. My voice is shaking. I don't care – let her remember that she is the one person that finally broke me.

"No!" Oh thank god, thank god. What is this about? Then she says it and I literally have to put my head between my legs because I feel the oxygen leave my body. "Yes." I am crying. Why did she say no than yes?

I take a deep breath. "Ana, I –" I sob I can't even talk.

"Christian, please don't." Don't what? I can't believe this. Taylor has squatted down and he is trying to listen. I put her on speaker. I don't know if I can do this alone.

"You're going?" I am crying and my voice is pleading.

"Yes." She is so cold. I killed us. I ruined us. It's my fault. God, please this can't be happening.

"But why the cash? Was it always the money?" I can't believe she would want the money. This is the last thing I would have ever expected from her. Not my Ana. She wouldn't take my money. Please tell me she isn't the gold digger people said she would turn out to be.

"No." She tells me. Then what? God damn it! What? She can have it all. I don't want anything if she isn't with me.

I will give her more. If she is leaving me to raise our child alone, than she needs more right? I will never give her a divorce. No one else can have her. She can have my money but I will fight her until my dying day over a divorce. She's mine, she's mine, she is mine. "Is five million enough?"


"And the baby?"

"I'll take care of the baby." Why doesn't she want me anymore? She didn't give me any time on this. I didn't mean it. I am crying too hard to tell her. I finally get a few more words out.

"This is what you want?" I can't believe it. I won't. She loves me. I know I fucked up, but we love each other.

"Yes." NO! I can't live without her.

"Take it all."

"Christian," she is crying. If she is crying why is she doing this? "It's for you. For your family. Please don't." What does that mean? My family will be devastated that she is leaving me. They love her too.

"Take it all, Anastasia."

"Christian" She is as hysterical as I am. Why are we doing this?

"I'll always love you." Oh my god. I hang up and put my head down between my knees. "This isn't happening. Something isn't right. She said she wouldn't ever leave. She promised, she promised, she promised." I hear myself but I don't even know what to do.

"Sir, please, let's get in the car." I look up and Taylor is staring at me. He reaches out his hand and I take it and he pulls me up. I am vaguely aware that my phone is vibrating but I don't pick it up for a second then I see it is the bank.

"Yes." I can barely speak. I am whispering.

"Mr. Grey. Your decision please." It is that Whelan fucker.

"Give her whatever she wants." I hang up. I am suddenly pulled out of my hysteria when I over hear Taylor and see him pacing back and forth. He is screaming.

"That is fucking impossible. Are you sure? That is not possible. I am asking you again to confirm what you just said." He looks at his phone and tells whoever he is talking to that they need to hold and switches over.

"Southerton, I have an emergency going is this important?" He looks up stunned and looks at me. "What the fuck is going on? Are you sure? Lock the place down. You know how she is, she could be anywhere. What? Who was she with? Get on it. No don't call them, call Elliot Grey but not their parents. Then have him call me. I need to get back on with Welch." Why is Elliot getting dragged into this? Whatever this is.

"What is going on Taylor? Tell me." I am screaming at him and pulling at his arm.

"Hyde –someone bailed him out of jail and sir, Mia is missing. She was at the gym and your dad told Southerton to let her take her own car this morning. He followed her there and that was three hours ago. He finally went in to see where she was and she isn't there. She is missing. Her car is still there and sir, her purse and cell is in the locker but she isn't there. Southerton looked at the CCTV and she left with a woman that he didn't recognized but he is sure she wasn't going voluntarily.

"What? What? What the fuck is happening?" I practically tear off my suit jacket and my heart is racing. Not Mia, please not Mia. I don't know what this means. I am trying to think this through but my gut tells me this is all related. I see that Taylor is getting the same thoughts that I am. Ana isn't leaving me she is getting money for someone else.

"Welch track Mrs. Grey's cell immediately. Call me back." He hangs up and calls Sawyer. "What is happening now Luke? What? Follow her. What? Fuck, fuck, fuck. Call Reynolds and Ryan and tell them to call in now to my conference line. NOW god damn it and don't let her out of your sight. What is she doing now? Okay thirty seconds." Taylor is not his usual calm self. This is our worst nightmare.

"What is happening Taylor?" I am trying to figure out what is going. He tells me to call Ana again and ask her if she is in trouble. Fuck she isn't picking up. He then tells me to call in his conference line and get in the SUV. I am like Taylor's puppet. I will do anything to get this resolved fast. I jump in the front passenger seat and my heart is racing. Elliot is trying to call me at the same time. I switch over.

"God Elliot, something bad is happening. Mia is missing and Hyde is out of jail, and fuck Elliot, Ana, Ana…she is in trouble." I hear myself crying. "Missing as in fucking missing. I don't know." He is trying to get answers and I am not able to tell him anything. "Call in Taylor's conference line. I give him the number. Taylor jumps in the car. I switch over to the hands free and the private conference line number that we have set up for team calls is announced and that there are six callers on the line. Then another ping announces another caller and Elliot announces he has joined the call.

"Okay everyone we are in code red, I repeat code red. This is for real. Mia Grey is missing; Mrs. Grey has evaded security and is currently unsecured and trying to withdraw funds from a bank. Hyde has been released from jail. Welch we need an update on Mrs. Grey's phone. Is she still at the bank."


"Sawyer do you see her? What is happening and what is she wearing?"

"She is in the bank manager's office. She saw me a minute ago and held up a finger that I was to wait. She is wearing a pair of jeans and a hoody sweatshirt. She drove to the bank in her Saab." Sawyer sounds shook up as he should. I will fire him for this.

"Southerton what is happening with Mia Grey."

"She isn't in the fucking gym, I have looked everywhere. I ran the CCTV and she was being pushed out of the back door by a woman and I was able to identify that she was pushed out by gunpoint. That was at 11:10. She does not have her cell with her and I can't track her. The place is on lock down but per protocol I have not called the police." He also will be fired. I pay millions so this shit would never happen. My world is crumbling apart and I have let my family down. I am about to lose everyone that means anything to me.

"Fuck your protocol. Christian you have to call the police. Someone took our sister and obviously your fucking crack team of experts can't handle this or we wouldn't be having this fucking conversation. I am calling them right now and driving over there." Elliot is screaming and I am too devastated to say anything. My little sister, why couldn't she just do as she was told?

Taylor looks at me. "Call the fucking police Southerton and wait for my brother to get there." I yell into the speaker. Elliot hangs up.

"Sir, Sir the cell phone indicates Mrs. Grey is on the move." Welch shouts out.

"No- she hasn't come out," Sawyer tells us adamantly. "Her car is still – fuck the black SUV that was following you last month, it just pulled out and Mrs. Grey is in it." Sawyer sounds like he is running.

"Reynolds, Ryan listen up, get to the destination. Follow Welch's detail. Welch go, go go, tell us where are we going?" Taylor is talking fast. I am out of my mind. I start to call Ana again but Taylor tells me not to as this may tip whoever has Ana that she has the phone on her. Why wouldn't she? My phone rings and it is the bank again. Taylor tells me to take the call.


"Mr. Grey. Something isn't right. Your wife asked to borrow my phone and then threw it out when she got in the car with the young lady that she left with. She handed over all the money to this young lady and told me before she met up with the young lady to call you an hour after she left. She also told me to tell you she is not breaking her promise. But something is very wrong. Should I call the police?" Taylor nods yes. It is time to bring in as much help as we can. I hang up and I close my eyes. I know Ana is in trouble now and that she still loves me, she isn't breaking her promise and that means she is not leaving me. If this is Hyde I will kill him or whoever is behind this. I will kill them. Who has Mia? This has to be connected. Should I call my dad? I call Elliot back.

"Elliot get back on the conference line. I am sure that where we are headed, where ever Ana is being taken, we will find Mia." He starts to argue with me. "Elliot just do it, we just found out Ana is being taken somewhere against her will as well but we have a trace on her cell phone. Please, I am sure of this and you will need to be there if Mia is there as well. I know we fucked up earlier, but just fucking do what I tell you this time." I am getting my control back.

We keep driving. Welch is giving us all directions. We have left downtown Seattle and have headed east towards the hills. We are then driving through a residential area and then into a seedy area that has old empty houses and dilapidated playgrounds.

"The cell has stopped sir. It is at this location. 63 South Irving Street. I repeat 63 South Irving Street which shows up on my search as a vacant warehouse."

We pull up and my world comes undone. I see Ana lying on the ground and I can tell from the car that she is seriously hurt. Then I see her shoot fucking Hyde before she falls back. I jump out of the car before Taylor has even pulled to a stop, run to where she is lying and fall to the ground next to Ana. I pull her limp body into my arms. My world, my life, has just ended.

Sawyer's POV

We have all just arrived and we are running towards Ana who is lying on the ground. Oh my god, is she dead? I see that fucker Hyde and Elizabeth who works with Ana. Why is she here? Was she involved in this?

I see Mr. Grey fall to the ground and then I reach Elizabeth and grab her throwing her against the wall. Taylor bulldozes towards Hyde and slugs him so hard in the face that he knocks him out.

"ANA!,ANA! ANA!" Grey is holding his wife and crying hysterically. "Baby, baby please I love you, don't leave me." He is cradling her in his arms and she isn't moving. Taylor squats down next to Grey and reaches in to feel for a pulse.

"She's still alive sir. But she needs an ambulance. Her pulse is faint. Please, sir lie her down." Taylor is tenderly trying to get the boss to put her down. We don't know what her injuries are.

"She's cold. I can't let her be cold." Taylor takes his jacket off and puts it over Ana. He walks back over and kicks Hyde in the rib forcefully.

Reynolds and Ryan have just arrived and I hear Ryan calling for an ambulance and the police.

I have my hands squeezed tightly on Elizabeth. "Where is Mia Grey?" I am screaming at her. She is crying and she points to the warehouse. Reynolds runs in there and everything is eerily quiet while we wait. The only noise I hear is the boss crying and holding Mrs. Grey who I am afraid may be dying in his arms. She isn't moving. He is rocking her and crying her name over and over.

That Hyde fucker starts to moan loudly and Elizabeth seems in shock. A few seconds later Reynolds comes out carrying Mia Grey who appears to either be unconscious as well or god forbid dead. Hyde is rambling and actually laughing in triumph and this gets Grey's attention. He looks up, with tears running down his face and he sees his sister and says, "No, No, No" over and over again. And then as long as I live I will never forget this. Still holding his wife, he stands up with her in his arms and brings her over to Taylor. He has a glassy look and has stopped crying. I get a chill as I know that look.

"Hold her Taylor. Take her and keep her warm. Keep my baby warm." He is trying to give his wife to Taylor and Taylor is shaking his head. Grey's eyes are glazed over. He looks at his sister again who is unconscious in Reynolds arms. He bends down and kisses Ana's forehead and looks at Taylor. "Please Taylor, take her. Don't put her back on the ground. I don't want her on the ground. Take care of her. Don't let anyone else hold her." Taylor keeps shaking his head. "TAYLOR TAKE HER!" He screams this and it is clear he is in shock or in some other universe.

"Sir, no, no don't do this. He isn't worth it. Please. The police are on their way. Please sir. Don't ask me to do this." Taylor has no choice as Mr. Grey gently places his wife in Taylor's arms. He walks over and smooth's his sister's hair out of her face and kisses her forehead as well.

"She's breathing right?" He asks Reynolds who confirms that she is breathing and tells him there are no visible wounds. I watch as though our life has become slow motion. We all could have done something to stop this. But we didn't. Taylor could have put Mrs. Grey down. I could have jumped sooner. Reynolds could have put Mia down and Ryan could have moved faster as well. But I think we all felt the same way. This man's life has just been taken from him. His sister is lying unconscious and the love of his life, now pregnant with his baby, is dying in his arms. There isn't a man anywhere that wouldn't do what he is about to do. If we stop him, the anger will never leave him. He needs to do this for himself and his family.

Taylor is in full panic and he shouts, "Ryan get over here, Sawyer, get her out of here, get her the fuck out of here." Taylor points to Elizabeth, and I understand that he doesn't want her to be witness to anything that is about to happen. We don't know how this will play out and she could end up testifying against Grey. I pull her and throw her in Ryan's car which is out of view and somehow remember there are childproof locks on the car. I set those locks and run back, but his assault has already started.

"Stop him." Taylor wants someone to stop Grey from what he is doing. He has pulled Hyde up off the ground and literally beating him to death. It is a brutal assault, and he has beaten him until his face is no longer recognizable. Hyde can't even fight back as he is no longer conscious. Grey is screaming with every assault. "Why? Why? My wife! My baby! My sister! Why?" He is crying again and he is going to kill him, I try to stop him but he is like ten men, not one and he pushes me down. I am bigger and a trained fighter but I can't stop him, it is like something I have never seen. I tackle him and he falls to the ground, but he is still beating Hyde and I am sure if Hyde isn't dead soon he will be. I have a hold of his one arm and Ryan is trying to get the other, and neither of us can stop him. Taylor is screaming in the background and from the corner of my eye I see Elliot Grey come running from his truck. He starts to go to his sister, but Taylor is screaming at him.

"Elliot stop him! He will kill him." Elliot reaches down and tries to pull his brother off of Hyde. I have his one arm and Ryan keeps fighting to hold the other. Grey is half sitting on Hyde and he is in a complete trance. His fists are bloody and we now have three grown strong men trying to stop him.

"Christian! Enough! Stop. Ana needs you. Don't do this. Stop!" Elliot finally manages to pull Grey off of Hyde and I jump on top of Hyde to protect him from any more assaults. Elliot pulls Christian away and puts both his hands on his brother's neck trying to calm him. Grey just puts his head down and sobs. "He hurt them Elliot, he hurt them." Elliot pulls his brother closer and calmly keeps rubbing his shoulders leaning in to talk to him softly. Thank fuck he got here when he did.

"We don't know anything. They are alive. They are breathing. We don't know anything yet Christian. Where is the fucking ambulance?" As he says this we hear sirens finally.

Taylor is still in charge as he holds Mrs. Grey. "Ryan, get the water bottles from my car and pour it over his fists. The cops will arrest him on the spot if they see his bloody hands. Quick." Elliot mumbles that this is ridiculous as who cares as Hyde had it coming, but he starts wiping his brother's hands with his own t-shirt. Apparently he is willing to take on some of the blame. He pours the water over Christian's hands and Taylor tells us that if asked, we all punched Hyde at some point.

Mr. Grey is still in a daze and Elliot pulls him to the side. "Look at me Christian." Grey looks up. They will be okay. Pull it together. When the cops come you need to have your senses about you. You need to be there for her. Come on I am going to take Ana from Taylor and put her back in your arms. The EMT's are almost here." Elliot is talking to his brother like he is a child. He is in a complete daze. I have seen that look before with guys in combat. He is in shock and the beating he just delivered to Hyde took him to a place that is hard to get out of. I think Elliot is hoping that if he is holding Ana it will bring him out of this trance. Plus we need Taylor to be free to take over the situation. Elliot gently takes Ana from Taylor. I hope she is okay to be moved but right now this feels like the right thing to do. He places Ana who is completely unconscious and looks like she has been beaten as bruises start appearing on her face. "Do you have her Christian?" Mr. Grey nods. The sirens are getting closer and Elliot walks over to where Ryan and I are watching over Hyde. He picks him up by the hair. Oh fuck if he starts hitting him the guy is surely dead. He is gurgling blood as it is. He spits on him and then drops him hard on the concrete. We hear his head hit the pavement. Fuck that may have been the icing on the cake for Hyde. Elliot takes Mia from Reynolds and holds her and then I see tears running down his face.

"Mia please wake up. Come on little girl." Elliot is holding his sister and is walking in circles with her in his arms. "Please Mia. Please." We hear her moan. Thank god.

I run to the car, knowing Hyde isn't going anywhere. "What did he do to her?" Elliot is screaming at me to find out. "What did that prick do to my sister?"

I open the car door and I grab her by the shirt like I would any predator. I don't care if she is a woman. I am now feeling such rage that I know I need to get control. "You fucking bitch, if they die, you will be an accessory to murder. We have no idea what the extents of their injuries are. You better talk now or I won't hesitate to fuck you up. What did he do to Mia Grey?"

"I don't know I was getting Mrs. Grey, but I think he just gave her Rohypnol." She is still in a trance but at least she is talking.

"What did he do to Ana?" I am now screaming at her. We don't know what is wrong with either of them but they are both unconscious. "Did he drug her too?" She just stares at me. I grab her hair and twist it tight around my fist and pull hard. Christ I want to fuck her up, but my inner manners just won't let me hit a woman.

She grins, "No, he beat the shit out of her and kicked her but he didn't drug her. She slammed her head really hard when she fell. I could hear her head hit the pavement. She probably will die." She says this in a trance like voice and smiles. Thank god Grey can't hear this conversation. I run back and yell out what she told me but I leave out the part about her dying.

Mr. Grey is holding Ana close to him and I can see he is crying and kissing her face over and over and chanting. "Baby, don't leave me, baby don't leave me. She is cold, please, please, someone hurry and help us." Grey is desperate. We are all standing around helpless. Fucking cops are never around when you need them. Finally cop cars show up in the dozens along with the media and ambulances. Taylor yells for Ryan to keep the media away and radios for Southerton to get over here for backup.

Taylor runs to the sidewalk and motions for the police and ambulances. He holds up his security badge and yells out for everyone to stay still while the cops sort out who is who. Taylor motions to the EMT's and directs them to where Ana and doesn't even direct them towards Hyde.

The EMT's run with gurneys and Elliot places his sister on one very carefully and tells the EMT what he knows about her condition. He stands by her and holds her hand and tells the EMT's her age, name and other information. I look over and Grey won't place Ana on the gurney. Taylor walks up to him.

"Sir, you can ride with her but you need to let them help her. Put her down. Please. She needs help. She's hurt and she needs medical attention. Christian, put her down." I have never heard T call the boss by his first name. Elliot walks over and tells the EMT's that Ana is Christian's wife, that she is twenty two years old and that she is pregnant. Christian finally looks over at the EMT and places her down. He steps back. They put oxygen on Ana and I hold my breath when I see them open her shirt and see that she must have been kicked as her sides are already bruising. If Ana lives, will this baby even survive this? I am not the only one that sees the bruises. Grey almost falls to his knees and Elliot picks him up.

The police start separating and questioning us. They know who Grey is and Taylor is able to convince the police to question him later so he can go with his wife and sister to the hospital. They free Elliot to go as well. The EMT's finally see Hyde who was lying behind the dumpster. I don't know how he ended up there but my guess is the boss dragged him there like the garbage he is. The police have Elizabeth in handcuffs and I watch as the three ambulances take off one after the other. Hyde is alive but barely. The police are questioning us each separately and our stories are pretty much the same. We all beat on the bastard when he tried to escape. That is all they will get out of us. We are kept for questioning for at least three hours. And all I can think of is this is my fault. I let her get away from me and now because of the inept job I did of taking care of Ana, she could be dead because of me. I look over at Taylor and he is glaring at me and I can tell he thinks this is my fault as well. I walk over and see Ana's shoe on the ground and think is that how stray shoes end up littered on the highway and in odd places. Some mad man attacks an innocent beautiful woman and the only evidence left behind is a shoe. I pick it up and hold it. I clutch it to my chest and close my eyes. "Please Legs, please don't die. I'm sorry."


. . .