Chapter 76 – An A & C Day

Ana's POV

We ride up to the penthouse at Escala and I am a tiny bit tipsy…hard to hide. Christian hasn't said anything to me other than to hold my hand. Ryan is riding with us and I wonder why he isn't in the service elevator but then remember there is no one up in the penthouse and protocol requires we ride together when there is just one security.

I look up at Christian and he is staring at me and then he lifts one eyebrow and gives me that look. That look. Yep. It is that we need to talk…oh really Mrs. Grey…I have plans for you…don't push your luck look. What the fuck did I do? Nothing. If he has something to say to me he better say it…I too have something to say Mr. Grey. It's called…Maya.

The elevator doors open and I am embarrassed when Christian tells Ryan to make himself very scarce. He nods and turns around to the security office. I watch Christian go over to the wet bar and pour himself a tumbler of bourbon or is it scotch. I have no idea.

"Hello Mr. Grey. Are you going to offer me anything?"

"I think you have had plenty to drink already so no…I plan on playing while we are here and I need you awake for what I have in mind. And hello Anastasia." Anastasia…Yep he is pissed about something.

"So what did I do now?" I plop myself on the couch and try and pull of my boots but they don't come off very easy. "Will you pull off my boots? Please. What happened to the fun Christian that was telling me about all the kinky fuckery things he was going to do to me less than thirty minutes ago on the phone? He has been replaced by crab puss Christian?" He comes over and pulls my boots off.

"Oh that Christian is still here. He is still going to do all sorts of things to his wife here shortly but first crab puss Christian as you call him, is going to have a little chat with his wife about a few issues. Shall I begin?" He sits on the arm of the couch and looks down at me. He is so hot. I rub my foot against his crotch and he crabs my foot and gives me the raised eyebrow again. So he isn't quite playful yet. Okay.

"Have had it hubby…but if it is about my drinking with Mia and Kate stow it and your itchy palm because you were blasted last weekend in New Orleans calling me all night and I didn't get on your case." I repeat some of his comments he made in the middle of the night when he called me so drunk he could barely talk. "Recall any of these comments…'I love you baby…I wish you were here so I could fuck you senseless…I miss you baby…let me send the jet for you so I can fuck you by morning…I love you so much Ana I should never leave you….' Remember that…no of course you don't because you and Elliot were so drunk. So what say you to that?"

He grins…but only slightly. His eyes are dark and I am starting to get the drift here that he is pretty pissed about something. "I offered to send the jet for you in the middle of the night? Damn I don't remember that. I guess I was horny." He stands up and stares at me with pure anger. "I don't give a shit that you drank with the girls today. No big deal But what we need to discuss is your driving and your soon to be sold R8?" He has raised his voice making me jump.

"What? Why are you selling my car?" I sit up.

"Ana, Taylor picked up the mail an hour ago and called me before I pulled in and you know what he picked up in our mail?" I shake my head. I have no idea. I have been spending a lot of money lately but he always tells me to so I don't think it is a bill for anything that would set him off. Besides we have more money that we know what to do with. He looks at me and crosses his arms still holding his drink. "Not one…not two…but three speeding violations taken by camera and all of you. When you begged me last month to let you start driving your car to work, asking to have Reynolds and Sawyer follow you…I wasn't happy. The only condition I had was that Teddy ride in the SUV with Reynolds and that you drive safely. One month later…not even…and you have three fucking speeding violations. So guess what baby…you can kiss the R8 goodbye. I will get you a god damn mini-van. You're done." He is shouting so loud I see Ryan come from his office. "Go back to your office Ryan. This is a husband dealing with an errant wife. We are fine." We wait for him to go back.

"Christian I will pay for them." Instantly I know that is the wrong thing to say.

"What? You will pay for them? All $300 worth of tickets or whatever they are? Oh don't forget our car insurance rates just went up because my wife can't control her speed when she is driving. It's not the god damn money Ana. No Ana…I am selling your car. I already told Taylor to get rid of it. There is nothing…and I mean nothing you can do to change my mind."

"Not even a blow job?" I can't believe I just said that.

"Oh you're going to do that anyway. No Ana. Do you not get it? You have no control when you are driving. You are a terrible driver…you have three fucking speeding tickets in the first month that I relented to your driving yourself to work." His voice is getting higher and higher. He is furious. "And you know what makes me even angrier? I'm the dumbass that bought you the car that is putting you at risk. So…say adios to the R8 baby because that ship sailed. And you know what else? Sawyer has three fucking tickets too and you know why?" This is a very angry Christian. "Because he had to fucking keep up with you. This is a man that has never had a speeding ticket in his life and he has three all the same dates and times as you and one of them is running a red light so he can keep up with you. You put him at risk too. So baby say goodbye to your wheels." He is running his hands through his hair, pacing with a beat red face and the veins in his neck bulging. Yes…he is pissed.

"Can't you pull your weight and get my tickets dismissed. Taylor knows everyone at the police department."

"Fuck no. I'm not stepping in to help you out on this. I hope they take your god damn license away. I am not putting a single call in on your behalf and I told my dad if you come whining to him…to tell you no damn way. My dad said I should ground you from driving for a year. Taylor said you will probably have to go to court and not pay them online because three is considered a problem. I'll say. You are one big fucking problem on the road. I hope they throw the book at you. You are a menace on the road."

"It's the car…I was never a menace before."

"Ana…you have driven every car we have like a bat out of hell. I am fucking done giving in on this issue. So as I said…the R8 is gone and keep pushing me on this issue and I will dump your Saab too. I am talking about your safety here for fucks sake. It isn't just you. You have a baby and husband that love you. You put other people at risk when you speed and come on Ana….you continue to have no regard for your safety. I'm not fucking around here."

Oh god…he is so right. "Was I speeding by a lot or just a little?" He slams his drink down making me jump and looks at me. "Just curious."

"I don't know Anastasia. What the fuck difference does it make?" I stand up and come over to him with my wallet in my hand. I find my license. "Here…take it. You can ground me. I am sorry. Really. I had no idea I was speeding to that level and maybe if I drove a different car…I wouldn't speed. Please don't be mad at me."

"Baby…yes I am mad…but more concerned. It scares the shit out of me to know you can't control yourself when you're driving." He puts his glass down on the wet bar and pulls me close. I can tell it really does scare him.

"Are you really going to sell my car?"

"Yes, I really am." He looks at me and takes my chin in his hand. "Baby I know you love that car…but I love you more. I have to. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you because you couldn't control your speed. It is a fast car. In a couple of months we can go look for something more practical."

"So I am grounded." He winks at me.


"But no mini-van."

"Okay a station wagon. Whatever, but your fast sports car days are over." I pout and he pulls my lip. "Don't pout I have more issues to discuss with you before we take advantage of my mom babysitting for a few hours. They have an event to go to later so we have just two hours."

"Well…wait before all this…how is my son and how are Grams and Gramps?"

Christian sighs and pours himself another drink and opens a bottle of wine for me. He changed his mind about my having anything more to drink so I guess he is feels sorry for me or something about the car. Dang it. I loved that car too. "Teddy has a bit of diarrhea. My mom thought it was something he ate but then she decided it is from his teething. She gave him some Pedialyte or something like that. He was tired after his big morning so he was sleeping in his crib at Mom's when I left. I had some errands to run and then came here. She sent me a text right before I got here. See if you can figure this out." He shows me his phone.

Teddy sheeping soruly will sent instructor with Reynalto for pieces night. I start laughing. Oh god love her. "I think it might say Teddy sleeping soundly will send instructions with Reynolds for peaceful night. Could that be it?"

"Fuck if I know. Grams is pretty much the same…maybe slightly worse and Gramps had fun with Teddy. Oh he says the word 'more" now only he says 'mo.' He said 'Mo dada" like ten times. We saw Elliot at my parents and Elliot was tossing him in the air and he said 'Mo' and he said it for the banana I gave him a few bites of. He was pretty tired after playing all morning. Remind me to take some child proof locks over to Gramps next week. He was getting into everything. Ha Reynalto. That is funny. Okay let's talk about how much info we share with Kate."

"Whoa there Mr. Grey. Thank you." He hands me a class of wine. "You and your brother talk about everything. I mean everything. So don't go there. Kate wanted to spice it up and bit and I told her about the butt plugs…no harm done. Don't even go there with me." He smiles.

"You like butt plugs?"

"Yes…but that isn't the point."

"I know it isn't. Can you please just use some discretion when you talk about our sex life? I treasure what we have. I don't like to share that information. As for Elliot…he and I talk about everything. We talk about sex all the time but I don't tell him about you or me specifically. Today I hooked him up with Roscoe so he could find some fun toys and get some advice from someone privately. If I told him what I know in detail it would be disrespectful to you. I speak in general terms. You told Kate all sorts of shit in detail evidently." I blush and feel bad. He is right once again.

"Okay…I get it. Would you be pissed if I told Mia and Kate that you have a huge dick? Because I did." He shakes his head.

"Baby…" he starts laughing. "See…you chicks talk about everything. But I would only be pissed if you understated how massive I am." He laughs and I roll my eyes.

"Oh please roll them again baby…go ahead make my day."

"Before you get all itchy palms on me…I am sure you know I met one of your exes today."

"Yes…nice bangs…not sure I like them forever but they look good as a change. Thank you for not cutting your hair." He moves a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Don't change the subject. So Maya…how long was she one of your subs?"

"Short time…like six weeks. She didn't do it for me. I sent her packing pretty fast. Ana…if you run into another sub…don't engage in conversations with them. They are trying to get info out of you. Just walk away."

"Well I didn't know she was a sub at first. She asked me if I was your wife…I didn't know who she was. Sawyer got in her face and yelled at Franco."

"Good…he should have. Franco better watch his step if he wants to keep our business. He knows the rules."

"That's what Sawyer said. She said the girls get together and talk about us. How do you allow that?"

"I can't stop them from getting together Ana. I have tried. But I can zing her for openly acknowledging we had a relationship and Taylor is already on it. Bryce will send her a violation notice and I will have Taylor pay her a visit on Monday. We will take care of it. I am sorry that happened to you."

"Its fine I'm over it. But it makes me wish I did something more dramatic with my hair. What would you think I if I went with more red in it or even raven colored? Then I won't look like them." He turns around from the window so fast I am surprised he doesn't have whiplash.

"Ana…first of all you don't look like them. You are brunette…so are they but that is it. Your hair is fucking amazing. Thick. Wavy. Rich mahogany. Sexy as fuck. Not one of them has your hair. Secondly you are breathtaking and so beautiful. Not one of them was even half as hot as you. Third…you're the one that is my wife. None of them even came close to meaning anything to me. So don't go there Ana and bottom line…please don't change your hair at all. It turns me on just touching it." He runs his hands through my hair and takes a fist full breathing it in.

"Okay…okay but how would you feel if every time you met one of my exes they looked like you."

"I'd be surprised that there were more men out there as good looking as me." He laughs out loud and I shake my head at him. "Besides…you don't have many exes unless you didn't come clean with me. Are we done talking?" He bends down to kiss me. God I love his soft sexy kisses. They almost do as much for me as the full blown assault kisses. He is kissing each corner of my mouth, my cheek, my neck. Oh here we go. He looks at his watch. "Time is ticking. Our son will be here in a little over 90 minutes. We need to work fast."

"What do you have in mind?" I wipe a loose eyelash off his cheek. "Make a wish."

"What? Why?"

"You are supposed to make a wish when you have a loose eyelash." He smirks and holds my finger that has his eyelash and blows on it."

"What did you wish for?"

"I didn't think you were supposed to ask that. Doesn't that negate my wish if I tell you?" I shrug.

"Just tell me."

"You really want to know?" I nod and smile

"I wished for another baby."

"Really? That seems like a wasted wish. You know we are going to have another."

"I know but I want to start trying like right away and you don't."

"Christian I don't want two children under two years old. Teddy is starting to become a handful. I don't want another one so close in age. Let's get Teddy at least to his second birthday."

"Okay I get it. Let's go upstairs."


"Why do you think we are here? I can fuck you at home."

"Oh pretty confident aren't you?"

"You're my wife…so yes I am pretty confident and you love it. Let's go Ana…time is ticking." Christian pulls me close and leans into my ear.

"Since you like butt plugs so much baby…your ass is going to get plugged. Get ready to be fucked hard."

We walk upstairs and Christian unlocks the playroom door. "After you Mrs. Grey." He shuts the door and I start walking over to my normal spot to remove my clothes and kneel in place and Christian pulls my arm and pushes me against the wall that use to hold the canes, belts and whips. He starts kissing me hard and with reckless abandon. I have on a wrap top and he literally tears it off of me. I liked that top. My bra fastens in the front and he has it unsnapped and off of me in record speed. This is not playroom protocol. He is devouring my breast and I can feel and hear him breathing heavy. Wow he is worked up. I hear him kick off his shoes.

"In case you haven't noticed you are up against the wall that I use to have my punishment tools against. Ana…you so deserved to have your ass spanked, whipped, caned and more. Three fucking speeding tickets. I don't care about the god damn money or tickets. Don't you understand you are my life? I can't breathe without you. I would die and wilt away internally and externally if something happened to you. Don't play with your fucking life Ana because when you do….you play with mine and our sons. I won't have it do you understand me?" He is holding my face with one hand and squeezing. It almost hurts. His other hand is holding my neck and if I didn't trust him I would be scared. His eyes are black and he is furious. I don't move.

"I'm sorry. Really. I won't drive unless I have to. Do you want to spank me? Not for pleasure but for pain."

"I never want to hurt you. Don't you get it? I can't. Yes you need your ass spanked but I am so angry right now with you that I would hurt you Ana." He leans his head against the wall and I hear his heavy breathing.

"I trust you. I want you and you won't hurt me. I know that. Take me anyway you want to and you have my word I won't drive over the speed limit again. Well I will try not to if you ever let me drive again." I hear him let out a breath.

"I am so horny baby. Talking about butt plugs…thinking about your sweet ass…thinking about placing you on the bondage horse. Take your pants off and go over to the bondage horse, I will help you get in position."

Christian ordered a custom made bondage horse that is padded. It allows us to try numerous positions and it allows for deep penetration. I know when he wants to use that he means business and is in the mood for kinky fuckery.

I take off my jeans, panties and socks and watch Christian grab multiple toys from the chest. He looks at me and smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes. He is still not over my three tickets. I am such a dumb ass. How could I let this happen? He finally relented…against his better judgment and I fucked it up. I remember the day I am pretty sure I got the last ticket. When I arrived at Grey Publishing Luke pulled up next to me and stormed over to the my car, opened the door and just pointed at me. He was so pissed at me he could barely speak. I had no idea why he was mad. I was jamming full blast to my music enjoying some alone time, and I remember thinking; did I almost hit someone or what was his problem?

"Ana...fuck…what is the god damn hurry? I had to run a red light to keep up with you. We were doing 65 in a 35. I should fucking call Taylor right now and tell them what a fucking maniac you are when you drive." I was stunned. He has never screamed at me before. "I mean it. If you pull that shit one more time…I am done protecting your ass. I am not getting myself killed over your stupidity. It is one thing to protect you from idiots and threats. It is quite the other to protect you from your own stupidity. Jesus Christ are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"Sawyer…I didn't realize I was speeding. Well at least I didn't get a ticket. I promise to slow down in the future."

"I haven't said anything out of respect Ana. But all fucking week you have been driving like a maniac. Consider this your only warning, as if you do it again…I will squeal on you like a classroom full of pigs." He was furious with me. I know I didn't speed after that…but clearly the camera's caught me that day and obviously earlier in the week. And here I am now busted, and without my precious car. I am sure Christian will let him have it for letting me get away with driving so fast.

He tells me to pick out some music. He doesn't want to waste any time that is for sure so being the Kings of Leon fanatic that I am…I put on Closer. Christian looks up at me when he hears my choice and smirks and then pulls off his shirt, pants, socks and shoes and saunters over to me. I am standing next to the horse and he comes over to it and adjusts the levers tilting the head of the horse so it drops down and the back side is up in the air. I am cold. We keep the heat down since we aren't here and it is a damp February day. The entire penthouse felt cold and empty when we walked in. The playroom is no different. Christian turns towards me and rubs my arms to warm me up and then leans down and kisses each of my breast before slyly putting nipple clamps on my breast. It has been months since I have had these on. The entire time I was nursing Christian refused to put these on me and they sting like the very first time. My eyes actually tear up.

"You good baby?"

"Give me a minute but yes."

"Get on the horse…on your stomach, facing the wall." So he definitely is going for behind or anal play.

"Christian…is this going to be rough? I mean I know you are kind of pissed at me about the speeding tickets… please don't fuck me because you are angry."

He leans down and licks my neck and then my ear and brings his tongue around my face to my mouth. He whispers against my lips.

"Baby…I don't give a flying fuck right now about the tickets I have been talking about butt plugs all god damn day and now I want to play with your gorgeous ass. Now please get on the horse face down…so I can get started. You want me too right? I don't want to be a caveman about this…but I need you…multiple times….multiple ways today. Stacy and Collin text me and wanted to come over tonight but I told them we are busy. I hope you don't mind. I need a night of sex Ana. I need my wife every way possible. Are you okay with that?" I murmur in the affirmative. "With that said…we will have to continue this at home later as we won't get all of what I need done in the short time before Reynolds comes back with Ted.

"We could stay here tonight and once Teddy is down for the night…we can continue. Are you okay with that?" He doesn't say anything. We agreed awhile back that we wouldn't bring Teddy here while we had playtime. "We can bring the monitor in with us and stop the minute he needs us."

"Let's talk about it later. He tilts the horse down a bit further so my head is just a few feet off the ground while my ass is up about four feet. He straps my arms in place and then straps my calves. "Are you comfortable?"

I feel his finger as he slowly runs it from the arch of my left foot, up my calf, my thigh and then he runs one finger along the crevice of my ass. What he does to me. He makes my insides squirm and my breathing starts to increase. He slowly repeats the path he just took with his finger with his tongue stopping to blow over the moisture from his tongue. I am slightly embarrassed when he licks the crevice of my ass and works his way to my clit sucking hard. He reaches underneath me and I am stunned when he pulls on the nipple clamps and I feel the sting…go right to my insides. I feel myself tighten and quiver. Why does that little bit of sting feel so amazing? Christian slowly inserts one finger in my vagina…then I feel another finger and he moves in and out a few times. I am pushed forward slightly when I feel a third finger and then the tightness is surreal when I know he has all four fingers inside of me.


"No fisting baby… just getting you ready here. You are wet, deliciously so. I wish I had time to lick you dry but right now I have other things on my mind. I am going to insert the vibrating Tingler butt plug baby. Are you ready?" I nod and expect him to insert it but I feel him kiss my ass and then lick his way down and suck hard on my vaginal lips and stick his tongue into my pussy. He sucks hard again and moans.

"God I can't stay away. Your juice tastes amazing." He backs away then with both of his hands I feel him spread my ass and he lubes me gently. I am so exposed. My ass is in the air, my head leaning down. I can see his sexy legs and feet and I clench tight. "Do that again Ana. I love watching you pull in that tight little snatch of yours." I clench and he moans and slams his face back into my pussy moaning, nipping and sucking. He is teasing me. Just as I expected something to enter my anus he goes back and sucks hard on my clit and I feel like his entire face is inside of me. I can feel his nose, his chin and lips all sucking, rubbing and licking and I feel the familiar pull of an orgasm about to emerge. He stops."

"Oh Christian…please don't stop."

"In a minute baby. In a minute." He spreads my cheeks again and this time I feel the anal beaded vibrator enter my backside. He has only used this one other time and I used a safe word because it was too intense. "If you need me to stop…tell me. Use red okay baby. I am going to vibrate you anally then fuck you hard at the same time. It will be very intense. I will push the beads in a little bit at a time and increase the vibration a little at a time as well. I am going to enter your pussy when the breads are half way. Okay baby?" He pushes the beads further. I think there are two beads in. I feel sweat over my upper lip.

He pushes another bead. I feel a slight vibration. It almost tickles. One more bead….he increases the vibration. I feel numb and tingly and then pressure as he enters me I am completely full. He moans loudly. "Fuck Ana. You feel that baby. I can feel you vibrating oh god." He slams me hard then pushes to what must be the last bead and increases the vibration causing us both to scream out. My complete anal cavity is tingling, the feeling is indescribable. I can only scream and moan. "Are you okay baby?" I think I yell out something like 'yes, yes' but I am not even sure. He is increasing his rhythm fucking me harder and harder and as the vibration increases and my whole body feels numb. I am coming vaginally and anally and I am screaming and shuttering so hard if I wasn't strapped in I would fall over. Christian is moaning and screaming louder than I think I have ever heard him as I know that the vibration is mind boggling for him and then he stops, grabs my hips jerks hard several times releasing inside of me. I feel the vibration stop and just as I think I am going to be released from the most intense sexually lust filled orgasm I have ever experienced he reaches underneath me releasing my nipple clamps and I scream out again.

A few seconds, maybe minutes go by and I feel as I am floating as Christian carries me to the bed. I don't remember him releasing me from the horse, I don't remember anything from the last minute. Did I pass out? I know I am dripping wet in sweat and my hair is matted to my face. I feel him wrapped around me. He pushes my hair off my face and he kisses me several times.

"Baby thank you for that. I know it was a bit over the top but that was fucking unbelievable. Oh holy fuck I have never blown a load like that in my life and you were so hot. Are you okay?"

"Sleep. Take me to sleep." I hear him chuckle.

"I guess round two is off the table for now huh. Here let me carry you to our bedroom, you can nap for a bit. I will shower and wait for Reynolds and Teddy. I want you rested for later."

"Miss baby need sa get up." He chuckles again at my inability to put a full sentence together. I feel him get off the bed and hear him put his pants on. He twirls me in the sheet and lifts me. I don't even open my eyes as I feel him carry me down the stairs and into our old bedroom.

The next thing I know, it is dark in the room and I wake up to a laughing Christian and Teddy. I hear the door open and Christian is on all fours chasing Teddy who crawls now at race car speed.

"Dada is going to get you. Here I come. Gummy Bear I am coming for you." I look down as Teddy is racing towards the bed on all fours and tries to pull himself up. Christian still calls Teddy Gummy Bear sometimes from when Elliot deemed his ultra sound pictures to look like a Gummy Bear candy.

"Mama. Up. Up."

"Christian. Throw me a –t-shirt please? How long have I been asleep?"

"Almost two hours. "It's almost six. We came to get you up. Dinner has been delivered but I can't get it set up because he keeps getting into all sorts of shit."

"Yes of course. Can I take a quick shower? You look clean and sexy."

"Yea I showered before they got here. Sure but make it a quick one dinner is getting cold and I don't know what you want him to eat. He only has two mash up's in the diaper bag."

"Okay well get him in his high chair and give him a baby cookie to chew on. I will hurry."

Ten minutes later I am in the kitchen of Escala. It still brings back so many memories but always feels strange not seeing Gail in here with us. I slipped on some yoga pants and my moccasins with a t-shirt. I see the fireplace is lit and Christian is sitting in front of Teddy in the high chair where it is a complete mess. He gave him both packages of carrot apricot mash up and the hard teething cookie is in Teddy's hair, face, nose and hands. I walk over to the counter and see Christian has had dinner delivered from his favorite BBQ restaurant. He never even tried this kind of food before we met. Now he loves it. He ordered baked beans, BBQ chicken, pulled pork, brisket, corn bread and mashed potatoes. He rarely eats like this.

"Planning on working out tomorrow." He nods and pats his firm perfect stomach. He seems quiet.

"Yea I will need to. Can Teddy eat anything in here?" I open the refrigerator and find some yogurt and sit in front of Teddy and give him several bites. "Here feed him this while I get our plates put together." We are both quiet as I prepare our plates and Christian feeds Teddy. I take a tiny scrap of beef and mash it a bit and put it on Teddy's tray. It is fun to watch him put it in his fingers and play with the texture. He puts it in his mouth but spits it out making a hilarious face. We both laugh. I try the chicken and his little nostrils flare and he chews with his front teeth. I think he has had chicken several times.

"Mo Mama." I look at Christian and smile.

"That is so cute." I cut a tiny little piece of chicken without sauce on it and give it to him. Christian stands up and gets his plate. "I'm starving baby…do you mind?"

"No you let me sleep, I got this." Christian leans over and grabs Teddy's little spoon off the tray and dips it into his mash potatoes. He has just the tiniest amount on his spoon and gives it to Teddy who clearly loves them as his hands and feet twirl at the same time.

"He did that with Gramps this morning and made him laugh harder than I have seen him laugh in months. "You like this buddy? Me too. But you probably shouldn't eat this yet…should he?"

"I don't think a few tiny bites will hurt." I give him more chicken and he pushes it off the tray. "Mo Dada." Oh he wants the mash potatoes. He pushes the half eaten teething cookie off the tray and is throwing a bit of a fit. "Mo Dada." He yells out. I make a mental note to have more food here for Teddy when we come. This is not the best meal I have put in front of him. Talk about a smorgasbord.

"Whoa there junior. Chill with the temper tantrum." Christian looks surprised to see Teddy being so adamant. I walk over to the pantry and find some cheerios. I decide to put an end to his demands and do a mental review of his dinner intake. Two mash ups…baby cookie. A few bites of mashed potato, a few small bites of chicken. I give him a few cheerios which he loves. He picks up one at a time very deliberately and slowly with his little fingers. It is fun to watch. I look at the container of milk in the refrigerator and see it isn't open or expired.

"Who was here recently Christian? Why is there fresh milk?"

"I had Reynolds bring it with him? Why…how did you think it got here?" He seems a bit pissed at the question.

"I didn't know I just was curious."

"No it seems like you were accusing me of something. I have only been here with you when we come for our lunch meetings. I feel like you were accusing me of something."

"Well I wasn't so back off. Now you do sound guilty." He looks at me and pushes his almost full plate away and stands up."

"I'm going to my old office. I don't need this shit."

What was that? I noticed he was quiet when I came out but I didn't see this temper tantrum coming. What the hell? I give Teddy some milk, clean up his mess, and put Christian's left over dinner in the oven to keep warm. This conversation isn't over.

After I change Teddy's diaper and clean him up I walk into Christian's office where he is turned around in his chair looking out the window.

"I'm sorry." He responds but doesn't turn around.

"What did I say to make you feel I was accusing you of anything? I never even thought you were doing anything wrong….I just didn't know how the fresh milk got in the refrigerator. We hardly have anything in their but condiments."

"I know. I know. Let's talk after we get Teddy to bed. I um…yea…we should talk."

"You're scaring me Christian." He turns around quickly and walks over to me.

"Scaring you? Oh…it's nothing like that. I just want to talk about the playroom. It kind of bothered me. I guess it put me in a bad mood. Let's talk when he is in bed. I think I will finish my dinner. Come out and join me. Please. I'm sorry."

Teddy and I join Christian. I bring some of his toys from the family room and let him sit on the floor playing and I pull some measuring cups out of the cupboard and of course he likes those more. Christian eats in silence and only gets up to pour himself a big glass of milk. I never did eat, but have lost my appetite.

After Christian eats his dinner he joins Teddy and I on the floor and lays flat on his back. He grabs Teddy and lifts him in the air flying him around making him laugh so hard he drools directly into his face. I wipe Christian's face full of baby slobber and we are both laughing. "I asked Reynolds and Ryan to get the car and be ready to leave in fifteen minutes. Do you have to get anything together? Your clothes are still in the playroom."

"Why are we leaving Christian?" I am totally confused. Talk about mercurial. He brings Teddy down and I watch as our son pulls on his daddy's lips, and squirms on top of him. "Mo dada." Christian lifts him again.

"You're good weight training little man." He lifts him like a barbell. Holding his feet and head making me nervous. "I can't take you in that room with him here Ana. I can't do it. I thought I could but I can't. Even though we re-decorated that room…there are ghost in there for me. And Teddy is pure and all things beautiful that come from our union. He doesn't belong here when I am doing fucked up shit to his mother. Let's go home. Give him a bath and then I still need more of you. But I want to take you to our bedroom, and make love to you and treat you right."

I feel angry for some reason. "I don't feel what I do with my husband behind closed doors is wrong. Do you suddenly feel ashamed of our sex life?" I am borderline tears and ready to get crazy angry. But I take deep breath. I don't want to lose it in front of Teddy.

"No of course not. I am not ashamed and our private sex life and what we do behind closed doors is between us and I love it. But…not here while he is asleep in the other room. If you want to stay here and just go into our old bedroom we can do that. But I won't take you back in the playroom while he is here Ana. It feels wrong. We talked about it before and in a week moment I thought we could stay…but I can't. The entire time I would be looking at the monitor watching our angel sleep while I am doing dark things to his mother in a room I have fucked other women in. If he isn't here…I can do it. But not while this beautiful little boy sleeps in the room across the hall. Since Benson is at home…and I just want to spend the rest of the night..." he sits up and leans in to whisper in my ear…."eating your pussy, making love…having you ride my dick until you can't walk, I thought we could just go home. We can do that here too…but not in the playroom while he is here. I decided tonight when I was playing with him while you slept…that is a hard limit for me. Okay?"

I get it. Each day it seems like Christian changes more and more. He is becoming such a family man and has softened in so many ways. I love the man he has become….but I don't want him to lose the man he was. The control freak, my sex god…I love that part of him too. As though he can read my mind, he pulls my face up to look up at him. He is leaning on one arm with his knee up and Teddy is pulling himself up using Christian's leg.

"Baby…don't think I am going all soft on you. I think I showed you earlier in the playroom…I still like my kinky fuckery…you are not getting off that easy. I just love and respect you too much and that little guy right there to take you in that room when he is here…I just can't. It is never okay for him to know what we do in there. Not now….not in ten or twenty years. It is between us. It is getting late for him. I want to go home to my house and my dog and light the fireplace in our bedroom. We can give him his bath get him down for the night. Then…I already told you what is on the agenda for the rest of the night." He runs his finger along my lip.

"I really need a bath too. My arse hurts."

"Okay maybe we can take one together and start our night of hot sex there." He raises his eyebrow at me.

We gather everything up and Ryan takes us home and Christian sends Reynolds home for the night. This is very unusual as Christian almost always has a back-up car following us. This makes me nervous for some reason. I have been in this protection bubble for almost two years. I find I have gotten so use to it. I miss Luke when he isn't around and know I am safe with him. Not that I don't feel safe with Christian but when protocol is changed it unnerves me.

We eventually make it home safely and Benson cries he is so happy to see us. Christian tells me he is going to take him out and run with him down to the guard house to and I let him know that I am going to get in the bath tub with Teddy. He raises his eyebrow at me and ask me to not get out before he gets back. He would like some photos of the two of us playing.

The tub in our room is so huge it takes me awhile to fill it. I put heaps of baby bath in, grab the toys out of Teddy's room to throw in our tub and then strip my little chubby baby down getting in the tub with him. I don't have the water nearly as hot as I like it because of Teddy but none the less it is soothing and Teddy loves having me in there with him playing. We have lots of bubbles and I wonder at what age it is not okay to take a bath with your child. He is so young surely it is okay still. We play with the rubber ducks and the little boat with Elmo in it. He loves Elmo. It is the one toy he always grabs and it is Elmo that gets his attention on TV or the DVD's. I wash Teddy's hair and stretch out letting him climb over me a few times. My back i away from the doorway but I hear the clicking noise of the camera. I look up and smile and point to Christian and Teddy does the same thing. We are full of bubbles and I am guessing these will be great photos.


"Okay little man….let's get you out of there, into bed and let mommy soak her gorgeous ass."

"Christian!" I use the wash cloth to rinse Teddy off and then lift him and up for Christina to take. A slippery chubby baby isn't easy to pass off. Christian wraps him into the bear towel with the hood and cute ears and tells me to stay put. "Put some more warm water in…relax I will be back in about fifteen minutes to join you. Light some candles if you want." He hands me the lighter. "Tell mommy good night." I blow Teddy kisses and he starts to blow one back but gets fascinated with Christian's mouth and ignores me.

Wow. How lucky am I? My husband is gorgeous sexy and thoughtful. He took Teddy all morning so I could have time to myself with the girls. He gave me intense orgasms this afternoon and then let me sleep while he ordered us dinner and played with our son. Then he worried about doing the right thing which I love him for. He is right. The playroom…although a place I have long come to terms with just isn't a place we should go when our child sleeps down the hall. I mean I could live with it. But the only memories I have in that room are of the two of us. Christian has ghosts like he said, and if he can't take me in that room when Teddy is there…I can only love him more for that. I lean back and close my eyes after filling the tub with hot water and changing the bubble bath to our favorite.

"I see you changed the water. Good. I figure the little guy probably pissed in there. I wasn't too keen on getting in there with that."

"Do you think? I didn't feel the water get warmer." He hands me a glass of white wine, strips and gets in the tub with me sitting on the opposite end.

"Thank you. Thank you for the wine. Thank you for the great kinky sex today, watching the baby this morning so I could get my hair done and hang with the girls. Thank you for taking him and letting me sleep after you had your wild way with me and thank you for putting him to bed. You are a wonderful, sexy, gorgeous perfect husband." He smiles shyly. "But thank you mostly for loving us so much that you brought us home. You did the right thing."

"I love you and him so much Ana. You don't have to thank me for any of that. You can't babysit your own child right? I work all the time…I should jump in when I can. I love taking him with me places. He is a good little guy. I guess you could say I am obsessed with him and I work so much I miss him all week. Usually by the time I get home he has had his dinner and is ready for his bath. I am going to start trying to come home earlier. I feel like I miss a lot these days. He is so fucking awesome and cute and I know you have this tight schedule you like to keep him on so I won't ask you to keep him up longer, but I really want more time with him at night."

"I know but he just gets cranky after about 7:30. I asked Martha to try putting him down later in the afternoons so he isn't ready for bed so early, but he just fusses and cries when he is tired. I'm sorry. I know you are trying to get home earlier but you have a lot of people that depend on you. We understand."

"I know you do… but I miss him." He takes a drink of his wine and then picks my foot up and massages it. He wipes the bubbles off and brings my toes up and sucks on one. "Hey…I want to share something with you and I don't want you to freak out okay. Just hear me out." I nod. Is this what he wanted to talk about at Escala? I thought he already addressed all that. He reads my mind again. "This isn't about earlier. We already have talked about that enough. It is about Sawyer." I sit up a little further in the tub and move his foot a bit. "He gave his notice to Taylor."

"What? No. He can't leave." I feel panic and pissed all at the same time. "You have to give him more time off that is all. Why is he leaving? When? You told him no right?"

"Ana…stop. Let me fill you in." He stares at me for a few seconds. "You are not to say a word to him about this you understand?"

"Yes sir….just tell me. Jeez!"

"He wants to propose to his girlfriend." I sit up and clap my hands and Christian rolls his eyes. "Whatever…it's just that he doesn't feel he can be married and live here part time, protect you and work the hours he works. He gave us a year notice."

"They can live here in the apartment. What's the big deal?" I don't see the problem.

"Ana…no they can't. First of all, the other guys stay there too. That wouldn't give them the privacy they should have. Secondly…that isn't what Sawyer wants. He wants to start a family, get his own place and work normal hours. I know he is more than your CPO and you have formed a friendship with him…which I told you not to for this very reason…but you have got to let him do this and let him go Ana. If you care about him…you want him happy….then you need to let him go and we will start finding a good match for you for a new CPO. What do you think about Ryan?"

I don't say anything. Christian is right. But for almost two years and almost everyday Sawyer has been my shadow. I trust him more than any other security. He is patient with me and even knows to remind me every morning to remember my purse or phone. He puts up with me and I just can't believe he would quit. "Can we pay him more money?"

"Baby…he makes a lot now. He doesn't care about the money. He is in love and wants what we have. A family, a wife to sleep with every night. Children. You said it yourself today. He hasn't seen his girlfriend all week. I could get you two CPO's to split the shift, but that isn't what he wants." I wipe away a tear and feel like a petulant brat.

"Well if I can't have Luke I don't want anyone. I just will ride to work every day with you and Taylor. You can drop me off and I will have Reynolds around. But I don't need my own CPO." Christian shakes his head and rubs my leg. He grins.

"Need a new razor?" I pull my leg away. I guess I didn't shave them today. Smart ass. "That isn't happening Ana…you will get a new CPO so put your big girl panties on and get over it. I don't want to lose him. He is smart, dependable and a hard worker. I am bringing him in on Monday. I am going to make him a different offer that will take place in June. So that will give us four months to find you a new CPO."

"What? He gave you a year, so I want my full year."

"No Ana. If he accepts my other offer he has to take it in June. I need you to be on board with this and not make him feel bad about moving on and making this difficult." He finishes his wine and looks up at me with his CEO face. "I don't need your approval on this. He has given his notice…I have another opportunity for him which at least keeps him on my payroll…our payroll and I will move forward with or without your buy in. I just would like you on board."

"Well why can't you talk him into staying?"

"Ana for fucks sake the guy is in love and wants to move on. You sound like me and I sound like you right now." I almost laugh. He is right of course but I am heartbroken.

"Fine…what are you offering him?" He smiles and bites my toe then rubs my leg.

"I need to put a Director of Security over in Taiwan. With more than twenty thousand employees over there…we need a full department there not here stateside to run security."

"So you are sending the poor guy over to Asia. What if he doesn't want that? Frankie may not want to go over there either."

"No…Ana I'm not sending Sawyer. I have already approached Welch to take it over and he talked to his wife and family and they have accepted but he wants to wait to make the move until the school year is out in June. His kids are young enough they aren't throwing a fit about the move and his wife is good with it. Taylor and I talked about it. Sawyer will become head of security at GEH if he wants it. He has a normal work week… other than he has to take our calls and set up a command center from his home as well. It's a win win for us if he accepts. The only fly in the ointment is he wants to start his own business then we lose him. If he does…I am willing to back him in that financially because I believe in him. But get used to it baby…he is going to leave you as your CPO one way or another. Now…can we talk about something else?"

"What? What else is there to talk about?" I am about done with him springing stuff on me today.

"My dick is shriveling up here in this water. Can we get out…get in bed and let me have my dessert please?" My poor fifty. He has been such a good hubby today. I decide to reward him. I scoot down get on my knees and pull at his dick.

"Ow… baby…it is attached."

"Oops…sorry I just didn't eat much tonight and suddenly I am hungry. Since you have been an A+ husband today I think you deserve my A+ oral skills." I lunge onto Christian's semi hard dick and take it in my mouth slowly. I look up and watch him lean back and then I sit up and take a drink of my chilled wine and then go back down on him.

"That feels so good Ana. Do that again." I take another sip of my wine and then let my cold tongue and lips embrace his now hard cock. I nip, bite, suck and take his full length in my mouth increasing my speed and suction as I go, taking him all the way back. He lifts his one leg up and I rest my hand on his knee as I go up and down humming slightly. I cup his balls and feel him reach behind my head and he gently pushes my head, moans loudly and holds me down gently as he comes in my mouth hard spurting several times. I look up at him and he almost laughs. "It felt so good I couldn't even warn you….sorry about that. Really…I should have warned you." I roll my eyes and then he does start laughing. "Sorry seriously. But you said you were hungry." I wipe my mouth and stand up giving him a dirty look even though I am not a bit angry.

"I am seriously starving. I am going to the kitchen and getting something to eat. Do you want anything?"

"Just you. Hurry back. I am going to find something for us to watch." He is probably going to pull out his favorite DVD of him fucking me on the pole. That reminds me I was going to pole dance for him today. It has been awhile, but since I was sort of looped when I got there, I didn't think I would be very good.

I am in the kitchen wearing just one of Christian's t-shirts eating some cheese and crackers at the kitchen counter. I made sure Ryan was in his apartment before coming down. I walk over to the refrigerator to get some carrots and scream out when I feel Christian's hands on my ass.

"You scared me. Did you change your mind and decide you were hungry?" He doesn't say anything. Instead he lifts me up and places me on the kitchen counter. He is only wearing his pajama bottoms. "I told you I was hungry for you. Go ahead and feel free to continue with your snack while I have mine." He grins and takes my hand and guides me so I am lying flat on my back and then he pushes my legs apart, takes both hands and divides my folds and proceeds to dive down on me licking and sucking me very slowly. "Stay still and don't move."

I hear him but don't see what he is doing. "I changed my mind. I am hungry for real food." I jump when I feel something cold and creamy on me.

"What is that?"

"Greek Yogurt. Don't move. He spreads it into my labia and up and down from the top of my clit all the way to my backside. "Oh man I love creamy, banana fish yogurt." He looks up at me and then stands back. "Open your legs wide like you do when you're on the pole baby. Let me get in there and give me some goods snacking room."

"Christian!" He laughs while he is blowing and licking and I am squirming because it feels so good but so strange. "It is one thing to do this on the pole. But spread out here on the kitchen counter."

"Yea you are probably right. I should eat at the kitchen table. Sorry. Poor manners." He lifts me up and carries me to the table. I start giggling. "Legs…wide Mrs. Grey."

"Hmmm….this isn't quite filling enough. Stay there. Don't move. I hear him patter into the large walk in pantry and he tells me not to look as I lean up on my elbows. I hear him open a jar and then walk over to me and smear something almost thick and pasty on me.

"What is that?"

"Something that is going to need some very firm licking to come off. Creamy peanut butter baby. Take off your t-shirt."

"What….you put peanut butter on my… and what if Ryan comes down." He licks hard against my clit and I almost come on the spot.

"Yes I put peanut butter on your gorgeous pussy and I am about to put jam on your tits. Ryan won't come down because I told him to turn the cameras off and stay the fuck away. He knows we are using our house, our way. PBJ time and you are the bread."

I thought he didn't want to be so out in the open after his conversation earlier today. I guess it is just the playroom that is off limits when Teddy is around. Because what we are doing in our kitchen right now is right out there.

I lift my shirt and take it off and Christian is right there kissing me with full peanut butter mouth. He takes both his hands now full of raspberry jam and he smears them on my breast. He full out attacks them, sucking all the jam off.

"Not as good without the peanut butter." He winks and goes back down cleaning up all the peanut butter licking me like a cat. Oh god…this actually feels amazing.

"Are you full yet?" I ask him. My back is getting sore on the table.

"Not until you come baby. Hmmm I think a little Reese's Peanut Butter cup action in called for." He opens the refrigerator and grabs the chocolate sauce and I am expecting him to squirt just a handful on my privates but he takes the bottle lid off and pours it all over me from my breast, naval and down. I am literally covered and dripping in chocolate. He crawls onto the table with me and licks and sucks the chocolate off me voraciously and when he gets me almost sparkling clean he works me into an out of this world orgasm making me come so hard I spasm on the on the table knocking over the centerpiece.

"Well that was a great snack. Thank you Mrs. Grey! Come on I will give you a ride to the shower. You are quite sticky and I would like to make love to you next." He wasn't kidding earlier about a night of sex. He stands next to me on the counter with his back to me. "Jump on." Oh a piggy back ride. I haven't had one of these since I was a young girl and Ray would carry me around this way. I jump on and Christian effortlessly takes me into our bathroom and turns on the water. I slide down and watch him take his pajama bottoms off and we both take a quick shower washing the peanut butter, jam, chocolate and even yogurt from our bodies. We are all business. When we get out of the shower he hands me my towel and we both dry off. I walk into our bedroom and towards my closet.

"Ana…don't bother." I raise my eyebrow. "Don't bother getting anything to put on." I smile at him and walk over to our bed and pull back the covers. I feel him behind me and he unwraps my towel.

"Are we going to watch your favorite DVD?"

"Maybe….later not now." My back is to his front and he reaches around and softy massages my breast pulling gently on my nipples. They are a bit tender from the nipple clamps earlier. "I love you Ana. You and Teddy make me so fucking happy. I love you so much." He is kissing my neck and my shoulders. "I can never get enough of you. Your taste, touch. I crave you all day. I reach behind and put my arms around his neck. He pulls on my hair a bit. "You are sexy, beautiful and all mine. In every way. All mine. This life you have given me…it is perfect. I just want more of it…more time together with our family. I want more babies…I want to be inside you more, alone with you more." He is whispering so softly I can barely hear him. He turns me around and takes my face in his hands and bends down planting butterfly kisses on my face, lips, nose neck. I am one big goose bump. He pushes me down on the bed so I am lying across it horizontally and I am ready for him. We have done so much already that we don't need to touch and prepare. I open my legs to him and slowly he towers over me nudging my legs further apart with his knee and then ever so slowly while he looks at me enters me. We move in synch slowly and I can't hold back. "Go ahead baby…come for me. I want to keep at this for a while. Go on come for me." I arch back and come feeling my insides quiver. Christian keeps the rhythm slow and steady all the while staring right through me.

"I love you Christian." I kiss his chest and then look back up at him, running my hands along his tattoo, the side with our wedding date. He angles just a bit differently rotates his pelvis in and out and picks up speed just a bit. I squeeze down on his length and he groans out. He keeps going and going and just as my energy is about to wane he reaches down and rubs my clit and I arch back and come again. I can barely keep going.

"Hold on baby." He pulls my legs up high around his back so my ass is off the bed and he moves fast and hard squeezing my breast. I can watch his beautiful face and his muscular arms and chest. He is grimacing his face and I feel the friction and want to fight this last orgasm that I feel building but it feels too good. I can barely do this again. "Come on baby…please come with me…please…let go…come on…" I scream out as I have yet another powerful release and he arches his back, clenching every muscle in his beautiful body and in almost a weeping cry he screams, "I love you so much god….I love you."

He falls on top of me and we both catch our breath. I run my hands up and down his back kissing his arms, his chest his neck and hold him tight. I don't want him to move. I want the weight of his beautiful body, his love to linger.

"Baby I don't want to crush you. I don't want to lose contact either. Here…" He rolls over pulling me on top of him. I reach down and pull up the covers and he reaches over and grabs the remote turning off the lights. We lay quietly for a few minutes and then he sniffs me and licks me behind my ear.

"What are you doing? I am exhausted Christian. I can't do it anymore."

"You had some chocolate behind your ear. Night baby."

"Night. I love you."

"Love you too…so, so much."