John watched as Moriarty set Sherlock Holmes on fire. Sherlock screamed as the flames licked his face. Unknown arms held John back, stopping him from running to his flatmates aid. As the flames engulfed the tall brunet, John screamed.

"Shut him up!" Moriarty shouted over Sherlock and John's screams to his minions. This can't be happening! A bag went over his head, muffling John's cries.

John could only listen as Sherlock's screams filled the darkened air around them. Slowly. Very slowly Sherlock's cries became less and stop into short breaths. And then they too stopped all together.

No! No he can't be-! I-I only just got him back! No!

"Please! No! Oh God! Please! It can't be!" he felt his legs give out under him "S-Sherlock!" Johns choked out. His eyes took control of themselves and tear ran freely down his face.

"Take him back to his flat" Moriarty chuckled.

Two weeks later John Watson and Mrs Hudson stood in a graveyard. They stood with a small company of people.

"He was loyal and kind. He gave warmth to all who-"

"I really don't think all of this is needed" John barged in. There was a gasp through out the crowd.

"John! Interrupting burring the middle of the ceremony! In my day I would have swatted you behind your ears for that!" hissed Mrs. Hudson

"But it's only a jacket!" complained John.

"John! That is the one item of clothing that I have kept for more than a year!" screeched Sherlock.

"Really. What about the purple scarf? Oh! And the purple shirt!" John said pointing a finger at the two offending items.

"Ok! Besides the shirt and scarf!" Sherlock said looping his arms around John's waist. "Are you still made that they made you think I was dead?" he said in a baby-talk tone. John's cheeks went a shade of pink. Sherlock pulled their faces together, going in for the passionate kiss.

"Now you two! Save that sort of behaviour for when you're at home" said Mycroft, whacking them both in the bottom with his umbrella. Sherlock promptly began to fight with Mycroft and Mrs. Hudson and John began to talk about the Christmas holiday which was coming up.

"What do you think you'll be doing for Christmas this year, dear?" she inquired to the ex-army doctor. John thought for a moment.

"I don't actually know what we're going to do this year" John stated simply.

"I know who you're doing to do this year" Anderson cut in.

"Shut up Anderson!" almost all the people there said in unison.

"Plus we're really broke so I'm not sure if we'll even have a party" Sherlock at this point joint the conisation.

"I hope you get me a present at least!"

"I'll get you one if you get me one"