xXChaoticShadowXx: Hello everyone. This fan fiction will be based from characters from Adventure Time, Creepypasta, Regular Show, and The Amazing World Of Gumball. 21 contestants will be competing in this show for 1 million dollars. The host from this show will be an OC of mine. His name is Muradin Fellblade. On to the show.

Muradin and Chef Garithos are waiting for the contestants at the dock of shame. The first boat arrives with a banner that says ADVENTURE TIME. Finn walks out first.

Finn: Radical! I'm in a reality t.v show.

Muradin: Great to see you Finn the Human.

Finn: Aren't you also human?

Muradin: Nope. I'm elven.

Jake walks out next.

Jake: Hey Finn!

Finn: Hey! *brofist*

Muradin: Nice to see you too Jake.

Jake: Nice ears. Quite pointy.

Muradin: Yeah...thanks.

Marceline walks out next.

Marceline: Hi guys! It's great to be here.

Muradin: Ah, Marceline The Vampire Queen. It's great to see you too!

Beemo walks out next.

Beemo: I am here.

Jake: Stop saying the obvious Beemo.

Muradin: You seen pretty small. Think you can still handle this show?

Beemo: Yes. I am ready and packed with extra batteries for emergency.

Flame Princess walks out next.

FP: Finn!

Finn: Flame Princess! *hug*

Muradin: The princess of the Fire Kingdom. It is an honor to meet you.

The ADVENTURE TIME boat leaves and soon came the THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL boat.

Gumball and Darwin walks out together.

Gumball: Wow. Nice island.

Darwin: This is gonna be awesome!

Muradin: Gumball, Darwin, it's great to see you both.

Penny and Carrie walks out together.

Penny: This is great! Hey Gumball! *blushes*

Gumball: Hey Penny! *blushes*

Carrie: Hi Darwin.

Darwin: Hi Carrie.

Muradin: Penny, Carrie, it's nice to see you both here to join us.

Anais walks out next.

Anais: Is this show safe?

Muradin: Why yes, if you're on the appropriate age.

Anais: My brain is a bit more advanced.

Muradin: Yes, I know. It's in your profile.

The THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL boat left and then came the CREEPYPASTA boat.

Slender Man walks out with Sally on his shoulders.

Slender Man: So this is the island.

Sally: Yay. This is gonna be fun.

Muradin: Yes, it will be fun...for ME! Hahahahaha! Welcome, both of you.

BEN walks out next.

BEN: Finally. That boat gave me sea sickness.

Finn: Oh My Glob! You're eyes are bleeding.

BEN: Oh sorry, I didn't know cuz I don't fell the pain! *sarcastic*

Muradin: Ah, BEN. In your profile it says that you like your name in caps locks,yes?

BEN: Yeah. I get used to it.

Jeff and Jane walk out while stabbing each other.

Jeff: DIE!

Jane: No you DIE!

Muradin: Hey! Stop fighting!

Jeff and Jane: NO!

Muradin: Thats it! Magic Barrier!

A barrier was summoned to separate Jeff and Jane.

Jeff: Go To Sleep

Jane: Don't Go To Sleep Or You Won't Wake Up

Muradin: That was close.

Gumball: Why were they killing each other?

Marceline: Yeah. It's like they hate each other so much.

Muradin: They do. It's in their stories.

Darwin: Stories?

Slender Man: We are the creepypasta monsters. We each have our own stories. Jeff and Jane's are a bit connected.

The CREEPYPASTA boat left and then came the last boat which says REGULAR SHOW.

Muradin: Oh look. The last boat.

Mordecai and Rigby walk out first.

Mordecai: We made it.

Rigby: Ooooohhhhhhhh!

Muradin: Mordecai! Rigby! It's nice to see you both.

Margaret and Eileen walk out next.

Margaret: Hey Mordecai and Rigby!

Eileen: This is awesome!

Mordecai: Hey Margaret! *blushes*

Muradin: Margaret and Eileen, it's nice to see you both.

Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost walk out.

Muscle Man: You know who else likes to be on reality shows?


Muscle Man: MY MOM!

Fives: I'm gonna win the million!

Muradin: Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost. It's great you guys could join us.

The REGULAR SHOW boat left the dock while Chef Garithos went back to the kitchen.

Muradin: Alright. Shall we begin?

Slender Man: Can you show us the ropes of this show?

Muradin: Sure. This show is called Total Doom Island. This island is packed with deadly creatures and stuff that will be used for the challenges I will give you. You will be divided into 3 teams. Your team has to win each challenge and the team that has failed with have one of their members eliminated. Weapons are not allowed to be used unless we say so and any form of cheating will be disqualified from the challenge. Understood?

All: Yes.

Muradin: Good. I will mention the teams and the members in it.

Team Blood Surge: Finn, Flame Princess, Penny, Jeff, Jane, Mordecai, Fives

Team Gorey Strikers: Jake, Beemo, Gumball, Darwin, BEN, Rigby, Eileen

Team Chaos Bringers: Marceline, Carrie, Anais, Slender Man, Sally, Margaret, Muscle Man

Muradin: There. Now go to your teams! Oh, I almost forgot. There will be a confessional over there inside that shack. Okay then, I will just fix some arrangements with your challenges.

Confess Cam On

Jeff: Aw, seriously!? I HAD to be placed in a team with HER!

Jane: This sucks! Jeff!? I'd rather go home.

Finn: This is awesome! I'm in a team with Flame Princess.

Gumball: Yeah! I'm on the same team with my best friend!

Rigby: I'm on the same team with Eileen!? Cool!

Eileen: This is gonna be awesome!

Marceline: Guess I'm not the only one who floats in this team.

Slender Man: I will show my brothers that even I can make it to the merge.

Margaret: I am kinda freaked out of that tall guy in a suit.

Muscle Man: MY MOM!

Confess Cam Off

Muradin: Alright. For your first challenge, you will be finding 8 pages in the forest over there and-

Slender Man: Wait. Did you say 8 pages?

Muradin: Yes. It is related to your video game Slender. As I was saying, the team with the most pages wins. If you encounter members from another team trying to get the page you also found, you may fight for it. Okay then. READY, SET, GO!

Team Blood Surge:

Jane: I am guessing Slendy's team will get the advantage.

Penny: What do you mean?

Jeff: He has this game called Slender. The player has to find eight pages in order to win while also avoiding Slender Man.

Mordecai: So what do we do?

Jeff: We search the darker parts of the woods. It has to be hidden there.

Finn: We split into pairs so when we run into the other teams we will not be alone.

Fives: But one has to go alone.


Jeff: Maybe I should go alone. I encountered Slender Man in the woods and fought him. I know a bit of the ropes here.

Jane: Okay let's go. Penny, you are with me.

Finn: FP. Let's go.

Mordecai: Come on Fives.

Team Gorey Strikers:

Beemo: Beemo is scared.

Jake: Man up Beemo!

Beemo: Don't be bossy!

BEN: Hey! Quit it! We are supposed to be working as a team.

Gumball: Maybe we should split out.

Darwin: Good idea Gumball.

Jake: Okay. Let's go.

Confess Cam On

Jake: Actually, this isn't a good idea.

BEN: Slender Man might probably have all eight by now.

Confess Cam Off

Team Chaos Bringers:

Slender Man: Perhaps I should take the lead. We have the advantage.

Marceline: What makes you say that?

Slender Man: I have a game called Slender:The Eight Pages. No one has ever survived that game. I do not know where the pages are this time, but perhaps we should look in the darker area of the forest.

Anais: I suggest that we split into pairs. That way we can cover more ground.

Carrie: Good idea. Let's go.

Margaret: Sally. Would you like to come with me?

Sally: Okay!

Muscle Man: That leaves you and me Vampire lady.

Marceline: *shrug* Okay.

Slender Man: I will go ahead in the center. Meet you guys later.

Everyone: Alright.

Finn: FP, wait. Look its Jake.

FP: I'll hold him off while you grab the page.

Finn: Okay.

Jake: Oh look. A page. I wonder whats-

FP: Flame Barrier!


Finn: I got it!

FP: Okay. Let's get out of here.

Jake: Curse you Finn! I have to get out of here fast!

Confess Cam On:

Flame Princess: I think I caused a forest fire.

Jake: My hand! It burns!

Confess Cam Off


Mordecai: Fives look! A page.

Fives: I'll get it.

Gumball: I got ya! Darwin now!

Fives: Ugh. Get off of me!

Darwin: Okay. Gotta hurry to the page.

Mordecai: I don't think so.

Mordecai pushes Darwin and runs off with the page.

Gumball: No! *throws a water-glue balloon at Mordecai's feet.*

Mordecai: Argh! Aw, yuck.

Darwin: Thank you.

Mordecai: No!

Gumball: Yes, we did it.

Fives: Mordecai, the fire-

Mordecai: Let's get outta here.

Confess Cam On:

Mordecai: Aw, this sucks! It will take a while before I wash off the glue.

Fives: I should have seen that coming.

Gumball: Yeah! We got the page!

Confess Cam Off

Muradin: Woah. I was not expecting that. Soon, the fire will comsume the whole forest. Sweet.

Garithos: I got the computer ready.

1st page: Finn and Flame Princess Team Blood Surge

2nd page: Gumball and Darwin Team Gorey Strikers

3rd page: ?

4th page: ?

5th page: ?

6th page: ?

7th page: ?

8th page: ?

Muradin: Thank you computer. Will the contestants find the pages before the fire comsumes it or them? Who will go home today? Will I ever find a way to suppress the fire? Find out later here on Total...Doom...Island!

Beemo: Oh look. The page. Beemo will get it.

Muscle Man: I don't think so.

Marceline: Pin him down. I will get the page!

Beemo: Ugh. Let go of me.

Marceline: I got it. Let's go before the fire catches up.

Muscle Man: Oh no. I see the fire! Hurry!

Beemo: I must get out of here fast before the fire will burn me.


Slender Man: The fire is here. I must get that page.

Jeff: Really? I was doing the same thing! Hahahahahahaha!

Slender Man: ' I cannot waste my time here. I will just teleport out of here.'

Jeff: Tsk. Get back here Slendy!


Penny: I see the page.

Jane: Hurry grab it! I will see if the coast is clear.

Rigby: Hands off the page!

Jane throws a knife at Rigby but it only grazes his cheek leaving a small cut.

Rigby: Ouch! It grazed me! Oh no, the fire!

Jane: Hurry Penny! We have to go!

Penny: Ok.

Confess Cam On

Rigby: That killer is soooo gonna pay for grazing my cheek.

Confess Cam Off


Eileen: Hm. Maybe there is a page somewhere here.

Margaret: Hey, a page.

Eileen: That sounds like Margaret.

Sally: You get it. It's too high.

Eileen: Back off, that page is mine!

Sally: No. YOU back off. *unleashes a dagger*

Eileen: Whoa. Be careful with that.

Margaret: I got it. Let's go before the fire appears.

Eileen: Damn.

Confess Cam On:

Eileen: Who knew she was armed.

Confess Cam Off


Carrie: Maybe there is one here.

Anais: Let's check that tree.

Carrie: Okay.

Anais: Yes! The page.

BEN: Stop right there.

Carrie: Grab the page. I will try to possess him.

BEN: What the- Argh! Ugh.

Anais: I got it.

BEN: Gah! *breaths heavily*

Carrie: Okay. Let's hurry.

BEN: Wha? Damn, the fire! I guess I have to go a little deeper.


Mordecai: Ugh. We could not get that page.

Fives: That's alright Mordecai. I'm sure we will find another one- Wait! Look!

Mordecai: It's a page.

Fives: Yeah!

Mordecai: This is awesome! Now we have a page!

Fives: Uh, let's hurry. The fire is catching up.

Mordecai: Okay.

Muradin: Alright. Only more page left. Computer!


1st page: Finn and Flame Princess Team Blood Surge

2nd page: Gumball and Darwin Team Gorey Strikers

3rd page: Muscle Man and Marceline Team Chaos Bringers

4th page: Penny and Jane Team Blood Surge

5th page: Margaret and Sally Team Chaos Bringers

6th page: Carrie and Anais Team Chaos Bringers

7th page: Mordecai and Fives Team Blood Surge

8th page: ?

Muradin: This is getting interesting. The only ones who are closer to the last page are Slender Man, BEN, and Jeff. This is going to be an exciting fight.

Slender Man is in the center of the forest and is now searching for the last page.

Slender Man: Where is it?

Jeff: We meet again Slendy.

BEN: Aw, come on. The page is right there but the both of you are blocking my WAY!

Jeff: Sorry, but I will take that page.

Slender Man: I guess we should fight for it.

BEN: So be it.

Slender Man unleashes 4 tendrils and 2 of them was hurled at BEN which made direct contact.

BEN: Argh.

Jeff slices of 1 tendril and pulls the other one while slashing it.

Jeff: Hahahahahahaha.

Slender Man: Ugh. Damn you.

Slender Man uses 1 tendril to grab BEN and throw him at Jeff while the other one disarms Jeff.

BEN: Ugh. Damn it, the fire is here!

Slender Man: It will comsume the page and soon it will consume us. See you back at camp.

BEN: I'm out of here too.

BEN and Slender Man fled the area and back to camp leaving Jeff behind.

Jeff: I'm not done yet.

Jeff grabs the pages and quickly runs but does not know that the fire was caught in his hoodie.

Muradin: Here they come now. Wait, I only see Slendy and BEN.

Finn: What!? Where's Jeff?

Jane: Let me guess. You guys left him.

BEN: He did not follow us.

Slendy: He was probably consumed by the fire.

Fives: You lie.

Jeff: Hey guys. *pant* I got...it.

FP: Wait, you're on fire! Here, I will remove it.

Jeff: Thanks. Sorry if the page is half-burnt.

Muradin: It's alright. Now, Computer!


1st page: Finn and Flame Princess Team Blood Surge

2nd page: Gumball and Darwin Team Gorey Strikers

3rd page: Muscle Man and Marceline Team Chaos Bringers

4th page: Penny and Jane Team Blood Surge

5th page: Margaret and Sally Team Chaos Bringers

6th page: Carrie and Anais Team Chaos Bringers

7th page: Mordecai and Fives Team Blood Surge

8th page: Jeff the Killer Team Blood Surge

Muradin: That's 4 pages for Team Blood Surge. 3 pages for Team Chaos Bringers. And sadly, 1 page for Team Gorey Strikers. Team Gorey Strikers, meet me at the elimination fire.

Muradin: This is the elimination fire ceremony. Here, you will vote on who you want to vote off. Alright let's start. You first Jake.

Jake: I vote for Beemo because he didn't do well enough.

Muradin: Okay then. Beemo.

Beemo: I vote for BEN because he did not get the page.

BEN: Hey! At least I tried.

Muradin: Okay, stop fighting. Gumball.

Gumball: I vote for Beemo.

Muradin: Darwin.

Darwin: I also vote for Beemo.

Muradin: BEN.

BEN: I vote for Beemo because he is half-burnt.

Muradin: Rigby.

Rigby: I also vote for Beemo for screwing up this challenge.

Muradin: Eileen.

Eileen: I vote for Beemo.

Muradin: Alright then. 1 vote for BEN and the rest is for Beemo. It's time to go in the catapult Beemo.

Beemo: Beemo sad.

Beemo is hurled away from the island.

Muradin: And Beemo is the first one out. Who will win in the next challenge? Who will leave next? How will Team Gorey Strikers cope with the situation after losing one member? Find out here on...Total...Doom...Island!

21st: Beemo

xXChaoticShadowXx: That was my first chapter. Hope you guys like it. Please review. I will let you guys guess who will be voted out next. See you guys later.