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Muradin: Last time on Total Doom Island, 21 contestants from different worlds are competing for 1 million dollars. They are divided in three teams and each team must win the challenges while the loser team will have one member voted off. Yesterday, Team Blood Surge won the challenge by taking a bit of advantage from the forest fire which made Team Gorey Strikers the losers and Beemo flying back to his world. Who will win the next challenge? Who will leave next? Find out on Total...Doom...Island!

Muradin: Wake up victim- I mean contestants! Meet me at the mess hall so you guys can eat your filthy breakfast! *laugh*

Back at the Gorey Strikers cabin:

BEN: Dammit! I can't believe we LOST that challenge! And it's all thanks to Beemo.

Jake: Whoa, cool it BEN. I'm sure we will win this one.

Eileen: Jake is right. For now, we need to hurry at the mess hall.

Confess Cam On:

Eileen: Jake really knows how to cool down tempers.

Rigby: I have been watching the conversation. Maybe BEN should go home next.

Confess Cam Off.

Darwin: Can you guys stop arguing!? I'm trying to sleep!

Gumball: Uh Darwin...We need to go to the mess hall.

Darwin: Right now!? Finally! I'm starving after that last challenge!

BEN: Alright then. Let's go.

Back at the Blood Surge cabin:

Finn: Great job guys! We totally nailed that last challenge!

FP: Yeah! *hi-five*

Jane: Yeah, about the forest fire...

FP: Oh...um, I just...uh...forgot to put it out is all.

Finn: That's alright FP, everyone makes mistakes. Right guys?

Jeff: Yeah, I guess. But that did give us the upper-hand. I would not have gotten that page if that fire hasn't shown up. They would not have fled and Slender Man might be the one to grab it.

Jane: I suppose. Best of luck on the next challenge then.

Fives: I wonder what the next challenge would be?

Penny: It may have something to do with going to the mess hall.

Confess Cam On:

Finn: Maybe the next challenge will be an eating contest of some sort.

Mordecai: We have great teamwork here.

Confess Cam Off.

Mordecai: I guess we will find out when we get there.

At the mess hall:

Muradin: Finally. You guys came. I was half expecting all of you will sleep you butts off all because that last challenge might have worn you guys out.

Darwin: I'm hungry! Where is the food?

Muradin: Chef Garithos of the Human Expedition Squad will finish cooking in ten minutes.

Finn: Wait, did you say the Human Expedition Squad?

Muradin: Yes. He is human too. I forgot to tell you that. But aren't you satisfied that Jeff and Jane are humans plus they both are on your team?

Jeff: Correction. It's true that me and Jane here are humans. But a demon speaks in our conscience. Therefore, we are only half-humans. In fact, we are starting to think we are not humans at all.

Jane: For now we only suppressed the demon. It will come back soon. But that will happen AFTER this competition ends.

Slender Man: I guess that explains why I cannot sense your dark auras. You suppressed it.

Jeff: That's right.

BEN: I wish Smile Dog was here...

Sally: Did you say Smile Dog?

Penny: Who is Smile Dog?

Jane: He is our group pet.

Slender Man: I found him in-

Garithos: Breakfast is served!

Muradin: Oh. That took a while.

Gumball: What the- what is this stuff!?

Jake: Aw, gross.

Muradin: Before you guys eat, let me explain today's challenge. Each team will eat three different dishes. The person that stops eating will be eliminated. The last person that stands will score a win for the team.

Anais: Is this safe?

Carrie: I can't eat.

Fives: Me too.

Muradin: Yes, it is safe. As for Carrie and Fives, the same food will be served. It's just ghost-style. Ready...GO!

The first dish was raw pig intestines with a snake tail on top.

Marceline: I think I'm gonna vomit.

Muscle Man: Me too.

Confess Cam On:

Rigby: This is just sick! I can't believe Muradin is making us eat this.

Sally: This is just gross. I'm a human too. Raw intestines are just...Ugh

Slender Man: I don't care what I eat. Everything tastes the same to me.

Jane: This. Is. Just. Disgusting.

Finn: I'm getting this odd feeling Sally is human but she is hiding it.

BEN: I...have to do this for the team!

Jeff: This is for the team!

Confess Cam Off.

Everyone starts eating except for Sally and Anais due to feeling disgusted.

Sally: I really can't eat this. My humanity won't allow it.

Anais: Same goes for me.

Muradin: Sally and Anais are out. Look's like Team Chaos Bringers have some picky members. Heh.

Flame Princess also gave up and vomited a flamethrower outside.

FP: Ugh. I don't feel so good.

Finn: Nooooooooo!

Muradin: Flame Princess is out. Team Blood Surge is down with six more members.

Everyone finishes eating as their faces turn green except for Slender Man and Jeff.

Jeff: What's the next dish?

Muradin: Guts of a lion with cockroach paste on top.

Jane: C-Cockroach!? Did you say cockroach?

Muradin: Yes, yes I did. Like it?

Jane: I DESPISE it!

Confess Cam On:

Jane: Ugh! I hate cockroaches!

Slender Man: Lion's guts? Never tasted it.

Finn: Flame Princess is out. I have to do better for her.

Muscle Man: You know who else eats disgusting food like this? MY DOG! Yeah!

Confess Cam Off.

Everyone starts eating the dish. After 2 minutes, Jane threw up at Jeff's hoodie.

Jeff: Aw, sick!

Jane: Sorry.

Muradin: Jane is out. And since Jeff also stopped, He is out too.

Jeff: What!? This is all your fault Jane!

Muradin: Quit arguing!

Gumball: I can't take it anymore. Lion's are also part of the cat family. I can't eat them!

Darwin: I give up too! This food is pure gross.

Penny: I'm sorry guys...but I give up.

Muradin: Gumball, Darwin, and Penny are out! Who will vomit next?

Muscle Man throws up all over the room. Everybody gets hit and stops eating except for Mordecai, Finn, Eileen, BEN, and Slender Man.

Muradin: Aw, come on! This cape is very special to me! How am I going to clean this now?

Muscle Man: Sorry.

Slender Man: That's just sick Mitch.

Muscle Man: How did you know my real name?

Slender Man: Slender logic dude.

Muradin: Due to Muscle Man's sudden vomit explosion, we only have five contestants left. Who will win? Who will vomit next? How will I clean my cape after I got stained with lion guts? Fin out here on Total Doom Island!

Muradin: Welcome back. Our twenty contestants have eaten two disgusting dishes made by Chef Garithos. And now, only five remains. Time to serve the third and last dish.

Confess Cam On:

Jeff: Let's hope Mordecai or Finn wins this. And even if we lose, Jane will go home.

Slender Man: I can win this. Nothing can withstand my tasteless taste buds.

Eileen: I have to try and win this this!

BEN: My team will not suffer anymore elimination. But then, I'm actually doing this to impress Sally...FORGET WHAT I JUST SAID IN THE LAST PART!

Sally: I don't know why, but I kinda find BEN cute.

Confess Cam Off.

Muradin: The third dish is... tapeworms with human eyeballs and brain juice mixed in it.

Finn: Wait... did you say human eyeballs?

Muradin: Yes. Human eyeballs.

Slender Man: Tapeworms!? Oh no.

Confess Cam On:

Slender Man: Okay I admit it. Tapeworms are disgusting. THAT... I cannot stand.

Confess Cam Off.

Muradin: And...bon appetite!

Mordecai throws up immediately and Eileen rushes outside.

Muradin: Wow. Wasn't expecting that so early. Well, it looks like we only have Finn, BEN, and Slender Man.

Finn: I... can't eat anymore. I'm eating my kind's eyeballs. My humanity cannot take it.

Sally: I know right.

Slender Man: Must not give...up. Ugh.

BEN: I won't lose. For Sally- I mean...for Zelda.

They keep eating...and...




















Slender Man rushes outside.

Muradin: BEN won! Team Gorey Strikers win! Team Chaos Bringers got second place soooo... Team Blood Surge, meet me at the elimination fire.

Meanwhile in the elimination fire:

Muradin: You guys have done well in the last challenge. But I guess what goes around, comes around. Time to make your votes. You first Finn.

Finn: I vote for Jane. She threw up on Jeff which made him stop. He could have won.

Jane: I lost my control at that moment.

Muradin: Jeff.

Jeff: I also vote for Jane. She messed me up and costed us this challenge.

Muradin: Mordecai.

Mordecai: I vote for Flame Princess for throwing up first.

Flame Princess: Oh no.

Muradin: Flame Princess.

Flame Princess: I vote for Jane.

Muradin: Jane.

Jane: I vote for Flame Princess.

Muradin: Penny.

Penny: I vote for Flame Princess also. Sorry FP.

Muradin: Ok. It's a tie between Jane and Flame Princess. It's your call Fives.

Fives:... I vote for...

Jane: *sweating*

Flame Princess: *crosses fingers*






















Fives: Nobody. I quit.

Everyone: What!?

Fives: I...quit.

Muradin: And why is that?

Fives: I don't think I can be of help any longer. I need to go back to the park. I...just can't take it anymore. I need to back to work. Tell Muscle Man good luck and... good luck to you guys. I believe in FP and Jane's skills. They can lead this team to victory. I will make my sacrifice. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

Fives goes in the catapult and waits to be blasted off.

Muradin: Rules say that if you vote for yourself or if you quit, you are automatically eliminated.

Finn: Wait...before you blast him off. I just wanted to say...thank you for your sacrifice.

Jeff: Yeah. I guess FP and Jane still deserves to be here for future challenges.

Jane: Thanks Fives.

FP: Yeah. Thanks for everything.

Mordecai: See you at the park dude.

Penny: Goodbye.

Fives: Thanks everyone. I will not forget about you guys.

Fives is launched off the catapult.

Muradin: This is where the episode ends. Fives is launched off, making a sacrifice for the team. And for the first time, Team Gorey Strikers win. See you guys next time on Total...Doom...Island!

20th: Hi-Five Ghost (Fives)

21st: Beemo

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