xXDukeVenomaniaXx: Okay, so I kinda want to make this chapter a one-shot from Sally's point of view. You know, the girl who has beaten Finn, the Creepypasta girl. Yeah. This happened when Slender Man and Marceline were talking and Sally was spacing out. Enjoy!

I was resting up from that last challenge. It was quite shocking to hear that Anais had gone. But then, I guess that only proves that this show is no place for kids. No place for Anais... no place for me. I just stare at the ceiling blankly, trying to remember the things Masky said to me before I left for this show. What was it? Oh yeah, I remember...

Always believe in yourself Sally. Take pride in everything you do. Always do your best and keep your head high. Just because you are a kid that does not mean you are weak at this show. No, stay strong. Prove to others who you are and what you can do. Prove to them why you are a Creepypasta, why you chose this path in life. Show them... show them your true potential. Show them your determination.

True potential? Determination? I... I can't... what do I have to prove? What can I show to the others? Masky... I just...

Hey Sally. Let's go practice... Not good enough. Slender Man would be disappointed. He might even make you move to France just so you can train under his brother. And you don't want that, do you? Be determined to win. Strive for success.

Determination? Determination... I guess... I can do it. I will... I will try my best. I will show them all my true potential! I will make Slender Man impressed! I will not move to France! I am Sally! A creepypasta! I have pride too! This time, I will not be pushed aside! I will not be treated like a minor! I will show them that no one underestimates me! I will show them all! Thank you... Masky.

Good work today Sally. You really did more work than Jeff. Slender Man would be proud, now let's go have some dinner alright? You must be tired from showing your potential to Jeff. You can rest.

"Is that Lantere speaking?" Marceline asked Slender Man.

"I am sure she has an explanation. Come on Sally." Slender Man called my attention.

"I'm coming!" I said. I will show them. My true potential. In this next challenge.